The TPLF’s Mouthpiece Cannot Wear-Down the Identities of Welkait People by Attrition. By Kaleab Tessema

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I have just listened to an interview given by Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel on SBS radio based in Australia saying that Welkait was not part of Gondar. Also, he told to the interviewer that he is of Amhara ethnicity, and since Welkait is part of Tigray, the people have nothing to do with the Amhara Kilil, it has to do with Tigray Kilil. The journalist, from SBS radio asked him a pivotal question, if he could prove that Welkait was historically part of Tigray. Mekonnen tried to prevaricate when the journalist asked him pointed questions. He repeatedly said with an insolent voice, “I am speaking right now about Qimant, Welkait is in the Tigray region, and Welkait has no connection with the Amhara region.” And “scientifically and politically,” Welkait belongs to Tigray, and Amhara has no “mandate” to speak about Welkait.

Of course, ‘ዉሻ እበላበት ይጮሃል!’ it was expected from such an obtuse individual who has luck of historical knowledge which he could not even aver that Welkait was not part of Gondar. This traitorous human being is an imbecile who tries to ostracize the people of Welkait Tsegede from the Amhara society to please the TPLF which is impossible. As a matter of fact, I was not surprised by this TPLF’s surrogate frivolous talk. I would be surprised if he seemed reluctant to answer all the questions asked by the journalist.

Thus, this cold-blooded renegade Amhara tried to prove that he is real a servitor of TPLF by distorting the history of Welkait. I am not sure if Mekonnen is really an Amhara, but it does not matter whether he is an Amhara or not; there are many “Hodam” Amharas that killed Amharas. Sadly enough, this is the guy who calls himself an Amhara and he represents the Amharas whereas the TPLF cadres kill and incarcerate innumerate Amharas.

I assumed, this individual is one of the members of the Amhara National Democratic Movement(ANDM) who justifies the TPLF’s atrocities on the people of Welkait. It is not a secret, that this person and his likes were purposely hired to suppress the movement of the Amhara people in order to achieve the TPLF’s goals. It is true that TPLF has been remunerated those they believe are loyal to Woyanne and to carry out the TPLF’s unlawful acts and instructions without hesitation. TPLF-Woyanne respect and rewards people who do their dirty jobs to fulfill their wishes and interests. So, Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel is one of the hired killers who executes dirty jobs for TPLF-Woyanne.

Let me jot down some facts for the younger generation on how TPLF created the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). Before the Derg was deposed, Woyane had controlled the whole Tigray and then, the TPLF found out that there was no way to communicate with the outside world, and Tigray as a nation could not get recognition by other countries. Not only that, Tigray by itself, would not survive without the rest of Ethiopia. Then, they decided to discuss with their ally namely Shabia how to control the whole country, and started hatching an anti-Amhara individuals like: Tamrat Layne, Addisu Legesse, Bereket Simon, Tefera Walewa, and Helawi Yoseph who led the EPDM which was created as the puppet of Woyane, and latter the Ethiopian people’s National Democratic Movement(EPDM) was renamed to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) which was purposely created to demonize the Amhara. These idiots and perfidious people were not even an Amhara.

Then, after the seizure of Menilik palace, the TPLF made Tamrat Layne, a nominal prime minister, in order to consolidate their power. Sadly enough, Tamrat Layne was prime minister during the time many Amharas were slaughtered in Arbagugu and in Bedno, and these horrendous crimes were justified by Tamrat Layne.

These bogus individuals had played a key role in convincing the young Amharas to become the Woyane’s foot-soldiers, and to fight persistently against the Derg to bring Woyane to power. At the same time, these pseudo Amharas were disseminating lies through propaganda in Amharic on the radio to the Amharas to make them believe that EPRDF is a democratic government which will return the land and the properties to the people which were confiscated by the Derg.

Leaving the lies aside, the TPLF/ ANDM, whether you believe it or not, Welkait is part of Gondar and its people are an Amharas; no document or lore states that Welkait was part of Tigray. The TPLF-Woyanne regime has to think twice before making an irrevocable mistake between the people of Amhara and Tigre. To change someone’s identity by mass killing, kidnapping, raping and looting innocent civilians is not a long lasting victory, but a transient one which will have grave consequences to the TPLF and its cronies.

As it is known since TPLF came to power, thousands of people in Welkait have been savagely tortured and killed for no reason asking their legitimate rights. The TPLF regime is indiscriminately killing, arresting, beating, and severely torturing the innocent people in Welkait which is a systematic genocide. To refute my claim, anyone can check the interview by the journalist Muluqen Tesfaw. He disclosed how the Amharas are the downtrodden people in Ethiopia.

Despite all the excruciating pain the TPLF-Woyanne inflicts upon the people of Welkait, the people are determined to fight for their fundamental identities, and for their ancestral land where the TPLF confiscated by force. Recently, the people of Dabat showed their power against the Woyanne’s cadres who came to loot their properties which was a very courageous phenomenon.

The TPLF brags that they are the only brave ones and know how to pull the trigger, and other people are not brave as they are. This is pure stupidity and a decadence ideas of the TPLF regime tries to intimidate the armless people to stay in power in order to exploit and accumulate a colossal wealth. The funny thing is that the TPLF cannot discern that true power comes from the people which was proven in Libya and Tunisia where perhaps the Woyanne regime needs to learn from. As already witnessed in Gondar and in the Oromo region, the people’s uprising has begun where the minority regime seems unable to control it. Therefore, the TPLF’s bragging is an empty echo.

When it comes to Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel’s rhetoric, as I mentioned above, he unequivocally said in public that the identity of the Welkait people is an identity of the Tigre. By saying this, he receives the accolade from his bosses. Do the Amharas have to remind Mekonnen Weldegebriel of the unspeakable atrocities committed against the Welkait people by him and his likes ? It is clear that the TPLF is an archenemy of the Amhara, but at this point the most dangerous enemy of the Amharas is the TPLF servitors like Mekonnen in which all the Amharas should be vigilant.

Mekonnen’s utterance is preposterous and has no a substance regarding the people of Welkait identity. I boldly want to tell to Mekonnen Weldegebriel that killing and detaining the people of Gondar to fulfill the interest of the TPLF, cannot mute the struggles of the people of Gondar; it can more intensify them rather than. It is unlikely, Mekonnen can live life happy till TPLF is alive, but Mekonnen cannot wear-down the identity of Welkait by attrition.

  1. Dawi
    | #1

    May be we should ask Dr. Asseged’s opinion on this subject? Even though the Dr. is a serious Neo-liberal-capitalist roader who need to receive some “developmental state” rehabilitation?… regardless, he is still the expert in the house! :)

    While listening to NPR today, a guy was shocked to learn how “things operate at deeper (subconscious) level; a great subject Dr. Asseged wrote about on the other thread on ABUGIDA.

    The NPR guy told us that he was not only a loyal supporter of Obama but, happens to have officially changed his middle name to “Barak”. That is very deep! Right? That was until, he participated in a questionnaire that looks to the “subconscious” level.

    They asked him which president is his favorite? between JFK and Barak Obama? He answered off course, Obama! Unfortunately, the questionnaire came back showing that the guy actually prefers JFK. :-)

    The moral of the story as Dr. Asseged pointed out:

    “.. people are blind loyal to their culture and they put up a fight to prevent change including those counterproductive cultural values that they were unaware why they were put in the first place. Unfortunately, many of our leaders are also victims. Most of them may not join the act and ‘beat’ others but they are afraid to be beaten, and therefore, they refrain from challenging the status quo..”

    May be we should bring back the old 14 provinces per aha, and see if that gets us out of squabbling which state we belong to??? If it does, I will go for it.

  2. sos
    | #2

    tigre people liberation front has a long standing aim of destroying the amhara population to perpetuate its power in Ethiopia for decades to come. tplf sees the amhara as its enemy to its narrow ethnocentric agenda which aims to create a tplf hegemony in Ethiopia.
    tplf have planted an organisation called ANDM on the amhara population, with top tplf cadres at the helm of this organisation directing the anti amhara operation of tplf. Bereket simon, an eritrean and a top tplf henchman is the public face of ANDM. for the past 25 years this organisation has been behind the eviction and massacre of 100s of 1000s of amharas, taking direct orders from tplf fascist leutenatns.
    ANDM has been implementing the anti amhara operation of tplf within the so called amhara region by assisting and implementing the expansion of tigre into the amhara regions of wolkayit, Tegede, Telemt, Humera in Gondar and also in northern Wollo. similar expansion of tplf into Afar region in the east has taken place. The local amhara population has been displaced, massacred en mass and evicted from their homes and villages. This is the crime that the world has not cared to address.

    In their bid to destroy the amahara , not only are tplf taking up the land belonging to amharas and killing and displacing the population, but they are also selling the land that belongs to amharas to sudan. The amhara has been squeezed from all angles by these miscreat fascist thugs who know no bounds for their atrocities.

    EVERY PEACE LOVING, FREEDOM LOVING ETHIOPIAN should support the struggle of the people of wolkayit, tegede, humera, telemt and other regions for their right to live in their land. the struggle continues . justice will prevail

  3. HELLO
    | #3

    We read same cliche articles. We already know enough there is ethnic system in Ethiopia.
    But let me raise one million dollar issues.
    1)There are three major religions of biblical Abraham.
    Orthodox Judaism of old-testament or Torah
    Christianity of the apostles
    Islam of Mohamed
    Of the three major religions we do not see Judaism of old-testament or Torah officially worshiped in Ethiopia. Why?
    2) During the 9th century Yodit Gudith from Northern Ethiopia(Tigray) rose to power. She tried to impose Judaism by force. She killed so many Christians and destroyed so many churches. From that moment onwards there was no open movement of Judaism in Ethiopia. So how is this sleeping giant religion expressing itself in Ethiopia? 12,ooo Israelite migrated to Ethiopia during Queen Sheba. There was also other Israelite migration to Ethiopia. Is there not a conflict of religion and racial orientation?
    3) Where are those genealogical and spiritual ancestors and descendants of the Pharisees who murdered Jesus Christ? The religion of the Pharisees is not any of Orthodox Judaism or Christianity of the apostles or Islam of Mohamed. Their religion is Judaism of Babylonian Talmud. They are against Abrahamic religions. In short they worship Satan and that is why they killed Jesus Christ. It is also good to read Mystery Babylon the Great in Revelation 17:1-10 to understand about the satanic nature of Babylonian Talmud.
    4) Why TPLF is very hateful of Orthodox Christianity and Amharas and hell-bent to destroy the two main pillars of Ethiopianity? What is really the religion of TPLF inner circles?
    5) It is my conviction that TPLF inner circle is very satanic against Ethiopianity and Christianity. They are communists who believe in Judaism of Babylonian Talmud. According to Judaism of Babylonian Talmud killing,looting,deceiving,displacing and doing other savage things against which they call GOY is normal and accepted. TPLF and company is hell-bent to displace or destroy other Ethiopians. TPLF has collaborated with other foreign powers who believe in same Judaism of Babylonian Talmud.
    6) How is Judaism of Babylonian Talmud is expressing itself in religion, politics, economy, culture, ethnicity and other aspects of life in Ethiopia? Judaization of Christianity, Judaization of Islam and judaization of every politics,economy,culture and religion is the secret plot of this sinister force.
    To have a good idea about this serious issue please read Protocols of the learned elders of Zion.
    In this document Sion is masquerading as Zion and the writers of the protocols are not the real biblical Jews. They are other personalities.
    Raising the above issues helps us greatly to solve our problems in Ethiopia.

  4. AMAN
    | #4

    Now did people get it that Tplf/Woyane is worst
    than Dergue/WPE for Ethiopia !
    That was what we have been saying all along !
    The only way forward for Ethiopia to be saved from
    worst scenario and possible dissolution or disintegration
    All the rhetorics and narratives of success are only bogus
    and hollow & only may be mines to explode in the near future.
    More over , the current Ethiopian reality have the potential
    to repel Eritrea (even if it is democratized and peaceful)and
    genuinely approach the Ethiopians as it had always been. That
    is genuine people but hostile regime in Ethiopia that ultimately
    causes and brings about destruction and war to its own and neigh-
    boring people due to its short-sight and injustice in admin.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    HELLO said:

    [[..During the 9th century Yodit Gudith from Northern Ethiopia(Tigray) rose to power.....What is really the religion of TPLF inner circles?..]]

    You turned the ridiculous into the absurd! Let me give you some more ammunition as in the following.

    Recently, AL-Mariam – I mean Al-Monitor said;-)

    “.. there is an entire floor at the Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy dedicated to Israeli water experts, as confirmed by Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation Undersecretary Haidar Yousuf, who has spoken about it on several occasions. Raslan also stressed that Israel’s presence is heavily felt in the tenor of the negotiations between Ethiopia and Egypt. He pegged Israel as being behind vague proposals designed to establish trust with Cairo while not benefiting Egypt.

    Read more:

    On to top of the above today: Ethiopia’s support of Israel for the observer role comes as Benjamin Netanyahu visits four East African nations. How about that?

  6. Tizita
    | #6

    I wish the TPLF’s agent Mekonnen Yelewem Wessen read the article written by Kaleab Tessema. I agree with your thought that the Tigray people liberation front went to the bush against Amara and the Amharas should have alrted from the beginning. As soon as the TPLF controlled Addis Ababa, the day one, the Woyane cadres started killing Amaras. If the TPLF could eliminate the Amara, they would be happy, but they could not eliminate the Amara. The TPLF forgot that the Amara is one of the large segment in the country. This time TPLF got the power and is trying to destroy the Amara people which is true that. The Woyane is having good time now in Ethiopia but we believe or not, it is not going to long, it will end soon or later. In general, the article written by Kaleab is a good message for the TPLF angents.

  7. Tizita
    | #7

    Dawi and Hello,
    I tried to read your comments again and again which is well written, but the comments do not match with article written ‘by Kaleab Tessema.’ As I understand, the article by Kaleab is condemning those Amaras who serve for the TPLF to kill the Amaras. I find your comments are obfuscated and very twisted the issue further. Especially Dawi’s comment, the article has nothing with Dr. Aseged’s piece.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    I look at this article from the contrasting view points of Ras Mengesha Seyoum and Mekonen Yelewm -Wessen Woldegabriel in terms of original provincial boundaries, in the same way Mereb-wonz Milash is the boundry for Eritrean Province. This view point was given in an interview by a pevious Governer of Tigrai, I preume and the lattest member of Killil Adminstrator, a surrogate to TPLF/eprdf regime, coalition of ex-liberation movements the mainland and established ethnic federalism and secessionism along with totalitarianism and developmental state capitalism, replacing the totalitarian and Military dictatorship with ethnic dictatorship. Both of them are liable for human rights violations, whereby the TPLF/eprdf regime has perpetrated humanitarian, environmental and economic crises in the last 25 years, assisted by security and federal police forces and crony capitalism.

    When the constitution was drafted based on ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by “settlements, languages, and (ethnic) identity”, as case was for the Oromo ethnic group, the same principle did not apply for the Tigrai ethnic group, wolkait-tsegede was in tact with the Gondar. It was latter on the invasion of displacing the Amhara ethnic group and annexing the wolkait-tesgede by TPLF, in which both scenarios are in direct contrast to Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state of multi ethnic group live in harmony in the original provinces of assorted ethnic groups by resorting to the original provincial boundaries instead of scrambling for ethnic homelands, which is a prelude to ethnic secessionism, future boundary conflicts and ethnic cleansing to an Ethiopian land mass for all with private ownership of land to individuals anywhere in Ethiopia settling on their own free will with individual freedom and liberty front and center of the new constitution.

  9. Dawi
    | #9

    Tizita said:

    [[..but the comments do not match with article written ‘by Kaleab Tessema.’..]]

    I shall make it plain by quoting Dr Aseged where after being forced to find out his ethnic origin, went on to say the following:

    ” I don’t enjoy sharing the above negative stories. But I have to show you how culture is powerful- both positively and negatively. There is no way that we can succeed in any endeavor that requires major transformation without taking into account the roles of our culture. If our goal is to defeat tyranny, we need to deny it the environment that allows it to flourish. If our desire is to be where we have never been, a place where each and every Ethiopian regardless of their ethnic, religious, and political view points are treated equal, we need to work on our culture and create the environment. The first place to begin is with our leaders from diverse industries. Unfortunately, we’ve very few leaders who are trying their best to stick out their head above the overwhelming water (culture) that attempts to drown them. My colleague, who is an insider in Ethiopian politics, shared with me a shocking comment he heard a prominent party leader said about another party. The leader said, “We prefer TPLF to stay in power forever, if necessary, than these people to come to power.” While we have this kind of deep mistrust and hatred at the top level, it’ll remain the main roadblock why we keep failing to defeat tyranny. Of course, we all should play our part but our efforts won’t bear fruits if our leaders don’t buy into it. Undoing the hatred sowed by TPLF should be the principal responsibility of our contemporary and future leaders. ..”

    In my opinion “TPLF sowed hatred” is maybe an overstatement by the Dr. because the deceased leader of that party & EPRDF, Meles, whose vision is followed by the present government today had shown the way by passing the torch to HD; a Southerner with a multi national state, capable of leading us out of ethnic squabbling.

    It is up to us to empower the man instead of tearing him down.

  10. aha!
    | #10

    Ctd. from #8 …via ratification of the constitution, with independent branches of the Government and party alignments along the national agenda. There has never been an ethnic Amahara ethnic group, and yet thre was an Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement, which was renamed as Amahara National Democratic Movement to fit into the concept of ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by “settlement, languages and (ethnic) identity”. Whereas, Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement
    (EPDM) would fit in with Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state of multi-ethnic groups as integral parts of Ethiopia, integrated in languages and cultures with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item deals with individual freedom rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights.

    | #11

    Ethiopia is moving towards real Liberation and Freedom
    for the first time in its history.
    After the revolutionary movement had been hijacked more
    than once by opportunist minority and narrow juntas and
    pseudo organizations like the Dergue in 1975 and the Tplf
    in 1991 ; it is finally back on track and in the possession
    and ownership of the true people’s representative parties &
    Organizations leading it to its final destination.
    Just like the other newly liberated African countries in the
    1960′s ; the nation building and formation of true governance
    system that truly represents the countries and there by moving
    to a true sovereign Nation and free with civil liberties public
    of a newly formed and reconstituted Ethiopia ; was also derailed
    and had had gone astray for over four decades ending up making the
    nations of Africa including Ethiopia as barricaded fostress like
    zones and regions completely separated from each other and their
    peoples at war and civil strife with each other just struggling
    for their daily survival let alone to lead programmes of development
    and think about better livelihoods or prosperity of their citizens
    and the Nation which is way beyond the thoughts and capabilities of
    those existing governing or ruling bodies.
    But since recently or lately, Ethiopia and other few countries might
    have seized the opportunity and also might have a second chance at all
    that previously missed opportunities to start all over again.
    The basis for this brighter future outlook is based on recently conducted
    research work by NORTHERN STAR RESEARCH GROUP affiliated with the UN
    sponsored agency ERIN.
    (Details of the research work will follow soon…….).

  12. AMAN
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  13. Anonymous
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  14. TEDDY
    | #14

    ስለእስራኤል ሲነሳ አንድ የሰማሁት ግርምት ትዝ ዘለኝ፡፡
    የእስራኤሉን ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር እጅ ለመጨበጥ ባለስልጣኖቻችን በኬሚካል እጃቸውን ታጠቡ የሚል ወሬ ከወደ ሀገር ቤት ሰማሁኝ፡፡
    እጅህን ስጥ አለ ፈረንጅ እጅ ተይዞ ሊወሰድ፣
    ምን እጅ አለ የእሳት ሰደድ፣
    አያውቅም እንዴ እጄ እንደሚያነድ፡፡
    ፋሺስት ጣሊያንን አድዋ ላይ ድባቅ የመታ ክንድ ያፈራች ሀገር ዛሬ እንዲህ የተዋረደችው እንዴት ነው ነገሩ?እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ፈጣሪን ምን ያህል ብናስቀይመው ነው ውርደታችን እና መከራችን እንዲህ የበዛው?የተከበሩ ባለስልጣኖቻችን በጨበጣ ብቻ ማቆም አልነበረባቸውም፡፡እጃቸውን በኬሚካል ከታጠቡ አይቀር ናታንያሁን እንደ ቅርጫ ስጋ ተካፍለው ስልቅጥ አርገው መብላት ነበረባቸው፡፡ይህንን ቢያደርጉ ኖሮ ስጋወደሙ እንደተቀበሉ ይቆጠርላቸው ነበር፡፡በቅዱስ መፅሃፍ ኢትዮጵያ እጆቿን ወደፈጣሪ ትዘረጋለች፡፡አንተ ለኢትዮጵያውያን ምግባቸውን ሰጠሃቸው ተብሎልን ነበር፡፡ዛሬ ግን እጃችንን ወደ ፈጣሪ ሳይሆን ወደ ሰይጣን አምላኪዎች ስንዘረጋና በሰይጣን አምላኪዎች የሃጢያት ገንዘብ ችሮታ ኑሯችንን መምራት እና ሆዳችንን መሙላት ስንጀምር በተራችን ለሰይጣን አምላኪዎች መስገድ አለብን፡፡ለፈጣሪ የማይሰግድ ጉልበት ሁሉ ውሎ ይደር እንጂ ለሰይጣን ይሰግዳል፡፡ክብራቸው በነውራቸው ነው ሆዳቸው አምላካቸው ነው የሚለው የቅዱስ መፅሃፍ አባባል እየተፈፀመብን ነው፡፡ልባቸው ከክፋት የማይጠራ ፈሪሳውያን ውስጣቸውን ሳያጠሩ ውጪውንና እጃቸውን ለማጥራት ይደክማሉ፡፡እጅን በኬሚካል ከመታጠብ ይልቅ ልብን በንስሃ ማጠብና ወደፈጣሪ መቅረብ የበለጠ ይጠቅማል አለመተማመንን ያስወግዳል ህይወትንም ሰላማዊና ቀና ያደርጋል፡፡
    ሆድ ለመብል ነው መብልም ለሆድ ነው እግዚአብሄር ግን ይህንንም ያንንም ያጠፋቸዋል ይላል ቅዱስ መፅሀፍ፡፡ሆዱን የሚወድ ሰው ነፃነት ሀገርና ክብር የለውም፡፡ሆድ አምላኩ የሆነና ሆዱን የሚወድ ሰው ለፈጣሪም አይሆንም፡፡
    ይህ አይነቱ ተግባር ከአለም አቀፋዊ ዲፕሎማሲ ስርዓት የወጣ ስለሆነ ለኢትዮጵያውያን ብሄራዊ ውርደት ነው፡፡ነው ወይንስ እጅ መታጠቡ በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ላለፉት 25 ዓመታት ለተፈፀመው ግድያ አፈና ዝርፊያ ክህደት ስደት መፈናቀል ርሃብ በሽታ ተጠያቂ አይደለንም እንደ ፒላጦስ ከደሙ ንፁህ ነን ለማለት ነው?ናታንያሁም እጁን በኬሚካል ታጥቦ ነበር እንዴ?ባለስልጣኖቻችን ኦባማን ሲጨብጡ በኬሚካል ታጥበው ነበር እንዴ?ለደህንነት ታስቦ ከሆነ ቴክኖሎጂ በተራቀቀበት ዘመን ከፕላስቲክ የተሰራ ከእጅ የተመሳሰለ ጓንት ለመስራት እጅግ በጣም ቀላል ነው፡፡ደግሞስ እሰው ሀገር መጥቶ በኬሚካል ታጠቡ ብሎ ባለስልጣኖችን ማስገደድ ከአለም አቀፍ ዲፕሎማሲ አንፃር ትክክል ነዎይ?ለናታንያሁ ደህንነት ታስቦ ሳይሆን ዋናው የተፈለገው ነገር ኢትዮጵያውያንን ለማንኳሰስ ታስቦ ነው፡፡ክብርን ከማዋረድ መጨበጡ ቢቀርስ፡፡
    እርግጥ ነው እንደዚህ እያረጉ ክብርን እያዋረዱ ጎንበስ ቀና ብሎ ካላሸረገዱ የውጪ እርዳታና ብድር አይገኝም፡፡ወያኔ ለባእዳን ሃይሎች ወግኖ ኢትዮጵያውያንን እና ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ማዋረድና መጨቆን ያስደስተዋል፡፡ፈጣሪ ሆይ ኢትዮጵያን በምህረትህ ጎብኝተህ ውርደትሽና መከራሽ ይብቃሽ በላት፡፡

  15. billein
    | #15

    these fascist tplf thugs who have no decency or respect for the rule of law are trying in vain to build their fantasy kingdom on the graves of amharas , at the expense of amhara lives.

    100s of 1000s of amharas have been kicked out of their places of birth, they have been treated as foreigners in their own country that we call Ethiopia. in the south, west and the east and north of the country the amhara are being targeted by tigre liberation front and their agents , simply for being amharas.

    by massacring and evicting the local population of wolkayit, tegede, telemt , setit humera tplf fascists are trying to take over these amhara regions and make it their own. tplf are carrying out similar massaxcres and forced evictions of amharas to incorporate northern wollo into their tigre republic.

    this kind of barbarism is unique in Ethiopia and the whole world.

    the people of Gonder have done everything possible in the last 25 years, to resolve this issue peacefully. the gun hoe tigre fascists have turned a blind eye to the requests of the people. instead more killings, kidnaps and tortures have been the fate of the people of Gondar. . there will be a time when people will rise and defend themselves. on that day, tplf fascists have to face the consequences of their brutality.

    no amount of fascist brutality can stop the peoples’ ligitimate request for democracy, freedom and justice.

    victory is ours. tplf fascists are doomed

    | #16

    What type of system TPLF is implementing in Ethiopia?
    Why TPLF is very racist?
    To get all the answer it is as follows:

  17. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #17

    I have read the comments by these two seemingly well read old countrymen Dawi and Hello. Their opinions are well written and indeed a pleasant to read. I am familiar with Obbo Dawi’s comments since I have gone a few rounds with him in the past on issues of different nature. Dawi seems to be positive about the policies of the current regime back there which he has every inalienable right in the book to be so. I have no qualms about that even though I sit across the isle. Hello seems to be on the opposite side of Obbo Dawi. But one of Obbo Hello’s statements in his comment begs me to ask him a question or two. He stated that “It is my conviction that TPLF inner circle is very satanic against Ethiopianity and Christianity. They are communists who believe in Judaism of Babylonian Talmud. According to Judaism of Babylonian Talmud”. Does he have the ocular proof, beyond the benefit of a doubt that the leaders of the current regime back in the old country espouse Judaism of Babylonian Talmud? Where is their place of worship? You see. Our Christian brothers and sisters go to their churches to worship, the Muslims flock to their mosques and the Jews congregate at synagogues for the same rituals. I need proof indisputable in a court of a fair public opinion. I don’t challenge the allegation that the country we all left behind may be led into going asunder as we know it by what is going on and by some of the policies of some of the leaders of the current regime. Let’s take the current conflict in the North of the country. I am getting reports from relatives and common people I know back there that the regime is sending law enforcement units composed of those Oromo militias(well trained in their trade I may add) who quelled the recent uprising in their region of Oromia and units of the Liyu Police from the region of Somalia. These units are said to be seasoned and ‘battle tested’. That has left me sleepless and utterly helpless. I can only imagine what these units would be told just before they are sent on their mission in Gondar. They may be told that it is their once in a lifetime opportunity to settle an ‘old score’ with our Amhara brothers and sisters. Woe! Woe!! “It is the neftegnas’ they would be told. These militia units will go in there steeped with such fervor and hatred that they will shoot anything in sight. They will take a flowing sacred human blood for a budding rose. I am agonized with this news I am getting. We should all condemn this demonic scheme intended to rip harmonious people apart. I hope and pray that it will not happen or better yet it will fail.

    But my question to Obbo Hello still stands.

  18. Samuel
    | #18

    ብዙ ጸሃፊዎች ሲጽፉ ከሃዲዎች፤ሆድ አደሮች ሌላም ሌላም ይባላል። በአብዛኛው ግን ትክክል ነው። ነገር ግን አንድ ያልተጠና ነገር አለ። አመራሩን የሚመሩ ወይም ከጀርባ ሆነው ፕላን የሚነድፉ ጥቂት ሰዎች አሉ። እነዚህ ሰዎች እምነታቸውና ርእዮትዓለምአቸው ከሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ ለየት ይላል። ከላይ የጠቀስካቸው በአብዛኛው ጥሩ ሃሳብ ነው። ነገር ግን ብ.አ.ዴ.ን ውስጥ ያሉት በሙሉ አማሮች ናቸው ወይ? የአማራው ህዝብ ማወቅ ያለበት በአንድ ወልቃይት ተገዴ የትግራይ ነጻ አውጭ ግንባር(የጽዮናዊያን ወኪል) የሚያቆም አይደለም። ዋናው ዓላማቸው አማራን ህዝብ ለማጥፋት ነው።፡አካሄዳቸውን ተመልከቱ እስኪ ከደቡብ ከምእራብ ህዝብን እየዘረፉ ያለመጠለያና የተወሰኑትን ደግሞ አውራጎዳና ላይ እያደኑ አውቶብስ እየገለበጡ፡በአጋጣሚ አደጋ እያስመሰሉ ህዝብን እየጨረሱ ነው ያሉት። ከሰሜን በኩል ያለውን ደግሞ(ሰሜን ወሎ) ወደ ትግራይ ክልል ቀላቅለውታል። በምእራብ በኩል ደግሞ ለሱዳን ሊሰጡት ነው።፡ታዲያ የአማራው ህዝብ የት ሊኖር ነው? ከፍልስጤማውያን የባሰ ችግር ውስጥ የአማራውን ህዝብ እየከተቱት ነው።፡ፍልስጤማውያን እንኳ የአረብ ሃገሮች ወንድሞቻቸው ጋር መሸሸጊያ፡አላቸው። ስለዚህ የአማራው ህዝብ አማራጭ ታግሎ ማሸነፍ ብቻ!
    ጠንካራ ህዝብና ሃገር ወይም ተፎካካሪ ሃገር እንዳይኖር ህዝቡንና ሃገሪቱን እንዴት አድርገው እንደሚከፋፍሉ ቱርክ ምሳሌ ልትሆን ትችላለች። በአንደኛው የዓለም ጦርነት ምክንያት የአስማን ኤምፓየር ከመሸነፉ ሌላ በ1919 እ.ኤ.አ አሜሪካና እንግሊዞች የአስማን ኢምፔሪያን(ቱርክ) ለብዙ ቦታ ከፋፈሉት። ሶቬየት ህብረት ወይም ዩጎዝላቪያ እንደተከፋፈሉት ሁሉ ቱርክንም(አስማን ኢምፓዬር) ለብዙ ቦታ ከፋፈሏት። የቱርክ ግን ከሶቬየት ህብረት ወይም ከዩጎዝላቪያ ለየት የሚያደርገው በአብዛኛው ህዝቡ አንድ ዓይነት ቋንቋና ባህል ነው ያለው። ከተከፈሉት የቱርክ ዘር ከሚባሉት መንግስታትና በሌላ መንግስት ስር ያሉ፦ Turkmens, Azerbaijanis, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tatars ወ.ዘ.ተ ቱርክ አትከፋፈልም ነበር ነገር ግን ከራሳቸው ህዝብ ውስጥ(የቱርክን ቋንቋና ባህል የሚያውቅ የነርሱ ዘር ያልሆነ) ማለት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከኤርትራ አምጥተው ስልጣን ላይ እንዳስቀመጧቸው ሁሉ ቱርክን እንድትከፋፈልና የሃገሪቱን ከ15%-20% ግዛት እንድታጣ የሚፈርምና የሚስማማ ሰው አገኙ። እዚህ ጋር ለማለት የፈለኩት በኢትዮጵያዊነት የሚያምኑትን ኤርትራዊያኖችን ማለቴ አይደለም። እሱም ሙስጠፋ ከማል ይባላል። ልብ በሉ እዚህ ጋር ከሃገራችን ጋር እያመሳሰላችሁ አንቡቡት። ሙስጠፋ ከማልን ስልጣን እንዲጨብጥ ካደረጉ በኋላ “አታ-ቱርክ” ብለው ሰየሙት(ስም ሰጡት)። በቱርክ ቋንቋ “የህዝብ አባት” ማለት ነው። ለምንድን ነው ሙስጠፋ ከማል ቱርክ የተወሰነውን ግዛቷን እንድታጣ ያደረገው? መልሱ፦ ሙስጠፋ ከማል የተወለደው የሰሜናዊ ግሪክ የባህር ዳርቻ ወደብ ከተማ ከሆነችው Thessaloniki ወይም በእነርሱ አጠራር ፌሳሎኒኪ ከአይሁዳዊያን ቤተሰቦች ነው ስለዚህ “አታ-ቱርክ” እንደ ጸሃይ አምላክ ነው። በየከተማው “የአታ-ቱርክ” ሃውልት በብዛት ነው ያለው። ከሌኒን ሃውልት (ሶቬት ህብረት) የአታ-ቱርክ ሃውልት ብዛቱ ይበልጣል። እንዲሁም የተለያዩ ጽሁፎች በተለያዩ የቱርክ ከተሞች ውስጥ ስለአታ-ቱርክ(ሙስጠፋ ከማል) አታ-ቱርክ “ነበር” “አለ” “ይኖራልም” ልክ እንደ ፈጣሪ አምላክ ተጽፎለታል። ለማረጋገጥ ያህል፦ Top: Jewish leaders folder: ወይም British Agent Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
    ፌሳሎኒኪ በሮማያዊያኖች ቁጥጥር ስር በነበረችበት ጊዜ አይሁዳዊያኖች ይኖሩ ነበር። ጳውሎስ 50ኛው ዓመት አካባቢ እ.ኤ.አ በዚች ከተማ በሲናጎግ(የአይሁዲያኖች ማምለኪያ) ስልክርስትና ሰብኳል። ቅዋሜ ስለገጠመው ከተማዋን ለቆ ሄዶአል። ለምንድነው አሜሪካኖችና ታላቋ ብሪታኒያ(የቃል ኪዳን ሃገር- ብሪት በድሮ የእብራይስጥ ቋንቋ ስምምነት ወይም ቃልኪዳን እንደ ማለት ነው) የቱርክ ጌኖሳይድ(የዘር ጭፍጨፋ) በአርሜንያኖችና ግሪኮች ላይ የተካሄደውን ቸል ያሉት ወይም የደበቁት? Turkish Genocides – “The final elimination of the Greeks 1955″ በተጨማሪ በ1917 እ.ኤ.አ ታዋቂው የሩሲያ ሃብታም ፓርቩስ-ጌልፋንድ ሩሲያ ውስጥ ፔተርቡርግና ቱርክ ውስጥ ስታምቡል ከተማ ለተካሄደው አብዮት ፋይናንስ አድርጎ ውጤት አስመጥቶለታል። ስለዚህ አታ-ቱርክ በመራበት ጊዜ የቱርክ ኤሊቶች(ባለስልጣኖች) እርስ በርሳቸው በእብራይስጥኛ ቋንቋ እንደሚነጋገሩና እንደሚያወሩ የተለያዩ ጸሃፊዎች በጽሁፋቸው ላይ ሳይጠቅሱ አላለፉም። የቱርክ ህዝብ ግን መግባቢያው ቋንቋ ቱርክኛ ነው። ማለት እንደ ሃገራችን የወያኔ ባለስልጣናት የሚግባቡበት ትግሪኛ ሲሆን(ምን ይታወቃል እብራይስጥኛም የሚያወራ ላይጠፋ ይችላል) የአብዛኛው የሃገራችን ህዝብ መግባቢያ ቋንቋ ግን አማርኛ ነው።
    ስለዚህ ከላይ ያለውን ምሳሌ ያመጣሁት አማራ ነኝ ስላለው ሰውዬ ግንዛቤ ለመስጠት ነው። በስሙ አደራደር ብቻ አይተህ ከየትኛው ዘር እንደሆነ ማወቅ ትችላለህ። ምክንያቱም ከዚህ በፊት ከኒውዮርክ የመጣ ቅማንት ሳይሆን ቅማንት ብሄረሰብ አደራጃለሁኝ ያለውን ሰውዬ ለሆነ ጋዜጣ የሰጠውን የውሸት ታሪክ መመልከትና ግንዛቤ መውሰድ ይቻላል። ስለዚህ ጉዳይ ሌላ ጊዜ በሰፊው እመለስበታለሁኝ።

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Corrigendum //2 @ @#8, the map for the expansion of Tigrai Province/killil into Beghemder-Gondar province already exists at the time of demarcation of Ethiopian land mass into ethnic homelands, albeit not explicit (ESAT TV Efita).

  20. Southerner
    | #20

    How come the majority of wolkite people cultured in Tigre culture and speak Tigrigna language ? ? ?

  21. Zeleke
    | #21

    This article is very selective and bias, it does not tell the truth, indeed, it is waste of time reading it.

  22. aha!
    | #22

    SOS’s remark touches upon the manifesto of TPLF against the Amhara ethnic group and Orthodox church, along with its manifesto according to Anonymous “le oromo killilih yih new billen kesetenew lela minim ayfeligim, which came back to haunt TPLF, in terms of ethnic right the rights to ethnic self-rule and ethnic self determination with the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and developmental state capitalism in tact anathema to Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state of multi-ethnic groups as integral part of Ethiopia with interrelated cultures.

  23. ጸጋየ ገብረመድህን
    | #23

    አረና የተባለ የፖለቲካ ሰገራ ፓርቲ ስለ አባተ መኩርያ ያስለፈዉ መግለጫ ; እዛው ምናምትያቺሁ ዉስጥ ጣሉት የናንተን
    ቁሻሻ መግለጫ : መግሎች : የአዲስ አበባ የመቀለ ጥራጊዎች : ትግራይ ዉስጥ ዋጣ አዝማሪ ሙዚቀኛ ከመሆን በክፉ በሽታዎች መምት ጽድቅ ነው ::

  24. Henock Temesgen Zewdie
    | #24

    On Friday, 15th of July 2016 The Executive Committee of Union of Tigrians in Europe 2016 UTE Presidency Amsterdam, The Netherlands Condemned the recent binge of street violence in Gondar which, according to the Mayor of Gondar, took the lives of 14 law enforcement officers, was planned and executed by quislings from Ethiopia who take orders from what Minister of Government Communication, Mr Getachew Reda, speaking on Radio Fana, euphemistically referred to “Foreign Enemies of Ethiopia.”

    Union of Tigrians in Europe 2016 stated that It’s high time that the Ethiopian Government indulges on a re-think. Is the Government going to continue ‘punishing’ the rogue state knowing full well that its calibrated retaliatory measures against Eritrea have so far failed to stop Isaias Afewerki’s terrorist incursions inside Ethiopia? Or is the Government going to do the unthinkable and issue a final and public ultimatum to Isaias to stop meddling in Ethiopia or face the full force of our tried and tested defense forces. Only an all-out blitzkrieg attack, coupled with a carefully crafted action will ensure durable peace and stability so that the Motherland can continue to flourish.
    With election-win dodger turned guerrilla fighter, Dr Berhanu Nega, and his official organ, ESAT, churning out notorious lies, there is no way in which Isaias Afewerki is going to abandon his vision of destabilizing and dismembering Ethiopia.

  25. ሥብኃት
    | #25

    የአቲዮጵያ ትያትር ትልቅ ደረጃ ላይ ይደርስ ነበር በማንኛዉም ደረጃ :: ጠፍ የዎያንነ የትግራይ tplf ካድሬዎች ::ኣቀጫጮች ገደሉት :አጣችሁኝ እንጂ አላጣዋቺሁም :ሞት ለ ህዎሀት :

  26. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮንThe Eth.
    | #26

    “አብ ናይ ሜ/ጀነራል ጻድቃን ገ/ትንሳኤ ጽሑፍ ዝቐረበ ርኢቶ!
    ዮሐንስ አብርሃ
    ሐምለ 26/2016″ Aiga Forum

    “ብናተይ አረአእያ ግን እተን ቀንዲ ናይ
    ፖለቲካውን ሰብአውን መሰላት ተኸቢረን እየን ይብል፡፡” ገፅ 7

    በይዘት ይህ ከላይ በጥቅስ መልክ ያስቀመጥኩት አባባልህ ጠቅላላውን አወንታዊም ሆነ አሉታዊ አባባሎችህን ሁሉ ውድቅ ያደርጋቸዋል………!

    ከዚህም በላይ ደግሞ, ምንም እንኳን በርግጥ በዘመነ ሃይለስላሴም ሆነ በዘመነ ደርግ ፊደል ለቆጠርነው ሁላችንም, በይበልጥ ለትግርኛ የሚያመቸውን ግእዝ ፊደልን ስንጠቀም ወደ የ’አማርኛ ፊደል አጣጣል ቢጎትተንም, የአንተው ግን ከላይ ያስቀመጥከውን የአርትኪልህን አርእስትና እንዲሁም ስምህን ሁሉ ስታስቀምጥ ሙሉ ለሙሉ አማርኛው ውጦሃል:: እንዲሁም የወያኔን ፀ’ን ከመጠቀም ይልቅ የሻዕብያን ጸ’ን ትጠቀማለህ:: ምክኒያት ይኖረውን?

    ለምሳሌ ያህል በትክክል አርእስትህ እና ስምህን በእኔ አስተያየት በወያናዊው ትግርኛ ብእር አጣጣል እንደሚከተለው መሆን አልነበረበትምን?

    “ኣብ ናይ ሜ/ጀነራል ፃድቃን ገ/ትንሳኤ ፅሑፍ ዝቐረበ ርኢቶ!
    ዮሃንስ ኣብርሃ
    ሓምለ 26/2016″

    አባባሌን ለመደምደም ያህል, ለሳቅ ለጨዋታው እንዲሁም ለቁም ነገሩም ያህል ነው እንጂ, ሻዕብያዊ ወይንም ደግሞ …. ወንድማችንም ብትሆን ምንም ክፋት የለውም:: ማሌሊት ያልገዛችው ሃይል አለመኖሩን ያው እንገነዘባለንና!

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