Anteneh fights back – Response to Neamin Zeleke’s Personal Views – By Anteneh Hailu

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Although it is true that Neamin Zeleke and I were classmates over fifteen years ago we have met only once in person, and spoken twice over the phone since then. (more…)

Although it is true that Neamin Zeleke and I were classmates over fifteen years ago we have met only once in person, and spoken twice over the phone since then.

With all due respect what I write on this paper does not constitute personal or group agendas, rather an interest in the quest for the one truth and the facts that are associated with it. Since, I believe Mr. Zeleke has mentioned my name (Anteneh Hailu) in a distorted manner in an article posted on, I have decided to comment on certain facets of his article.

I am quite astounded by the comments he has made in his article of October 6, 2007. Be it rhetoric or analysis, the conclusions were inaccurate and need more research. Therefore, let us examine the statements he has used to prove his hypothetical views:

Neamen said; “After calling Mr. Anteneh Hailu (the youngest son of Eng Hailu and a person I know as a high school classmate) upon arrival at the airport in Twin cities, Minnesota, to let him know that they have arrived, the trio-Wrt. Birtukan, Dr. Hailu Araya, and Ato Biruk- had to wait for more than three and half hours calling, again and again, a telephone number given to them by Anteneh to call”.

Mr. Zeleke is distorting reliable information. Acknowledging me as a classmate is correct, however, he could have used a different sentence to mention our acquaintance. His statement suggests that he talked to me over the phone, when he did not. To make the distortive statement clear, I did not carry on a conversation with Neamin Zeleke over the phone about the arrival date and details of the trios. His story is not derived from my side. I talked to Mr.Aklog Limeneh. Why does he distort Mr. Aklog’s name if he knew about the phone call? Consequently, he mentions that the trio, the Kinijit delegation members, had to wait for more than three and half hours calling the phone number I furnished to them. Does Neamin know why the Kinijit delegation waited for hours? I found out about the arrival of the kinijit delegations to Minneapolis only after they arrived. I did not have prior information that they were coming to see Chairman Hailu Shawel on Thursday afternoon. My father would have informed me to assist them in meeting him. In short, the delegation trio did not confirm their appointments with the mediating individuals. In which professional world does Neamin see people meeting people without arranging proper appointments ahead of time? Not only do professionals need to confirm, they ought to reconfirm their schedules, especially on a meeting that demands an airplane flight. What I gather now is that there was a talk between the Chairman and all mediating individuals to invite the delegation to Minnesota on Thursday. Apparently, the efforts failed, because it was not consistent with the Chairman’s hospital appointment changes. Hence, all mediating individuals were notified about the improbability of meeting Engineer Hailu on Thursday. The announcement went out Wednesday that he was available to meet the delegation on Friday, but not Thursday. To the trio, I did all I could in helping them find the chairman even when I was 45 minutes away from the hospital location. That evening, the chairman met the trio after a long tiresome day of hospital visits (from 7AM- 5PM) and tried to accommodate them in the hotel on his behalf. I believe their arrival was more like a “ Dub Eda”. Regardless, he requested that they stay till Friday (the next day) to have longer dialogues. I believe they should have stayed if they believed the dialogues were important enough. Instead, they left quickly to the airport. Last but not least in Neamins statement, I am not the youngest son of Engineer Hailu Shawel.

Neamin writes, “It is sobering to also note that throughout their short stay and brief meeting with Engineer Hailu, all three showed the utmost respect, concern, and consideration for his health condition. This was well observed by our first hand sources despite the fact that were made to go through such a sad situation as if it was the time of the Feudal era where one has to wait for hours for the noble or aristocrat to do the “eji Mensat” and the “dej Tinat” that goes with it. The incident in Minnesota and the misinformation purveyed to the general public by says much about those who orchestrated this sort of sad and shameful act”.

I believe Neamen at this point of his article may have reached a conclusion from the information gathered by his sources in Minnesota. He documents that the trio delegates showed utmost respect, concern, and consideration for his health condition. Was Neamin present in the room? Where did he get the story from? Does it make it confidential when what happens in the room needs to stay with the Kinijit leaders? The matter within Kinijit should be resolved by its members.

Furthermore, the gentleman inserts his views on how difficult it is to get to the Chairman in a manner which I believe is prejudicial – the same way few of our so called young professionals interpret the older generations of Ethiopians – using discriminatory remarks about age or portraying them as if they were remnants of the feudal and “Derg” system. Is there a motive for this? This is an absurd view – purely propaganda that usually emanates from groups that brainwash the young generation in order to divide our people. It seems that Neamin strongly reserves the ideology. It is not a reality! For Neamin’s information, people have to make proper schedules to meet important individuals such as the Chairman of Kinijit, any other leader, or even a manager of a small business etc, because they are busy individuals. If people do not have timetables for such individuals, then they will end up not meeting them or hanging out by their offices wasting their own time. Besides, no one was asked to do the “eji Mensat” or the “dej Tenat” to meet Hailu Shawel, if that is what Neamin is referring to. If people want to bow, it is their perogative. For the sake of civilization, people do not need to hear these kinds of culturally biased statements. It is our culture – be proud of it!!! “Eji Mensat” will not stop our people from becoming democratic. Japanese people, for instance, bow down as a sign of respect and still run one of the most respected democratic systems around the globe. I suggest Neamin stops fanning the elements that possibly form discriminatory propaganda we all stand against in the modern world. Be it race, ethnicity, gender, or age – they are all and equally discriminative by nature and are uncivilized. Finally, I suggest no one including Neamin Zeleke becomes a referee or even a linesman for Kinijit’s internal affairs, particularly without sufficient information. Our society in general needs to stop making public commentaries by stating a portion of the whole or without gathering complete evidential documents. For the sake of poor Ethiopians, the Diaspora should stop playing “ Enka Selamtas” or creating “Alubaltas”.

Anteneh Hailu

  1. samson
    | #1

    well said. If he has brain, he will get it. If not, leave him, he is a brainless.

  2. yikerbelen
    | #2

    mr Anteneh shawul. eng hailu shawul has done alot of things to our poor ppl and our ancient country by his profession and even in politics, but now this great ethiopiawi needs somebody who can save him political sucide. we do not like to see kinijit’s chairman will be treated by our ppl at home as the ppl did with lidetu ayalewu because of his betrayal or dishonesty towards our ppl. Evrybody respects eng hailu not only as a leader of kinijit but alsoas a father of the nation. mr ANTENEH, remeber when eng hailu was in jail and when he was sick , every body ran from one corner to another corner to collect petition for him. AT the end we have got any chance even to see him.So it is up our leaders’ sons and wife to save eng hailu and the popular party kinijit from un necessary mouth fighting. it is better if respected eng hailu stops giving any interview everyhwere.

  3. washeraw
    | #3


    You didn’t make any point in this message. You describe a hypothetical situation about “busy individuals” who need to plan their meetings ahead of time, blah, blah. Hailu Shawel and the others sat in the same horrible place for 21 months; they went through that hell together!!! Hence, they should be closer than the closest friends. What is the need for all of this formality?

    We admire your father’s coourage and want him to remain a symbol of integrity for the coming generations. Please help him retain that status.

  4. Benberu
    | #4

    The naked truth is that Anteneh should save his father from political suicide on time. Ethiopians’ have no time initiation or appetite to serve another monarchy.

  5. dildil
    | #5

    Prince Anteneh,

    What the hell are you talking about! Shame On You!! This is not a family business but an Ethiopian one. You should not even involve in this. Let your father speak for himself. Ask him also not to disgrace himself by complaining like a child …”They did not come to the airport”, “they did not call me” and so on. Gimme a break!
    Ask him not to act like a two year old. We want a matured leader, not a leader yet to mature.
    Even my two year old understands that a leader should not act this way. I was a staunch supporter of your father until he disgraced himself vilifying Bertukan, Dr. Berhanu and so no …..
    We do not want a leader who talks rumors. I believe he has been hypnotized by the “Shaleqa Group”. Instead of complaining, Just tell your daddy to chill! ( I guess this is the statement you understand.)

  6. Hadere Sefer
    | #6

    So brothers!

    A cried as I heard that he had eye sickness in Kaliti.
    This is a very sad history again made by feudal shaleqa hailu.
    This guy is showing us his true face.

    – He is against Woyane but does not understand kinijits rule.
    – He like to lead in undemocratic way.
    – He tries to put the whole delegation as a laier.
    – The fly to him and he can not change his doctor appiontment.
    – He give a reason that he sick when ever it is critical.

    – this guy lost any support
    – if he sick and old, it is time to go
    – Ethiopian have a lot of experience to be cheeted by this arrogant person.

    Now whether he stay or go, it does not matter.

    The delegation must execlude this guy soon. It is time to take action since every ethiopian knows the truth.

  7. fox
    | #7

    slowly but surely what we dreaded and advised to be avoided start happening.hailu shawel did not show a strong leadership recently. first he wrote a letter saying a delegation is coming.later he said it is a mistake to come in a hurry bla bla.he himself came later with no clear intention. did he come to lead the delegation or for medical care? if he is sick and can’t lead the delegation he should give his blessing for the other delegation to do the job.unfortunately he does not have good advisers who should tell him what to do. he has become a puppet of shady feudalistic group who tell him they are his “kibur zebegna” and he can do whatever he want. he is fast loosing his respect and admiration from his party supporters because of his recent attitude. ato anteneh you should advise him to be a leader and don’t give us this feudal attitude

  8. | #8

    My father used to say “Yihonal bilo kemenager, Ayhonim bilo zim malet. ”
    Mr. Neamin is no diffrent than those stirring the little things that don’t make any sense at all, Please, Cud will have their meetings, debates, internal fights etc…even solve their problems and diffrences when they reach in Addis, I know it’s income,business or opportunity for a lot of low lifes, You want to make a diffrence Go down to Ethiopia and face reality like Hailu or Berhanu. The enemy now is the diaspora especialy the ones in DC.

  9. Alonso – Toronto
    | #9

    The writer /Anteneh/ has been faning the dispute in the leadership of CUD long before the leaders were released. I heared him insulting individuals, name calling, and even at one time denouncing the VOA. It looks to me that he feels like he is ‘ALGAWORASH’. Hey, keep away from telling us about the future of CUD, you are like anybody else when it comes to making remarks regarding or destiny. My respect to your dad has been erroded long ago, and I don’t expect any good from you. Kinijit belongs to the people and it will remain in the hands of its people;
    The people shall win.

    | #10

    Prince Aneteneh, Are you still playing karate, I remember that of you doing long ago.

    Do you mind to ask your dad what kind of deal he made with EPRP. You and me do not know much about it, except the books we read belive me, but EPRP has done enough at every aspect but know they have to stay out of the game at least for a while.
    Give us a hint for the sake of poor Ethiopian People, that will help the majority the we the Ethiopian will makes you the real Prince!

  11. sara
    | #11

    Leul anteneh—
    you and your daddy should simply shut up. don’t you know that you are making a fool of yourselves here. it is correct that you have been fanning the same propaganda even while your father was in kality. why don’t you understand that the poor ethiopians don’t have the time and appetite for parasites such as yourself and shaleka group. go some where else to establish yourselves as feudals and dictators.
    Long Live Kinijit!!!

  12. demoz
    | #12


    I used to be one of your classmates. Then, Brother Joseph used to say, you would never grow up to be a good citizen noting your stupidity. I did not agree with him then. Now, I believe he is right. You’re not too smart to be involved in politics. My advise to you is – “Just Shut Up” Let the politicians do the talking.

  13. Akalu
    | #13

    Quote “people have to make proper schedules to meet important individuals such as the Chairman of Kinijit”
    Mr Anteneh,
    You guys are hilarious. Look your daddy is not the President of the United States. He is trying to regroup a party that has been disbanded in the most impoverished country in the world. He sacrificed almost 2 years in prison and shouldn’t have a problem to resolve issues with no buts and ifs. Always remember Kinijit is not Shawel consulting or Nega business group.

  14. | #14

    Eng Hilu expressed his attitude on VOA yesterday .According to my conculision he denied kinjet.Do not spent time in begging to join the kinjet deligates .If he believes in kinjet he shouldn’t be asked he himself should join them. But he gives priority to those who do not contrbute to kinjet prinicple.The poeple accept the kinjet leaders only and only they struggle for the principle of kinjet .

  15. | #15

    I am not a member of EPRP or any political party for that matter. But EPRP is the oldest and most experienced party. Any party that came in the Ethiopian political scene is a product of EPRP. It sickens me to see some of you who are anti-eprp and down right vulgar. Asadagi yebedelew.
    Instead of your hula baloo, let Neamin Zelleke rebute to what Anteneh said.

  16. debalkie
    | #16

    EPRP – how can i explain it? I’ll take you frame by frame it …”E” is for “Egoistic”, “P” is for “Patronizing” , “R” is for “Rogue”, the other “P” is “Pontificating”.

    Gara Beru,
    EPRP is the oldest, you forgot also to mention it is the most arrogant, idiotic and old fashioned. You are a decade behind in your way of thinking. It seems you missed couple of decades politics.

  17. Maria Tadesee
    | #17

    C’mon Anteneh,

    Do you expect us to believe that the Kinijit Leaders flew from Las Vegas to Miineapolis on a whim? Why do you guys around HS lie all the time. You guys knew the delegates were supposed
    to be in Seattle on Friday Oct 5th and there is no way they could stay over. Now that I know
    those idiots in the Seattle Chapter were involved according to your father, the whole thing was orchestrated to sabotage the Seattle
    event, but it turned out to be a smashing success.

    Anteneh practice what you preach. If you had any respect for our culture you would not have
    insulted KIL leaders like Ato Berhane, Ato Andargachew and Dr. Moges on that trash Andenet Radio. That was so low!!!

    You and your family should protect your father first. Surrounding him with the likes of Yosef, Admasse, Taye and the butler Asefa Deres
    is the worst mistake you guys have done. All they do is feed garbage and then he goes out on
    all these bogus radio programs to contradict himself endlessly. It is really a shame. Why is his wife and his children letting these idiots take advantage of him? When are you guys going to say enough we are not going to let our father be used like this. Is your loyalty to embezzlers like Yosef and Mogus or is your father involved in the corruption and you are trying to protect him???? He is losing his credibility fast, save him. If you don’t, all his sacrifice and contribution will go down the drain.

  18. I Love Ethiopia
    | #18

    I wish if you didn’t respond to Neamin. Actually now it shows how stupid you are. We know how you were acting during the split of the two groups. I don’t think any one would be surprised for what you did in Minnesota. Remember regardless of how loud you bark we now you and you are just one Ethiopian who expressed himself. You are currently expressing your self very well. That was the reason I said you should have reserved from responding to Neamin letter. We all know you very well. And if you want to do good thing for Ethiopia please close your mouth and get lost.

  19. Emebet
    | #19

    yemetrebia lej mezelefia.Anteneh,If i were you I would talk to my Dad and straighten his problem.
    Why did you have to write what you wrote? You didn’t have any supporting idea for what you wanted to say.He said you were his school mate or class mate you accept that.What’s the point?You are self important just like your Dad.Ethiopians don’t tolerate people like your Dad any more.Learned from the old mistakes.

  20. Trunesh
    | #20

    Hello you all, true Ethiopians,

    99.9% anti Ethiopian elements are in Diaspora campaigning against the true Ethiopian leaders. As B.Nega clearly said his position with OLF and ONLF, these hopeless Diaspora groups are serving the shabia, OLF and ONLF interest. But the brave H.shawel party supporters are among civilised Diasporas and back home the Ethiopian people. The B.Groups has no foundation at home at all and they are anti Ethiopian elements supporting Ethnicism while they are anti Ethiopianism.

    The reason why you see these days they crying and poisoning in the Internet is that because of they are feeling the heat. They know, the kind of kinijit they are looking to destroy Ethiopia under B.Nega is gone.
    I advice the true and wise Ethiopians to ignore the hooligans Internet sites such as evil ER working for shabia, OLF and ONLF. Concentrate on your thing. The bass to the people struggle is at home. These few hopeless Diasporas cry will end in vain. They are the failed groups with infected brain and less human ability.

    Do your thing and ignore them. But the B. group will be responsible about what is going on here. Their anti Ethiopian so called supporters are doing this mess with their knowledge and they seems are happy about.
    Shabia plan will not be materialised by such these individuals.

  21. Goitom
    | #21

    After listening to Hailu Shawel’s gibberish interview(voa) and reading antenehe’s article,i came to this conclusion-LIKE FATHER,LIKE SON.

  22. O!anteneh
    | #22

    Please anteneh,

    You do not seem to understand what your classmate wrote and what you yourself qoute under your second paragraph. It does not say that he called you, rather it points that you were called by the arriving trio. You have perhaps more schooling to do than your old classmate, who was, I believe trying to be friendly when mentioning his aquaintance with you, while you make a strong point of the distance between you two.

  23. Demissie Dubbe
    | #23

    The crisis within Kinjit is the product of kinjit.Some of you political scums want to drag the EPRP and Dr;Taye into it.Dr.taye joined just recently but CUD was in fighting before that.So, get your house in order properly.respect the leaders and seek good solution and stop insulting elders.I think Neamin and Anteneh can handle their diferencestoo.So, yeirgo zinbotch, get off.

  24. | #24

    I think Mr.Antenhe,got enough explanation about the all over situation,by now he should have started of saving his dad from the ditry trap of EPRP and othre community outcastes.the Ethiopian people Democracy will never stop and wait Mr. Hailu which really started humilating himself by supporting unelected elements. save you dady first and start talking about Ethiopian culture for the sake of “poor” GOD SAVE Ethiopia!

  25. Ethiopiawitua
    | #25

    Woyane is just playing football ……..they must be very happy people now, that is what they need and that is what they do …..their rule is to divide and conequer.whatever is happening bettewen us let us resolve it and work towards the interest of Ethipia……Why is everyone on the leader anyway? Do you truly know what is going on? Before we judje i think it is better to analyse first…..Yehonale belo kemenager ayehoneme belo zeme malete yeshalale…..we all have to work for the interest of ethiopia, and i beleive the kinijit leaders will resolve their diffrence soon and talk about the problem, To my understanding the Leader Hailu shawel have made such big sacrification, he left his home and his property for the poor ethipian peoples, just like Berehanu Nega and Beretucan….all of you who write to judje this should respect the fact that he has made some sacrifications, and even if he has made a mistake he should be adviced not insulted… my fellow people who just sit on the ineternet to read have not seen what the leaders and the rest of the kinjit leaders have seen so better zeme belo analyse marege……..Enedene even if Leader Hailu shawel needs to be stepped down from his leadership, then it should be done through meetings and discussions to the people of ethipian interest, before you judje my fellow freinds have you known what the diffrence bettewen these people is????????? do you know for sure? I beleive time will tell……i can go on forever so iw ill stop here by sayng, You are a hero hailu shawel…..and rest of kinijit leaders you have sacrificed for ethipia ……..I beleive kinijit will win,,,,,,,but it is best if we all are aware with woyane Tenekole, Remember divide and conqure….we win when we are one not when we fight, Kinijit and ethipian people will win……….

    Don’t let woyane win this time……..enough is enough wake up my fellow freinds……..and smell the coffeee……

    Long life to kinijit and Kebere to the true Ethipian Leader Hailu Shawel

  26. Goraw
    | #26

    Mr.Prince! In this statement of yours,you are not fighting back,instead you are showing your ignorance,incompetency and stupidity. From what I know you,your Queen Mother,and Aunt are playing a major role in “trying” to devide the popular movement of KINIJIT and the Ethiopian people.Do you at least understand the Ethiopian people voted for Enginer Hailu Shawel,but NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gorawaweeeeeee
    | #27

    Ene yemelewe why are we having personal fights? This is tera…..Let us all concentrate on us being one…..Leave Antenehe alone, i suppose he has got some point….even if i can’t say it is all right beacuse i was not there……Have you got a complex or something people? Hooooooo…….Leave the leader alone, he is well respected person who sacrificed for the life of ethipians when he could have lived like a king, he left his warm house and choose to be in jail now leave his son and him out of this and concentrate on how we can let Ethipian Grow, how can we feed hungry ones, how can we beat wayane and construct Democracy?

    Kinijit yashenefale, Ethiopian Ande Tehonalechi…….

  28. Mr Anteneh
    | #28

    Mr Anteneh,

    Please read the sentence ten times. Mr Neamin wrote that the Guests (the trio) called you several times. In the sentence nothing showed that Neamin himself called you or talked you. Why should he call you? You are simply ditorting the topic. By the way there is no comparision between you and your father. As you once mentioned in Washington DC Plaza Square “Enginer Hailu always speaks truth and fights for truth.” That is a witness from other people too. As you are now the closest person to your father, you are simply blocking the discussion between Enginer Hailu and the Delegates. While I have a great respect to Enginer Hailu, I have a thumbs down to people against the struggle for democracy and freedom. If Enginer Hailu sits down with the delegates, he will be angry on all actions you committed.


  29. Ere sema Yagere sewe uuuuuu
    | #29

    why are we going on and on about some silly sentence antenehe said or Neami said, can we discuss about something elese like constructive thing… we can solve the problem, how we can minimise our diffrence and defend our common enemy, is everyone blind enedewe yedenekale? Woyane is playing his tricks all he wants is to humilate and embarasse the kinijit leaders, he did thins through Leader Hailu, He then moves to the others slowly…we have been blind for more than a decade and i think this is enough…instead of us wasting time writting this nonsense “Wore” and “Alubaleta”…y don’t we talk how we can attack woyane, how we can grow ethipia? Ere wegene semaghe……

    Respect to Leader Hailu, Beretucan and Berehanu Nega and all the rest of kinijit leaders……….

    CUD yashenefale…………….
    God bless

  30. Mathias
    | #30

    Mr.Anteneh…I just don’t like u talk about the comrads of your father and the true leaders of Ethiopian people. If u really love and respect your father, you would actually tell him the truth and get him back to the path truth outline for him, but you are instead fanning and infact being part of the people who are destroying his political career…you won’t notice that until the time comes when Ethiopians start avoiding Engineer Hailu…it’s so sad, at some point, I thought your father was someone whose principles that I will die for…now he has become the enemy within!! The struggle continues whether it’s your father or anyone else who becomes irrlevant as time goes on!!

  31. Makeda………
    | #31

    I don’t understand why people are hurrying up to judje and avoid Leader Hailu Shawel who has paid such a great sacrification for us? If we all are patient, time will tell which is better and which is not……..whatever it is for the time being, weleta alebene …of these people……..they have been in the cold rooms just for us while we slept on our warm house and comfi bed….y y y………Leave Leader Hailu Shawel alone!

    Kinijit yashenefale……..

  32. belayneh tegegne
    | #32

    I have been waiting for this aportunity to tell what i personaly know and will testify to that ato niamin zeleke is one the people who is involved in the smear campain of INGINER HAILU .I remember personaly when you snatch the flier from the young gays who passinging to the crowd that says ingneer hailu is coming to D.C. You disgaise yourself as nutral but we know who you are.

  33. Bado
    | #33

    Sumalew, Are bakehe Zemmmmmm Bel.

  34. amir
    | #34

    your higness prince anteneh,

    if i were you i would write a disclaimer stating that some one used your name without your knowledge in responding to neamin’s blog. what a beating you got. it is demoralizing and i was emabarassed for you.i hope you wont pick up a pen and a paper for a long long time. but if you do ,please,dont bore us with “chairman” this “chairman” that garbage when your write about your can call him atse,dagmawi girmawi ,emperor etc. because the word chairman reminds me of the dergue era in which your dad is longin for. you guys are dellusional(you and your dad) and keep on fantasyzing. please , stop your fantasy about dergue or north Korea and instead dream about atse time.
    one last thing, long before the release of the prisoners including “koratu meriyachon”, you were insulting ato berhane mewa, dr moges and ato andargachew.these ppl have the utmost respect to your father and have not said anything negative about him. and why did you have to insult them ? i am not accusing you yet, are you also part of the corruption ring ?

  35. Kemal Tufa
    | #35


    First cut your hair. As I saw you at the demonstration in DC two years ago, you look like a ghost.

    Second of all it does not look that you wrote this arrognant Feudalistic dictatorial comment. All those Feurdal dictatorials including Getachew Haile might have been involved.

    Last, you may salivate but you cannot be “Alga-Worash.” Surrender with your father who thinks that all the rest of the kinijit leaders are his slaves, who should accept whatever he said. Time is up do it now!

  36. Weye complex
    | #36

    I don’t understand y people have to interupt with people’s private life, who should care how Antenehe made his hair, It is too personal, …..second as to me he had some point and should not be this much focused on the one letter he wrote……..go and get a life……

    kinijit yashenefal

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