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Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. | #1

    Hi Mengistu Ilove U Program Good Jop!Keep up Please But V+++++++++++

  2. weynedo
    | #2

    Mr mingsitu did nice commentry on ESFNA good job.

  3. ewnetu
    | #3

    ehm mengistu and all others i love your show and big time supporter but what i saw thise week show is very disterbing and sad and against jouralism , ESFNA fell to represent our people that is why when that lady who ever her name is was talking about the poletical prisoners when they cut off the mic NOW mr mengistu telling us its a mic problem shame on you we are not stupid mr mengistu ESFNA work weyane that is why they alwayis keep saying”KE POLETICA GELELITEGA” WHAT HELL THAT MEAN WHEN PEOPLE ARE DAYING THEY ARE GELELTEGA KKK NOW MR MENGISTU HIDING THE FACT THAT ESFNA keep shuting off when ever people talking about prisoners very shame very shame even ABEBE BELEW mentioned the prisoners name they shut the mic offf so who are thise people ? next you gonna tell us about ato mohamud ahmed how he loves his country and how he welcomed by diaspora shame shame

  4. | #4

    Ewnetu, you are one crazy Mehayim!!

  5. mitu
    | #5


  6. mitu
    | #6

    abogidawoch, betame new yemewadew zegejetachehon. negergen, yabhale mosica atabzu.setaweru degemo bezue gap ateseu after each word.

  7. | #7

    So what do you want them to play? Marilyn Manson??? This is an ethipian show we want to hear our own traditional music.Only masinko and kirar baby!! Thanks abogidha for your music selection. It’s perfect. Don’t listen to the comment of some confused ppl.

  8. ewnetu
    | #8

    mimi are you a wife of ESAFN spokes person zekaryas?ehmm i know its hurtt

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