ANOTHER BLOW FOR THE TYRANT! – By Bekele Debela Woyecha, UK

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Peace loving Ethiopians all over the world have learnt the endorsement of HR 2003 by the US House of Representatives with heart felt happiness and enthusiasm while it has proved to be unpalatable truth for perpetrators, conspirators and blind supporters of the tyranny regime who dug every bit not to come to their senses and accept the reality. Ethiopians across the globe are especially thankful to Congressmen Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Tom Lantos, Congresswoman Nancy Pelocy and other co-sponsors for their unwavering dedication to bring the bill to this stage. This was a battle for justice. Of course as the saying goes, “Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere.” The work done has been more than challenging yet the result fruitful and tasty for millions of Ethiopians.

The day is by all means the most disastrous one for the tyranny regime of Meles Zenawi. The burden is now on this regime, which considers itself to be the source of all wisdom and intellect, to use the available window and act in the sense of urgency. It should take no time with its out dated pretensions and should prepare itself to learn from its past and present failures and act accordingly to put the bill into practice along with democratic opposition groups. Ethiopians are anxiously waiting for such an action so as to involve themselves in the development process of their beloved country and bring it out of poverty and stop the suffering of their fellow compatriots. It is up to the incumbent regime to learn from the blow and act without further wastage of time; or by delaying the implementation of the bill in one way or another, it will take additional responsibilities in addition to the atrocities it has committed so far. The tyranny regime should stop its addictions of pretensions and time buying and the thinking of its being the blood and vein of the Ethiopian people who have proved it wrong by denying their votes during the May 2005 election. It is high time to learn from the recurring changes of the contemporary world and become part of this fast moving world.

Ethiopia shall prevail!!!

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