In Minneapolis on a Thursday: If Some Truth be told about Kinjit Delegation’s Trip to see Eng. Hailu Shawel – By Neamin Zeleke

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Once again, let me reiterate that I am neither a supporter nor a member of Kinjit. (more…)

Once again, let me reiterate that I am neither a supporter nor a member of Kinjit. I would like to confess the following as a concerned Ethiopian. It is very sad and extremely disappointing to see the mediation efforts that are underway and the good will both on the part of Eng Hailu and the Kinjit delegation to reconcile their differences are being sabotaged by elements who have a very narrow agenda and who do not want these efforts a mediation and reconciliation to succeed. As I have argued previously, the problem in Kinjit does not stem from major political difference or fallout between the two groups as could be seen from all open information sources. Eng Hailu Shawel’s interview with German radio this past week attests to this fact , in sharp contrast to all those with their own hidden agenda and who want us to believe otherwise. By the way , it is interesting to note that all those web sites , including Kinjit.Org and others who have been fanning the flame, did not post the interview while those who wish the problem solved did so.

These same individuals–I am sure they exist on both sides of the divide–are obdurately pursuing their very narrow personal and/or group agenda. These individuals, as attested by the very disinformation they carried on, are bent on seeing Kinjit split. Thereby knowingly or inadvertently rendering the organization impotent, a broken pieces of its former self, rendering millions of Ethiopians who voted and still support Kinijit disillusioned, and leading to eternal bickering of would be factions of Kinjit instead of focusing on the national agenda and vision it has promised to the people of Ethiopia. The latest effort by Kinjit delegation that went to Minneapolis, Minnesota–thanks to the effort made by many genuine Ethiopians who want to see reconciliation–to visit the ailing Chairman of Kinjit, Eng Hailu, is very far from being a “political stunt” as sadly and unabashedly characterized by the statement posted on Knijit. Org.

Why make such a bold statement in a political affair that does not strictly concern me? As I said before, it is because I firmly believe that the losers from Kinjit’s split are going to be all of us, each and every Ethiopian–all those who genuinely want the struggle of the Ethiopian people for their fundamental rights, liberty and unity to succeed– regardless of our partisan and secondary political differences and affiliation. I have first hand information from Minnesota and from few of the elders who have been playing a mediating role regarding the ordeal the delegation had to go through.

After calling Mr. Anteneh Hailu –the youngest son of Eng Hailu and a person I know as high school classmate –right on arrival at the Airport in Twin cities, Minnesota, to let him know that they have arrived , the trio –Wrt Birtukan, Dr. Hailu Araya, and Ato Biruk– had to wait for more than three and half hours calling , again and again, a telephone number given to them by Anteneh to call. No one answering the other end for hour after hour. Even then, they were extremely patient calling the same number dozen times , waited and waiting for hours without getting something to eat, famished , going from place to place, block after block in the twin cities looking for the Hospital where Eng Hailu was staying as their contact person was unable to tell them the exact place until the 11th hour .

It was not until only twenty or so minutes left for them to go back to the Airport to catch a flight to Seattle, at long last, they were allowed to see and speak with Eng Hailu at a hotel instead of a hospital. When these sources in Minnesota told details of what happened and the decision of the three person Kinjit delegation not to say any word about the ordeal , one could not but feel sad and also admire the three individuals who went all the way to Minnesota for no other reason than pay a visit to their chairman and make peace as per the advise of the mediators who have been trying their level best to make the mediation effort succeed.

It is sobering to also note that throughout their short stay and brief meeting with Eng. Hailu all three showed the utmost respect , concern, and consideration for his heath condition. This was well observed by our first hand sources despite the fact that were made to go through such a sad situation as if it was the time of the Feudal era where one has to wait for hours for the noble or aristocrat to do the eji mensat and the dej Tinat that goes with it. The incident in Minnesota and the misinformation purveyed to the general public by says much about those who orchestrated this sort of sad and shameful act .

Such short sighted behavior and petty intrigue by divisive elements with extremely narrow agenda have become an integral part of the the inter party and intra party conflicts and contradictions. These elements do not give an iota of consideration for Ethiopia, the struggle, and the organization under whose banner, hundreds our people were massacred, tens of thousands imprisoned, and many disappeared throughout Ethiopia.

Once again, the “Kermo Tija” and distractive characters abound in our politics,. They are derailing and impeding us from finally and ultimately focusing on our national agenda. They are derailing the struggle, they are hampering efforts at mediation within organizations like Kinjit. They are sabotaging efforts to bring about unison and/or solidarity among all patriotic and democratic forces in the opposition camp in order to once and for all succeed in our quest to bring about a united and democratic Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.

All genuine and patriotic Ethiopians should put pressure and advise such elements that are derailing and impeding mediation and reconciliation between the two parties.

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