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The day after the Fund-raising night in Boston, Dr. Hailu Araya and Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa left for upstate New York to attend a fund raising night there. (more…)

The day after the Fund-raising night in Boston, Dr. Hailu Araya and Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa left for upstate New York to attend a fund raising night there. The rest of the delegates spent their day listening to comments, concerns and answering questions.

Late Last night, the delegates visited families of Ashenafi Mekonnen and Getnet Abate who lost their lives in line of duty after being interfered by a drunk driver. The families were very appreciative of the condolence they received.

Today, the delegates are visiting a number of State Elected Officials in the Boston area.

Kinijit Leadership Delegation’s Plea To Eng. Hailu Shawel.

More Videos Will Follow.

  1. geremewu
    | #1

    we don’t give up sister.we will win forever.we will reach what we want.
    God Bless Ethiopia

  2. Tenefe
    | #2

    Hi all. I am deeply moved and quite indebted to the heart-felt and sincere speech made by our TAITU-YETHIOPIA BERHAN. She threw the ball and it is to the chairman to follow suit and sit for reconcilation. Everybody has to pray and join hands in this reconcilation efforts. It only pleases Woyane and EPRP. THE DIVISIVE ELEMENTS OF THE EPRP WILL NOT SURFACE. “DEBAK YEMETAL”. EPRP DESTROYS THESE NOT STRUCTURALLY NOT CENTRED BY HIM.EPRP DESTROYED HIBRET AND KNOW WANTS TO TURN TO KINIJIT. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM. LET US ALL FIGHT THEM.

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    I was so touched when I watch the honorable W/rt Bertukan’s plea to Eng. Hailu Shawel. That helps me to keep my confidence in Kinijit leadership. Now, I personally expect Eng. Hailu Shawel to play a leadership role and help to resolve any issue that may appear among Kinijit leaders. Remaining silent about it doesn’t make the problem go away! I have a lot of respect for Eng. Hailu Shawel, but I just can’t help noticing that his silence in the last week or so and his association with the crowd that lost public respect are eroding the respect that got from the Ethiopian people. It is time to do something Eng. Hailu Shawel! Don’t help destroy the hope and the light we see through Kinijit. Pleas do something! Don’t let Weyanne laugh at us! Don’t let the hope and dream of Ethiopians shattered just like that…

    The honorable Eng. Hailu Shawel in my opinion the rest of the leadership showed publicly its willingness to work with you, and now it is time for you to act before things go out of control.

  4. geremewu
    | #4

    You are very polite Ms birte.I appricate your approche.You are smart enough.You teach us peace and love.We your supporter know what is going on behind.we will support you forever.Eng Hailu we respect to come back and join us.We need you .You were our were our father.Offcourse now also.But we don’t sure for the feuture.Please come back join with your people.80 million people may shame of you if you are away from CUD.Personally i followed your intervy with paltalk.It was not good.I was shocked to hear that bad words from you.Even if something was wrong with the otherside,that was not the best way to refelect.You seems like ”kurfia”.Even the other side still nothing have done except spech peace for you.we appritiate them.Look ms Birtukan how she is begging you.She is not want you for the seak of her,but for the seak of 80 million people.You are on the wrong side .Back to your grace place.
    Bitukan really we love you and your group also.Still you all are smart and well done .keep it up.
    ”Ethiopia ejochewan wede Egziabher tanesalech”
    Egziabherem aytewenem yeredanal.kininet yenuren.

  5. Lily
    | #5

    I repetatively listened the call made by our great child of Ethiopia. She is exact and sincere and highly ethiopian. I am asking Eng. Hailu to respond swiftly to the call.If you have a good heart you must respond. Or else my heart and including everybodys’ will start to bleed. And ultimately the tide will turn against you and you will start losing credit. I beg of you to give us the leadership under one umbrella. Division only delights EPRP and Woyanne.

  6. yared
    | #6

    Please see NO to CUD fraud tactic.

  7. Hadere Sefer
    | #7

    Now is Hailu’s turn.
    He must response to this call. Even if he knows what prison is, he is jailing now the whole ethiopian using his small power. I can’t imagine kinijit without Brhanu and birtukan but well without hailu. He is loosing every day his creadablity.

    If he is not responding to this call, he is more dictator than melese and good saved us that this man is not leading the party.

  8. Helina
    | #8

    Dear Ethiopians ,

    Please , don’t take it or see it easy ! Why these happen ? Why they try to deal with WOYANE with out Eng. Shawul ! ? ! What the hell is goin on honest Ethiopian CUD deliget’s and demur on party leader ……?

    To day ,i get better . Bertukan ,she make appeal on these case . These is how a scholar should be ! ! !

    We have to be smart like our for fathers does to win jaigantic monister . A hundereds died thousends licked up in case of to save these sweat countery .



  9. | #9

    This is another indicator yet of the new paradiam shift by the Kinijit leaders. The degree of humility showed by Birtukan calling upon the chairman, in the name of the delegation, has put us all, considered to be liberals, in shame.This is massive break through, in a culture where ones greatness is measured on the degree of arrogance dispalayed.Sister i tell you what there is a big hope now.

  10. | #10

    This is another indicator yet, the new paradiam shift made by the Kinijit leaders.The degree of humility showed by Birtukan, on calling upon the chairman, in the name of the delegation,has put us all, considered to be liberals, in shame. This is a massive break through in a culture, where one’s greatness is measured by the degree of arrogance displayed. I tell you what sister there is a big hope now.

  11. Benyam
    | #11

    one retareded old man refused his position whay people bagin whim.KINIJIT with him they can go ferether.forget this retarded dectator tell him to go hell.their is so many many good ethiopian replace him by this people.i sow his feace last time in airport the guy he don,t havem to live that mach his aged and his sick very sick.his gonna die arely this is good oportunity to replace him.

  12. Mulu Ambaw
    | #12

    Birtukan has done perfect, in the past and the present. But I have a feeling Engineer Hailu must have an explanation which does not fit publicity. But wether that is the case or not all we are asking is talk with yourselves and resolve. I would like to see how Elias kifle responds after that.

  13. Yohannis Wolde
    | #13

    Mr Hailu Shawl should never reject the call made by the woman hero of our time Bertukan Mideksa.

    The chairman should not create a favorable condition to those divisive forces and dictators to enable them to get a hole to work for the destruction of the party and of the hope and aspiration of the Ethiopian people.

    Please Engineer say ok for the sake of the people and discuss with the other side to resolve your narrow differences so as to be able to achieve the ultimate goal of emanicipating Ethiopia and its people from dictatorial rule and slavery.

  14. Daniel Gobezu
    | #14

    Hi all,every body is conserned about the confilect between the kinijit leaders.Ofcourse it is a big issue to every one who loves his country.As for me there are three main points to look forward.1:The so called EPRP it is better to say them THE FASHISHTE,AND MURDERES GROUP ARE BEHYEND THE BATH.2.Shaleqa joseph and Taye share holder company 3.Hilu`s personal beheviour.To tell you the fact these confelicts will be solved soon and kinijit will have its status.with regarding EPRP AND SHALEQA JOSEPH,TAYE WILL GO TO HELL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  15. Question
    | #15

    One has to look carefully at the marginalization of Ato Hailu that started in prison, wih the actions of the state department, with the visa, with possible promises of power and confusion, al in an effort to create a “loyal” ooposition. The young guns of CUD are hopefully realizing the way current powers may want to use them as pawns to theor own detriment. Unity is their number one defense and they should work for it above else first, and then deal with allof the arrated forces froma position strength. Divided, one is weak. They are and independent opposition, free, and hopefully they will continue.

  16. Assefa
    | #16

    Beritukat, in my opinion, you understand very well what democracy means. Eventhough, you disagree with Eng. Hailu in some of issues, as a friend, for the sake of the our Party and Ethiopia, you beg him to join you and fulfil his responsibilits as a chairman. Now, it is up to him to join you. Please do not beg him anymore. I am sure, you can succeed without him, but remember the road is very zigzag. God bless the delegations.

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