Police clashes with scores of protestors

September 26th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

e Semnawork| September 26, 2006 Scores of young protestors clashed with the police at the Meskel ceremony in Addis today. The security at the Meskel square was the tightest ever. Abuna paulos left the procession in a hurry without making the traditional speech of the patriarch. “Thief, Thief,” was chanted when he left the place.

The protestors pelted police cars and NOC fuel stations with rocks and shouted a call for the release of CUD leaders. Some were driven to the Haya-Hulet area and others to the Stadium area by police men and soldiers who were in their thousands. Plain-clothed security personnel were also involved in beating up and arresting protestors. In the stadium area, at least twenty were detained.
VOAEskinder Firew of the VOA had more on the protests on today’s Amharic News Magazine.

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