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The Kinijit Atlanta chapter held a successful town hall meeting with Kinijit leaders on Saturday, Oct. 13. (more…)

The Kinijit Atlanta chapter held a successful town hall meeting with Kinijit leaders on Saturday, Oct. 13. Fund raising was also conducted. According to the organizers, over $64,000 have been raised, but they may yet be able to pass Seattle’s $67k figure since there will be more public events tomorrow, Sunday, including a picnic at the Stone Mountain Park. Next to Washington DC, the Ethiopian community in Atlanta is the most active and politically conscience. Today’s town hall meeting is a good example. Atlanta’s Mahdere Andinet Radio will broadcast its show live from Stone Mountain Park tomorrow with Kinijit leaders starting at 2 PM.

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  1. Helina
    | #1

    Let’s stop argument and work together . We do have lot’s of problems to solve in Ethiopia . To do that , unity ,power , peace most of all , we should entwine hand as one , to make our people live like human being .

    The first thing you guys wait you an illiterate ithnic group ,which massacre our people day to day . It’s not a time to set fire one to the other . Let’s save these poor honest proud Ethiopian people from these savage so called group must be eradicate .

  2. Shumet Menywab
    | #2

    Helina, I am with you. We have to act on each other like human but not like carnival animal beasts. Biting one another in the name of struggling for freedom and democracy is the evil messenger of ridding oneself on an angel of imaginary peace loving horse. Whether we think we are better than others, if we have to achieve something out of that pride, we have to convince others that our idea is acceptable to at least the majority of our constituencies if not for all. A willingness to listen and work for betterment of all human kind is the key to the ‘spirit’ of Kinijit’s pride of leadership. As a leadership, it is also equally valuable to have kindness on one another in the same circle of leadership field of doing a given task. Otherwise, the peace loving horse that we all are willing to ride can take us down a cliff!!

  3. Alonso – Toronto
    | #3

    Lets free ourselves from the way of thinking that is so devoid of wisdom and love. If there was a contest in the olompic of liers, pretenders, conspirators, THE RECORD CHAMPION WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE HANDS OF ETHIOPIAN FOR ALL TIME. WE ARE SEEK FROM WITHIN, THAT IS WHY tsebel /curing holy water is very popular in Ethiopia. Hailu Shawel a big lier, his ‘group’is gang of liers and day light robers. Why should innocent citenzens bother to change wayane with another wayane (may be a different name? but same in nature)

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