Boston Meskal Celebration

September 24th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

demera_small.gifBoston Meskal Celebration (more…)

demera_small.gifBoston Meskal Celebration


  1. totaw100_2
    | #1

    What about the other St Michael Church? and why the place is changed? Its amazing please gays stop and think for a minute. Why we celebrate the same holiday at different place? We are following the same religion. Its hard to discuss each other and celebrate together? Its really sad! I am sorry to say that but we know that all Board members always they met each other at different occasion why they don’t want do it at the church? There is some advantage by dividing innocent people for their hidden agenda? In any way god bless you all…I don’t want say anything…but really I am sorry…

  2. arada
    | #2

    they all fucken sheet they take all the money in there pocket don’t be full inever spend 5 centes for this animal

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