In Minneapolis on a Thursday: If Some Truth be told about Kinjit Delegation’s Trip to see Eng. Hailu Shawel – By Neamin Zeleke

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Once again, let me reiterate that I am neither a supporter nor a member of Kinjit. (more…)

Once again, let me reiterate that I am neither a supporter nor a member of Kinjit. I would like to confess the following as a concerned Ethiopian. It is very sad and extremely disappointing to see the mediation efforts that are underway and the good will both on the part of Eng Hailu and the Kinjit delegation to reconcile their differences are being sabotaged by elements who have a very narrow agenda and who do not want these efforts a mediation and reconciliation to succeed. As I have argued previously, the problem in Kinjit does not stem from major political difference or fallout between the two groups as could be seen from all open information sources. Eng Hailu Shawel’s interview with German radio this past week attests to this fact , in sharp contrast to all those with their own hidden agenda and who want us to believe otherwise. By the way , it is interesting to note that all those web sites , including Kinjit.Org and others who have been fanning the flame, did not post the interview while those who wish the problem solved did so.

These same individuals–I am sure they exist on both sides of the divide–are obdurately pursuing their very narrow personal and/or group agenda. These individuals, as attested by the very disinformation they carried on, are bent on seeing Kinjit split. Thereby knowingly or inadvertently rendering the organization impotent, a broken pieces of its former self, rendering millions of Ethiopians who voted and still support Kinijit disillusioned, and leading to eternal bickering of would be factions of Kinjit instead of focusing on the national agenda and vision it has promised to the people of Ethiopia. The latest effort by Kinjit delegation that went to Minneapolis, Minnesota–thanks to the effort made by many genuine Ethiopians who want to see reconciliation–to visit the ailing Chairman of Kinjit, Eng Hailu, is very far from being a “political stunt” as sadly and unabashedly characterized by the statement posted on Knijit. Org.

Why make such a bold statement in a political affair that does not strictly concern me? As I said before, it is because I firmly believe that the losers from Kinjit’s split are going to be all of us, each and every Ethiopian–all those who genuinely want the struggle of the Ethiopian people for their fundamental rights, liberty and unity to succeed– regardless of our partisan and secondary political differences and affiliation. I have first hand information from Minnesota and from few of the elders who have been playing a mediating role regarding the ordeal the delegation had to go through.

After calling Mr. Anteneh Hailu –the youngest son of Eng Hailu and a person I know as high school classmate –right on arrival at the Airport in Twin cities, Minnesota, to let him know that they have arrived , the trio –Wrt Birtukan, Dr. Hailu Araya, and Ato Biruk– had to wait for more than three and half hours calling , again and again, a telephone number given to them by Anteneh to call. No one answering the other end for hour after hour. Even then, they were extremely patient calling the same number dozen times , waited and waiting for hours without getting something to eat, famished , going from place to place, block after block in the twin cities looking for the Hospital where Eng Hailu was staying as their contact person was unable to tell them the exact place until the 11th hour .

It was not until only twenty or so minutes left for them to go back to the Airport to catch a flight to Seattle, at long last, they were allowed to see and speak with Eng Hailu at a hotel instead of a hospital. When these sources in Minnesota told details of what happened and the decision of the three person Kinjit delegation not to say any word about the ordeal , one could not but feel sad and also admire the three individuals who went all the way to Minnesota for no other reason than pay a visit to their chairman and make peace as per the advise of the mediators who have been trying their level best to make the mediation effort succeed.

It is sobering to also note that throughout their short stay and brief meeting with Eng. Hailu all three showed the utmost respect , concern, and consideration for his heath condition. This was well observed by our first hand sources despite the fact that were made to go through such a sad situation as if it was the time of the Feudal era where one has to wait for hours for the noble or aristocrat to do the eji mensat and the dej Tinat that goes with it. The incident in Minnesota and the misinformation purveyed to the general public by says much about those who orchestrated this sort of sad and shameful act .

Such short sighted behavior and petty intrigue by divisive elements with extremely narrow agenda have become an integral part of the the inter party and intra party conflicts and contradictions. These elements do not give an iota of consideration for Ethiopia, the struggle, and the organization under whose banner, hundreds our people were massacred, tens of thousands imprisoned, and many disappeared throughout Ethiopia.

Once again, the “Kermo Tija” and distractive characters abound in our politics,. They are derailing and impeding us from finally and ultimately focusing on our national agenda. They are derailing the struggle, they are hampering efforts at mediation within organizations like Kinjit. They are sabotaging efforts to bring about unison and/or solidarity among all patriotic and democratic forces in the opposition camp in order to once and for all succeed in our quest to bring about a united and democratic Ethiopia for all Ethiopians.

All genuine and patriotic Ethiopians should put pressure and advise such elements that are derailing and impeding mediation and reconciliation between the two parties.

  1. Buticho
    | #1

    I wonder why, even when Eng. Hailu Shawel expreses conciliatory tone in his interviews, the media people are hell bent to present an image of Kinijit at the verge of a split. I don’t understand why, they don’t even give the natural process of reconciliation to take its course, rather than meddling in. It looks like they have something to lose from the reconciliation.

  2. | #2

    PLEASE delegation and eng.HAILU
    PLEASE unite to fight woyane .please ethiopia
    people are very very starved no food no water
    no jobs no peace you know please if you “kekeledachu be ethgiopia hezebe,God will give you “hateyate” enna “mekera”
    so please unit “atasafrun” woyane and 80% tigrie people laugh with us
    but mostly amara people will eradicate in the
    meles police !!!!!!!!!

  3. Curious
    | #3

    Engineer Hailu was a consultant for many years and involved in commercial marketing. He does not seem the type to insist on Feudal practices. This whole is episode is strange. I wonder how much he knows about the circumstances.

  4. Daniel Gobezu
    | #4

    To all EPRP & KIC stupids.

    I extend my condolence to Iyasu Alemayehu,merchaw,mesfin mekonene,taye and followers with a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE. Seattle proved that there is not place for anti Ethiopian moron in the name of KEYSI or EPRP.

  5. Mussa Ghedi
    | #5

    I find very difficult to understand why the CUD leadership have decided to fight out thier differences abroad instead of at home. True one could not underestimate the financial and moral support the diaspora has afforded CUD but the true supporters, symphatisers as well as the electorate that decide who to throw thier ballot papers to remain the Ethiopians at home. If CUD wants to keep the democratic immage many Ethiopians associated with it, the leadership should have sorted out their differences be it temporary or ireconcilable political difference at home. They should remain answerable to the Ethiopians in Ethiopia that support them not directly to the diaspora. Inspite of all the sacrifices they had endured during the last eighteen or so months and the dedication which no one abroad had the right to question, the leadership is putting dought in many minds about their political accumen in the long term. If these highly educated individuals who gave up their personal profession to undertake the mommoth task of democratisation process in Ethiopia, sadely, should not have indicated that their alliance is crumbling even before they start the long journey. I do not know whether EPRDF has given CUD the death blow it has been advocating and I could not accept that a mature and competent political body would be spin doctored or manouvered by its symphatisers. If that is the case the CUD leadership is proving EPRDF right. A political organisation that could not sustain itself through thick and thin is not worth its electorates vote of confidence and the leadership should now look inwards in their organasational set up and clear the confusion once and for all.

    Allah Bless

  6. Hadere Sefer
    | #6

    This will a last chance for the old man.
    Now or never.
    Enough is enough and it is 12:00 for you.
    You what does it mean.
    Don’t play with the poors.

  7. abc-hahu
    | #7

    Neamin Zeleke,
    Your article is leaning to one side and your negative criticism becomes for the other side.
    First of all, what is the achievement of the 5persons delegation so far (other than confusion, division & hatred)?

    You better absorb the advise of Mussa Ghedi’s (October 7th, 2007 at 1:57 am) comment if you really mean what you mentioned as your wish.


  8. abc-hahu
    | #8

    Neamin Zeleke,
    Your article is leaning to one side and your negative criticism becomes obvious for the other side.
    First of all, what is the achievement of the 5persons delegation so far (other than confusion, division & hatred)?

    You better absorb the advise of Mussa Ghedi’s (October 7th, 2007 at 1:57 am) comment if you really mean what you mentioned as your wish.


  9. Hosahina
    | #9

    Crazy Neamin Zeleke said, “Once again, let me reiterate that I am neither a supporter nor a member of Kinjit.”

    You, crazy and childish. What are doing here if you are not supporting? Is it to oppose? Primitive Animal.
    You are in a wrong place where mentaly healty people are living doing teh right thing at teh right time and place.

    Go to hell to feel at home there.

  10. Utuubo
    | #10

    The Shaleka Yoseph group and the Aigates are now lamenting on the “vocal diaspora”, just like Woyane was lamenting after the 2005 election, that Kinijit’s support comes only from a few cities like Addis Ababa, as if the citizens in the cities are not representatives of the Ethiopian people in general, as all the residents of Addis Ababa come from all parts of the contry. Similarly, the majority of the Ethiopian diaspora, who are behind the G5 Kinjit group, represent the wish of the majority of the Ethiopian people at home.

    The Shaleka Yoesph group are adviced to heed to the voice of the majority, that is the essence of democracy. The Shaleka group is a wicked minortiy, hell bent to destroy the dream of Ethiopians for freedom.

    I am not just emotionally responding based on what I read from the internet. I have witnessed, how a bunch of people, the Shalka Yoseph group are, when I went by mitake to attend a dinner night organized by them in Maryland recently. There were about six of us, who were there by mistake, and returned when we saw Dr. Taye, and Shaleka Admassu at the reception. There were about 40 people altogether, and wondered how big they look like when they post their venomous articles in the websites. They are just a bunch and cruced group.

  11. HOPe
    | #11

    Hailu Shawel was a cabinet minister during the brutal Red Terror era under Mengistu Hailemariam. He particapated in the killing of tens of thousands of innocent young Ethiopians.


  12. fox
    | #12

    hailu shawel is the person who had the power to settle everything.unfortunately he does not seem to have a good influence around him.while the people were anxious about the whole fiasco to get solved he did not demonstrate a strong leadership and put the party in place.he had been giving interviews to select paltalks and radiohosts that are contradictory .and his faction supporters seem to have feudalistic and if it does not include us it is not good enough attitude. if hailu can not stand up above the influence and show a strong leadership he will end up as one of his disgruntled and feudalistic supporters.unfortunately kinjit which had been a source of hope for millions might not live upto the expectation simply because of selfish petty infighting of the same people who claim to be the sole guardian of the kinijit movemant .

  13. Benberu
    | #13

    This is to abc-hahu specifically to Hoshino

    Truth is ONE Let this truth be told even if it fumes or itches U when it does so Ur personality will reveal like this what a WICKED U r to insult some one.

    Neamin I admire U and ur out look just ignore those… because one should expect honey from BEE not from Fly.

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    I am now totally convinced that the Shaleka group is working on someone’s behalf to politically destroy Ato Hailu himself. They have isolated him from friends and political colleagues and are pushing him to make incomrehensible moves. Kinijit will survive all this, but it would be sad for this true Ethiopian hero to end up being reduced to pettiness and utter destructive impulses.

  15. Gbocho
    | #15

    utuubo wrote:
    “the majority of the Ethiopian diaspora, who are behind the G5 Kinjit group, represent the wish of the majority of the Ethiopian people at home”

    If what you wrote is right, Ethiopia would have been totaly disintegrated!!!

  16. sahlu
    | #16

    I am fed up, like a lot of my compatriots who are subjected to this childish saga, something you do not expect from grown ups. I am ashamed of Engineer Hailu, for his childish behaviour. He is showing us over and over again that he is behind time, not fit for the challenges of the day. He deserves to be left where he is, and Ethiopian needs to move on with those that can lead. Ethiopia needs true leaders, with maturity, and cutting-edge political savy that can be a good example to the coming generation. The leader has to be someone who strifes for what’s best for Ethiopia, with or without the current regime. I am sorry, I do not see that in Engineer Hailu.

  17. Gerchi
    | #17

    The BBB group finally makes out that without Ato Hailu kinijit is Dead!! It is a good starting point to find a solution! In fact, when they go back home Eng. Hailu is indispensable for solidifying kinijit’s popularity!! Who knows Dr. Birhanu out of Addis Abeba and wolkité???

  18. Muleta A.
    | #18

    I now clearly understand that the ShaleQa group is killing both His Excellency Eng. Hailu and the hope of Ethiopian mass, Kinijit. Please it is hi time to save both.

    The shaleQa faction along with his are bought by Woyane. All their dids really manifest this reality.

    I am so sorry to see thm turning out to be enemies within.
    May God save the Party from these serious foe.

  19. Kemal Tufa
    | #19

    Ato Zeamin has a good understading of what is happening. Taye wants to live on our shoulder. If Hailu join the kinjit delegates, Crazy Taye understands that he is going to work in the parking lot with his useless EPRP members.

    Therefore he wants to pull down Hailu Shawel to his level. Worada!

  20. Assefa Powell
    | #20

    Most ethiopians are saying to most of the meetings being conducted,
    TELL US THE TRUTH about the organization, then and only then you can get our mind and our heart, and what you want “the money”

    By doing so, we shall follow you and you can get the most of what you need. Those who can give most, think most and do most. That is why they can do most.

    Most BIG guys know what they and when they do, they really mean it.
    Good Luck

    | #21

    I saw many of you are fighting to show whose agenda or group is trust worthy toward Ethiopians. Except the harsh words you exchange your tireless trial is astonishing. It is expected from all of us to work hard on finding the truth. That shows our honest struggle for the real democracy and liberation. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition of vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than you. Each of you should look not only to your interests, but also to the interest of others.” PHI 2;3-4 Like most of you guys said it already if not today when it will be to mediate the difference and bring it to the light all upheavals? If it is not here in US or Europe where will it be convenient to discuss all without the TPLF scrutiny?

  22. jegnaw
    | #22

    this is my comment what ethiopian ppl know about this what the poll said.the answer is ppl ethiopian is gose with majorities which is hailu you are in a wind dont work hard .

  23. Tayitu
    | #23

    The best political analysis on the current Kinijt problem! Don’t Miss it!

  24. addis
    | #24


    take that weyane crap to the aigawood crowd. Why would anyone spend their valuable time reading reporter, walta, ena etc.

  25. AleQa Bru
    | #25


    If you think the article in the ethiopianReporter website is THE BEST POLITICAL ANLALYSIS, then I think you are

    1. Anti Kinijit like the writer of that article
    2. A moron/foolish/gibiz who does not know the works of anti-Kinijit elements

    open your eyes…

  26. satenaw
    | #26

    Neamin Zeleke: there is nothing good come out of this guys. In my part I never ever expect. I would like to correct you on one small but important error! THERE IS NO KINIGIT.ORG but KINIGIT.COM THEY ARE TRING TO CONFFUSE US. I is after you clic it.

  27. Chaltu D. U.
    | #27

    First and fore most when is Neamine Zeleke stop meddling everywhere, at one time he was a Mehin Supporter, created chaos, he then joined EPRP and was one of their major trumpet then he was promoting UEDF then all of a sudden was supporting and hanging around the Patriotic front now he is meddling agian with Kinijit. Ato Neamine you might have good intentions but you are in chaos yourself you do not seem to know where you should be therefore I honestly feel you should sit this one out for yourself and decency.

    To the Ato Haderea’s your stupidity knows no bounds and you are proving it day by day. You are a thug who does not know what is what for you to open your mouth and write what you have written shows the kind of rotten eggs that Ethiopia does not want to see once again cheap liars and scums.

    To my other sisters and brothers I say search for the truth stop think read and find the truth before jumping up and down. The truth is only when you go in deeper and beyond the fanfare, question everything try to find the truth for yourself and do not allow others to persuade you then only will you see the games being played. Ethiopians have been played upon
    many times in the last 40years let it not happen again. Check the people who are players their contributions and who they are and what they have done then judge. Peace be with you in your search Let us not be fooled by SPIN

  28. | #28

    Be-Ethiopia Amelak please speak the TRUTH!!
    after we heard from Ayalensh Chaneyalew{North America Kinijit vis. Cherman} on her own words, that Dr. Brahnu friends are willing to work with LEDETU { KEHADI} THEN HERE IS BERTUKAN TELLING US, THERE ARE ONLY 100 POLTICAL {ESREGNOCH}, SAD SAD SAD….IF THIS IS NOT KILLING OUR PEOPLE OVER AND OVER, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL. SO, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THIS LIE.

  29. | #29

    please speak the truth for Ethiopia.
    did u hear what Ayalensh Chaneyalew said, working with Ledetu? and what Bertukan said about haveing one 100 ESREGNOCH? WHAT DO U THINK OF THIS LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE, SAD STORY .

  30. Tadege Belhu
    | #30

    There is a saying that goes like this: Ya betew yifenda! (let happen what ever may happen). I belong to none of the two groups except speaking for truth. The Berhanu Group is the real emeny of Kinijit. He and hia allys are taking advantage of the imaturity being exhibited by the vice president. Berahnu is riding them like horses. Except fot a rhetoric with no substance in it, all he says is full of none sense. Eng. Hailu is a man of integrity; not compromising on the Ethiopian thirst for Democracy. Ledetu and Berhanu are one and the same. They will have no place in Ethiopia what ever the end resutlt may be.

  31. Taffa
    | #31

    It seems that the BBB Group can not operate with out Hailu. What the G5 Group did was a confusion. They become bees with out their Queen. They were propagating collective leadership with out a Leader. It was a sense less speech and a futile exercise to topple Hailu. The scheme did not work out. Hailu will lead the chairmanship at least for the coming 23 months.By all standards He is a man to lead a Nation let alone these petty craps.
    At any rate I sympthize Bertukan for her inexperience. She is sandwitched and become a parrot in between.

    Both KIC and KIL are GANGSTERS. Both are fighting each other but are in effect killing Kinijit. They both are working for WOYANNE because they are playing the card of killing Kinijit by highjacking the Leaders. EPRP is also there fanning the flame of distengration because EPRP would smash any group that doesnot accept its leadership.Every struggle according to the EPRP MANIFESTO has to be EPRP centered, otherwis it is bound to fail and attacked by EPRP.
    Hence, EPRP is doing its sinster task of destroying KINIJIT via KIC and KIL. Time will tell who are the REAL enemies of the people.

    I pray that Hailu would address the situation sooner.I was happy when they were released but dismayed now.

  32. Benberu
    | #32

    Enante Alubaltegne wendoche!

    lewendnetuma alhoneum suriyachu
    ye bertukanen kemis mokerut lebesachu
    alubaleta kereto wenaye beisetachu
    ware atamesue metadne tedachu
    neger setegageru endaymeshebachu
    qe setwa anbesa temaru ebaqachu.

  33. Annonymous
    | #33

    To all

    There is no “his excellency” or things like that. Excellent is who listens to peers and works his way up through good and bad days TOGETHER. Ato Hailu is a great leader who’ve showed wonderful leadership. A once great leader doesn’t necessarily has to be a leader forever. Mind you that Robert Mugabe and his group was what freed Zimbabwe from colonialism. But that doesn’t make him the only person to lead the country forever. He’s done his part when needed the most. Now it’s up the others to take it to the next level considering the more recent situations and interests of the nation. The same thing works with Mr. Hailu, he’s done his part when needed and we should praise him for that. I really don’t think he’s the best person to lead this party as of now and the future. The whole fiasco has shown the failure of the leader. The leader was meant to reach out to his delegates and not the other way around. That’s the whole idea of being a leader, keeping the group together with integrity. When the leader happens to be the source of all disintegrations, then that’s a problem. Mind you that there’s no body to blame here, not Dr. Taye or others. Mr. Hailu isn’t a child that can be fulled by other individuals like Dr. Taye.

    Dr. Taye has his own personal issue. This is what’s wrong with people who’ve never seen failure. They believe that they can never be wrong and they require their prestige. When CUD asked for KIC and KIL to dissolve themselves saying “no” is totally not democratic. Dr. Taye has always been a leader and can’t take orders or decissions made by others easily. That’s when you have two captains in a boat, they both wanna do it their own ways. The procedure of dissolving KIC and KIL probably was wrong, but it was up to CUD leaders to make the calls. Considering the situations, they should’ve dissolved them both and give them life back so they can correct the mistakes again. But making sure the party’s orders be followed comes first. I don’t believe that Dr. Taye wants the failure of Ethiopia or CUD. But I also believe that he’s more concerned more about his personal grudge with EPRDF and his thirst to be a leader than the well being of our country or CUD. Everyone should listen to his interview to see how a bureaucrat he is talking about himself. I believe that he’s done a lot of good for our country, at least he’s tried. But his ideology is based on the situation following the Feudalist leadership way back then. He definitely knows the ins and outs of Ethiopian politics. He knows how to target his opponents and how the whole system works. He’s more like the kings during “Zemene Mesafint”. But that’s exactly not what our country needs right now. But since Mr Hailu has went through the same time as Dr. Taye, he’s most likely to listen to his influence. It’s not Dr. Taye’s fault that Mr. Hailu listened to him. He’s not the one voted for by Ethiopians, he’s infact not voted for at all. Not in Ethiopia and not in North America.

    Now I suggest that Mr. Hailu join the party as he still is the leader. It’s not up to the delegation to take his presidency away and they never have tried. It’s the people who voted for him that should and will replace his presidency away. With all the great appreciation for what he’s done for CUD and Ethiopia, he shall pass the leadership to others. He’s a great son of Ethiopia and should be remembered for his great contribution to the movement.

    | #34

    Dear Aleqa Beru, when you respond to Taitu I learn saying “can’t you see that is Anti- Kinijit’s work” this about the article on the reporter. please explain it why you say that please. Just to learn. To be honest as of me I realy like it. It shows me the right track of the going. It is true and trust worthy. If that is because it is from the reporter, that I don’t know i can’t say much about it. please share me just to get the lesson. I don’t want to make the mistake.
    I thank you very much.

  35. mebrate M
    | #35

    Long live Eng Hailu!Long live Dr.Berhanu!Long live Major Yoseph!Long live Judge Bertukan!Long live Ato Iyassu Alemayehu! Long live Dr.Hailu Araya!Long live Dr.Taye W/S! Long live Ato Andargachew! Long live Prof.Yakob!Long live Prof.Mesfin!
    The spirit of Kinjit transcends any difference! The spirit of Kinjit is Truth! The spirit of Kinijit shall triumph!

    For us the people who yearn for the rule of law, freedom and democracy, this is the year of our victory!

    For you, petty,lonely and paranoid dictator,this is your annus horribilis!

    HR 2003 is a bad omen for you!

  36. Ensermu
    | #36

    Ato Hailu Shawel’s interview with Tensae Radio was very revealing as to his ability to lead CUD today or in the future. My observation is similar to the one above, he is all about Ato Hailu’s ego….. I was not invited, I was sick etc … well I wish him well as far as his health is concerned BUT let those who are healthy and able take over the leadership – When he is sick he has to delegate the Presidency to the Vice President – they can’t sit and wait for him – that is the abc of democratic organization.

    Listening to him was so frustrating – he is simply bent on destroying the rising stars of leaders like Berhanu and Birtukan no matter what – it felt like Lidetu all over again – so in my honest opinion the collective leadership of Berhanu, Birtukan,Eyoel, Gezachew, Hailu Araya etc are better off without him. The love and respect shown to our democratic leaders by the diaspora is a testimoney as to what Ethiopians want.

    I don’t even want to go very far but Ato Hailu Shawel’s ego trip goes back to his years in Wonji-Ethiopia, Shell-Ethiopia, Minister of Dergue, and his role in the “All Amara Party”. It is all over again – old habits never leave you.

    Again I call upon all democratic forces to support CUD and the forward looking leaders of tomorrow’s united and democratic Ethiopia.

    I for one listened to Dr Berhanu Nega’s speech in Virginia, W/t Birtukan’s speech in Boston (the humility) and see a promising bright future for our country.

    Long Live CUD and AFD!!!

  37. | #37

    Go back to Ethiopia and solve the Problem there, Cud leaders are here for money and loosing their credentials out in Ethiopia.

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