Aynegam Aydel

October 16th, 2007 Print Print Email Email



  1. Borenticha
    | #1

    A wonderfull poem out of a briellient mind.

  2. Mengistu Hailu
    | #2

    It is wonderful expression for hod-ader and dictators. Truth is illuminant forever. No place for ego-centric and ethnical politics. We have got enough.
    Thank you wondme lemelkamu qineh. Chelemaw hailu yigeletal, dinq ababal

  3. | #3

    Yet hegie lifenda?! Alu etiye Mazengiash!Yigermal eko!In good olden days \’tilahun gessesse the most known etiho.singer ENWADED NEBER sewu eskinanbine….Yasazinal bichhaaa…

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