Kinijit UK Calls For A Protest Against imprisonment Of Daniel Bekele and Nestanet Asfaw

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DEFENSE CLOSING STATEMENTkinijit_uk_daniel_netsanet.gif

  1. chaltu
    | #1

    Well done, Kinijit U.K. to revive the struggle against tyranny.

    Because of the recent ugly noise within Kinijit, the plight of the two gallant democracy and human rights activists still languishing in Zenawi’s jail and our brothers and sisters in the Ogaden has been overshadowed.

    Let us leave the leaders alone to solve their problems and let the rest of us continue what we have been doing before the release of the leaders.

    We still have a long way to go, thank you for taking the lead!

    Free Netsanet Demisse! Free Daniel Bekele
    and all political prisoners now

    Leave the Ogaden peope alone

  2. Tezebet
    | #2

    Good Job Kinijit Support UK,

    Our heroes who died for Democracy will not be forgotten, eventhough it is undermined by our alleged leaders right now in the USA.

    I agree with Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, on his interview to VOA, he mentioned that the existence of Kinijit should be the number one priority. Yes should be number one remembering those who died on Nov. 1 2005, they didn’t die for Eng. Hailu or Dr. Berahnu. They died on what they believe in that teh election has been rigged.

    The alleged leaders should remember those who died for the struggle and the current situations between them has really killed the trust of Ethiopian people. Whatever is going on behind, they have totally forgot the people of Ethiopia and if they put the people first, they should sit down and discuss to sort their differences out whatever it cost.

    Even now it might not be too late if both sides leave, those people who are burning the flames, behind and stick between themselves, I hope will come out with something all those who cried to smile about.

    Put the people first o give up and leave the struggle to those who really care for the people. Who cares

    | #3

    UK, Great!!!
    Let’s put our hand together and work for the beter. Today, Our “EMAMA ETHIOPIA” cry out for her brave children to take her out of this ethnically inthoxicated the “Sebehat’s” regime.
    Today, no one is full to join the long aged, marxist, old fashioned EPRP. The young generation will not accept the dress out of the ethiopian leadership by arm strugle any more. We are in a modern century, to think beter, to discuss, even to argue and compromise.

  4. Tesfaye
    | #4

    Well done Knijit-UK! The struggle must go on! As long as other political prisoners do stil suffer in the prisons of zenawi, and innocent people are guned in Ogaden by mercenaries of zenawi we are also in prison, and further massacre will follow soon.

    Let us go on!!

  5. Blata
    | #5

    All kinijit and opposition leaders/members are working hard to destroy the democratic process in our country, they are working for distruction rather than creation. Our country is much better under eprdf than anytime befor , imagin if this hooliganns ie hailu/birhanu/birtukuan had come to power our country would have been in chiotic situation. long live Mr Meles Long live TPLF/EPRDF . death for endargachew the biggest benfit dodger in the UK and death to the three evil leaders .

  6. | #6

    good good it is better to start but weyane buchlosh and Ebdu melass aheyosh may be they dont like it us the above person is it killing peoplein addis capital city and maiking people not to work is democracy for you? if you belive or not they will kill weyane not by war by democracy if they start war they would have fished weyane withen 2 month the solegers them selves start fighting weyane.
    ya you went UK b/c of weyane you dont know any thing may be you are shintebet teragi and since you are sodium you wentUK then why you be aginest weyane he is your father. use your brain and do what ever you like your work will remain for your kid.
    bye God bless you Lebona yestashu.

  7. Meron Wondwosen
    | #7

    Fabulous!!! Long live Ethiopia!!! Long live justice! We love Daniel and Nesanet!

    Free em all!!

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