Kinijit Leaders In Las vegas!

October 2nd, 2007 Print Print Email Email

lasvegas_small1.gifKinijit Leaders Arrived In Las Vegas! (more…)

lasvegas_small1.gifKinijit Leaders Arrived In Las Vegas!

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  1. gigi
    | #1

    we love our leaders who cares about the old man shawel?

  2. tezebt
    | #2

    we love our leaders we respect elders we support
    CUDP we trust our people.
    keep going.

  3. Abune
    | #3

    I dont get it
    Why we call this one party “KINJIT” memebers MEREWOCHACHEN?
    just a question

  4. | #4

    It is just an opinion
    The tour is good. but the delegates need to remember those who sacrify their life for “kinijit”. As every one knows you gave a priority to say thank you for those who support materially instead for those who died, wounded and beaten on the streets of addis and elsewhere in ethiopia. to be honest is there any one of you guys who said thank you at home for the people of ethiopia, who pray for your release,who visits you at kaliti prison? everyone knows what the answer will be. it seems that kinijit has two groups in the USA and ideas splitted, not the party. and now you are fighting with words. we, actually I do not really know why you are fighting. Is it for the power? for truth? for the money that collected from the diaspora? for what??? please every one come back to mind for the sake of Ethiopia. all you are enough old, educated and don’t need advice to realize this and what to do. think for that poor ethiopia.the tour will end soon and you will be back home, the emotional diaspora will remain here, no one goes after or with you. EPRDF spread its poison words about the situation that happened inside kinijit USA by using all its media for propoganda. keep in mind that how many of ethiopians have an access to technology (using internet or satelite TV) to know what is going on in the US. what will be your answer for all this? are you ready.

    the concerned, yohannes

  5. Assefa Kebede
    | #5

    The old leader not haveing the choice and sucess, coming back to lead, this maybe politics like usual. This must be a private adgenda not ethiopians’.

    People remember all you said, all you have done, all the issues you did not want to raise.

    The would be leader, think twice before you come back to 14th meeting. Your exit will be the best for you and yours …

    No one is allowed to play with the chances of all those ethiopians back home face. EXIT…

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