Atlanta kicked Addisu out

August 30th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Atlanta in Action!

EMF — The Atlanta Marriott Century Hotel, located on Claremont and Access road is overcrowded with Ethiopian protesters against Addisu Legesse’s divisive call. The Ethiopian -americans and friends of Ethiopia are chanting: “?Addisu Legesse is a killer!”?, “?Atlanta has no place for killers!”, “¦ Sources said several police forces are installed in the area to watch out and control possible clashes, as the huge number of demonstrators is becoming emotional. Several protesters have also entered in the meeting hall. EMF source from the area says, “We don’t see any TPLF loyal guests. Almost all are here to protest and make any conversation impossible with the killer!” At the gate police prohibits cameras and mobile phones. Earlier this week Ethiopians in Atlanta have warned Addisu Legesse saying: “We have news for you.” …

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