Act Now to Stop U.S. Support for Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia – Coalition for HR 2003

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Now is a critical time: there is a window of opportunity during which the United States government can help avert human catastrophe. (more…)

Now is a critical time: there is a window of opportunity during which the United States government can help avert human catastrophe. So far the Bush Administration has only turned a blind eye. Will Congress do the same?

The lack of democracy in Ethiopia has become terribly clear in the wake of the 2005 elections. The ruling coalition (EPRDF), led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, instituted a violent crackdown when peaceful demonstrations began in protest of alleged electoral fraud. Gross abuses of civil and human rights ensued, and continue to this day. (Read more on these abuses.)

Recently, Ethiopian military forces have been involved in a conflict with neighboring Somalia, in what has been widely described as a proxy war – with Ethiopia acting on behalf of the U.S. Human Rights observer groups have condemned the Ethiopian military as responsible for war crimes and gross violations of human rights. Given the border disputes and historical animosity between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the Ethiopian intervention in Somalia threatens to destabilize the region and embroil in a wider conflict the entire horn of Africa. (Read more on the Ethiopia – Somalia conflict and regional destabilization.)

Compounding this volatile and deteriorating situation is the reported withholding by the Ethiopian government of food aid and other basic humanitarian assistance from the civilian populace in the Ogaden region (which lies along the Somalia border). Human rights observer groups have been denied entry into the Ogaden, and now claim that humanitarian crisis is a serious potential; a claim echoed by the UN.

The United States government can help avert this human catastrophe. The U.S. has been and continues to be the largest bilateral donor of foreign aid to Ethiopia, including large FMF and IMET defense financing. H.R. 2003, The Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007, was introduced this year in the House of Representatives to ensure that future U.S. military aid to Ethiopia is contingent upon Ethiopia’s further democratization, accountability for human rights abusers, and justice for the wronged. (Exceptions are made for peacekeeping and counter-terrorism assistance.)

By supporting H.R. 2003, we can encourage a stable, secure and economically viable future for this jeopardized region. Please click here to act!

  1. Yegonchaw Trit
    | #1

    I appeal to the great country and its administration to do the right thing in relation to the Human right and democracy in Ethiopia.

    Please support HR2003.

    God bless America and Ethiopia

  2. Kume Tilahun
    | #2

    If you beilive in Democracy pass this biil which is the corner stone of Democracy in Ethiopia.Down with dictators and long live Democracy!!

  3. nahome
    | #3

    you ppl say that this bill alread pass samething than now agin act what happen cud

  4. | #4

    we need democracy, also our leaders have to be honest for all of this we need HR 2003…so we have to be support this bill

  5. elias dagne
    | #5

    Please act now befor every thing is too late.

  6. Dejene Desalegn
    | #6

    pls pass this bill to ensure democracy in Ethiopia

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