Prof. Yacobe Halemariam

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VOA’s Alula Kebede interviews Prof. Yakob Hailemariam. (Must Listen)audio

  1. Assefa Kebede
    | #1

    The future democratic Ethiopia is Good for all ethiopians not only for some it will be for all ethiopians. There is no partial democracy i.e.
    for some or for few. With this in mind, let us all of us go forward

  2. Assefa Kebede
    | #2

    The future democratic Ethiopia is Good for all ethiopians, not only for
    some, it will be for all ethiopians. There is no partial democracy i.e.
    for some or for few. With this in mind, let us all of us go forward.

  3. Assefa Kebede
    | #3

    For all problems, prevention is better than cure. Åvoiding the damage is better than damage control. A single day is very important for all ethiopians back home.

    Why, we do not learn from the past. Good wish is not bad, but does not help to solve the problem.

    Knowingly contributing to the damage in not fair and histry will judge
    action is better mere wish for the issues at hand.

    It is a matter of time again good wish will not solve…….

  4. dinka
    | #4

    This is a wonderfull interview and the answer of Prof.Yacob is well balanced and parallel to HR2003 and the timing is excellent.
    HE talks about national reconciliation rather than holding grudges and retaliation, which in my view is a firm stand to the non violent struggle Kinijit has established from the start. So, please brothers and sisters let us focus like our leaders let us not get confused by some government web sites & supporters (Iga,Ethiopiafirst…) Mr Yacob said Kinjit is like a gold that got tasted with fire.KINIJIT IS ONE!KINIJIT SUPPORTERS BETTER WORK ON YOUR STRENGTH RATHER THAN WEAKNESS!LET US GET ONE STEP AHEAD THAN WOYANAY AND IT IS NOW!NOW!NOW.

  5. Addis
    | #5

    That’s is really a wonderful interview in this ‘hard’ time. We really proud of Dr Yacob for his excellent answer, despite the repeated question of the journalist in the current ‘division’.

    By the way, this is Alula’s(the ‘journalist’) second time when I notice him focusing too much on the current ‘division’ of CUD. The first one was when he interviewed V.Chair Birtukan Mideksa. He tried deliberately (in my view) to first convince interviwees to accept/not deny/ some fact and add on it too much exagerated/biased opinion of his, so that interviewees would get into his ‘trap’. I really started questioning his independence,of course he has worked for years at Radio Fana(former TPLF radio).

    Thanks again Dr Yacob for your best work under the circumstances.

  6. koki
    | #6

    It is good interview bravo doctere kinjit is not divididi by persenal

    | #7

    Come on!!! Alula !!! can’t you understand what this intelectual saying or do someone has to explain to you like your life long was copying the answer from your friends to get “C” on your exams

  8. Emebet
    | #8

    I am so embarassed with some Ethiopian journalist in US.What are your motives? You are responsible for causing confusion.Alula, you are nonesense.

  9. Samson
    | #9

    Alula I think there is no deifference ,there is only Personal Misunderstanding.
    As Jouranlist you do not have any ground to say there is a difference.any way he gave Calculated answer.
    Please Let us give them chance.They can solve
    there own Problem.They are grown up leader.
    Not only Diaspora elected them but the majuarity of Ethiopian Living back home.
    They are our Leader !!!!
    You may be amased that there is a difference
    b/n Meles & ABOY(Sebehat Nega).Is just Normal.
    Ich finde es scheisse dass so viel blabla.
    wir haben keine Ergebnis.Alles hänget an der lüft.

  10. michael
    | #10

    Herr Samson ,Ich sage das du muss eine von EPRDF sein,des halb ich wollte sagen das wir sind an der Erde .

  11. gigi
    | #11


  12. kendie
    | #12

    Excellent to the point answers by this Ethiopian own true son hop full leader.
    As you eloquently confirmed prof. Yacob KINJIT is an all Ethiopian peoples’ collective spirit, nobody have the power to dismantle this young but already monumental Party as KINIJIT.
    Well-said prof. Yacob this is really very comforting in this trying time. I hop the individuals within Kinijit who gave an alibi or exit to some left out opportunist to hurt the Kinijit’s chemistry, will learn quickly and come back to their sense and start repairing the damage even small and go to the rebuilding job immediately.


    Chapeau Prof. Yacob thank you very much

    God bless Ethiopia


  13. peace
    | #13

    Sehr geehrte commentator Michael,
    es sieht so aus als ob du ein Selbstgeschpräch führst. Mit deiner gebrochene deutsche Sprache kanns du nichts ausrichten. Ich schlage vor,daß du erst die deutsche Sprache beherschst und dann die Kommentare schreibst. Versprochen?

  14. yikerbelen
    | #14

    Most VOA reporters are working to fill full their big belly on an account of ethiopia’s ppl. they do not care about ethiopia and about it’s poor ppl.

  15. yikerbelen
    | #15

    ALULA KEBEDE, shame on you. you are repeating the same question like yegedele mamito. we know bderu adem and merchaew.

  16. | #16

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  17. mesfin
    | #17

    Hi brother Alula Kebede, Does MIMI SEBHATU has anything to do with this interview? Because that was exactly what she does before she run away and join the WOYANE`s army at home. She worked for WOYANE through VOA and finally when some people start noticing it she run away and WOYANE gave her the biggest medal in Ethiopia! Her own “free” media! Is that what is going on brother ALULA?

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