Welcome To Seattle

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  1. mike
    | #1

    dear leader,well come to seattle wa .
    i praise my lord for the coming blessing day.

  2. yikerbelen
    | #2

    seatlle, It was really a gracee full news we have heard before that kinijit’s chapter in seattle is not going to accept our democratically elected leaders, but at the end we heard that true ethiopians in seattle came out and said to all those hidden folks who have covered their face with kinijit’s skin, and they have already started their prepartion to accept our leaders with their stretch hands. To respect kinijit leaders means to respect to our ppor ppl at home who have given their vote to exercises their right.We should stand by our ppl at home and protect the main principles of democacy. One can not accuses others as a dictator when he or she become the leader with the consant of the majorities.kinijit believes in collection leadership.No more dictator on ethiopia’s soil after melese. God bless ethiopia and it’s ppl. amen

  3. jovani
    | #3

    it is good to hear that, we will be ready !!

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