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The U.S. House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee today passed H.R. 2003 with all members voting in favor. Watch The Video (more…)

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee today passed H.R. 2003 with all members voting in favor. Watch The Video

Kinijit delegates Dr Hailu Araya, Ato Gizachew Shiferraw, and Ato Brook Kebede attended the committee meeting to show their full support for the bill.

Several members of the Kinijit DC Metro chapter, including the vice chair, Ato Alemayehu Abebe, prominent Ethiopians, including Artist Tamagne Beyene, Addis Dimts Radio host Abebe Belew, and representative of the International Ethiopian Women Association Dr Abeba Fekade were also at the meeting to urge members to support the bill.

This is a victory for people’s power over money power. Woyanne spent millions of dollars to kill this bill through high powered lobbyists.

Great job Prof. Alemayehu Gebre-Mariam, Ato Neway Mengistu, Wzt. Meron Ahadu and all members of the H.R. 2003 Coalition who labored hard to get this bill passed.

The next step is a vote in the full House.

Video Capture Of The Event: Courtesy of Tamagne Beyene

Courtesy of Tamagne Beyene
At Congress

Courtesy of Tamagne Beyene
At Congress

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    That is what we want to hear! That is just great news. Let us go! Let us go everybody! Let us go united and work more and more to make democracy a reality in Ethiopia.

  2. totaw100_2
    | #2

    three more to go!!!! ya victory for Ethiopians and Death for weyane!!!

  3. | #3

    Good job prof.Al.mariam &others. we need the ru;rule of law not in paper,in practice,we need free jusitce,free speech freedom of basic human rights eveenthough….So,Excellent,keep it up…

  4. Eskinder Degene.
    | #4

    Great Achivement.

    It is a double stap for the forwrd meovemnet of Ethiopian people for strugling for democy Synergy agian greaT!!!


  5. Assefa
    | #5

    That is what we want to hear! That is just great news. Let us go! Let us go everybody! Let us go united and work more and more to make democracy a reality in Ethiopia.

  6. | #6

    It is great job to Prof. Al Mariam and others devoted to their citizin.

  7. | #7

    But meles will not be governed by the rule , it is really mad man.Any ways i appriciate the best contribution of these people.

  8. Samual
    | #8

    Good job Prof. Al. Mariam. Three more to go.


  9. mekonen
    | #9


    WOYANE and SHABYA ready for WAR WAR WAR the great WAR this is our pray bcome true god is great.ETHIOPIAN enemys they gonna distroye each other.OLF,ONLF,SLAM…….inocent women and children killer terrorist where they gonna go ? god is great we gonna killen you animal recist even that day gebreal hes gonna come with us we gonna beheaded and burn a life so maney maney SHABYA. withen short time we will march asmera.young ETHIOPIAN ready for this WAR this is our war it,s not WOYANE war.this a bleased.


  10. mekonen
    | #10

    cheack this in http://www.bbc.com

  11. | #11

    This shows that we have political power in this country. Thank you the Committee.

  12. | #12

    it is nice to hear the H.R 2003 passes for a mark up vote. but still woyane is not sleeping for kinijit. did you see the role of EPRDF by posting comments from CUD members at home? http://www.ethioreporter.com amharic news

  13. j.p.h
    | #13

    This is the beginning of VICTORY for all Ethiopian
    people both at home and abroad! And the beginning of the downfall of the tyranny !

    Ethiopia and her true children shall prevail!

  14. ethiogirl
    | #14

    Congratulations all Ethiopian this is our happiest day. We all should celebrate this day.

  15. negash debebe
    | #15

    Many many thanks and congratulations to Prof.Alemayehu,other courageous fellow Ethiopians and our great American friends for your great work.H.R 2003 is set to make history.The pro-democracy movement in our beloved country is sure to truimph.The long night of tyranny is bound to come to an end and look!it is going to be a bright sunny day under the Ethiopian skies.

  16. Jyigzaw
    | #16

    First let me forward my appreciation to congressman payne and congressman smith
    It is a great news for all ethiopians and americans to reach at this point.
    In the near future, we will witness justice and freedom in Ethiopia.
    Zenawi”The father and mother of all lies” is running out of time. He will face justice for the crimes he committed.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  17. peace
    | #17

    Dear Mekonen,
    Please don’t write a comment in the name of all ethiopians as if you are representative of us. As everybody knows the eritreans, being a small country in this globalized world, are facing a big problem to survive. That is why they are collecting money from diaspora to support terrorist and separatist. The best solution is to build a wall like Berlin wall at the border and leave them alone until the time is ripe.

  18. Mulugeta
    | #18

    It is a great Victory for all of Us,specially to Pr.Almariam and all,who devoted their time.this is a Bad New for Meles and Woyane supporters.go a head Ethiopians !

  19. Yohannis Wolde
    | #19

    I appreciate the way the delegates of CUDP who left for the U.S act towards the Chairman of the Party, Engineer Hailu Shawl.

    The Vice Chairman for the party, Birtukan Mideksa’s appeal to Hailu Shawl is a clear indication that the party will neither be divided.

    Such a party like Kinijit, because it has supporters in millions behind it, should act in a way that will preserve the need for democratic aspirations of the people of Ethiopia.

    Bravo Kinijit!! Bravo Birtukan!!

  20. tezei
    | #20

    Well Done Ethiopians, Happy New year this is what we want, real ETHIOPIANS>

  21. Aba Doyo
    | #21

    Guys, we need everybody who are against TPLF on our side to take it to the final lap. stop your childish bickering.
    While we rejoice on its clearing of the committee, we should not forget that the professional hired guns TPLF has unleashed to kill this bill would do everything until the last moment. Let us hold our celebration until the final lap. Actually you can see their influence on Chairman Tom Lantos by watering down the bill such as taking out the punitive measures. The lobbyists may work with some members of the full house to introduce further ammemndments making the final bill more of a gift to TPLF run institutions such as the courts. I think we should strive for a stronger bill to be introduced on the Senate side so that when the House & Senate versions of the bill are reconciled in a procedure called The Conference, we would be able to rescue some of the measures whic calls for accountability.

  22. | #22

    This is a good News for Ethiopians

  23. dula
    | #23

    weyane in great danger the american gov. is saw the people of ethiopia if woyane has a mind they are to think two times right know.

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