I had a dream (by Sahlu Bekele)

October 10th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

I Had A Dream – BY Sahilu Bekele

My house was burning
The fire so intense and frightening
Devouring my valuables
Destroying my possessions
I couldn’t help a bit
For so engulfing was the heat
Poor me cried and cried
Since a lost what I had
But to my self, I said
Could build a better one if I tried
This fire may not be that bad
No one seemed to care
To help and to share
Watching me breaking down
Some from the villages and others from town
Don’t show sympathy, don’t have remorse
For they care no more, for they care no less
These folks have been heartless
I saw my house succumbing
To the smoke, to the flames
Vanishing in my face
What a loss, what a curse
And then came a wind so gusty
Knocking the garbage, blowing the ash
Cleaned the site like a vacuum brush
And a huge house emerged out like a volcanic eruption
What a wonder, what an elation
This house looked tidy and elegant
Hospitable and tolerant
Gracious and wide enough
The doors appeared tight and tough
At last, the doors opened like the morning sky
And I saw millions rushing in
Like an army of a butterfly
Singing, “No One, No Cry”
Everyone kissing ‘n’ hugging
Everybody jamming ‘n’ skanking
Singing aloud and laughing
They said, “Hi hi, Hoy hoy”
What a relief, what a joy
This dream better come true
Or I’m not waking up at all
For my conscience, for my soul

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