ANOTHER BLOW FOR THE TYRANT! – By Bekele Debela Woyecha, UK

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Peace loving Ethiopians all over the world have learnt the endorsement of HR 2003 by the US House of Representatives with heart felt happiness and enthusiasm while it has proved to be unpalatable truth for perpetrators, conspirators and blind supporters of the tyranny regime who dug every bit not to come to their senses and accept the reality. Ethiopians across the globe are especially thankful to Congressmen Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Tom Lantos, Congresswoman Nancy Pelocy and other co-sponsors for their unwavering dedication to bring the bill to this stage. This was a battle for justice. Of course as the saying goes, “Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere.” The work done has been more than challenging yet the result fruitful and tasty for millions of Ethiopians.

The day is by all means the most disastrous one for the tyranny regime of Meles Zenawi. The burden is now on this regime, which considers itself to be the source of all wisdom and intellect, to use the available window and act in the sense of urgency. It should take no time with its out dated pretensions and should prepare itself to learn from its past and present failures and act accordingly to put the bill into practice along with democratic opposition groups. Ethiopians are anxiously waiting for such an action so as to involve themselves in the development process of their beloved country and bring it out of poverty and stop the suffering of their fellow compatriots. It is up to the incumbent regime to learn from the blow and act without further wastage of time; or by delaying the implementation of the bill in one way or another, it will take additional responsibilities in addition to the atrocities it has committed so far. The tyranny regime should stop its addictions of pretensions and time buying and the thinking of its being the blood and vein of the Ethiopian people who have proved it wrong by denying their votes during the May 2005 election. It is high time to learn from the recurring changes of the contemporary world and become part of this fast moving world.

Ethiopia shall prevail!!!

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  1. Kibatu Telele
    | #1

    Congradulations to all Ethiopians! This is a tremendous acheivement indeed. Thanks to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia who rentlesly worked day and night to bring this bill to this stage.

    Remember, this is not the end. two more steps before it becomes a law: The US senate and the president.

  2. | #2

    It is good news for everybody,who love peace and democracy.However,the tyrant will turn his face to another world power,which doesn’t care about human right or true democracy-like China,Russia and Arab countries.I think we need to be ready to responed peacefully for those world powers if they become obstacl on our way to democracy.Thank you!

  3. Hadere Sefer
    | #3

    The butcher of Addis Abeba is even unacceptable for the butcher of Iraq!

  4. Yegonchaw Trit
    | #4

    The best News I had lately, Well-done to all those sincere Ethiopians who devote their time and effort with such sheer determination.

    The road ahead is still uphill and rocky but united we shall get there.
    If there is any ‘earthly’ justice and fairness in our world, our beloved nation has been waiting far too long and it is well deserved.

    In the meantime should not lose the site, keep on the fight and the struggle.

    Good bless Ethiopia.


  5. Hadere Sefer
    | #5

    Now Kinijit must prepear for the action of melese. By any means not all the delegetion should go back home all togather. It may be possible to jail those heroes again. Melese has now nothing to loose, He lost every thing after HR 2003!

  6. kasahun
    | #6

    what a piety are you our beloved and tyrant melese zenawee start to invade eritria to make a brake dance with USA bush administration in the name of terrorist shelter country and the bill will not go to the floor because eritria is one of the most wonted country for melse to dance like he dance in Somalia but i wonder after the invasion of Somalia he go to eritria then wear will he go he will not go until the America congress stop the HR2003 bill is dead

  7. kasahun
    | #7

    we shall ween by God not by USA faking polcy

  8. Netsanet
    | #8

    We would wait to see if Crime Minister Meles is going to accuse congress men Donald Payne and Chris Smith of genocide in Ethiopia

  9. nahome
    | #9


    1-Berhanu Nega
    2-Birtukan Mideksa
    3-Saman Zarifi
    4-Fowsia Abdulkadir

  10. nahome
  11. nahome
    | #11


    Partial List of Ogadeni Civilians Killed in Recent Operations

    by the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

    April 24, 2007: In addition to the Chinese oil workers and their Ethiopian guards, thirty civilians were killed in the attack on Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau oilfield:

    1. Mahad Ciise Aar

    2. Mohamed Nuur Nabad-diid

    3. Ahmed Mahdi Cabdi

    4. Mohamed Muhumed

    5. Mohamed C/laahi Faarax

    6. Nuur Cumar Xirsi

    7. Fadxi Dayib Muxed

    8. Asad Cabdi Raasin

    9. C/raxmaan Abiib Ibraahin

    10. Mohamed M Gaas Dimuqradi

    11. Mohamed Ahmed Nuur

    12. Xasan Jaamac Cabdi

    13. Mowliid Mux’ed Aadan

    14. Mowliid Kayd Muuse

    15. Iid Muhumed Nuux

    16. Dawlad Carabeey Ahmed

    17. Ina Aadan Muhumed

    18. C/laahi Cumar Hul-hul

    19. Cagewayne Muhumed Ahmed

    20. Ahmed Cabdi Xuseen

    21. Ahmed Xasan Madoobe

    22. Ahmed Dhagoole Yuusuf

    23. Jamaal Siyaad Furunle

    24. Xabiib Mohamoud

    25. Xasan Cumar Shiifoow

    26. Cabdi Mohamed Ciise

    27. Macalin Xasan Sh. Mohamed

    28. C/rashiid Qabri-Dahar

    29. Mohamed Yuusuf

    30. Ina Gaacuur Cali

    May 28, 2007: An ONLF grenade attack on a cultural gathering in Jijiga killed four middle school students:

    1. Ahmed Mohamed Aftaag

    2. Abdiwali Mohamed Tuluh

    3. Ahmed Mohamoud Bucul

    4. Leyla Sharif Hassan

    May 28, 2007: In a separate attack, fifty civilians were injured, including the regional president Abdullahi Hassan, and three artists were killed:

    1. Abdi Kaamil Awale

    2. Aw-Ganbad

    3. Kalid Nur

    July 1, 2007: An attack on the town of Dobaweyn in Korahey region left ten civilians dead, including two schoolteachers and a pregnant woman:

    1. Muhumed Abdi Dol

    2. Sigale Usman

    3. Dilif Mahamoud Usman

    4. Abdirahman Allele

    5. Aydid Gallery

    6. Abdulahi Abdisamad

    7. Mohamed Guled (Gamacur)

    8. Dubad Barkab

    9. Kabe Umar Un-un

    10. A young daughter of Sheikh Isman

    September 20, 2007: An attack on the town of Shilabo left five civilians dead:

    1. Duulane Guuleed Carab
    2. Aadan Mohamed Cashuur
    3. Kaamil Kaydsane Iishaar
    4. Saynab Ali Gurxan
    5. Duulane Ali Xagaa

    September 21, 2007: An ONLF-planted landmine near Aware in Dagahbour region exploded, killing three civilians traveling in automobile:

    1. Dayib Abaade

    2. Guled Abdi Dheeg

    3. Anab Hirsi-Jini

    September 25, 2007: An attack on another vehicle near El-Har, just outside of Kebridahare, destroyed the vehicle, killing two civilians:

    1. Dhadoon Abdullahi Nur

    2. Mohmaed Mohamoud Dahir

    September 27, 2007: An ONLF unit attacked district of Lahelow nearby the Ethiopia-Somalia border, targeting members of the Isma’il Gum’adle sub-clan, twelve of whom were slain:

    1. Jamaal Garaad Haashi
    2. Gooni Gaydh Muhamed Ereg
    3. Ali Nuur Mohamed
    4. Ahmed Atoobe
    5. Faarah Sahardiid Gabay
    6. Aadan Abdulaahi Diiriye
    7. Faarah Qawdhan Aadan Cade
    8. Carab Istabool Biihi (Guuleed Hagoog)
    9. Nadiir Ahmed Hirsi
    10. Awaale Ali Guray
    11. Abdirahman Carab Maxamed Guure
    12. Abdinuur Goofadhe Gasay

    Exhibit 1

    Leaders of the “Alliance for the Liberation of Somalia” Meeting in Eritrea (June 2007)

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