Ethiopia begins nationwide probe into army discontent

August 30th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Source : Ethiomedia

ADDIS ABABA – The defection to arch-foe Eritrea of an Ethiopian war-hero army general has sent shockwaves across the Meles Zenawi regime which has called a nationwide probe into what’s going on in the military camp, Addis Zagol, a popular blog, wrote on Wednesday.

TPLF has started an intesive “gimigema” (an assessment bordering on criminal investigation) in the army. Yesterday and today, in the army camps all over the country, officers have been exposed to a thorough investigation of their political positions and their relationship with other officers who defected the army. This is, army sources say, part of the new strategy to deter army officers form taking measures of protest. “The army is in turmoil. It is nearly out of control and there is no way for Meles to get its control back,”one army officer told this blogger,” Ethio-Zagol said.

General Kemal Gelchi abandoned the Meles regime August 9, 2006 over what he called widespread violations of human rights throughout the country, and the ruling party’s involvement in perpetuating the violations of the rights of the Ethiopian people. The army general, who was commander of the 18th division, deserted the government and headed to Eritrea across the border with tens of senior army officers and hundreds of fully armed soldiers.

Ethio-Zagol also reported that there have been numerous small-scale army defections to neighboring countries, and the current gimgema was to forestall major landslide defections simliar to General Kemal Gelchi’s.

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