Kinijit Leaders arrived in Germany ! – EthioGermany, Frankfurt, Germany

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Kinijit European Delegation has arrived in Germany from Switzerland. Headed by Ato Mistre Haile Selassie and escorted by Europe Council Tour Bus. (more…)

Kinijit European Delegation has arrived in Germany from Switzerland. Headed by Ato Mistre Haile Selassie and escorted by Europe Council Tour Bus.

They drove over 450 Km through the heart of Europe to Germany. After they arrived near the outskits of Frankfurt, large numbers of militant and joyful Ethiopians have made car chains to escort them from about 50 KM on German Highway to the center of Frankfurt. All cars have waived Ethiopian flags with Kinijit stickers on their cars as they moved to the podium where many hundreds of Ethiopians have been waiting to salute the long awaited leaders. Many people have emphasized that this has been a very spectacular and Heroes welcome that no other Ethiopian leader received in the last 30 years. Some people said, it looked like a Wedding. Many German citizens gathered wondering what was going on and German news broadcast has transmitted the speech and music ceremony from Frankfurt. Dr. Yacob and and Ato Muluneh Iyuel have thanks for the very warm welcome and reaffirmed that Eng. Hailu is the leader of Kinijit and there is no any major rift within the CUDP. Ato Samuel Gugsa (Organizing committee chairman) and Dr, Assefa Nesbu ( KSGG Chairman) have made speeches including clear statements about the solidarty of Ethiopains in Germany with Kinijit movement. After the ceremony in the city, invited guests and kinijit supporters headed to a dinner party outside Frankfurt which included a documentary Movie of the laat 2 years struggle as organized by KSGG (Kinijt support Group Germany). The leaders were able to witness what Ethiopians have done during the last 2 years to get Ethiopian people’s voices be heard and to get them released. Videos from Demonstrations in Strassbourg, Berlin, Brussels and Frankfurt were the most moving among others.

Itnerary in Germany:
Oct. 8-10, 2007 travel to Berlin to meet with German Govt. Officials.
KSGG has organized a meeting wth Dr. Walter Steimeyer, Foreign Minister of Germany in Berlin as well as Parlamentarians.
Oct. 11: Visit to German Radio Station in Bonn
Oct. 12: Visit of industrialized zones in Germany
Oct. 13: Big Public Meeting and Fund Raising in Frankfurt including delicious Ethiopian Food, Music etc..
Oct. 14: Expected visit to Munich
Oct. 16: Return to Frankfurt.

  1. | #1

    Good Job and Joy for Democracy

  2. t-boogie
    | #2

    Way to go kinijit! i can feel the victory in the air. Any kind of division among the leaders is not accepted by any Ethiopians!

  3. | #3

    dear ENG.hailu shawel(mandela)
    please don’t go with dr.taye (mafeya) and shalka(meles zenaw) please keep your proud
    if you are out of kinijit deligator immidetely
    you make your proud down belive me so please
    i know with kenijit no big problem the problem is simple but woyane “sera) so please hailu keep be together as privouse if you have basic
    problem among disscuse togther let us know
    the problem then we will also discide which is right but now you only talking with tensae
    and another media this is not good as my opionion instead i am not expected such from
    you so please becarful when you talk unless
    evry body make you down belive me like ledetu.
    discusion is away!! you know when i heard this partition i am sorry even i know i thoght when ethiopia will get agood leader ?
    so please eng.hailu please i beg you by GOD !!
    please unit unless i have question with you !!!

  4. yikerbelen
    | #4

    eng hailu needs a saver from political death. otherwise the so called ” if i die .grass would not grow” politician taye has decided to let down eng hailu as he did him self by associating himself with EPRP AND be an agent of EPRP to dismantle kinijit in diaspora. but that will be his dry dream

  5. Maruta
    | #5

    The above two posters mainly Yikerbelen,

    You are rubbish. You have no idea what is going on inside Kinijit because of few short sight individuals.

    Respected Hailue shawel is a true and trust worthy Ethiopia. His party had 365 offices in the country including in Tigry before the 2005 election. He believes only in Ethiopianism, no more no less. Listen Ethiolion radio testimony by prominent kinijit members including Tadeyos Tantu.
    You will know the truth who is who from inside rather than being a victim to ER(a shabian web site).
    Dr. Taye was jailed by woyane for 6 years/ why? I leave the answer to you all.
    B.Nega came to Ethiopia after agreeing to implement the woyane Education system and Ethnic policy. He filled the position was hold by one of the 40 expelled professors by woyane including Prof and hero Asrat Weldeyes (killed by woyane). B. Medkessa has no any political experience and wide knowledge about the country except releasing some accused with bail. As we can heard on the Ethiolion radio her testimony in congress answering “there are only about 100 political prisoners in Ethiopia today”, shows how she is a little child fit only to miss election not political activities. B.Nega was sitting clos to her when she said so, and he didn’t correct her at all. This is good news to woyane knowing them how they are weak and careless about they doing.
    I myself am from the South and true Ethiopian. Guragees are the worst victims to the woyane Ethnic and kilil policy. The Guragees are the hard working people in Ethiopia. But since woyane came they are not allowed to work up to their ability moving all over the country to work and live there. What we are feeling from Nega secret political plan is that he is pro Ethnic policy.
    Is he going to administrate the Guragees dividing them with 7 bets? He has no idea what is inside the Guragee ethnic groups. 99.9% Guragee people have the feeling of Ethiopianism not Ethnicisim as he is trying to make politic here. After all who is he? He knows nothing about the guragee people. He can stay in Addis or in foreign country where he knows much about. For these reasons, he has to stop acting as a Guragee representative that no one elected/selected him to represent only Guragees this way. The Guragees are 7 bets and we don’t want someone to divide us. He belongs to the one not the 7 bets. Ethiopia is uniting us with ourselves and with the rest of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopia is our Ethiopianism and Ethnicisim.

    Andargachew? hemmm. What I have to say about him? I leave it to those are victimised and hurt by him in may ways.

    The point I ‘m making here is that Kinijit means Ato Hailue shawel nothing else. The Ethiopian people know his position. Those you call them B. Nega and Birtukan are the products of 2005 election. They became to this point because of Hailue shawels party. I think they are liabilities now and they will be even worst than Lidetu did. And I advice and support Hailue and his mass supporters to reject these less than 10 in numbers so called Kinijit members from the party and shape the party without them. I’m sure woyane also secretly will like to work with Hailue shewels party knowing they are up to Ethiopianism matching the Ethiopians new idea in new millennium.

    Kinijit with out B. Nega and his Miss must continue. To know more Listen a radio program by Ethiolion from prominent Kinijit members in Ethiopia.

  6. nahome
    | #6

    Addis Ababa, October 10, 2007 (WIC) – Embassy of the United States in Ethiopia on Tuesday said that Ethiopia is a country that has been improving on human rights and democratization.
    A spokesperson of the embassy told ENA that the Ethiopian government has been strengthening positive measures aimed at ensuring human rights.

    The spokesperson said the government has recently pardoned and released 71 opposition leaders.

    The spokesperson said, however, the H.R.2003 bill will hamper the objectives in fostering positive developments in Ethiopia and harms bilateral relationships between the two countries rather than promoting democracy and human rights.

    The US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi E. Frazer recently told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate that the human right protection and the democratization process in Ethiopia is encouraging .

    However, Frazer previously expressed her concern that the H.R.2003 bill does not support the on-going constructive activities in the country.

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