Tens of thousands of protesters call for a regime change in Ethiopia

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Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Gonder in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia on Sunday demanding a change of government due to the unfair distribution of wealth in the country.

The protest, reported to have been staged in defiance of a government order, is also in solidarity with the Oromia protests held between November last year to March 2016 in opposition to a government development plan in the region which could affect poor farmers.

Images posted by protesters and other eye witnesses on social media show hundreds of thousands of people carrying Ethiopian flags and placards singing and chanting against the government’s regime.

Some placards demanded the release of arrested activists during the Oromia protests while other protesters made the Crossed Arms Resistance gesture which was common during the Oromia protests.

The EPRDF has come under heavy criticism for its handling of the Oromia protests and also its intolerance towards the media and civil society.

Thousands of students, social media activists, and opposition party leaders and supporters were arrested and dozens were charged under the country’s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP) while hundreds remained in custody without charges.

Human Rights Watch released a report in June estimating that over 400 Oromo protesters were killed in November 2015, and thousands others arrested by Ethiopian security forces during the protests.

The government however disputed the figures and earlier in March, the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn blamed the death and destruction on “violent” protesters. He however apologized before parliament for “not listening to the concerns of the people”.

The Oromia and Amhara are two of the nine ethnically based regional states of Ethiopia which are considered the poorest compared to the others.

The protest is expected to build up in the coming days.

  1. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #1

    This is the sign of times and a roll call time for all stake holders. The regime should wake up and listen. It should shrug off all this macho mentality that it can deal with any popular protest now or at any time in the future by not engaging the protesters via peaceful dialogue. The advantage of use of force in such situations is always short lived. Every friendly Western nation has been warning the regime. Man up and live up to it. The opposition is also has the responsibility and a very serious one to make sure such protests would not go out of hand. Those who are now hell bent in this hapless effort to scalp away harmonious people just to found a fiefdom of their own should pay attention to what the protesters in Gondar are shouting from the top of their lungs. They are putting their lives seeking solidarity with the protesters in Oromia. Stop calling them ‘those children of the neftegnas’, stop flapping your irresponsible mouth lambasting ‘Ethiopia! Out of Oromia’. That is disgusting!!! Just stop and chill for crying out loud!!! And this shows that these bigoted ‘liberation fronts’ will never be able to carve away a region as their own vassal territory. Never and ever!!!

    I want to make this clear and clarion call to the level headed individuals who are now seen congregated in and around OLF, ONLF, EPRP, AESM, TPLF, TPDM, Arena Tigray(Please correct me if I misspelled this one), all domestic political groups and many such far sighted individuals to come to the dialogue table and chart out the next route for those 100 million plus people. I also call upon the editors of all Diaspora websites to second this call and start nagging every group to commence such a dialogue. If they don’t heed your call, expose them!!! These editors have the responsibility beyond counting keyboard hits. In the process they have the urgent duty of cleaning up their useful platform from foul mouthed eyal-al-souqs during such endeavors. This is a very serious matter that has left the fate of more than 100 million people hanging in the balance. Heed to this call now, not next week but now. Otherwise, you will be holding your heads in utter sorrow and agony for the chaos that will follow. I will be holding all these political groups responsible for any destructive mayhem that may occur.

  2. habtie
    | #2

    the struggle will continue what ever it takes to secure democracy, freedom and justice in our country. the fascist tplf thugs must understand that the people are speaking. it is loud and clear. the ethno fascist tigre liberation the front that is looting our country and murdering and torturing the people must stop its hopeless and reckless act of terror on the people. Wolkayit Tegede, Telemt and Humera remain Amhara lands, no fascist brutality can change that.

    Viva Gonder, the birth place of Fasil, the rock of Ethiopia.

    Time is up for the butchers of tigre people liberation front. Solidarity of the Ethiopian people cannot be broken by the divisive fascist tigre liberation front which has been preaching hate and division and inciting inter ethnic and religious violence for 25 years. the Ethiopian flag is the symbol of our unity; the demonic symbol which the satanic tplf placed on our flag will be buried with the fascist tplf.

  3. aha!
    | #3

    The title extrapolated from the article in Ethiomedia and the topic sentence about a call for regime change does not correspond to the chants by the protesters, if the audio-video presentation is supposed to represent what the protest is all about.

  4. Tesfa
    | #4

    This huge protest ,in the midst of heightned security, is a testimony that the people of Gonder has made it clear they ask nothing less than their “liberty or death”.Contrary to the usual propaganda and out right lies this is by far peaceful and disciplined protest. In order to be effective the protests need to be held all over Ethiopia. Dessie,Debretabor,Bahirdar, Debremarkos, Addis, Debrebrihan and else where must be held peaceful protest.

    The people of Ethiopia need to join hands and declare solidarity to the cause of the people of Oromo and Welkit- Gonder.The people of Ethiopia need to use this moment and declare solidarity and unity. TPLF leaders must know they can not hold any more the 90 million people under their shackle. The people have spoken in Oromia and Gonder have declared to the careless TPLF leaders the road to their liberty has started.

    Freedom is in the horizon! TPLF leaders must accept the fact they are too primitive to the present day Ethiopia. Tegrians join your Ethiopian compatriots and let us say good by to TPLF leaders.Last call to TPLF Embassy officials and emissaries to resign their post and join the causes of the people. Bereket Simon you exactly know this moment is critical moment .This too is last call for you too leave the TPLF camp.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    Ittu Aba Farda said:

    [[.. ‘Ethiopia! Out of Oromia’. That is disgusting!!! Just stop and chill for crying out loud!!! ..]]

    I agree with you however, lately Jawar seems to have chilled a bit! Check out Jawar Mohammed and Muluken on Hibir Radio if you haven’t already. http://www.ethiomedia.com/1012pieces/5825.html

    We like to hear him gravitate and do more work on such kind of platforms as he has done in the past. As you pointed out this latest protest of Gondar calling a fraternity with the Oromo protest should encourage and motivate him and others to come to the center.

    EPRDF according to Abay Tsehay’s interview shall remain a coalition indefinitely; not being able to be one party after 25 years is ridiculous if you ask me.

    IMO, Meles would have taken that bold move particularly at this moment in a similar fashion of the past split within TPLF. His disciple HD may not have the same clout but, has the mandate can push for one party & test the waters. That can calm down and defuse border issues for starters.

    On the other hand, we see some signs of the present protest movements G7/Amara/Oromo and others linking with each other; a coalition of a democratic front of such sort shall give EPRDF a run for their money. Not turning to one party, if EPRDF loses no one is going to feel sorry for them.


    | #6

    TPLF is an overt demonic tyrannical regime working as an extension agent of another satanic hidden tyranny.
    To understnad the other world wide hidden tyranny please read the following link.


  7. Nebure Ed
    | #7

    I think Gonder has more political influence than Maychew,
    Enderta and Alamata on Tigray republic. It has just silenced
    all those recently assimilated and integrated previously non
    Tigrian peoples of those areas in a split of a second. This
    shows western part of Tigray is more in tune and harmony with
    the true Ethiopian origin and history than the southeastern
    part and peoples.
    The Gonder revolt represents and is about primacy and originality
    of the respective areas in Ethiopian history and origin.
    Take it easy Woyanes !

  8. Alemash
    | #8

    The TPLFite thugs should start selling their real-estate empire they hold around the world bought with the money stolen from poor Ethiopians and give back the money to the poor Ethiopians that are dieing for lack of food and water in high numbers daily. Cholera is a result of lack of water which is killing hundreds daily. Hailemariam’s solution for cholera Closing down thousands of restaurants is not going to save Ethiopians returning all the money looted will give people a chance to afford safe drinking water and clean food .Currently only Tigrayans got enough clean drinking water at all households the rest of the country water is scarce. To boil water it takes to have energy . energy is expensive. . . All the diamonds TPLF stored in their safe deposit boxes allover the world need to be emptied at once to save the needy in Ethiopia . Diaspora Ethiopians need to press all TPLFites to do the right thing. Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. Diaspora churches , mosques , community artists and so on need to speak against these conspiracy of killing people with cholera and starvation while the country just borrowed 40 billion dollars and gets so much aid which is all spent to develop Tigray only while the rest is dieing. All of Tigray even those that leave in remote areas within Tigray got non stop clean drinking water plumbing to all households with the money gootten in the name of all Ethiopians while the non-Tigrayan is left to drink cholera water and eat maybe once every other day .

  9. Ras Alula
    | #9

    i think they missed Melaku Teffera:(

  10. chaoo
    | #10

    the last whistel blow for the regium!!!

  11. deri
    | #11

    the goverment belly is full every one living a terroror life by know they are packing their kids already have forgnin pass including top admis its shame leaders menistu hailemariam he even doesn\t had zembabew pass iuntil the last minuts.

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