Boston awaits Kinijit Leaders – Abugida

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Click here to listen to Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa’s Plea to Eng. Hailu Shawel

Dr. Hailu Araya completed his speech now Eng. Gizachew is speaking. On behalf of the Delegation, He made a plea for Eng. Hailu Shawel to join the delegation. (more…)

Click here to listen to Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa’s Plea to Eng. Hailu Shawel

Dr. Hailu Araya completed his speech now Eng. Gizachew is speaking. On behalf of the Delegation, He made a plea for Eng. Hailu Shawel to join the delegation.Earlier, Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa made a plea for Eng. Hailu Shawel to join the Delegation. The Audience were shouting “Eng Hailu Shawel, Please accept the Plea”. $40,000.00 was raised at the event.

11:05 – Our Leaders Arrived in Boston.

Boston awaits for Kinijit Leaders. There is a 45mins delay. They will arrive in Boston at 10:45AM. Please check out the pictures. More will follow.
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Photos from the Fund-Raising Event.
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  1. Asmerom
    | #1

    The no. of v v v v fingers are reduced by 150% as compared to last visit of yaltekenajut kinigit.keep it up.Have a good power of FANTACY for the after noon! All the best.

  2. Netsanet
    | #2

    ASmerom if you think interms of no. of Vs that you see now you are wrong. KINIJIT is in the hearts of all ethiopias. Don’t forget kinijit has now become spirit of freedom and democracy for the Ethiopian people.

  3. Solomon
    | #3

    Thanks for posting the pictures. Awesome job, Tadele

  4. gigi
    | #4

    asmerom please go to school leran a little english you are in america not in mekele!!!

  5. romel
    | #5

    we don’t under stand kinijit + olf = self distraction. kinijit clean your self from cold blood murderers or you gonna take it hard.

  6. Titu
    | #6

    Asmerom it is not only English you need to learn you need to learn basic matimatics as well what does 150% means? Looser!

  7. ze menfese
    | #7

    yemeyasedbune eko yenawe segebgeb ameraroch nachew. menale bekebaberu. mendenew eshekdemdemu. ewenetem Engener Hailu endalute weche ager lemayet kalele gugute yehone? ere astewelu beluachew Bostenoch. balebetu yakelelew amole endetebalew endayhone.

  8. Meles
    | #8

    Continue to live in LA LA land. CUD is done and finshed.

  9. AZEB
    | #9

    Long live meles and Ethiopia

  10. Ethiopiawit
    | #10

    Asmerom….fantasy is the life that you are in now….
    As far as I am concerened, at this point Kinjit, Woyane and so forth….they are all after what they want. What Ethiopia and her people need is a selfless leader/s, not those who can’t even hold their own. There is so much division among us we lost the true meaning of Patriotism. All we are doing is put each other down. People let’s wake up and stop the hatred between us that is driving us in all different directions. There is only one Ethiopia…

  11. weynedo
    | #11

    Watch how Bostonians respond to the delegates Bostonians are always principled and to the point they already embraced the leaders.

    Go Boston

  12. nahome
    | #12

    gigi AND Titu
    JUST READ THISAs we all sadly heard, CUDP, the foremost Ethiopian opposition party seems to be in a deep trouble, as once were the Democrats and the Republicans here in the USA and the Bolsheviks in Russia almost a century ago.

    Political parties are not problem-prone; they have their high and low times. Today, CUDP is going through a series of internal corrections, a process that consumes time, affects human temper, and temporarily halts operations. However, when the outcome of the correction process settles, I am confident that CUDP shall shine again, not only for its members and supporters, but also for the entire opposition camp and for our country at large.

  13. nahome
    | #13

    As we all sadly heard, CUDP, the foremost Ethiopian opposition party seems to be in a deep trouble, as once were the Democrats and the Republicans here in the USA and the Bolsheviks in Russia almost a century ago.

    Political parties are not problem-prone; they have their high and low times. Today, CUDP is going through a series of internal corrections, a process that consumes time, affects human temper, and temporarily halts operations.

  14. Dawit
    | #14


  15. | #15

    Well done Boston, standing for the principle of democracy and freedom.It is always a process, it has never been ready made.We are in that process, which was trigered by the sprit of 2005 election. There could be problems now and the future,but let me assure you that freedom and democracy will finally prevail,because man is freedom and we Ethiopians are human beings unless few want to think otherwise.It is also imporant to point out that, to oppose the current tyarant regime in our country does not necessarly makes one champeon of freedom and democracy. This is a very imporant point to notice. LOndon

  16. Daniel Gobezu
    | #16

    Evils in the name of “ethiolion”. I think this is the right time to know the background of EPRP.”EPRP” is a group of ignorants misconducted & narrow minded people being lead by Merchaw Senishaw.To surprise you i know this evil man personaly.Because of his poor and ignorant behaviour his wife and two of his kides left him.Mind you his personality does n`t aloud him to give any comment up on CUD.
    Dawn with EPRP.Long live CUD.

  17. ALI
    | #17

    CUD is noting but a extreme political group with goal of gaining power. The so called leaders here the state are uneducated parking and taxi drivers who live in dream world of being leaders of Ethiopia. We will never let our proud country be lead by bunch Idiots (CUD)

  18. ethio girl
    | #18

    Thank you soooo much Abugida staff for doing such a good job. Keep up the good work don’t never give up. For Asmoren no hate but V is stand for Love, victory, freedom for all Ethiopian, V also standing for spirit that will never go away. For romel I didn’t understand you or what you are trying to say. I am hoping you are not talking about CUD. If so please don’t make your-self look so stopped do some reading and came and talk about who is cold blood slaughterer thank you

  19. Tebebe Solomon
    | #19

    I strongly believe the Ethiopian people and the diaspora are behind the kinijit. Even the present misunderstanding will be solved by the wise leadership and the supporters of kinijit. There is no winner except truth. Anytime the one with the just cause and with democratic leadership will prevail. God bless Ethiopia and our people.

  20. Mussa
    | #20

    The guy who gave the above comment, do yuo mean woyane is better than them or there are/is better than them and we do not need them they are the worst, because unlrss you evaluate them relatively it is difficult to see absolutely.

    -To add on Tiyu’s comment above regarding Asmerom’s comment above, It is like Tamang’s Jock “Woyane killed more than the population of the ethiopian people during the war b/n woyane and ethiopia some of them above the 100%(50%) borrowed from the neighbouring country)

  21. romel
    | #21


    our brothers and sister we have good respect for real ethiopians they are struggling for ethiopian unity one of prof.alemayehu G.mariyam
    but the reast of kinijit leaders they know addis abab area they don,t know whats goin on what side of addis ababa.even they don,t mention just they are blided by woyanes of their political ally OLF what they did inside most oromo populated areya even know this OLF killers what they doing they killing and robdding,raping women and childern.who deffend for this people only woyanes troops.where is KINIJIT? they ally with this cold blooded murederers.this terror cold blood murderers supported by SHABYA.this SHABYA goal is wiped out ETHIOPIA from map and they try to replace small state look like they call it oromia,ogaden………we have to know one thing WOYANE is #1 enemy for ETHIOPIAN unity. but the same time the only WOYANE is a choise to distroye this enemys.KINIJIT leaders they refused to condemn publicly this cold blooded murderers terrorist tribal groups.know our pray is when WOYANE they gonna go war with SHABYA ??? that day is the day of ETHIOPIAN or ETHIOPIAN born even gibrel his come with us to distroy this evils. young ethiopian join for this war this the bleased war to bring back our mother land to life.


  22. me
    | #22

    hi you like it or not no bady beter then kinijit.for long thime . yes no bady.

  23. | #23

    Ethiopians in Boston did a wonderfull thing we all are proud of you.Kinijit will prevail from the mess it is in. The young Ethiopians shoud get themselves involved to save Ethiopia.I’m sorry Ato Hailu were not with the deligets but he have done his share we are praying for his fast recovery.Ato Hayilu and the exprianced people like him should be advising the young Ethiopians the history of the counntry how our forfathers got us where we are today and tell them what wrong not to do the wrong things.

  24. me
    | #24

    Please find a life and try to make yourself and your family better. Please don’t waste your time with CUD. They are not but corrupt money seeking indiviudals. I wouln’t waist a penny on the organazation.

  25. HOPe
    | #25

    How can trust the CUD leaders to lead our country when they can’t even get along amongst themselves???

  26. HOPe
    | #26

    How can *WE* trust the CUD leaders to lead our country when they can’t even get along amongst themselves???

  27. mekonen mulugeta
    | #27

    yes brother romel we have good respect for the old people(kinijit)that our culture.this people refused to condemn publicly this cold blood murderers OLF.this terrore recist groups supported by SHABYA.this SHABYA even enemy of god. young ETHIOPIAN the time is now to distroy ETHIOPIAN enemys join for the bleased war.any time WOYANE declaire war with SHABYA that our pray that our war it,s not WOYANES war that our war after math ETHIOPIAN re born god with us join for this bleased war.


  28. nahome
    | #28

    The youth can benefit from the social, economic and political activities of the country by operating in an organized manner, While responding to questions raised by youth drawn from the various woredas and towns across the country today, he said the youth need to get organized in their respective states and at national level to alleviate their social, economic and political problems.

    The youth need to particularly make organized efforts to actively engage in the administration of schools and places of work in their respective localities, he said, adding that organized forums are needed for this purpose.he indicated that the government has the commitment to support organized activities of the youth and stressed that legal and standing forums should be established so that the youth can permanently discuss issues with administrative bodies at different levels.

    The plan which provides for the establishment of these forums has been included in the youth package and will be implemented soon, the Prime Minster said, adding that training has been given to administrative bodies at all levels to implement the package while replenishing the leadership with trained manpower is underway.

    He further stressed that the youth need to equip themselves with knowledge and education to assume administrative positions and render better leadership.

    The economic problems of rural youth is related to scarcity of land and the government has understood that the development support which the government used to make for rural areas focused only on the household level and that the youth were highly marginalized, Meles underscored.

    Therefore the government is implementing a rural women and youth development program to alleviate the problem, he said and added that efforts are underway to promote alternative income generating activities like agriculture not based on land and micro as well as small -scale enterprises.

    he said conflicts over pastureland and water in pastoralist areas can be solved mainly through ensuring the sustainability of development and added that joint plans of neighboring woredas should be implemented in order to solve such conflicts.

    He further noted that due attention should be given to raising the education and health service coverage of states like Afar and Somali and reiterated that youth in all states should contribute their share to the success of the development plans.

    More than 6,000 youth attended the forum.

  29. adie
    | #29

    i am realy unhappy the start point of my poletical backgrounds is related to eprp.It is shame for that and this generation. How long we must suffered with remenants of this old, anarchosyndicl,stagnant party? i prey for them and for our country to be free from such devile mentality.

  30. Hagos
    | #30

    Thank you Nahome for the information. After I heard the news I called to Addis and other area to see how the information is true. It is true but not 6000 youths. However, it is not true they did to implement a rural women and youth development program to alleviate the problem, and to promote alternative income generating activities like agriculture. They said they are getting attention to prevent them from supporting the opposition.
    The Ethiopian people are smarter than TPLF/EPRDF. They told me that they wellcome the move by the government because it was not the first time when they organized people when they need them and through them after they finish using them. As it was done before 2005 election they said they will do the gathering to make sure CUD will win because CUD is the people choice and work for people.

  31. Shumet Menywab
    | #31

    Letter to my fellow freedom and democracy riders in the Kinijit leadership movement,

    You know, my dear freedom fighters, we need at least 1% of our political skills dedicated to speaking the truth. I myself have been confronting on some of internet websites on this issue just to make sure on how they some times should not look like sponsoring a political side in the Diaspora’s Kinijit support group differences only to aggravate little problems into big by tarnishing some public figure person’s names in the movement for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. Individuals in a leadership role are expected to make mistakes or use their positions for personal interests in the unfortunate scenarios in different cases. But, problems of these kind, must only corrected by the leadership and the party committee members only. This does not mean though that others or supporters can not contribute for problem solutions but there must be a limit and boundary on accountability matters.

    Sadly as it feels, some times on trying to contribute on speaking the truth is not as smooth as it should be but we all must keep fighting for the truth. For instance, very recently, on the “please put your name here” space box in an internet website to leave a comment, instead of receiving your comment is awaiting for moderator reply message, after I submitted my comment, I read some thing like “Meles does not care XX kind of persons” message. My comment to the Website I sent on the send message board was: “Ato Hailu will be remembered as a unifier rather than as a divider if he maintains the chairmanship after the internal problems have been solved. On the other hand, if Ato Hailu Shawel tries to maintain his chairmanship by a split, as some people already concluded that Ato Hailu Shawel is a trouble maker, he will be remembered as a divider.

    As to me, the problem between Kinijit International leadership and the Shaleqa group grew from leadership incompetence allegation to corruption. At the beginning, problems seemed more personal attacks than organizational manners of criticism.

    When this kind of internal problems occur, a problem solving process must have been conducted through full leadership committee’s involvement. But, unfortunately, as the whole leadership of Kinijit was incarcerated by the government of TPLF/EPRDF, the temporary leadership assignees did not manage the problem properly. For instance, the corruption investigation by some supporters of Kinijit did not try to yield the responsibility to the released leadership to take charge.

    If the Chairman did some thing, like some recommended in the past that Ato Hailu Shawel should be given an emergency power, he should be responsible for the problem he may intentionally or unintentionally caused it to occur. If that so, he will solve the problem by directly taking the responsibility and apologized for many to take it to be divided.

    But my concern is that more antagonistic efforts are being put by many. For example, I have a problem on X’s problem handling like today’s edition by the X itself, as: “X has a great deal of respect for Ato Hailu. At one time, we even recommended to Kinijit executive committee to give him an emergency power so that he can make decisions on urgent matters by himself in times of emergencies”) is personal rather than organizational to denounce Ato Hailu’s slowness to take side. When X likes Ato Hailu to have an emergency power on emergency situations at one time, the same X does not think Ato Hailu should have an emergency power on another situation like this, assuming Ato Hailu is exercising that same power right now for the sake of buying time for the solution to take process instead of denouncing one group by announcing his side on the other to split the party”. The “X and XX” in this case are here to counter productive for unnecessary website and personal identification name mentions only and they are not to confuse with any political sensitivity matters.

    While my follow up of Ethiopian freedom and democratic movement in internets is a daily activity, I am always looking into the safety side of the movement against the dictatorial regime of Meles to continue with unity or togetherness. And for so, I always comment something like this wherever I read because I know speaking the truth is the main principle that we all should care for at the end.

    We all know that its importance to have internet for fast communications, the internet age has its own side effects for such as ours also. If the Pro-democracy internet website hosts are operating under roomers or ‘alubalts’ and work hard on those by taking sides before the accused makes him/herself clear in the court of law, it misleads the public to react negatively and create confusion or split for the general elements of the movement.

    So in addition of my plea on how we the freedom fighters around the world should be calm and give it time until those who are responsible to clear the current confusion in Kinijit leadership, the Pro-Democratic Internet Websites should be open and available for criticism and stay principled for their readers as well as their criticizers too on how run their business or contribution to help others.

    The current mess, specially, in the Diaspora’s Kinijit supporters, infighting for convincing the leadership to go in two different directions is a sad scenario. We heard that the leadership in prison and right after prison affirmative of one Kinijit regardless of the problem in the Diaspora supporters was evident. But, whatever the problem was, it seams we the Diasporas are trying to divide the released leaders in to two. Can we say that the problem is really one fighting for democracy and the other fighting for dictatorship or it is a computation on who is the true fighter against the dictatorial regime of EPRDF/TPLF?

    The answer and the solution for this mess is that all in the hands of the leadership itself. Calling for general meeting would save the party from being disintegrated. It is a high time to do this first before trying to ask the outside governments and even to our own people to understand how Kinijit is committed for democratic Ethiopia.

    The campaign for democracy around the world is nothing if the party is governed by its own internal problem. Please work on the problem solving of its own integration first!! I am afraid that there are many of us who do not realize how Kinijit has been an effective political opposition against the undemocratic EPRDF/TPLF government. Within a short period of time, this party was able to mobilize the people of Ethiopia who rather would like the political strategy be peacefully than with armed struggle as the usual and typical African way of changing one government by force to end up only in the same old ones.

    Right now, this effective political party finds itself between the allied forces of the US government with the Zenawi one and its own in fight. So I say to this leaders of this Ethiopian hope political party for change, if there are true democratic Ethiopians in this political movement, they shall first bow to their mass and resolve the difference that scare every supporters in the Diaspora and inside Ethiopia. Who knows how much support a political party like Kinijit needs if it can not give a priority to resolve its own differences first!!

    And Kinijit Leadership I feel should follow the Smith’s defensive driving skill they call it as ‘All Good Kids Love Milk’ for memory purposes. It reads as while driving, “ aim high, get the big picture, keep your eyes moving around you, leave yourself enough space between flowing traffics, and make sure others see you that you are there. It is a defensive skill on the road that keeps many out of trouble. Show us that we are riding on the road safely with you!!!

    May God help all of us on bringing freedom, democracy and justice for our people who continue to suffer time after time in the hands of dictators in Ethiopia!!!

  32. nahome
    | #32

    good job abugida

  33. nahome
    | #33

    good job hagos

  34. elias
    | #34

    Meles is the Bill Clinton of Ethiopia. He is the best leader we ever had. The Ethiopian economy is booming and More primary and secondary school attendacne than ever. I hope he runs for a third and fourth term. I would vote for him in heart beat. May god bless Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi

    Seattle, WA

  35. Benyam
    | #35

    we sow burtukan medeksa speach their leader Eng.hailu refused his position. we heard his gonna replace by ETHIOPIAN LIONS.entire KINJIT

  36. Chaltu D. U.
    | #36

    Lady Bertukane,

    Don’t you think you are a week to late to say all you are saying now. You are not even sincere in what you are saying it is not coming from deep inside, and since you are not media savvy it is obvious. The sincer thing would have been if you had made the effort not on stage but in really time and for the right reason. The sad thing I hope you are in control of your life and are not being pawned by your collegues. So you young and totally wasted.

  37. Sittina
    | #37

    yaltekenajut Kinigit !!!I am very disappointed with the current problem kinijit is facing….I never expect such a deep…from them.Any way this is my message for them..

    “Agere tebabra kalregetech erkab
    negerachin hulu yenboy kab yenboy kab”
    yiftahe niguse

    very disappointed..

    S.from Addis

  38. united we stand
    | #38

    What is going on guys?

    What kind of virus realy spoiled us? Why we unable to identify which is the worest, which is the shortest, which is destractive,which is constractive,which is dividing and which is unifing.

    Why we are always behind a group? we prefer group always.Let us know with whom we should stand.

    - Bereket Simon,Meless Zenawi

    Lidetu Ayalew,Temsgen Zewdie
    Beyene petros,Merara Gudinna
    Shaleka Yoseph,Dr.Taye and his group
    With Kinijit who is on deligatio Europe,Africa
    North America and who is on duty back home?

    God Bless Ethiopa and Ethiopian !

    Down with ethinc polecity

  39. yigermal
    | #39


    you said the point. they know what is going on between them. yet they are playing with us as if we are their toys. why don’t they come out with the truth we suspected and they know but we don’t because they are telling all lie to save their as.

    Who are they after all acting as queens and kings with lots of rubbish on their head. It is shame and funny when these two disgraced groups became unable to explain the truth and make their followers to believe and follow. Do they think we don’t know what is going on? O boy, take all of them to go to hell when you see them playing these kind of stupid games while the vast majority in rural Ethiopia and impoverished cites and town is struggling to reach for tomorrow. Is it what we are expecting from them after all? No.
    Tell the truth now rather than playing a rat kind of games before the cut comes and destroy all of you. Ethiopia has no shortage of individuals like you. We need those committed and able to face the truth no matter. what. we don’t need is a lip politics. Our people need practical benefit. It is not about extra but it is about having basic needs. Is it difficult to agree and be open to give the people back the fundamental benefits? Think about it our queens and kings.

  40. addis
    | #40

    Weyane and EPRP are united to attack Kinijit. Kinijit supporters don’t fall victim for their cheep tactics. Their purpose is to make sure there is a permanent division between Kinijit. Kinijit will overcome this minor snag very soon. Kinijit is more than a political party; it is a movement to empower every single individual that each person owns his/her destiny. Kinijit is a movement to guarantee now on wards, one can only govern Ethiopia through the ballot box not by the number of guns he owns.

    Don’t blame them if they are scared of Kinijit and they are united to attack Kinijit because they want to maintain the status quo in order to benefit their pocket. They are scared of Kinijit because unlike EPRP and Weyane, Kinijit has the support of the people.

    There is no force under the sun that will stop the Kinijit movement because Kinijit has the truth and the people on its side.

    Kinijit will prevail.

  41. serawnew
    | #41


    Yes, Kinijit is the movement and it will go on with or with out political parties with in it. This is the time the Kinijit youth movement to take responsibility and lead the movement to its destination free from any opportunist and irresponsible interference.
    Yes kinijit is a movement stands for no body but democracy and good governor in Ethiopia. Anyone with this fundamental principle HAS TO BE SUPPORTED BY KINIJIT. So, those in US or in the country that are unable to unite for this fundamental purpose can go their way, but kinijit will stay better and strong than ever with the youth moment behind it.

  42. j.p.h
    | #42

    Ewnetim yigermal,
    Yes they have proved to be uncrowned Kings and Queens of Africa as a whole leaving alone our dear mother land Ethiopia! They have fought for democracy and liberty of millions and have indeed proved to the world by being thrown to one of World’s worst prisons,by their sufferigs
    by leaving their comfort aside, were convicted by a “kangaroo court” of the most brutal tyrant ever lived. Capital punishment, and life imprisonments was awaiting them! But you were never near to such experiences except you filling your belly probably with Mc Donald fast foods if you use to live abroad or “choma” and “Kurt + beer”, if you are back at home! In any case how on earth one who never had an input could throw such thrush words like:

    “They are telling lies”,
    ” Who are they after all?”,
    ” with lots of rubbish in their head”,
    “These tow disgraced groups..”,
    “Take all of them to go to hell…”,
    “playing stupid games…”
    “We don’t need a lip politics..” etc.

    Look man you have to be a “weyane” with wolf skin in order to throw such stinky and worthless accusations on the elected and respected leaders of the mighty people!

    My advice to our honorable leaders wherever they can be as an individual is, (To those of you on the tour in Europe, USA, South Africa, and the ones who remained at home), please read how the “weyane” group is using to stop the movement towards democracy and liberty you people struggled hard to bring to such level?
    They are effectively using our microscopically small differences.
    Look how the hyenas are tearing apart our fleshes once more!

    Ebakachehu be jiboch atasbochikun!

    Kinijit is one!

    Our leaders will soon agree by tolerating their small differences!

    Long live one United Ethiopia!

  43. dinka
    | #43

    Right on Birtukan!!! your simplicity with deep passion for commitment,non-violence is a very healthy sign for the future of democracy.Thank you for the sacrifice we are standing by you!!!

  44. CHOLEW
  45. hab
    | #45

    i am proud cuz i took the picture of our elected leaders.

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