US targets Zenawi’s Regime for sanctions – BBC – slightly modified

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Samuel Assefa, Zenawi’s Puppet, called the bill “irresponsible” and said it would hamper efforts to improve things. (more…)

Samuel Assefa, Zenawi’s Puppet, called the bill “irresponsible” and said it would hamper efforts to improve things.

US congressmen are defending a bill threatening to impose sanctions on Ethiopian officials and stop military aid unless democratic reforms are made.

Legislator Donald Payne told the BBC the House of Representatives passed the bill “because there has been a serious problem with democracy in Ethiopia”.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to the US criticised the proposal saying it would “undermine regional stability”.

Ethiopia is the US’s strongest ally in the region in its “war on terror”.

The legislation now passes to the Senate for approval and can be vetoed by the president.

Correspondents say Ethiopia has come in for increased criticism over its human rights record since the violent crackdown on post poll protests in 2005; opposition leaders imprisoned as a consequence have subsequently been released.

And since Ethiopia’s went into Somalia last December to help the transitional government- a rebellion in its eastern Ogaden region which borders Somalia has escalated.

‘Correct wrongdoings’

The US representatives approved the Ethiopian Democracy and Accountability Act on Tuesday, which puts Ethiopian government officials at risk of being denied entry visas over human rights violations.

It also threatens to withhold military aid of at least $1.5m

Mr Payne said the bill was bipartisan and secured unanimous approval.

“It’s something that’s been discussed ever since the killing of civilians, gunned down in the streets of Addis [Ababa] almost two years ago,” the Democratic Congressman told the BBC’s Network Africa.

“There was a feeling that Ethiopia, being an ally of the United States, should have an opportunity to correct some of the wrongdoings, and that has not happened.

“Two years later people are still being imprisoned. There’s still problems in the Ogaden region. People are having food kept away from them. That’s why we finally said we need to move forward with it.”

Samuel Assefa, Zenawi’s Puppet, called the bill “irresponsible” and said it would hamper efforts to improve things.

“The legislation also would undermine regional stability in the Horn of Africa by jeopardising vital security cooperation between the United States and Ethiopia,” he said in a statement, Reuters news agency reports.

The BBC’s Elizabeth Blunt in Addis Ababa says as Ethiopia is such a strong ally of the US in the Horn of Africa, it is unlikely that President George Bush’s administratation will be sympathetic to the bill.

  1. weynedo
    | #1

    Abugida you guys are very creative the picture tells alot than the whole report.

    Good job Abugida.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Good job abugida for everything that you do. Keep it up: In other hand I have the following to say about Elias Kifle and his ER:

    Shame on Elias Kifle who is working his butt off to see Kinijit split. Well, that is not going to happen. Our leaders have the quality that brings our struggle to where it is right now. We are confident they will work out their differences in a civil manner. If you listen all the leaders, you would know that there is not that much of a problem among them. You can go a head and listen to Dr. Yakob’s interview the other day with VOA. The interview would settle any worry that any Kinijit supporter has about the current Kinijit issue. However, we still need to be careful about Elias Kifle and his ER. He is one son of a bitch that makes things to look worst and doesn’t hesitate to call our beloved leaders names. For long time he has been a catalyst for destruction of Kinijit. We should know that and we should not pay attention for a little man called Elias.

  3. get
    | #3

    Good job abugida for everything that you do. Keep it up

  4. AH
    | #4

    This bill for the Ethiopia is // to Iraq bill of pulling out troops or stay the course under the revisesed offensive of counter terrorism. Unlike that of the former the latter has a bipatisan support to overide a veto, with regards to human rights, democracy and accontability by the current regime, I presume.

  5. azeb
    | #5

    i once punched ertrean guy right on the nose and goddanm it felt so good.

  6. Jyigzaw
    | #6

    Just keep continue the good work.

  7. Besu
    | #7

    Samuel Assefa, Zenawi’s Puppet, called the bill “irresponsible” and said it would hamper efforts to improve things.

    You mean it would hamper your Ethnic policy that no country elsewhere ever used/uses to rule the country this way to destroy own country the way you do?
    You mean the kilil you used to divide the country by yourself terrorising and killing the people who opposing it and you don’t allow the people to live and work anywhere they like in the country would be hampered?

    You mean your policy of disintegrating Ethiopia while using the policy of including very small Ethnic groups learning, talking and working with own language that lead each and every ethnic groups to communicate with itself and the country gets nothing to communicate and unite her children would be hampered?

    You mean all key positions that are in the TPLF hands would be hampered?

    You mean your mistakes of the last 17 years would be corrected?

    O, mister Assefa,

    Why don’t you act according to your position they gave you to benefit them for leftover benefits. Don’t you feel shame and a little bite disrespected when you are serving those came from stony mountains and the Arab deserts attacking Ethiopia and Ethiopians while you and your similarities have grown at school learning to benefit the country while they acts as if are born to destroy her. Think about it.
    These are criminals that have deep hate and holding guns against Ethiopia for the last 32 years. It is their life. But your and many others life was not like this. You never hold guns to kill people. You never discussed and got assistance from the outside to affect Ethiopia as they did before reaching to Addis. These are just criminals before reaching Addis and criminals right now doing everything according to their benefits after holding power with gun. Don’t threat them as if they are some things with moral ground. They have lots of crimes on their shoulders.
    Do you remember how they looked like when they came? Can you see how they look now? All of them are multi millionaires. From where and how they got it? As usual with crime and from the poor Ethiopian people. You think you are in a bad position and we have to understand you? No, we all have the same right to our people. But we don’t want to serve the Ethiopian enemies for personal benefits as you do. Those hero Ethiopians killed, imprisoned and are suffering the day today life also have the same right to the country. But they choose to scarify for her while you are serving her enemies.
    Shame on you and your look like hodams.

  8. | #8

    Why hamper? Is he threatening the USA congress?Senate or the president himself?

  9. aserat
    | #9

    its good to see ethiopians working hard to improve the democracy in ethiopia. this is a historical moment for all ethiopians. HR 2003 was supported by every ethiopians who wants to see chainge. thoes idiots who doesnt not support the HR 2003 must be weyanes. now the bill has to go to the sentat if it pass then thats the end of the murrders dictator in addis. i wonder where he will go when the time comes for him to go? sudan no i dont think so. america, not even think about it, england he wont last a day the ethiopians there will rip him to shred. i think the only place this murrders dictator could go is eritrea. thats right wheather we know it or not the people of eritreans love meles more then they do their own leader. they might say bad things about meles in public however in private they worship this man like he is god. they are tight meles gave them indpendce, meles gave them the one and only ethiopian port (asseb) and now meles is going to give bademe. truest me no matter what happen between ethiopia and eritrea meles will give bademe to eritrea mark my word. its just a matter of time. what kind of idiot will say i “excep it in princliple” after the court gave bademe to ertirea.

    to ethiopians forget about bademe its gone we have lost it. come this november the the ruling will be official weather meles and is thugs likes it or not.

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