Birtukan MinTargish

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    For those of you who did not understand the meanning of this Poes please listen to the interview first. It is such a nice response to W/ro Nigest Gebrehiwot who were against the elected learder of Kingit. Nigest could have said something better without undermining her status of becoming a member of Laelay Mikir Bet. BELEFELEFU BE_AAF YITEFU. Please remain silent. ZIM BALE AAF ZINB AYIGEBAMINA. I hope you get your lesson the hard way. It is enough for you for the day. If not I will come and get you again. Understand!?

  2. yeselechew
    | #2

    I wish we ethiopian spend our time in a more productive manner than continuously picking on each other. All these educated people, if we use our brian and time constructively ,we could have been somewhere in life.

    No wonder we remain as the world poorest country with all these educated people. No wonder we have leaders as the one we have, because they know that we don’t do anything as united people except ” medenfat”

  3. dawit
    | #3

    thank you alemu your poem is perfect for those damn but i don’t think they understand if they it doesn’t take my entire age to do that so they are perfect always for” hamete”

  4. yt
    | #4

    I am sure the person who wrote this poem is from ghetto. I was ashamed to read insulting the MP, who was elected by the Ethiopian people. People have a different opinion or vision for that they shouldn’t be insulted. When you are insulting this lady, you are also insulting the people who are voted for her. Please grow-up. We don’t want to see another dictator in Ethiopia. Our brothers and sister who have been killed on the street of Addis and other cities were straggling to over through the dictator. Please refrain from slandering people. It helps only EPRDF not for the poor Ethiopian people. Please note the lady is not mehayem.

  5. mertolemarim
    | #5

    Hi yt- did you hear her interview. She may not be “mehayim”, but she sounds like one. She also sounds like a scorn woman. With all due respect, she did not act as an MP. “hoo, ere ene min awkalhu, min shilmat yasfelegale, endew kinjetne lemekefafle klehone, hohoho, ene min awkalehu” read the quote in a scorned female voice. But listen to her interview first.

    As like you, I am sick and tired, be erse be erse telefa. But, I do not think you have heard any negative interviews from Dr. Birhanu, W/t Burtukan, Dr. Hailu or the North American delegation with the exception of Eng. Hailu. Tsigure sinteka ketefelege – I can go and analyze each interview of Eng. and pick out the good and the bad. The negative will so out weigh, mizanu zeche sil yisemal. But than u can do that too. Enough is Enough.

  6. Aba Kuncho
    | #6

    I just voted this poem …Poem of the Millenium

    thank you very much!!!

  7. getachew
    | #7

    Thank you very much for this marvelous poem.It sends clear message for the truble maker and devider.

  8. Sekokaw Beza
    | #8

    un belivable people plese stop insulting the elected leaders elected by millions of Ethiopians. We don’t know Who rated this poem maybe the enemy.
    not may be for sure, they are they don’t need these leaders reconsile their differences and work together because there will be millions of people behind them not a machine gun. let give advise for the CUD leaders to slow down for a while and work on their differences we belive they can solve their differences if we give them time. It is shame for us that we said our heroes yesterday and we insult them to day when there is a minor problem in between them. All these elected leaders can solve not only their problem but also i am sure these is a party can solve our country problem. the only thing we have to do is not to blame any of the group and have a side which is a benefit for woyane and i can take these poem or any article came to insult one group and it looks to support the other must be from those who like to divide the CUD. Both Birtukan and Hailu said Kinijit is one we solve our proble when we return to home so why we interfeer to divide these heroes. One kinijt one Ethiopia Birtukan and negist are one loret Alemu Alo Tessasatu or Chekolu to divide our leaders. You tried how to write but try on the other topic it doesn’t work this time. Let our lord bless Ethiopia.

  9. Borenticha
    | #9

    I saw this poem just after seeing the meeting that was organized by Ato Hilu Shawel in DC on october 14, 2007. As Ethiopian I really ashemed and embarassed of ato bedru adem and w/ro nigist speech. It clearly shows how these people are out of logic and incapable of talking about the party’s policies and future direction. they talk only about indivivduals in a manner that reflect their bad nurture and arrogant behaviour. so the poem clearly mentioned w/o nigist poor personality and her evil jellousness aganist W/t Birtukan Mideksa.

  10. were
    | #10

    ppl please be well mannered… is nonesense to write and post such kind of insulting on websites.because it has no any constructive impact to the leaders, just fans the flame …please please don’t be rude

  11. Ayelech
    | #11

    Dear Borentecha, you are really Borentecha, lekakami, how could you write about jelousness, that is shame, it shows us that you have very poor personality than Nigist and also the writer of that poem.

  12. ayalew
    | #12

    This is timely and well noticed poem of current situation of these irresponsible and selfish people,, I don’t think that they are going to be constructive anymore. so they need to be told

  13. myhiwot
    | #13

    Thank you Alex, I have no words for your quick timely pome, you said it well. This lady must have seen a doctor, she is in high stage of disphoria. It is shame to pose our heroin in public.

    God save us from those devils.

  14. Washeraw
    | #14

    Listening to Nigst GH was one of the most disgusting experiences I had!! How can anybody explain her complaint about the “Shilmat” for Brtukan when, in fact, Hailu Shawl himself said in an interview that such events are the only mechanism CUD has to meet its supporters in the absence of a certificate of registration?

    What is the similarity or difference between this lady and Bereket? Both are in politics for money; but Bereket is a more articulate advocate of his party’s position.

    Thank God, we now know who this woman is.

    The poem is more than a fitting description of her character.

  15. WOYANE
    | #15

    Hey Guys,

    Still you didnot solved your crises.please,come and join the EPDRF Camp and you will think about development and peace not about political crises,

    Woyane from 4killo

  16. Kassa
    | #16

    Dear Madams and Sirs at Abugida:
    What were you thinking when you posted this poem? I read it twice and couldn’t understand it. So I have to jump to the comment part_from exprience I have learned that there are peple who can tell us about such hidden messages. I’m not talking about some professors from Harvad…I’m talking about those who run after your mistakes and use it for their evil goals. So popped up Ewnetu Lenager’s post(Ewnetu Lenager may not be those evils..but another naive Ethiopian Politician. I’m sorry! I have no choice…I’m less cruel than him and spared him….).
    Someone may make a lot of noise about freedom of speech. For two reasons I would like you to stop posting such posts: 1. If someone wants to challenge ohters opinion he/she should put points of argument as possible as clear. The major objective of comment/s is to bring to others attention our views and our outlooks and to make corrections or amendments or what ever is beneficial to the given audience and others.
    2.Posts those containing insults or inapropriate words, defame others…
    We are tired of such people.

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