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Please Watch The Video

Kinijit leaders Wzt. Bertukan Mideksa, Dr Hailu Araya, Ato Gizachew Shiferraw and Ato Brook Kebede, have arrived at the Oakland Airport in Northern California on September 28, 2007 @ 02:48 AM EST/11:48 PM PST. (more…)

Please Watch The Video

Kinijit leaders Wzt. Bertukan Mideksa, Dr Hailu Araya, Ato Gizachew Shiferraw and Ato Brook Kebede, have arrived at the Oakland Airport in Northern California on September 28, 2007 @ 02:48 AM EST/11:48 PM PST. Their arrival was delayed, but several Ethiopians waited for 3 hours at the airport to welcome their leaders. The love and affection being shown to the popular Kinijit leaders is indescribable. Dr. Berhanu Nega arrived earlier.

Photo By Yilma Bekele
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  1. | #1

    It is just a question. Is there any one who tell me that why Dr. Berhanu Nega Arrive early everywhere?

  2. | #2

    Ha,ha,ha…It was my quetion too.We Kinjit members lost our trust on our leaders.Evenif,they seem that they do not understand it.You ,yohannes,said right.I hope it is many Kinjit supporters quetion because of Kinjit leaders fail to united.And that created suspious every movement they do.It seems they egnorred that.

  3. Dagim Tewodros
    | #3

    Ayo Birtukan “tilkku dabo lit hone”I trust your word in Dw redio when you sey “we stand to solve our country problem so it is isy to solve division of suporter grup in diaspora”is that how you solve our problem by touring from state to state witout doing noting i am sory for you and your banda deligation also without oure true son Hilu you can”t go anywere

  4. ethiobaby
    | #4

    Thank outside the box they are political leader’s not family members. They have job need to be done. Why don’t we think the positive instead of negative?

  5. satenaw
    | #5

    I am from addis ababa,Ferensai.
    DEAR Birtukan Midekisa. Our friends lost their lives. Some of us lost our hands and legs. some of us lost our eyes and other parts of body. You knew this. Is that to seat you above
    engineer Hailu? Did you remember what kinijit chair person hailu unite that divided parties. I think you know more than me.BUt now What are you doing?Where is hailu? We expect more from you about the rule of law than the others.We paid the price for kinjit to make the people under the rule of law . Our blood had been shaded not for the sake of birtukan or Dr.Birhanu. Please stop here and see your selves. Please show us how the rule of law is power ful.Ebakachehu lewoyane asalfachihu atsitun.

  6. ewnetun lingerew
    | #6

    some one is organizing people to fightwayane.
    He can’t speak more . he is a man of work.He has about 1.2 million followers to his strategy of fighting woyane. He is the true lover of Ethiopia. By the way Meles himself know this. Who is he? Definitly Engineer Hailu.I am not worshiping individuals .But this should be told for other kinjit members. By the way It is known here in addis or other parts of the country. The committee acts as Solomon tekaligne and lidetu. could you think over it?

  7. Aderaw
    | #7

    What a shame. These tugs are promoting themselves with no regard for the struggle. Ayalnesh, North America support group already said that these people are planned to join weyane tyrant government. what else do you expect from these five tugs. They don’t act like leaders – they act more like bandas. My advise to these tugs is to go and join Lidetu.

    Long live Ethiopia

  8. | #8

    To :ethioboy
    these days they (the delegates)blaming each other on some of their problems and you said that they are not family members. To me they are families under kinijit’s umberella. If you see it from my point of view, they are delegates to the diaspora from home and working every thing together. and also you know that what kind of wind is blowing inside kinjit now a days. so, why do the others go together all the time and he (Dr.Berhanu) alone all the time? othres don’t have job to do? that is the point of my question. if you say he is special tell me what is his speciality from the team.

    Thanks, May God bless Ethiopia

  9. Hadere Sefer
    | #9

    Now woyanes are very sad about the kinijit success and try to disturb this nice atmospher.
    Kinijit is a soul and the delegation is a success. We have to learn from Dr. Brhanu Nega he is on time and that is the quality of a leader!

    Ethiopia can be lead with only educated leaders and every Prof. and Dr. must join the kinijit.

    I am talking about Prof. Al Mariam. He must participate kinijit.

  10. NUNU
    | #10

    EPRP and woyane dogs are getting mad more than ever.

    Keep crying!!!

  11. Tigist
    | #11

    Well, none of the Kinijit leaders deny or can deny the fact that Eng. Hailu Shawel is the chairman of Kinijit. For the reasons we know and we don’t know Eng. Hailu couldn’t join them of the tour, but I am confident that at the end to the tour they will sit together and sort out the difference that they have and move on. Now, if we are really Kinijit supporters, we need to be patient and give the democracy process takes place. In Democratic Party debates and arguments rise up time to time and that is the nature of a democratic process. We don’t see such sort of things in Weyanne because Meles will kill or in castrate any Weyanne member that would show a Signe of a strong opposition. Weyanne members are in way biological elements that Meles uses for his own purpose. In other hand, in Kinijit every leader is pretty independent and his/her voice matter, and naturally their different point of views on issues can come out to public time to time. The good thing is that they don’t kill each other.
    The rest of the opposition party such as EPRP is basically doing nothing. There is not that much of public interest there, that is why we don’t see that much of commotion in their comp.

  12. CHOLEW
    | #12

    ABUGIDA…KINIJIT…Just listen to the people please. It’s time!

  13. Babeyew
    | #13

    Dear Ma people,

    I think its a new mellinuim lets grow up, on the side of me i am totally changed at least in thinking. Lets stop talking about indiviuals instead lets talk about law. It is not time to apperciate individuals this time, lets see individuals in every party under the law including EPRDF. Let individuals under any party do their part whether its right or not.
    Please leave them alone, respect their rights
    what they are going to do. If i love my country i should do what i belive important to my country not ideas told by some individuals. I should be free to think about anything important to my country inspite of the actions may be right or wrong. If I do things wrong only law can judge me.
    So lets fight for the right law to be respected in mother land etthiopia.
    And plz lets respect the deeds of individuals.
    With this we will come to one step forward.
    We can live together with a different ideas if law is respected.
    Plz Plz Plz lets change ourselves from inside.
    But still i didnot forget about the poor who donot have any access to express his feelings.
    Therefore frist lets change ourselves and then lets be a sound of my beloved but poor people.

    Stop complimenting or brig down individuals.
    I wish Ethiopia prevails true democracy…for ever amen

    | #14

    Do any one knows what & how Eng. Hailu is doing so far? Been a while since we heard from here. I have a feeling he will be in the Hospital for his major treatement. Please inform us where he is about and how he is upto.

  15. dawit
    | #15

    i think now days EPRP became more dog than before because his plan fail every where might be with in thier own damn but they didn’t understand yet what kinjet means. dogs please stop crying and do some thing or go back to your coffee shop, where you belong to

  16. | #16

    Why is Dr Birhanu Nega never travel with the rest of CUD leaders.Is he telling them that he knows America? or is it a king of “i am distingueshed”

  17. | #17

    Welday, i agree with you. why is Dr Birhanu doesn’t want to travel with the rest of the leaders. yes i agree with you , it is a kind of acting “i know every thing” “ene yalikut bicha tikikil new” ” i am distingushed”

  18. Daniel Gobezu
    | #18

    Hi all,The year 2000 brought wonderfull events to all of as.Specially we ETHIOPIANS LIVED IN UK ARE undrestanding who EPRP & what their mission is.By THE WAY DO THEY KNOW THAT EVERY ETHIOPIANS ARE SICKOFF reading THEIR WEBSITE.
    For me KINIJIT IS MORE ATTACKED BY EPRP THAN EPRDF.In the name of opposition group they were doing double mind mission.MERCHAW the more you tolk about them they will be uplifted,but you and you radio with your EPRP will go to hell.

  19. Truth
    | #19

    I was the whole five hours at Oakland air port to greet Ethiopian ppl elected leaders, the truth is Dr. Birhanu flew from New York and the rest flew from DC., there is a delay on Blue jet flight from DC, that is why they got here late. Dr. Birhanu sincerly apologized for their delay and asked us to go home and he will relay the message to them, anyways we stay late to 11:25PM and greeted them, nothing more nothing less, funny thing is these rotten (yeken mekuteria… calender) EPRP foot soldiers are dying to get their dirty hand on Kinjit.. Kinijit is not for sale or lease. We follow kinijit because of its manfisto, we don’t worship individuals.

  20. Other satenaw
    | #20

    To satenaw from Addis Ferensai!!! can you ask this question to Ato Hailu please. That where he is? The reason why I am saying this is; Brtukan also calling him but he never answer and I belive she doesn’t know where he is. Ok!!!!

  21. | #21

    hi every one please take time to pray every thing will be fine with our hero leaders . long live for them and also for our levelly country ethiopia .
    god belles

  22. ayle
    | #22

    hi guys Ato hailu is in minnestoa, he is doing just fine he is still our heros leders.we trust you hailu.may God give you long live with your strong beilive of unity, democrace and developement.

  23. Satenaw
    | #23

    Dear other satenaw Please don’t try to deny my heart felt question. You said Even Birtukan didn’t know where Engineer Hailu is. This is very simple jock. My question should be forwarded to Birtukan and her followers .I asked her for millions Ethiopian question. Please do not try to hesitate people.

  24. Theodros
    | #24





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