Info On The Coming Of Kinijit Leaders To Boston

September 20th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Flight: FL 320

Airline: AirTran Airways

Depart: Baltimore Washington International Apt
Departure Time: 8:30am, Saturday 22 September 2007
Arrive: Boston Logan International Apt
Terminal: Terminal C
Arrival Time: 9:53am, Saturday 22 September 2007
Stops: Non-Stop
Travel Time: 1hr 23mins
Aircraft: 717 (Boeing 717-200)

  1. wosenie mekibeb
    | #1

    Korat Meriyochachin Be ethiopiawinet Menfes Enditikebeluachin Enileminalen

  2. selmon
    | #2

    bostenoch please moke adregn enkebelachew merwochchenen….hello bostnanian please let us say welcome oue leader like dcwoch

  3. balew
    | #3

    hi guys whois the leaders /?

  4. ayle
    | #4

    Balew you don’t know damn what do you think ? do you think one person is going to be a leader or you includes EPRP dogs like Taye, Shalqa listen damn this is knjet not Eprp we have aleader those stand for democracy not for power why you need another dictator please don’t spend your time for dictoator you had Mengistu and now you have meles so why you waste your time by looking more dictator

    | #5

    Folks,pls.we should respect the Leadership of our leader Eng.Hailu Shawel.his working tour program as under:

    We Ethiopians should live for truth.

  6. chala
    | #6

    why you don’t mention the name of the Delgation. we learn the leader of kinjit Eng. Hailu will not came at saturday. PLs. follow his ture program in USA at

  7. dildil
    | #7

    GEMORAW and Chala,

    You should really think through what you write here. Is Hailu Shawel going to make the tour with Taye Woldesemayat of KIC also known as “keyisi” for its devilish deeds? It looks like EPRP has hijacked Hailu Shawel. It is sad but true. and Debteraw website have united. very strange.

    May God Save Us From Evil Deeds Of KIC aka “Keyisie”!

  8. MIke
    | #8

    What we all need to realize is that Shaleka, Dr. Taye and others have become a cheap tool for creating division in Kinijit’s leadership. It is so that Eng. Hailu Shawel is sick and frail, which they are using that against him, his principles, and kinijit supporters.

    Shaleka Yoseph will take Dr. Taye and other prominent Ethiopians along with the great Eng. Hailu Shawel through the alley of humiliation and isolation until death.

    We have one thing to be thankful for…that’s that our Ethiopian people have been thought (the hard way) to follow principles and nothing else. We have no attachment to Hailu Shawel’s name or personality, we met through ourquest for democratic principles and if the Enineer abandons it, we would have nothing in common, therefore, we will stop following him.

    Even when he makes the sin of being a dictator, we will not hate him personally, we will just condemn his sins and move on.

    ATTENTION: It’s very important that TPLF supporters may act like they care about kinijit and spread divisive rumores, therefore, lets not propogate unconfirmed stories and fall for their dirty tricks.

    We’re trying to build a democratic culture and that’s why we’re facing challenges, but those who have evil and destructive purpose have an easy job…therefore we need to be more determined and more patient with them and with each other – that’s the only way we bring our victory sooner, but we will prevail no matter what!! Dil le Ethiopia hizb.

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