Oakland Sanjose

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  1. Kebena
    | #1

    Ato Hailu will not come to Oakland this week-end. He will be in DC to address the DC comunity on September 30th
    Why you put his picture on your ad. You are misleading the public. He is not even has a plan to come to Oakland at all.

  2. Tassew
    | #2

    What is going on currently between Kinijit leaders? We need clear and direct answer from Ato Hailu and Berhanu not by SEMABELEW. YET YDERSAL YETEBALEW ENDAYHONE.

  3. dawit
    | #3

    kebena why you crying? what is wrong with picture i know you are divider unless you never mention this , are you waiting to see kinjet division you wish i am telling you that is yours and your kind of damn idea . once again kinjet will be for ever kinjet means not hailu shawel, Britkuan, birhanu, biruk or gizachew kijet means ethiopian people but they are a leader for that they sacrfie and did what one leader can do for his/her party therefor we respect them on otherhand kinjet has a procdure and the rule of law if some one who don’t accept it that is his idea but he can’t represent the people party with out the umberla of kinjet rule of law becuse kinjet is a party not a private prperty run by indvidual

  4. mulugeta
    | #4

    This is a Great time for all Ethiopians

  5. Lili
    | #5


    Any KiniJit meeting or so called tour is doomed to fail without its leader Engineer Hailu Shawel. The Birhanu & Birtukan’s company is a sell out and an opportunist group, and remains to be seen. Further more posting a poster with Hailu Shawl’s picture for your add knowing damn well that Engineer Hailu is not going to be there is repulsive.

    Ethiopia will triumph !!!

  6. Theodros
    | #6

    lily and kebena your low and backward dream will never come true,believe me i can tell you why but i prefer to leave it for thepractice



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