UNHCR condemns deportation of Ethiopian refugees by Sudan – UNHCR

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GENEVA – The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, on Thursday condemned the recent deportation by Sudan of at least 15 Ethiopian refugees. (more…)

GENEVA – The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, on Thursday condemned the recent deportation by Sudan of at least 15 Ethiopian refugees.

The deportation took place on September 27, but UNHCR only learned of it this week. The refugees were handed over by Sudanese officials to Ethiopian authorities at the border crossing of Metema, about 500 kms south-east of Khartoum.

This refoulement is a breach of Sudan’s obligations as a contracting party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, its 1967 Protocol and the 1969 OAU Refugee Convention. One of the key principles of all these conventions is the prohibition against refoulement, or forcibly returning individuals to their country of origin where they could face persecution.

UNHCR urges the government to abide by this important principle of international law, which is also an integral part of Sudan’s National Interim Constitution. UNHCR also urges authorities to abstain from any further deportations.

Preliminary information suggests that the 15 deportees are part of a group of over 30 Ethiopian refugees who were arrested by the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service on July 2 and 3 in Khartoum and in Damazine, the capital of Blue Nile Province. The Sudanese government has not yet responded to repeated appeals by UNHCR to receive information on these refugees and to prevent their refoulement. UNHCR believes that up to 20 refugees in the remaining group are still in jail and fears that they could also face deportation.

After a separate and unrelated instance of refoulement to Ethiopia on August 7, the Sudanese government had assured UNHCR that it would not repeat such violations of international and national law. UNHCR was alarmed to discover that this commitment was not respected.

The refugee agency is asking Sudanese authorities to urgently provide details on the refoulement that took place on September 27, as well as information on the current whereabouts and well-being of the remaining Ethiopian refugees in detention.

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    this articlis, Geneva UNHCR condamens sudan authorites for deportation of ethiopian refugees but UNHCR lear, or discover this deporation after refugees cross the border handed to ethiopian government with full documents . This is a great shame for unhcr geneva to use such fales information , eye witinees will give you the evidance that the appael is made early and repetedly to protect this refugees before deportation , but their were no response from unhcr
    practicaly as it known ,not only sudanes government unhcr is the one put pressure on ethiopian refugees in sudan , the legall right of ethiopian refugees denied in sudan , the ethiopian refugees under the controll of ethiopian government than sudanes government , the political refugees accounted as a criminal and fasing cort dession , the legall right of ethiopian refugees is segregated among deffrent tribs, many documents avilable that the unhcr khartoum is interfer in tribal segregation
    the geneva UNHCR is responseble to clear unessesary acts of some stuff or agenies

    It is not the frist deportation every time specialy at the border, thier is daily deportation for political refugees for new comers.
    millions of ethiopian refugees in sudan , but their is no trust agenis in sudan to show the correct number, many documents consering ethiopian refugees is hidden , this all mischif is just to be the right hand of ethiopian government, but UNHCR should not punsh the powerless refugees to supporte the dectotier it will only more bitter but dont stop being refugees
    the readers invited to analyse the condition of ethiopian refugees in worst crisis but forgotten by unhcr

    tank you, samar bay

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    UNHCR dicover after the deportation takes place,
    ethiopian refugees forgotten for many years so their were no connection consering ethiopian refugees, this is the reasosn UNHCR GENEVA informed latly after many agency heard of it

    still many refugees is wanted to deported , they are living in fear and dengeros condions , they are no human train organization ,NGO or other groups among ethiopian refugees, read cross societs work at the bordar of ertiera not at the border of ethiopia , except a few many refugees subjected to deportation

    the refugee out of khartoum may no any other alternative , they fill they are in the hand of ethiopian authorite, Refugee in khartoum under pressure . many of refugees comes from tigray province they are a part of ethiopian autherties means they are recureted for the government service to spy each refugees while they have the best chance at UNHCR KHARTOUM they can thier ID card easly , they can go back and come back any time , they have a right work in better place wich the others is not permeted
    when UNHCR provide any help they are the one to gate better service , they are the one hold effective documents to presente to unhcr , while ethiopian refugees have no protection no care no education no work no camp What UNHCR GENEVA asignd for ethiopian refugees ? why not to try to protect the remaing refugees


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    the ethiopian refugee made legall screen in 2000 and consderd as a post 1991 refugees stuts,and were discoverd that they can’t returned homland but forgotten , today subjected to deportation


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    sudan breach the law agnist ethiopian refugees, because their was no responseble agens critisaze the sudan authortis It is clear ethiopian refugees is forgotten and in the crisis

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