Seattle Welcomes Its Heroes!

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seattle_kinijt_leaders.gifSeattle, Birth Place Of EthioMedia, Raises $65,700. Second To DC So Far. Will LA Beat Seattle? Will LA Beat DC? (more…)

seattle_kinijt_leaders.gifSeattle, Birth Place Of EthioMedia, Raises $65,700. Second To DC So Far. Will LA Beat Seattle? Will LA Beat DC?

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  1. Sekokaw Beza
    | #1

    I am from Seattle too. I am so proud of seattle Ethiopians welcomming the heroes like this. If the chair man of CUD were there it was more beutiful. If you read this message please ask them what is the problem of CUD. If we like it or not it affect the strugle against the tyrany when our leaders divided for minor things. They pay enough sucrifies to gether i hope the Ethiopians need to see them together. don’t let them go easy they are elected by the peopple and they have to let us know the problem it self not saying it is individual thing not the organization problem. Rimember what prof. Al Marium speach on the Ethiopian Millenium in Seattle that “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL” The chair man is one individual but it has an impact finaly i can say UNITY IS ETHIOPIAN THING THAT OUR ENEMIES DON’T UNDERSTAN. The Woyane work tireless to divide the CUD please when you will be in the meeting room Rimember those who dided for the CUD principple, those who wonded for the spirit of kinijit and those who are in Woyanes jail don’t be blinded only by these leaders.

    I wish for the re united of Hailu Shawel and wish long live for those brave Ethiopians who are still in Woyanes Jail.

    God Bless Ethiopia.

  2. bekure yitna
    | #2

    Thank you Seattle for such a wonderfull job done

  3. S A
    | #3

    I am really disappointed by what’s going on around CUD. I think it is just completely shameful and nonsense drama. I have heard enough from both sides of the story it is just pointless to go around and blame each other. After all we all are heading towards one common goal. I mean come-on this is like one person vs. the rest of the party??- I am not here to say who is wrong and who is right but it seems obvious that there are some differences. I can’t tell you how different ideas or differences between people can be worked out because you are knowledgeable, experienced and brilliant individuals. Please taste yourselves and see if you honestly qualify to be our. If its so hard to compromise and consider with other idea and respect people’s opinion than I doubt you are ready to lead me and my people. Ignorance and inconsiderate should have no position in a place where people are fighting for democracy. If our leaders can’t meet these minor qualification than how in the world are they talking about democracy and human right??

  4. get
    | #4

    wonderfull job

  5. Abiy
    | #5

    For resolving differences, it takes both sides to make efforts. If one side says I am not coming and I don’t want any discussion, then there will be no solution. Hailu Showel et al has refused to come to the table. There is nothing you can do about it. They are eithier afraid of discussion due to lack of confidence or they have something to hide. If they are brave, they should come on in public and hammer out their differences. If not they are preaching what they don’t believe in. Why do I follow someone who does not lead by an example? Nobody should follow such a person. Nobody.



  6. The Real thing
    | #6

    The dust settles in, may be it is time that we ask the real question to a given party.

    CUD was built on the EPDRF’s arrogance and wrong doing; we admit we were mad and upset. So, we supported CUD.
    Now, it is time to ask the “real” question to any political party. What is their alternative? What is their strategy to bring economical empowerment? What is the strategy about ONLF, Somalia, Eritrea? What is the direction of CUD? Where is CUD going?
    We, the people of Ethiopia, would like to hear the “real” strategy. We would like to see if you bring a better solution to EPDRF’s leadership weakness and in what way?
    “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… no more!

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