Kinijit Leaders In Dallas, TX – Abugida

September 30th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

The Fund-Raising event in Dallas, TX is currently underway. We have been told it has just reached $40,000. It is expected it will exceed $50,000 soon. (more…)

The Fund-Raising event in Dallas, TX is currently underway. We have been told it has just reached $40,000. It is expected it will exceed $50,000 soon.

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  1. jegnaw
    | #1

    i love what you do dallas ppl it is true they are heroes

  2. Adafre
    | #2

    The ethiopian community in dallas and dallas kinijit support chapter done a very good job. we are proud of them.

    | #3

    Do anyone knows where and how Eng. Shawel is doing so far. why we are not told his current situation as well. Forgivenes is our first principle, because Loving all even our animosity is our new stage of political enduro. Don’t forget we are Ethiopian,GOD called nation,see BIBLE, we grasp it ahead before even the modern countries know how to be victorious. This movement have had 2000 yrs ago by the way.

    | #4

    Well done DALLAS, Well done!!!!

  5. get
    | #5

    well done Dallas!!!!!!!!!

  6. H
    | #6

    very good job dallas!!!

  7. yikerbelen
    | #7

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, DALLASS WELL DONE.IT IS REALLY A HEART FELT RECIECPTION TO OUR LOVELY LEADERS.This show how we ethiopians in diaspora do have high respect the choice of ppl at home, because these are the ethiopia’s ppl officially elected leaders for five years even if weyanes refused to delivere power to the ppl. our leaders must stand together to show their respect for our poor ppl at home and for those who have paid the highest price in their life for kinijit’s sake.

  8. | #8

    The most highly respected Kinjit leaders have delivered a spectacular message through questions and answers. They have exceeded the expectaion of all audiences. We are all proud of you heroes and heroin. God bless you abundantly. Make sure you have dialogue with Eng Hailu Shawel and solve your problems as early as you can so that some innocent people may not be victims of your minor conflicts. We trusted you for our nation even a way bigger than minor personal conflicts and or misunderstadings. Those who are flaming the fire please stop and pray for them. They are the hopes of the new Ethipia infront of God and our big nations. Let us pray for them ….

  9. | #9

    Good job. I appericiate
    dallas,Tx.friends.You did excellent,specially the hat our leadera put on their heads. Shame for those Hodaadroch,like manklkot & Yeharework,Dekem Yeharerwork.I know who you are Abrham Yayeh knows you also, I told you Enough is enough…don’t missguide EPRP.Let him think by himself…Godbless ETHIOPIA”.Kinijit Menefes new’

  10. yedallas
    | #10

    Kinjit be dallas wow its was sooooooooooooooooooooo good to get togther dallas my hat Is off for you all kinjits love this peace sign as well enberta dallas for the 2nd kinjit metting

  11. abesha
    | #11

    Dallas ketema peace to you all VVVVVVVV job well done

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