Breaking News– U.S. House Of Representatives Passed H.R. 2003 At 12:58 EST – Coalition for H.R. 2003

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U.S. House of Representatives voted “YES” unanimously to pass H.R. 2003! (more…)

U.S. House of Representatives voted “YES” unanimously to pass H.R. 2003!


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October 2nd, 2007



The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007) on a unanimous vote at exactly 12:58 Eastern Standard Time. Donald Payne delivered an impassioned speech on the floor of the House urging members to pass the bill. He outlined the long train of human rights abuses that have taken place in Ethiopia over the past two years. He said the people of Ethiopia deserve democracy and human rights and a government of their choice.

Congressman Chris Smith, similarly delivered an impassioned speech and recounted Zenawi’s arrogant lecture that he planned to imprison all of the opposition leaders. Smith joined Payne in insisting that the U.S. demand of the Ethiopian government accountability for the aid that it receives and compliance with human rights laws.

All Ethiopians should take this opportunity to thank Congressmen Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Tom Lantos and Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer for their support in getting this legislation passed. When we needed their help, we called upon them . NOW IT IS TIME TO CALL AND SAY: “THANK YOU.”

The Coalition will issue further statements on action in the Senate soon.

  1. Derege
    | #1

    Well done for everyone who worked day and night for HR2003!


  2. MIke
    | #2

    Now, lets push it through the senate!!! HIiiiiiii 50K/week to DLA-Piper is unrefundable!!!

    Meles Zenaw was heard saying “Crap!!! now they got me by my balls!!! It’s Bereket’s fault!! Book a flight to Asmara man!!”

  3. Hadere Sefer
    | #3

    Thank you Al. Mariam and Co.
    Now Melese will be baned from US and EU will follow.
    What a nice news that every blind person also seeing the crime done by the butcher of Addis Abeba.

    Melese even will get Asylum. Now he is sleeping with open eyes. He can not tell any body that he is doing some thing for democracy. It seems that this guy is even to much for US.

    Come On is that not a good time to go, Meles.


  4. kundi
    | #4

    It is a good start and there is a lot to be done. I am sure State Department is working on exit strategy for the Crime Minister. Waht is he doing in Washington nowadays?

    Please send you thank you to those people mentioned by Coalition HR2003. They responded when we needed them.
    Good job Prof Al and the rest of the group members. You did not give up.

  5. jerusalem
    | #5

    Thanks to the Almighty GOD for every thing since nothing is done or will be done with out HIS Grace let HE help us on the long path being ahead of us so that we can have his GRACE to win in every aspect AMEN!

    Congragulation to all.

  6. Feleke
    | #6

    A good news. I am very very happy. Thank you Mr. Smith, Mr.Payne
    Professor Al Mariam, Mesfen Mekonnen and others,

  7. Mathias
    | #7

    Mesfin Mekonnen? For what? For joining KIC or “keicy” (in amharic) and divide our leaders by kidnapping Hailu shawel?

  8. Melkamu
    | #8

    Woooooooow Dear Abugidan’s and each one who genuinly voted in support of this Bill, once again congratulations

  9. Feleke
    | #9


    take it easy. I appriciate every body who contributed for the passing of HR2003.

  10. Tigist
    | #10

    Thank you! Thank you the Coalition for HR 2003 task force! This is great news! The future of Ethiopia is bright; it tickles me when I think about it. Ayzoshe emama Ethiopia. You have descent children who think rationally as human being suppose to do, who love you and sacrifice for your. Evils and layers are always losers! Evil can’t handle the truth and can’t stand a bright light! The sun is rising on the horizon of Ethiopia! It is a good day! I imagine all of us Ethiopians go back to Ethiopia soon and work to build our country in a free and democratic system! It is happening guys! Let us keep pushing!

  11. solomon
    | #11

    Yes we are happy, But still we have to do a lot .

  12. get
    | #12

    I am very very happy. Thank you Mr. Smith, Mr.Payne
    Professor Al Mariam, Mesfen Mekonnen and others.

  13. totaw100_2
    | #13

    Thank you Pro. Al Mariam, Merohn Ahadu, Donald Payne, Mr. Smith and all USA Congress, and all Ethiopians ror your hard work to pass this bill…….you did real wonderful job……tnx again and again….God Bless You!!!!
    God Bless America!!!! God Bless Ethiopia!!!!!
    Death for Melese and his gangsters group!!

  14. sara
    | #14

    great job Al Mariam, Meron, and others! we have a lot of work ahead. now lets celebrate this achievement and focus on the Senate. Ethiopia will be free!

  15. Girma
    | #15

    I’m really grateful for the congress men who drafted and fought hard for the bill to pass. Of course pro. Alemayehu and his group in particular and the diaspora in general have had exerted relentless efforts to maintain the bill alive. Congratulation guys!!!!! The conserted effort should continue until the bill is signed by the president.
    Shame to Samuel and Meles!!!
    God bless Ethiopia and America

  16. weynedo
    | #16

    Good day for Ethiopia thank you abugida and it is very funny and excelent cartoon.

    Good job abugidawoch.

  17. Zeberga
    | #17

    I am happy of the results. Nobody is to stop us now. I guess the President has to mind himself and join the majority. I salute these brave Ethiopians as above stated.
    And, I pity Tecola Hagos and Ephreim Isaac and other renowned and learned academia who fought against the Bill. Ambassadar Samuel, the drunkard is not to be blamed for he is on duty and represents Meles. Alcohol breathe has no place in Congress.

  18. | #18

    WOW ! good to zenawi and ethiopians , he will change himself accordingly and can live with people , he is wise man.Thanks to payne and other supporters.

  19. Hadere Sefer
    | #19

    Melese is now in panic!
    This decision can have an unimaginable out come in Ethiopia and else where.

    The dictator is dead!!! Bleave me!

    This was so important for him that the money of the poors in ethiopia was given to the lobbiest in US.

    Tanks Al. Mariam and the rest

  20. j.p.h
    | #20

    Your Meles’ time is up!
    In amharic it sounds like “gudu fela”
    What do you think about this?
    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  21. balager_00
    | #21

    God job , Well done prof. AL mariam ,meron and so on thx all , God bless you

  22. ALEMU
    | #22


  23. DebebeN
    | #23

    I,like Simeon,say’..Master,now you are dissmissing your servant in peace,according to your word,for mine eyes have seen YOUR SALVATION..’
    Yes,I rejoice and am grateful to see,with tears in my eyes,this blessed day.A spring day that says there are more glorious days to come.That God is in His majestic throne justly judging.And the suffering and pain of our people,inflicted by iniquitous men shall soon cease.

    May the Lord therfore abundantly bless you all for your good fight holding the divine truth that we are all God’s children who are entitled to live in freedom,equality,justice and dignity.

    God bless America.God bless Ethiopia.

  24. Tigist
    | #24

    It is a good day for Ethiopia indeed! Our struggle goes to the next level. On the news of passing this bill, I visited all the Ethiopian web sites. You can tell how everybody is very happy about it except Elias Kifle of ER. He doesn’t say that much about it. I have been following this guy for a while. What he always does is inflate any problem inside Kinijit or Ethiopian church or something that would heart our feelings. When there is a real good news, he kind of slow down a bite. When there is a problem he is the first one to talk to much about it and exaggerate it. Once I again, I ask every Ethiopian who really cares about Ethiopia to be careful about this guy called Elias. We don’t necessary have to trust him. He has every right to report on his own to facilitate his hidden agenda, but we have to be cautious when we read his staff. I am not just making this staff up. Every one you can just go a head and follow this guy and you will see his pattern. He is not happy when it is good day for Ethiopia. He just jump around when we got problems such as the issue among Kinijit leaders. That kind of staff makes him happy and he does everything in his little power to exaggerate the problem. In conclusion, I would like to ask abugida and all the kinijit web sites not to use Elias Kifle and his ER as a source of news. I am not the only one, there are a lot of Ethiopians that question Elias Kifle’s motives and any true Ethiopian or Kinijit supporter should have strong connection with this guy called Elias Kifle.

  25. honeyban
    | #25

    Elis kifle ho is so called mongar hater.i’am write this becasue that post in his website picture he posted makes me angry feel terrabile. when see the picture about Dr,Taye woldsamite his man all none sacrifice his life for ethiopia he has been prison for 15 years and other hero OUR LEADER ENG, HAILU SHAWEL THOSE ARE PEOPLE HIS ISOLATE THEM. one more think for a shabia review elis kifle don’t comare your selfe with ho bring 75 million ethiopian out and to put his own goverment thier are deomcracey champion put in your hand please and your other freind folks like andaragachew Tsigie and berhane meaw. if review your book you will understand about those monager hater ho has been working with for 17 years. when other sacrifice thier life in prison for struggle for doemcracey and justice for ethiopia. those seat drinking thier bries with lasting i want say very haappy hr 2003 is passed to bring light brite future for our conutry abd our people they had been suffer anger under this regime.
    god bless ethiopia
    god bless America

  26. honeyban
    | #26

    very good tigist iam stand with you girl a very body no that his anti ethiopia working with other anti etiopia so called olf, shabia,wayne. wen need to be carful this guy nobody trust him most fight him to. wacth out for this guy his coming to destroy you.

  27. Dinka
    | #27

    Wow!!1 I prayed to Gofta(Egzeeabhair); please God as I pray for you to give me my daily bread Give us all Ethiopians your mercy please let “H.R 2003″pass. Ethiopian/Americans congradualtions!above all MR,Payne,Prof.Al…

  28. Billal
    | #28

    Thank you Al. Mariam and the A Team.

    The power of “The Diaspora Republic” over “the Banana Republic” As witnessed today!!!!!

    Happy Al -millennium for everyone!

    Allah Akbar !!!

  29. Shumet Menywab
    | #29

    For about two years, I have been following internet news and pro-Ethiopian democracy website contributions. Of all this time I have been interacting with these websites in a daily manner, I have been troubled with ER and its chief editor Elias Kifle on the manner he conducts himself as a pro-democratic actor. His positive contribution is always with mix of insulations and nerve racking personality degradations on others. Some times, I think of him as a positive contributor of the Ethiopian unity and democratic movement in the Diaspora but other times, because of his lack of discipline, I think of him as a negative contributor. A person who thinks himself as a democrat does not like criticism of him on his website. The sad think about him is, when he criticizes others, it is usually with insults, but I can only wonder why it is hard for him to accept a criticism without an insult.

    I watched his act through the cause of the present problem in the Kinijit support groups in the Diaspora, especially in the North America ones, and became only sad how he is egger to boost one group and devastate another. He could do better by either remaining neutral at least until an alleged guilt on some is proven in a court of law or the matter is being taken care of by a responsible leadership. I say to his act as irresponsible and aggravated if not ill conceived for Ethiopian interest.

    Elias Kifle, please learn from Prof. Al Mariam on how to contribute for Ethiopia if your action is here with out ill conceived!

  30. nefsu
    | #30

    wow another blow for this TPLF thugs! It is the happiest day so far. Thanks for all courageous ethiopian true leaders.
    Peace and love for all ethiopian

  31. Abraham Geletu
    | #31

    It’s indeed a very happy moment for all Ethiopians. Thank you Prof Al Mariam & his crew in HR 2003 task force as well as all US Congressmen/women, but special thanks to Congressmen Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Tom Lantos and Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer for having helped peace and democracy-thirsty Ethiopians.
    We have to also coordinate efforts to successfully accomplish the remaining tasks.

  32. Enat Ethiopia
    | #32

    A bright day is approaching for our motherland eth-ia and for all ethiopians.all who have been the work force to get pass HR-2003,the united ethiopians, all who paid sacrification for the bill to pass,I congradualate you!.The work of GOD clearly taught the tyrants. Meles! you must know that you may hide yourself from some one’s eyes for sometime but you will never do that from almighty GOD.Meles!for all mischives you have done on innocent ethiopians and on our country by all means you will pay for that,even if you pass away your childern will definetly pay for it and you will be remembered in bad books of all ethiopians of the coming generation.all ethiopians wake up! lets us struggle for the implementation HR-2003,we will never sleep until the tyrants removed from our land.

    GOD! save our country its people
    God bless Ethiopia!

  33. Sekokaw Beza
    | #33

    a big lesson for the liar prof Isac please have a knowladge of some thing before you witnesed we love our intelectual but they have to be ohnest. now our country will move forward on democracy.

  34. | #34

    What ever happen the true is always there. IT NEVER DIE !!

    All people who work day and night for H.R.2003 you already have a great value in Ethiopian history. Especially Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam, Donald Payne and Cong. man Chris Smith.

    Thank you so much !!

    God bless you all !!

  35. | #35

    It is great ! thanks a lot for congersmen that they did this all efforts for ethiopians

    all ethiopians will never forgot all this days

    God bless you

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