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Over the past week, we have become aware of statements in the media concerning the role of the Ad Hoc Committee in the coordination of the Kinijit Delegation’s activities in the U.S., and matters related to the arrival of Eng. Hailu Shawel. (more…)

Over the past week, we have become aware of statements in the media concerning the role of the Ad Hoc Committee in the coordination of the Kinijit Delegation’s activities in the U.S., and matters related to the arrival of Eng. Hailu Shawel.

Ethiopian Flag

Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for
Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)
Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States

For Immediate Release
September 21, 2007

This Clarification is intended to remove confusion regarding the role and activities of the Committee over the past few weeks when it began its coordinative role.

It should be noted that the Committee issues this Clarification reluctantly amidst the apparently charged environment surrounding the arrival of the Kinijit leaders in the U.S.

Initially, we decided to forbear from making any public statements in response to certain allegations made about our role and activities in the coordination of the Delegation’s visit in the U.S. However, it appears that repetition of these allegations over the past several days in the media has caused public concern and confusion, requiring clarification from our side.

Our decision to issue this clarification was not made lightly, but rather with a heavy heart and much soul searching. We took many factors into consideration in deciding whether to respond to these allegations: 1) the utility of issuing the clarification against the possibility of aggravating any misunderstandings that may currently exist between the various parties concerned with the Delegation’s U.S. visit, 2) the potential for public distraction from the paramount issues of democracy, freedom and human rights in Ethiopia to other less important issues, 3) the possibility that any statement we make could deepen public cynicism and confusion about organizational and/or personal matters, 4) the likelihood that our statement could exacerbate the apparent acrimony and confusion among the various parties in the media, 5) the possibility of aggravating and adversely impacting ongoing organizational process in the U.S. and elsewhere, 6) the potential for any statement we make in creating a counter-productive credibility contest between ourselves and others, 7) the potential for our statement to preempt or foreclose any future reconciliation efforts, 8) the potential for adding or detracting value to organizational cohesion or fragmentation, 9) the potential for the public to misread and misconstrue our intent in making any statements on the allegations, and 10) the potential propaganda windfall that may accrue to the enemies of democracy and human rights.

In the end, we decided to issue this strictly factual statement having concluded that any harm that may flow from its issuance is outweighed by the public’s interest in ascertaining the truth by hearing both sides of the story. We also felt obliged that we must practice the very principle of accountability that we counsel others to follow; and in this regard, we appreciate the role of the Diaspora Ethiopian media in demanding such accountability from us.

Our statement below is strictly factual and chronological. It is intended to document specific events and actions. It is not intended to impute untoward motive or bad faith to anyone; and our sole concern is factual clarification. We trust the reader will find sufficient factual details below to come to an independent conclusion about our role and activities as it relates to the Delegation’s visit and activities in the U.S.

Chronology of Events

In the first press release we issued on August 17, 2007, we announced the arrival of the Kinijit Delegation, which included Ato Hailu Shawul, Chairman of CUD, W/T Birtukan Midekssa, Vice Chair, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Addis Ababa Mayor-Elect and members Dr. Hailu Araya (Spokesperson), Ato Brook Kebede and Ato Gizachew Shiferaw. We indicated that the Delegation is expected to arrive on August 29, 2007.

In the second press release we issued on August 24, 2007, we announced the occurrence of unexpected visa problems at the U.S. Embassy, and indicated the possibility of postponement of the August 29 arrival date. In that press release, we announced the Leadership Delegation traveling to the U.S. will include Ato Hailu Shawul, Chairman of CUD, W/T Birtukan Midekssa, Vice Chair, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Addis Ababa Mayor-Elect and members Dr. Hailu Araya (Spokesperson), Ato Brook Kebede and Ato Gizachew Shiferaw.

In the third press release we issued on September 5, 2007, we announced that the Kinijit Delegation is expected to arrive in the U.S. on September 9, 2007. We indicated that the Delegation will include Kinijit Vice Chair Birtukan Midekssa, Dr. Hailu Araya (Spokesperson), Ato Brook Kebede and Ato Gizachew Shiferaw. We further indicated that Dr. Birhanu Nega, Mayor-elect of Addis Ababa, was already in the United States having left Ethiopia earlier on personal matter.

In the September 5 press release, we specifically stated “Kinijit Chairman Ato Hailu Shawul is not expected to arrive with the delegation. He has not received an entry visa from the U.S. Embassy as of the date of this press release. The Committee is informed and believes that even if Ato Hailu were to receive his visa at the present time, he will be unable to join the Delegation on a U.S. tour due to ongoing health care needs.” We further stated that “The Delegation is hopeful that Ato Hailu will regain his health speedily and join them on the tour.”

The Delegation listed in the September 5 press release arrived in the U.S. as scheduled on September 9, 2007.

In an email written in Amharic script and dated Qagme 3, 1999 (Sept. 8, and carbon copied to Kinijit Support Committees in Washington and Toronto), Eng. Hailu informed us that the Delegation’s travels to the U.S. have raised some questions, and that due to poor health and delayed visa processing he had initially decided against coming to the U.S. However, because of strong request by supporters, he had decided to be present among the Ethiopian public and contribute to the resolution of disputes and misunderstandings. He further stated that he will be arriving in the U.S. on the afternoon of Re-bue (Wednesday), Meskerem 1, 2000, and will receive medical care. He indicated that on Arb (Friday) Meskerem 3, 2003, he will arrive in Washington, D.C. and be ready to participate in the program scheduled the following day, Saturday. He asked us to let him know if his plans were acceptable to us.

On September 10, 2007, we replied to Eng. Hailu acknowledging his Qagme 3, 1999 email message, stating: “ …. In our last press release, we have informed the public of your health situation and the delay in processing your visa at the U.S. Embassy. We were all glad to hear that your visa was granted even though it was late. We are even more glad that you have decided to come and lead the delegation as originally planned despite the fact that your health situation still needs immediate attention…

“We are very pleased and excited, as are the vast majority of Ethiopians in the U.S., by the news of your arrival very shortly. We will do our very best to expedite the planning for your arrival.

“What would be most helpful to our efforts is channeling of your directions and instructions through the delegation. This would be helpful to us in achieving better coordination with the various support groups and individuals as well as in the execution of plans that have been underway do date. We respectfully ask that you communicate your wishes and desires to the delegation so that we can get specific guidance on the kinds of things you would like to get done before and after your arrival. Once you communicate your instructions to the delegation, we will do our best to help accomplish them.”

On September 10, 2007, Eng. Hailu replied acknowledging our earlier email communication to him, in Amharic script, stating that he is interested in participating in activities promoting the work of Kinijit. He asked us to send him post haste the schedule of activities so that he will be able to ascertain his participation.

On September 11, 2007, we replied to Eng. Hailu stating that “in the itinerary plan we drafted and presented for review by the Delegation, there are no roles and activities defined for each delegate member. The plan is based on the principle that the Committee will help organize the venue for the events, but the order of presentations and activities at the various sites will be determined by the Delegation itself after consultation between members…. How these activities will be handled is entirely up to the Delegation, and we play no part in the deliberations.”

We further stated that “We have forwarded your request in the last email to the Delegation for consideration and response to you directly.” We further drew attention to the delicate situation of the Ad Hoc body: “We hope you will appreciate our situation as members of an Ad Hoc body, with limited scope of activities, particularly following the arrival of the Delegation. We will continue to provide help and assistance to the Delegation as requested. We will make suggestions and recommendation. However, it is up to the Delegation to consider our proposals and determine whether it fits its overall agenda.”

In an email dated Qagme 6, 1999, (Sept. 11) scripted in Amharic, Eng. Hailu acknowledged receipt of our email and informed us that he will be arriving on September 15 at 4:30 p.m., and that his own planned activities included: Saturday, private discussions; Sunday, discussion with support groups, and Monday, private program.

On September 13, 2005, Ad Hoc Committee member Ato Tamagne traveled to Germany on a prior commitment, and returned to Washington on September 16.

On September 13, 2007, Prof. Al Mariam returned to his home state, having stayed in DC for a week, and proceeded to meet his prior engagement by participating in the Seattle Millennium Celebrations on September 16.

On September 15, 2005, Eng. Hailu arrived in Washington.

On September 15, 2007, Dr. Solomon Alemu, who lives in the DC metro area, was present at Reagan Airport to receive Eng. Hailu.

Regarding communication with Eng. Hailu, between August 8 and 11, 2007, Ad Hoc committee members have directly communicated with him and have followed his original instructions that we try to include any and all contending factions and others in planning for the Delegation’s arrival. The Ad Hoc Committee did in fact go to great lengths to involve individuals and groups from diverse perspectives as urged by Eng. Hailu.

In the press release issued on September 5, 2007, the Ad Hoc Committee stated that it “has been working closely with Kinijit support groups that have been willing to cooperate with it on the basis of the Leadership’s authorizing directive. The Committee encourages and welcomes the participation of all support groups and their members in ensuring a successful itinerary for the Leaders. The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee is grateful to the support groups and their members for providing financial and planning support the Delegation’s visit. Support group members who wish to resume their cooperation with the Coordinating Committee are cordially invited to do so.”

In the three weeks preceding the arrival of the Delegation, the Ad Hoc Committee spoke with Eng. Hailu once, at length, and twice briefly. Subsequent repeated efforts to contact him by telephone proved unsuccessful, and repeated phone calls to his residence yielded information that he was unavailable because of medical or other reasons. As mentioned earlier, there were several email communications between the Committee and Eng. Hailu.

It should be noted here that the role of the Ad Hoc Committee members is strictly one of general coordination of the support groups so that they can work more effectively with the Delegation. Indeed, the Ad Hoc committee has spent countless hours interacting with the support groups for this purpose. However, it appears that some in the general public may have had the misimpression that the Ad Hoc Committee is a “road manager” for the Delegation. That view is wholly inaccurate. To be sure, it is the support groups that made it possible for the Delegation to visit the U.S. by making substantial commitment of money, time and energy. They are entirely responsible for the implementation of the Delegation’s itinerary. They deserve all of the credit.

It further appears that there may be some unease about the unavailability of two of the Committee members during the weekend of September 15. It is important for all to understand that Committee members have other professional and social commitments for which they must give proper attention. Their commitment in time, energy and expenditure of personal resources to their responsibilities in the Committee should be viewed in this context.
There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for the Ad Hoc Committee members to chaperon the Delegation from state to state.

Ad Hoc committee members have defrayed all costs related to their service on the Committee out of their own pockets, and have received no monetary or other compensation or financial support from any other person, entity or organization.

Ad Hoc Committee members are individuals who are not members of any Ethiopian political party or organization. Their participation in the Committee is by special request of the parties, and their desire to serve is motivated by the singular and sincere desire to promote democracy, freedom and human rights in Ethiopia.

Ad Hoc Committee members do not take any side in their present service on the Committee.

Ad Hoc Committee members take no offense from any statements made by anyone over the subject matter herein.

Ad Hoc Committee members are ready to publicly apologize to any one who may have been offended in the manner the Committee has discharged its duties.

Ad Hoc Committee members stand ready to assist all Kinijit leaders to the best of their ability.

Ad Hoc committee members shall try to make this statement available in Amharic with the help of volunteer translators.

Ad Hoc Committee members thank all individuals and organizations that have contributed so much to make the Kinijit Leaders’ tour in the U.S. a success.

This will be the first and last statement in writing or otherwise from the Ad Committee members on the subject matter herein.

Prof. Al Mariam
Ato Tamagne Beyene
Dr. Solomon Alemu

  1. Melkamu
    | #1

    GOD bless you all, “yalemetadel yilutal yihenew”, what can we do for some one whose mental status is infested with an ego virus. The least, which any newly born kid could understand is what the chairman tried to kind of despise the concerted efforts that were made to reach him, despite logging off his telephone except for merchaw and very selected whose call IDs could be checked. What a pity, not only for the chairman but to those who are ill-advising mafia around him. We won’t leave the democratic struggle in the hands of any EGOISTS and power MONGERS. Prof. Al. and all, its kind of wasting time to show civility for those who are there for destruction. They have all been waiting for these moment to appear, but it is sad to see our Chairman playing “hoya hoye” with them. We would fight until democracy finds itself in the minds and hearts of tomorrows hopes for the nation. Never expect an inch of thank you from such people, you people are all doing every thing FOR FREE, NO money, NO power, NO Nothing. The Almighty GOD would watch all your good deeds to your nation and to humanity.

  2. tesema
    | #2

    the real leaders are shalega, hailu shawel and KIC—-NOT KIL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Samsong
    | #3

    Hello Members of the Ad-hoc committee,

    I salute and congratulate you for accepting and discharging your duties in a responsible manner. Thank you for the declaration about the entire process without any bias. I wish this would have been translated in Amharic for Ethiopians only. I wish to see the amharic translation posted in place of the english version. That is my personal opinion.
    Thank you for the opportunity to air our view.

  4. Belay
    | #4

    Excellent,Ad Hoc Committee. You did your best.Thank you very much,I hope everybody will say thank you.Ato Hailu Shawel by himself has a problem.He has Feudal sentiment…Backwardness…He is doing nonsense.He cannot be a leader.Because he has no leadershipquality…let him go hell.

  5. embi le hagere
    | #5

    GOD bless you all, “yalemetadel yilutal yihenew”, what can we do for some one whose mental status is infested with an ego virus. The least, which any newly born kid could understand is what the chairman tried to kind of despise the concerted efforts that were made to reach him, despite logging off his telephone except for merchaw and very selected whose call IDs could be checked. What a pity, not only for the chairman but to those who are ill-advising mafia around him. We won’t leave the democratic struggle in the hands of any EGOISTS and power MONGERS. Prof. Al. and all, its kind of wasting time to show civility for those who are there for destruction. They have all been waiting for these moment to appear, but it is sad to see our Chairman playing “hoya hoye” with them. We would fight until democracy finds itself in the minds and hearts of tomorrows hopes for the nation. Never expect an inch of thank you from such people, you people are all doing every thing FOR FREE, NO money, NO power, NO Nothing. The Almighty GOD would watch all your good deeds to your nation and to humanity.

  6. Mick and colleagues
    | #6

    Dearest AD Hoc Committee members, May God continue to bless you richly!

    We are really proud of you, love you and have deepest appreciation & respect for you all.
    Your superb job makes some wicked people jealous and nervous.

    “Leba enat lijuan ataminem”.

    “This will be the first and last statement in writing or otherwise from the Ad Committee members on the subject matter herein.” Way to go!

    Mick and colleagues, Atlanta

  7. Yigermal Yidenkal
    | #7

    Thank you Ad Hoc comitee. You have done your best in a situation that was and is unbearable to all Ethiopians who were hoping that, just this once we may be on a path to Democracy through the struggle spearheaded by Kinijit. Alas the chairman has chosen to be the led by the nose ,than being the fair and just leader we thought him to be and given offence to those who stood by him, appreciated him, respected him inorder to apease corrupt, power mongering incompetent has and have beens whose history is replete with failures from the time they were EDU and EPDA. I hope Ato Hailu will see through these imbecilles motive and join the Force of Democracy.

    | #8

    Dear afrash Committee;

    Double standard!!! I did not see any reason for you to acquit the programme to receive Eng. Hailu as you already accept the hardship choice of working in the commitee. We know that Tamagn was in Germany and immediately run for the meeting with other delegation. If he as such devoted to other delegation he should do the same to Eng. Hailu.Prof. Almariam should practice the same. Once you accept the duty voluntarily, You should able to see the two delegations in equal eyes. It is nice to see Eng. Hailu has communicated in advance his plans.You should sacrifice your duties as far as you accept the voluntary duty, in ad hoc commitee. Since you failed to practice such innocency, you are prone to Wokessa. You desrve that!!!. You have a role in the disguisted Shikucha!!! Whatever the reason I appreciate your kindness to apologize but as outside looker you make innocent mistake, which is leading to current challenge!!!

    | #9

    One more:

    Are the three names here are not fluent in Amharic. Although i do not know the two Tamagn is perfect in Amharic Kalat matafet. So is it so hard to make amaharic press release than English?

    I am sorry to say so, but it looks like non Ethiopians( Since the press release is not in Tigrigna, Oromiffa, Soligna etc) are deciding on Ethiopian matter

  10. Dreamer
    | #10

    Hailu shawel is hearting kinijit as much as he helped it.
    It is time for this old man to go!!!

    He could retaired for the sake of kinijit, if he ware a real hero.

    I think now kinijit is having the last abstacle, which is called shaleqa hailu shawel.

  11. Haile Terefe
    | #11

    We still need your strong saport to save kinjit from shaleka, hailu or any corapted groupe because they think they have tinsae redio and they can pool the the ethiopians around the world and the fact is kinjit will keep going forward with out hailu shawl and his shaleka budin. If we unite we stand if not we will find our self just like lidetu Ayaleu and yewoyane mesakiya

  12. Tg3
    | #12

    I am sorry for Eng Hailu
    But Ethio-people will be win

  13. AL
    | #13

    Ad hoc committee great job. God bless you all. “The truth shall set you free”. Stand with the truth. No place for “alubalta”…. work work.

    God bless you

  14. alemetadel
    | #14

    First thank you committee members for the clarification.

    especially Professor Alemayehu G/Mariam, you are really a devoted ethiopian, you have to continue your truggle. do not be offended by all kinds of “tenkarochin tesfa yemaskoret zemecha”. I love to read your critical analysis,critical comments and i love to see the result of your struggle for democracy and respect for human rights.

    I had great respect for Eng. Hailu, but i feel shame for him for accepting forgrantedly the advices of “hodam” shaleka group. They might be the one who were killing our intellectuals with derg. I do not know them. Shaleka bilo ye demecracy tagay ayigebagnim.


  15. | #15

    ene netsa ethiopiawi nge,

    bemegemeria lemalet yemefelegew hulachehum beegziabehe tesemamu,

    bemeketel ahun yetefeterew neger yetakedena yetasebebet selehone bebelehat lifeta yegebewal.
    andanedoch degafina kene asabi meselew yemiakerebut hasabe bekai new lemesale hailu gedel yegeba aehock comitte leba new yemilut teleko selalachew selehone tenkeke new.

    lelaw wgentawi mehon derejetun yegodal enji ayetekememe hailu yebareru sibal liameta yemichelewen mekefafel mayet yasefelegal zembelo begebetawinet malet ayedelem.betedegagami kinijit yeand sew ayedelem yemibalew ababal and sew lyawem bezu yetagelena bezu influence yalew sew liameta yemichelew neger metasebe alebet,

    lelaw kedemo beneledetu yetefeterew yametawn tata ayenet endymeta adera.

    betechemari adhioc comitee huletu cheger fetari gerupoch malet yene shalekana yenebrehane mewa group menem ayenet bezih deligetion west tesatefo endaynor egedeb yasefelegal lemen bibal balefew andu gerup tegelo yedeligation abal sayhon berehane mewa negeger maderegu erasu lekefefelu deresha seleminorew ebakachehu yemitereteru sewchen fit atesetu

    beterefe beageracen telaten matekat yemichalew areko weim agelelo sayhon akerebo selehone yengaw yangaw kemalet bemekerareb mefetehe felegu leba kale yalemergja zemebelo yehe tederege kemalet America teru feteh seleale lemen kese temesreto lehezebu masereja ayesetewem kezabehuala huluneger ste yelae

    beterefe Egeziabehere Ethiopian yebareke

  16. Belayneh
    | #16

    Hailu shawel can not lead longer Kinijit. He is an old man with poor health condition. He should be retired. We need some one dynamic who can lead this party.
    GOD BLESS KINIJIT without Hailu

  17. | #17

    Dear Ad Hoc Committee Members
    Though you didn’t have to provide clarifications for all your efforts, thank you for providing this press release for clarification. It is well written and unbiased reporting facts.

    Ethiopians know that despite the Shalequa mafia corrupted attempt to destroy the Kinijit, the true spirit of Kinijit will thrive more than ever. What a shame for the Old Man Eng Hailu he finally exposed his true color that he is nothing but another feudal that is consumed with self glory

    Brother Tamange Byene!
    I could say a lot about you but a single word may conclude everything about your character.” Tamange is always Tamange Ethiopiawi who never betrayed his people”

    Dr Solomon Alemu-even if I am remotely familiar with your background or past history I have to say thank you for all your effort and being part of the Ad-Hoc Committee.

    Pro Al-Mariam
    All of all these political confusion and mess at home and abroad is a pure sign that Ethiopian needs you more than ever. You are the single trusted individual among highly educated Ethiopians who never expressed personal glory or interest. You are a hero to many voiceless Ethiopians May Gold Bless all your effort

    Emama Ethiopia Asazenshigne Betam
    Hodam Lejoch Woldesh Nesante Almetam

  18. Nahom
    | #18

    what is this? every body is saying KINJIT,like they are the only people who can solve ethiopian problem.I don’t trust anyone when ever they get a chance they run their own bussiness no body stragle for Ethiopian people.
    Please everyone let’s pray and get what ever we want only from God.
    Specialy Abugida u need to mediat ethiopian don’t only suport KINJYT.

  19. seyfu
    | #19

    i don t belive it oh my god

  20. alemetadel
    | #20

    Nahome tesfa atikuret or tesfa lemaskoret atimokir.

    I believe in praying to God, but I do also have hope in kinjit to be a starter for real democracy. in every struggle, there are some insurgents who try to destruct. What is needed is to be careful and wiegh it, mamezazen and contribute every poitive thing we can. Now the first thing that we can do at this moment is “betenesaw yewere awulo nefas lalemewesed metar”. That is it. Tor kefetaw were yefetaw yilalu abatoch.

  21. Dagne
    | #21

    Dear the Adhoc Committee Members

    Your actions have spoken louder than the criticism that comes across from very few individuals,radio stations and paltalk groups. You have been asked to step forward to serve your country and you made us proud. We salute you all. Please do not be disapointed as there are millions of us who are endabted to you.

    May God bless you all

  22. Tigist
    | #22

    I read the Ad Hoc Committee report entirely, and I would like to thank the committee for the detail report. I noticed two major things in the report: first, Eng. Hailu Shawel showed interest to join the rest of the Kinijit leadership even if it was at the last minute. That is a good thing to know by any account. It tells me at least that there is no serious problem among Kinijit leaders. Second, whether Eng. Hailu Shawel showed up in DC with the rest of the Kinijit leadership or not, Whether Prof. Al, Tamagn or Dr. Solomon was there in DC when he arrives or not, I don’t see why any body takes that as a big deal. Obviously, two of the Ad Hoc committee members couldn’t be their due to other commitments that they had. That is just fine. We are Ethiopians, we are poor and we got some evil enemy such as Weyanne, and we don’t have a luxury of bickering on these very simple matters.
    I just hope both group of the Kinijt leadership would do the right thing and come together once again. After all their strength and beauty is their unity. With out that I don’t see either group succeeding in Ethiopia political arena. Both groups also should know that each Kinijit leader has his constituency. Our struggle only matters and amount to something, if we are capable of uniting our selves. Otherwise, we deserve Meles to run as slaves, we would not have a meaningful power to deal with him.

  23. | #23

    Dear Ad Hoc committe, You made a good effort but a bad job. I can see all sorts of pretexts. I was following your actions at hte time. It was obvious you were working for the good will of the deligation. You were misled and the real postion of the chairman, is was intenionally misinterpreted by the deligation as collective leadership, but not a leader. I was misled too. But they can no longer mislead us. Hailu has the strong backbone of the people at large and even the party as a whole. They made immatue moves and tried to make bussiness out of it. Please talk in terms of broader commonsense, do not create short sighted loopholes to alienate and weaken the Hailu Shawel leadership. We trust him and he will continue to be trusted, not the reminants of EPRP.

    God Bless Ethiopia.

  24. GOOgle
    | #24

    You rabid kinijit fanatics. You dont even know the so called kinijit is non existent. If at all it exists, the legal leader is temesgen zewde. I dont know when you gonna wake up from this illusion. You are fighting on non existing or illegal party kkkkkkkkk….Endalsik abeshoch bemehonachihu aznalehu.What a confused and power hungry leaders do you have???
    In the near future we will laugh when birhanu, the power hungry man, do the second coudeta against the puppet birtukan.
    Birtukan, you beautiful innocent girl dont waste your time with this confused acadamicians who knows democracy in theory but nothing in practice.

  25. | #25

    I just want to thank Ad Hoc committe.Professor Alemayehu God Bless you abundantly.Ethiopia need you so desparetly now than any time before.Tamagne, I don’t have enough words to express my admiration you have been made a drastic change.Thank you for your effort to help your country.If we don’t get united now and work together for Ethiopia we will repeat the same mistake like former politicians.Yagere sewoch! The kinjet delegates Dr.Berhanu,Bertukan.Dr.Hailu and others are the gift of our Ethiopia.We have to help them as much as we can.They sacrified their self already and they are ready to sacrify in the future too. Let’s not burn our bridge.The road is bumpy but if we walk hand in hand we’ll get to our destination which is Democracy.yesew work ayademk.We better struggle colletcively and live in a real Democratic Ethiopia. We have so many intellectuals and peace loving heroes the only thing we miss is unity. I have a vision that my country men and women get wiser and smarter, tolerate each other and let the next generation to live peacefully in their land not spread al over the world like us.Don’t forget we have limited time to live in this world. God Bless Ethiopia!

  26. tamagn
    | #26

    TO the editor
    Am surprized that you dont screen comments.I mean, as you see it some of the comments posted here are nonsense which spread haterade and division among the party members and the leaders.

  27. MUNA
    | #27

    It is only yesterday they are here and we don’t expect miracle from these people at the moment. Let them see what has happend between them here in America, let them pause for a while, let them get some rest, don’t forget they were in prison. These people have solved so many great problems there poised by woyes’ gun. It is a lousy jock if they through away the hopes of Ethiopians who vote for them (not the diaspora). They are expected to give (kinijitawi) solution and go home with good news from here and continue their peaceful strugle.

  28. Biruk Geletu
    | #28

    Once again I would like to say thank you for your hard work to stop the colaps of our kinijit by the sabotage what shaleqa, DR Taye,and their pampets made up if not to day the history of our country will never forget Pro Al, Tamagn and some few real Ethiopians please donot give up and this is the time what we need you for what ever it takes you will wingod will help you.

  29. Tigist
    | #29

    You are right MUNA! I believe that the Kinijit leaders have been demonstrating quality leadership that brings the Ethiopian people quest for democracy and civil right where it is now. I am confident that they will demonstrate that once again before the current issue takes the next level and goes out of control. The rest of us just need to be patient and give them area to breath.

  30. Belyu
    | #30

    Kinijit is dead!!! Why all this cry??

  31. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #31


  32. nahome
    | #32

    Ewnetun Lingerew


  33. ewnetu
    | #33

    Dear brothers and siters, for the sake of Ethiopian at home who are hoping something positive from democratic struggle, please be conceious in your comments. Lets think before commenting. Our comments should be constructive. We shouldn’t insult each other and dicredet each other. Don’t forget that we all have one major aim which is democracy to poor Ethiopian. Lets try and pray to the level of our best to see a united and strong CUDP with a culture of solving differences through roundtable discussion. Lets not put the gas to the flame.

    God bless Ethiopia and all of you. He helps you to make constructive comments. Be aware that the enemies of Democracy may exploit our weakness to dismantel us.

    Thank you all

  34. Addis
    | #34

    I would like to thank first the Ad-hoc Committee for its good attempt in taking utmost care for possible posetive and negative consquences of the release of the clarification, and its readiness to apologize for possible mistake it might have done in its effort to date.

    Based on the fact presnted, I believe the committee has made two major mistakes. First,it should have organised the arrival of the Chairman together with the delegation to make it colorful as the former one. Secondely, it has created an information gap between the chairman and other members of the deligation, which in turn has created great confusion among the public and become a source of misundertanding.

    So, may the committee take immediate corrective actions,in making bold apologize and work its best in creating conducive environment in no time to make the two parties work for the common good of the public as of now?


  35. nan
    | #35

    Kinijit conflicts: cultural deficit again?
    By Dessalegn Asfaw | September 23, 2007

    Like most who are reading this article, I do not know all the details of the current conflict amongst CUDP leadership. Nevertheless, from what has been said and written both by commentators and members of the CUDP leadership, it is clear that there is a conflict. I think it is safe to say that events have created the perception that the conflict is serious and threatens not only the existence of CUDP, but more importantly, threatens to derail the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia.
    Furthermore, I do not think that I am alone among Ethiopians when I say that this latest manifestation of intra-group conflict in an Ethiopian institution is terribly frustrating and embarrassing.
    For fourteen years after the darkness of the Dergue, Ethiopian political and civic leaders, and ordinary people, both in Ethiopia and in the diaspora, mired in perpetual feuding and infighting, remained unable to create an effective pro-democracy movement. Many of us naively hoped that the formation of CUDP (and UEDF) in 2005 would mark the end of this shameful era. Sadly, since 2005, we have seen the conflict within CUDP which resulted in the bitter departure of Lidetu Ayalew, the disagreement in the UEDF resulting in the dismissal of its two largest parties, a vitriolic conflict among CUDP supporters in the diaspora, and now a feud among various leaders in CUDP scarcely a few weeks after their release!

    What are we to make of this? A year ago, in the article, War on Dysfunctional Behaviors (Ethiomedia), I wrote that these chronic intra-group conflicts can be explained by the existence of certain dysfunctional behaviours and norms in Ethiopian society, namely personalization of issues, parochialism, mutual distrust, paranoia, lack of empathy, character assassination, lack of openness, holding grudges, envy, and stubbornness. These behaviours result in a lack of effective communication and conflict resolution, without which a democratic culture that values freedom and human rights cannot exist.

    The latest conflict in CUDP is a perfect illustration. There is no real substance to the conflict. What we see is innuendo instead of direct, open, and honest communication, character assassination instead of empathy and giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and mutual distrust verging on dislike and even hate. In addition, we see parochialism manifesting itself with supporters of both sides quickly congregating by generation and previous party affiliation. All in all, conflict escalating behaviour seems to be rampant.

    For example, consider Gizachew Shiferaw’s interview on September 7, before his departure to the U.S.A. It was, in my opinion, a good interview, save for the unnecessarily pointed emphasis that ‘CUDP cannot succumb to internal dictatorship’. Clearly anyone listening, especially those who already have an axe to grind, would think that he was talking about Hailu Shawel and insinuating that Hailu Shawel considers himself indispensable. Whether Ato Hailu does indeed consider himself indispensible is irrelevant; what is important is that this sort of accusatory communication by innuendo is obviously conflict escalating. And it has no benefit – if Ato Gizachew wanted to let people know that Ato Hailu was being dictatorial, he should have given clear examples with indisputable facts that are on the record instead of making insinuations. Or even better, it should have been dealt with behind closed doors. It should certainly not have escaped Ato Gizachew that his remarks would only inflame the situation.

    For another example, consider Ato Hailu’s belittling of his fellow leaders with a barrage of inflammatory innuendo during his interview with Tensae radio on September 17th, implying, among other things, that his colleagues are attempting a coup of some sort. There was not a shred of conciliation during this interview – just retrenchment and escalation. Needless to say, it was remarkable to hear such comments about comrades who have suffered together in jail for the past year and a half.

    Currently, stubbornness (getterenet) seems to be the prevailing sentiment. Consider the refusal of the North American delegation to welcome Ato Hailu to Washington, and Ato Hailu’s corresponding refusal to attend the meeting in Arlington . There seems to be a lot of retrenchment and little compromise. Of course, no Ethiopian will compromise without the opportunity to save face, and both sides are making it increasingly more difficult for the other to save face. Given these circumstances, conflict resolution will prove difficult.

    What is the way forward? Ato Hailu implied in his interview that CUDP’s current problems are caused by just a few personalities. This is a classically superfluous explanation. Several personalities have fallen by the wayside over the years, but no peace has resulted. Even if tomorrow, all the CUDP leaders considered ‘disruptive’ by Ato Hailu resign, a few months from now, another intra-group conflict with other protagonists will occur. The problem is not a matter of personalities, procedures, or circumstances; it is a matter of attitude and culture – a culture which encourages non-cooperative behaviour. Cultural change is a must—as I wrote a year ago: “Doing away with dysfunctional behaviours and intra-group conflict is the only way to achieve democracy.” Make no mistake, the conflicts that continue to stifle democratic Ethiopian political institutions will continue until there is a concerted effort to address Ethiopian cultural impediments to democratic discourse.

    It is important to emphasize that with this conflict there is no win-lose scenario. Reconciliation will result in a win-win situation, no reconciliation will be lose-lose, where Kinijit and the pro-democracy movement will return to the impotence of the past fifteen years. The results of the diaspora Kinijit feud should serve as a good example in this regard. Nobody won that war. Instead, it resulted in the alienation of the diaspora Ethiopian public and a virtual end to mobilization and fund-raising.

    I close with a humble suggestion to the CUDP North American delegation: make the first move to resolve this conflict. Yes, such compromise will probably be interpreted as weakness and may even encourage further retrenchment, but there is no choice. We must unceasingly practice the principles of conflict resolution in order to ingrain them into our culture and make ourselves less susceptible to intra-group conflict. This is the only way to end the fratricide that is Ethiopian politics and indeed Ethiopian society.


  36. Meshesha Alem
    | #36

    Yenebere Kenante Gare,
    Thank you for the clear message to the community.However,I completely failed to comprehend the motive of EPRP to do such a damage after 35 years of struggle.They were the oldest movement to mediate between the various factions instead they are setting fire to the entire community for a total destruction of name calling,character assassination and defaming.Enough is enough,stop your vicious and vindictive attitudes towards other people.Some of us lost dearly.Lostthe whole family and left alone.On the average the EPRP life span is 66 years but in this 66 years you totally failed to learn a single lesson.You have the same dirty mentality of 1973-1974.
    Please pleas leave us alone andstop your divisive mentality and be ready to think positively.Understand that there are better Ethiopians than you are.Stop spreading your cancerous cells to Ethiopians.You never die for killing others and giving false labels.We know each other quite well.

  37. | #37

    diaspora can do nothing lets you guys back home solve your problem i don t know why they foucs here kinjit international they are mafia except profecer Al and tamgne

  38. Hagos
    | #38

    It is funny these the people supposedly ‘elected’ as leaders to lead a country of 50 million. If they were in power today, we would have seen coup deta every month as the first Derg gangs used to do….killing their friends to stay in power.

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