A Washington DC based newspaper, The Hill misquotes Ato Gizachew Shiferraw and Ato Brook Kebede – EthiopianReview

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Ato Gizachew Shiferraw, a senior member of the Kinijit leadership currently on a working visit in the U.S., told Ethiopian Review today that he and his colleagues have been misquoted by a Washington DC-based newspaper, The Hill, about their stand of H.R. 2003. (more…)

Ato Gizachew Shiferraw, a senior member of the Kinijit leadership currently on a working visit in the U.S., told Ethiopian Review today that he and his colleagues have been misquoted by a Washington DC-based newspaper, The Hill, about their stand of H.R. 2003.

Ato Gizachew said that the Kinijit leadership is fully behind the bill that is currently pending in the United States Congress. “H.R. 2003 is in line with Kinijit’s manifesto,” Ato Gizachew said. Ato Brook and he told The Hill newspaper diplomatic efforts are necessary in addition to legislative actions.

Last week Ato Gizachew was personally present at a rally in front of the U.S. Congress that was held in support of H.R. 2003.

  1. Benyam
    | #1


    kinijit means oldys or retarded bagin white foreign govenment.we don,t need any permetion from no body.we have right what aver to do on our home look like our fathers and grand dad back a day when they fight with colonized white envider.we gonna do the same way we are victimaized by ethiopia we lost our brothers,fathers and grand dads avery war they scrified their life.we lost so maney maney things how maney of us we refugee couse of ETHIOPIA. how money our brothers they sefering this time somalia,kenya,south africa.we are band on brothers when we are refugee camp the day is came we gonna feace to feace with agazis we gonna jump inside menelik house to clean our kingdom.oredy we are dead that day even gibreal it,s gonna come with us we make history.we gonna surprized the world.woyane mabe they go to war with SHABYA we gonna negotiate becous of OLF terrore groups they kill our people.arsi negel,harer zurea,borena negel,yabelo,moyale,jima,around ethiopia the name of nefetegh.any one victimaized by this terror groups join us we are THE FUTURE.

  2. Astatke Haile, PhD
    | #2

    I am flabergasted at the blunder made by one of the top CUDPleaders, a major player in the kinjit leadership, and whom I admire for his insight into the destiute life style people in the rural areas live under, with regard to the very crucial issue/legislation that is now held hostage by the so called prime minister, the shimagles, and the K-street lobysts, as if HR 2003 has every thing to do with the relase of CUDP leaders, (who have already been sentenced to life imprisonment)but not to human right and accountability in Ethiopia.

    I thought the delegation are here on tour with well defined agenda agreed upon by the majority, highlighing the critical points the diaspora need to rally upon, not lecture on democracy.

    Once HR 2003 passes, the CUDP restablishes, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and freedom of demonstrations are reinstated, the party will have the capacity to negotiate with the government, and call for reconcilliation among the different ethic groups, different political groups to forgive each other for the hatred spread among them and join hands in the struggle for unity, freedom and democracy.

    The current trend will only take us to the stone-age, except that each faction will armed with modern weapons to maintain its ethnic identity/sovereignity and there will be multiple border disputes, where there will be no clear borders any way.

  3. mekonen mulugeta
    | #3

    yes brother benyam oredy we are dead the day recist when they attacken us.they rap our sisters and they kill our brothers.we gonna show the worled who we are brothers gather around addis to bring back to life our mom ETHIOPIA.we learn from young pelestine short cut war.any one co-operate with recist,terrore groups they gonna take on his risk.

    | #4

    To benyam & mekonene mulugeta, please go to school and learn writting. You need to learn to change your self.

  5. Antenh
    | #5

    Now it is time for woyanne to create confusion to Ethiopian people by intiating war with shabia.The people must understand and respect the final decision and law, which says final and binding.Meles and his regim must accept the court decision which is final and binding and creat peace with neighbourhood country.

    Thank you!

  6. Andinet
    | #6

    Thank you Ato Gizachew and Ato Brook for providing quick clarification.

    It is not unusual for the media to misrepresent what people have said during interviews. And the chance of making such errors is very high when the interviewer and the interviewee do not share the same culture and mother tongue.

    But let there be no doubt that the entire leadership of Kinijit supports the passing of the HR2003 Bill.

  7. chala
    | #7

    why Ato Gezachew and ato Brook directly contact the aditorium and to explain to them, I think this two people ways are not clear still now, even they try to create division in Kinjit by itself.

    so , eveyone watch out this two persons

  8. tamene
    | #8

    why Ato Gezachew and ato Brook directly contact the aditorium and to explain to them, I think this two people ways are not clear still now, even they try to create division in Kinjit by itself.

    so , eveyone watch out this two persons


  9. Tizazu
    | #9

    Dear Yagere Lijoch,

    Please let’s be patient. I have listened to Mr. Hailu Shawel as well as Dr. Birhanu/Wt. Birtukan and other CUD oficials speeches and interviews. They all seem genuine and committed to CUD’s obejctives. Is there a difference between them? Maybe. Is it such a big difference that it will lead to CUD’s split? I do not believe so and they do not think so? I heard a message of unity and tolernace from all. who is trying to create a rift between them? We all know it is EPRDF.

    Do all they want HR 2003 to pass? Absolutely. Do we Ethiopians want to pass this bill? Absolutely. Who is working against this bill and spending millions of our people’s money? I think we all know that (EPRDF and the Lobbysts). Can Ethiopia afford to spend so much money? I do not believe so.

    Realistically speaking, do we need American’s help to defeat EPRDF? YES. Whether we like it or not, America has a big influence on everything that goes in the World, even in Europe and Russisa, let alone in Ethiopia.

    So let’s all support HR 2003 and CUD leaders and stand together. Once we defeat EPRDF , then we can come back and resolve our differences through discussion.


  10. wondu
    | #10

    Benyam try in your native language, I tried my best to get your message unfortunately unsuccessful.

    Any way we say GREAT to their Endeavour

    | #11

    I Strongly belive THE DC-”Support groups”And Andagachew_Mewa Supporters And Weyanea Are the only beneficiaries of the division with in kinjit.Time will tell the truth Will come out Why they did this

  12. History
    | #12

    Ato Giza,
    why don’t you speak with clean and clear tone?

    The newspaper wrote what you told to them to understand in their way.

  13. zeze
    | #13

    Jakob Solomon,
    Why name names? why take sides? just wait for the truth to come out from all sides.We all can name names who we think crippled the struggle of Kinijit in North America, who we think embezzeled 100s of thousends of fund raised money but it would not do us any good since it has not been investigated by both sides and no conclusive reports have been issued,I hope our leader Hailu Shawel and all will come to the bottom of this mess and show us their leadership capabilities until then the name calling is just name calling.

  14. | #14

    above the name “Tizazu” asks a question that Is there a difference between Birtukan, Birhanu Nega and Eng. Hailu? the answer is absolutly NO. But how many of us know about this so called diaspora blow the wind to the fire into Kinijit’s these days minor problems? let’s think what we are doing. Kinijit leaders I would like to tell you again that please go back home and discuss this issue with the real Ethiopians those who vote for you and Kinijit, not with diaspora and then come back here with clear and good spirit and unity. I have a big respect for all those who were in Kaliti prison for Kinijit and we all need to forget the ” Dil Atbia Arbegnoch” Andargachew, Berhane mewa, Shaleqa and others from both sides. we know we need help but don’t need help on every thing. Let us stand by ourselves.

    May God bless our Country

  15. j.p.h
    | #15

    I repeat my debate taking place on other topics
    There is a lot of negative campaign taking place against our Heroes,
    and so we have to fight back!

    Please read under:

    Ewnetim yigermal,
    Yes they have proved to be uncrowned Kings and Queens of Africa as a whole leaving alone our dear mother land Ethiopia! They have fought for democracy and liberty of millions and have indeed proved to the world by being thrown to one of World’s worst prisons,by their sufferigs
    by leaving their comfort aside, were convicted by a “kangaroo court” of the most brutal tyrant ever lived. Capital punishment, and life imprisonments was awaiting them! But you were never near to such experiences except you filling your belly probably with Mc Donald fast foods if you use to live abroad or “choma” and “Kurt + beer”, if you are back at home! In any case how on earth one who never had an input could throw such thrush words like:

    “They are telling lies”,
    ” Who are they after all?”,
    ” with lots of rubbish in their head”,
    “These tow disgraced groups..”,
    “Take all of them to go to hell…”,
    “playing stupid games…”
    “We don’t need a lip politics..” etc.

    Look man you have to be a “weyane”,
    with sheep skin in order to throw such stinky and worthless accusations on the elected and respected leaders of the mighty people!

    My advice to our honorable leaders wherever they can be as an individual is, (To those of you on the tour in Europe, USA, South Africa, and the ones who remained at home), please read how the “weyane” group is using to stop the movement towards democracy and liberty you people struggled hard to bring to such level?
    They are effectively using our microscopically small differences.
    Look how the hyenas are tearing apart our fleshes once more!

    Ebakachehu be jiboch atasbochikun!

    Kinijit is one!

    Our leaders will soon agree by tolerating their small differences!

    Long live one United Ethiopia!

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