Police clashes with scores of protestors

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e Semnawork| September 26, 2006 Scores of young protestors clashed with the police at the Meskel ceremony in Addis today. The security at the Meskel square was the tightest ever. Abuna paulos left the procession in a hurry without making the traditional speech of the patriarch. “Thief, Thief,” was chanted when he left the place.

The protestors pelted police cars and NOC fuel stations with rocks and shouted a call for the release of CUD leaders. Some were driven to the Haya-Hulet area and others to the Stadium area by police men and soldiers who were in their thousands. Plain-clothed security personnel were also involved in beating up and arresting protestors. In the stadium area, at least twenty were detained.
VOAEskinder Firew of the VOA had more on the protests on today’s Amharic News Magazine.

  1. Maru
    | #1

    Good job Addis Abebians

    keep up the struggle.

  2. sami B
    | #2

    well done sheger
    keep going.

  3. hager wodeda
    | #3

    Down with Woyane !! Death to Leba Paulos !!
    Long Live Ethiopians !!

  4. Kahasay
    | #4

    This is big lie it is the work of Neftagna Amhara and OLF.

    good bless MELES

  5. tazebe
    | #5


    Neftagna ? Are you retarded ? All woyane supporters are like parrot. It seems that is the only word you know. I have heared that word from dumb woyane supporters like you so many times. Grow up and try to learn a new word.

  6. ye ethiopia anbesa
    | #6

    ante dedeb weyane..go home and eat anbeta..we hate u all fucking agames…death 2 u all agazi and tigrayans

  7. Mamo
    | #7

    ye Ethiopia anbese,
    It is not really cool to wish death to Tigrayans. Agazi will eterminate itself.

  8. kebede
    | #8

    this is the result when unelected Government want to stay in
    Power . waite and see september Month will be the most headache for woyannes . and i am sure Mels and his followers
    will be destroyed once and for all. i want to give my thx
    for Abugidainfo.com for creating this website . i hope you will update it every day like others . and i hope you will find some blogers from Addis who can report true story .beacuse i am geting tired by Nazrate.com i am not going to see that website again they have started to write like woyanne Media .
    and finally i want to say I love you Abugidainfo.com

  9. Aweke
    | #9

    Aye hagere Ethiopia endewe meneabate laregachihu Becha Tebareku
    Long live weyane yetefal leba leba

  10. Aweke
    | #10

    wede anebabi hoye Yekereta yelayegnaw arefete neger Long live Ethiopia lemalet new weyanene ayedelem yetaremelegn eshe

  11. yohannes
    | #11

    i don’t think we need to show hatred to tigrayans… there are some of the who are looking forward for the change of our country, we pray for others to have wisdom though. i beleive the only way our country prospers is when we unite irrespective of what our ethnic groupis , that is why we are trying topple the woyane government. guys please lets keep the struggle!!

  12. Sami UK arbegnaw
    | #12

    Dear Bradas and sistas, pls be wise and knoweldgable. if you have ethnic oriented opinion, well you are like one of them. Ethiopia will stand in unity. This is one of remarkable historical era, Ethiopians are tested by fire. we will privale, eventualy. lets keep praying and working hard. one other thing, please don’t forget to to glorify your history,to pass it on to your children and to enrich yourself with your education. One love,God bless all

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