Protest continues in Gondar in the eve of nationwide protests against woyane

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  1. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #1

    What heroic kids!!! Stay on your peaceful protest until your legitimate demands are met. Just stay away from wanton violence and destruction. Admonish and rein in on those among you who are itching on or hell bent destroying any objects of development. Do not cause damage to any vehicles you come across during your demonstrations and leave hotels, factories and restaurants alone. You must protect and guard all these establishments whoever owns them. Stay peaceful and vocal.
    In the meantime, I urge the good editors of this esteemed website to do everything at their disposal and help my advice reach these gallant kids who are in the streets doing their historical duties. You see, the youth of that country has seen enough violence. Its entire cream of the crop was wiped out by that demon Mengistu and the civil wars he helped spread throughout of the country in the 1970′s and 80′s. It took more than 3 decades to start recovering. You see, some of the honchos who are in the positions of steering the current regime are sworn violent individuals. In situations like this they dream about incidences that will put situations in their favor to go out on killing spree. What distinguish these very few individuals at the helm of the ruling clique from demonic Mengistu is the fact that they enjoy the backing of almost every Western nation and the sky high financial/technical support of China. This is the fact on the ground. And the Western nations have legitimate reasons to back the current regime. There is a lot done in several areas of development. In the process there is also a lot to be complained about in the areas of the rights of the individual. We hear that the wealth of the nation has accumulated in the hands of the very few when many have lost hope in their livelihood. I can not boldly claim that the wealth has been amassed around one specific clan or ethnic group. My faith and the promise I am bound by it does not allow come to such conclusion until I see a statistics by a neutral individual or group. But my suspicion is there. And I abhor suspicion. I hear a lot from my relatives who are small time merchants and traders and in the positions of looking from different positions. I hear from them and have a lot of stories about this Organization called EFFORT. It is a gun totting business outfit. When I say gun I am not limiting myself to run-of-the mill AK47′s but missiles, howitzers and possibly SU-30′s. Unless these few thuggish individuals are smartly isolated from their ethnic outfit they will use every trick in the book and instruments of violence to maintain the status quo. It is apparent that they are using their own ethnic group as human shields. They are using every violence that targeted their properties as a testimony that the demonstrators are targeting the entire people of Tigray. They had this shtick during their days in the bush. After marching into Addis(Finfene) they have released many documentaries to suggest that most of the victims during demonic Mengistu’s Red Terror were people who hailed from Tigray when the evidence is to the contrary. They are now saying that the Gonderians are targeting Tigrayas; Oromos are targeting Tigrayans. The only one left is Linda Tripp from 22 years ago. Every one over there is ganging up on them, they say. That is what they have been telling the so gullible people of Tigray. And the way the opposition laying out it complaints does everything possible to fan the fear the people of Tigray feel at the moment. They read so many disparaging articles and diatribes against their beloved organization the TPLF and namesake Woyane movement. There is nothing that can be done to wean them off this organization and fable. Nothing! They have been told about contemporary story of Rwanda and Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLMC). Didn’t the late PM come up with the formula – Tutsis = Tigrayans? That was followed by the killing of close to 200 demonstrators in 2005. You see, to me and this is based on my own experience that the people of Tigray are peace aspiring and harmonious people just like any other ethnic group. They have legitimate and historical reasons to congregate around the TPLF(AKA Woyane). All disparaging of this front should immediately stop and in stead the complaints should be leveled against individuals in the EPRDF. The demonstrating youth should be told to refrain from any form of violence and keep hands off all item of development. ‘I am gonna do you Watts’ will not further the accord but plays smack into the playbook of these very few individuals. Violence and destruction will not attract foreign investors either. Many of them are eager to do just that and some of them are already investing their millions in that country. But any mob violence organized or spontaneous will force them to leave and once they pack up and leave they may not come back. That would be the worst news for the people of that historic and very proud people. Industrialization is the only way to yank the people away from unsustainable agrarian and archaic lifestyle. Industrialization is the only means that can liberate the women of that country and unless they are liberated the population will continue to explode. As I had mentioned in my comments so several times in the past I would like to see women of my own Itu clan working in the factories, operating modern machineries and as lead women, factory managers and owners in stead of staying home whose function is to make their lazy bum husbands happy and incubate babies by droves. This has been my wish for every woman of every ethnic group there. Again, unless the women are liberated by driving them out of their houses into factories and offices during the development process, you can forget about improvement of living standards and population control. Just forget about it!!!

  2. bayye
    | #2

    ittu aba farda,

    what is your answer to agazi snipers , the private army of tigre liberation front,who are blasting of the heads of peaceful protesters with bullets. is peaceful protest an answer to this kind of brutal attack on unarmed peaceful protesters. 25 years on, the gun hoe tplf continues to kill our people. they came to power carrying guns and they have come to belief that the only way to get your way is to use the gun.

    tplf thugs have no faith in Ethiopia, they happen to be in Ethiopia , simply because an opportunity presented to them. they deny their Ethiopian identity, they regard Ethiopia as an enemy. their original plan was to liberate tigre from Ethiopian colonialism. they are expanding their territory by stealing land from neighbouring amhara and Afar regions. the size of tigre is now 3 times as large as it was before. how is it that a government supposedly representing all Ethiopians is massacring and evicting one ethnic group, the amhara in their own land , to annex their land to tigre region.

    any careful observer would notice that tplf fascists do not trust any Ethiopian except their supporters. they are so much afraid of the Ethiopian people that they do not even store any weapons, bullets and guns in any other part of Ethiopia except in tigre region, incase people try to get hold of these weapons and attack them. for that reason , their weapons depot is in their ethnic homeland.

    following their humiliation by the peaceful protest in Gondar, tplf are currently planning to launch an attack on Gonder using their own ‘tigre only’ army fully armed with the weapons they have at their disposal. how is a peaceful protest to help in this kind of situation. every citizen should be armed with any thing they could get hold of and defend themselves,

    everytime our people come out to demonstrate peacefully, tplf kills them. this has been going on for 25 years. how long for do we have to go on doing peaceful protests knowing that tplf will shoot and kill people.

  3. Bahir Mehal
  4. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #4

    Obbo bayye:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read through my comment and above all for being so civil in your response. That is what badly in the political discourse affecting that old country we all still hold very dear to our hearts. My excruciating concern is for the youth of that country. I have said this before and I will say it again.

    Our recent history has shown us all with indisputable facts that who is the violent one. It is those very few who hold the real power in steering the regime right or left and where ownership is concentrated. They have fattened themselves so huge that you can’t find a money scale locally to count the fortune they amassed during the last two and half decades. They just throw around some bread crumbs just to numb the senses of their respective ethnic groups. You see. There used to be one emperor during the reins of Tedros, John, Menelik and Selassie. But there have been almost 11 emperors there since 1995. This is a fact and must be understood. Each has understood and grasped the name of the game very well that he/she does not need the help of the Sebhatus in all to squash any dissent in his/her region. The so called Agazis are long gone back to Adwa after rearing and training very well enough German Shepherds and Dobermans in each region to rip you apart at the first word of complaints out of your mouth. You see, when we hear that a number of youth were shot to death in Oromia, it is not the so called Agazis who are doing the shooting but rather home grown Oromo militias and security forces. This is the ocular reality on the ground. And it is my experience that the entire people of Tigray are not evil seeking, evil rendering people. There are just some street smarts and smart Alecs among them who are harvesting the wealth of the country in their name. I am sure that you, like me, have already noticed individuals from Tigray who are leaving their country for better life in other countries. Some lost their lives in such endeavor just like everyone else from that country. So what the opposition must do is prepare a well researched tally of individuals who are the big enchiladas and run a well organized intense and peaceful protest against the machine being operated by these heartless individuals. Please note that I said that very noble word, peaceful. It has been my daily prayers that I will not live to see another slaughter of the youth as it was done by that demon Mengistu where more than 500,000 of the cream of the crop were callously butchered by that thug of the centurion Africa. It is still my daily prayer. We should never give up on peaceful struggle, never!!!!

    By the way, in my book you are entitled to your opinion as it is your inalienable right of the individual. Keep plugging away my countryman/woman!!!

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