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INHOFE promises to kill H.R. 2003 in three weeks and deliver remains on silver platter to Zenawi in Addis Ababa. (more…)

INHOFE promises to kill H.R. 2003 in three weeks and deliver remains on silver platter to Zenawi in Addis Ababa.



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For Immediate Release
October 18, 2007



Adopting a child from Ethiopia – Does it give you a license to lie and talk about the country carelessly?

Using language previously seen in D.L.A. Piper lobbying materials and official Ethiopia Embassy press releases, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma released a statement criticizing H.R. 2003. He described the bill as one “focus(ing) only on shortcomings while blatantly ignoring the unprecedented progress the country has made”. He said Ethiopia “continue(s) to be a close friend of the United States and a strong ally in the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa.” Other statements lifted from other lobbying promotional materials include unfounded allegations that the “language contained in H.R. 2003 enflames tensions already present in the Horn of Africa, threatening regional stability and long term U.S. national security.”

The Coalition calls attention to Sen. Inhofe’s statements on video found at the web address above where he promises to deliver the remains of H.R. 2003 to Zenawi in three weeks.

The Coalition has learned from highly reliable sources that Inhofe is currently organizing a group of Senators to kill H.R. 2003.

The Coalition will monitor the situation carefully and inform H.R. 2003 supporters on new developments. The Coalition will make further announcements shortly on responses to Senator Inhofe’s statements to kill H.R. 2003 in the Senate.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today made the following statement criticizing legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last week titled “The Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007” (H.R. 2003):

“Though this legislation states that its purpose is to ‘encourage and facilitate the consolidation of peace and security’ in Ethiopia, in reality it focuses only on shortcomings while blatantly ignoring the unprecedented progress the country has made,” Senator Inhofe said. “Ethiopia takes great pride in being the oldest independent country in Africa. They continue to be a close friend of the United States and a strong ally in the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa.

“The language contained in H.R. 2003 enflames tensions already present in the Horn of Africa, threatening regional stability and long term U.S. national security. The growing instability in Somalia and the Ogaden region, combined with the unresolved border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea in the north, has created major challenges for Ethiopia. While I agree that the violence and intimidation that took place in the country after the 2005 election was an unnecessary use of excessive force, the Government of Ethiopia has taken significant steps to regain a democratic process that is fair and respectful of human rights.

“I care deeply about Africa and visit the continent frequently. It is an area of strategic importance globally and to our country. During my recent trip to Africa in April, I witnessed first-hand Ethiopia’s democratic progress and commitment in fighting terrorism.

“Although I appreciate the increased attention being given to Africa and particularly Ethiopia, I believe the bill takes the wrong approach by placing demands on a friend and ally that has made obvious advancements in democracy and human rights. Ethiopia continues to be the central bulwark in the fight to deter the growth and disrupt the influence of Islamic extremists in the region. Our country’s strong support of Ethiopia during this significant time is imperative – it builds stability and encourages democracy and human rights.”

  1. Samson
    | #1

    what a dumb and ultra conservative senator – who is up for sale to the highest bidder!!

    Just refer to some of his track record in:


    Zenawi will not get his silver platter from this nitwit senator!

  2. From Addis
    | #2

    Moderator, please delete the earlier posting.
    This is the better version.


    This is the time to show us their heroism. This is the testing time to their political maturity in the Senate

    When you call them the first time “our heroes, our heroes, our heroes,” they didn’t know it was referring them. But the call and treatment continues this way everywhere they reached, then it became clear to them that those heroes are they, and they accepted with deep shame, humble and meshkormem. But right now they are feeling heroism as if it is their Title and I feel sorry to the Ethiopian people back home.

    You call them heroes?

    What kind of names I have to give to Atse Teodros who has thousands visions and plans to his country among the others to concur Jerusalem and he refused to surrender to the enemy to humiliate his people and to danger his country? Instead he ate and drank bullets by himself as a last supper. Real heroism.

    What kind names I have to give to Atse Manilik who is the hero to all black people defeating the foreign enemy in Adwa and his brave Lady Taytu, and his vision to Ethiopia?

    What kind of names I have to give to the mighty, greatest and naturally born hero Belay Zeleke who holds the world history record to become the leader to unconventional army numbering about 500.000?

    What kind of names I have to give to the heroic Ethiopian Army and the Ethiopian people in general when I see those who were in prison for less than two years, saying “we wrote book while we were there referring the prison was the best place to be, that were lobbying against each other in prison while Ethiopains were lobbying foreigners for their release and the heartbreaking and Kidus Ethiopian people were feeling guilty thinking they were their for the sake of the people, that were unable to come together for the sake of the country rather than blaming each other for quick admission of guilt and sign on it, that are dividing kinijit saying “those out of prison and those were not in prison” and again dividing among those are out of prison, too, that do not have even the slightest feeling to those lost family members and those about 800 wounded many of them 100% dependent on others and became beggars?

    I really have no word to describe what I see the Diaspora behaviour. Rather than calling them hero, why don’t you ask them to tell you the truth about the reason
    why the very controversial and sensitive current Ethiopian map has to be in the B. Nega book? The book is saying about himself noting new about Ethiopian historical facts and future prospects. Instead of his photo why he uses the Ethiopian map knowing the Ethiopian people stand towards it? Who wrote the book after all? He? in kality? hahaha.

    Ethiopian has many individuals to be called heroes. Don’t insult the courageous and hard working Ethiopians while calling those to be asked many questions to answer correctly because of it is the country and people matters while the truth to their cover up first hand story is coming every day telling us what we heard was all wrong and false. Are you afraid to ask and to know the truth about your own country and the voiceless millions struggling for basic needs to reach tomorrow? Wake up man/woman. Stop blaming and attacking each other.

    Individuals like Tamagn, Abebe Belew, and the likes are contributing a long dedications to their country. They must ask their doing for the last few weeks keeping their focus on the Ethiopian people. We need to ask and treat each and every individual with his/her behaviour in the past and at present. The one elected by the people to serve the country uses this opportunity for personal benefit at the very expense of Ethiopia such as Using the country map on the book cover is not an insult but a crime. Ask him, why he used it while the book is just about his personal story? Why he didn’t use other kind of cover pictures if it was about the election and democracy? There are many outstanding books without cover picture. And instead of using the very controversial and sensitive Ethiopian map why don’t he just did that way?

    We know his message behind it. He accepts the Eritrean sovereignty to landlocked Ethiopia forever thinking that would give his friends in Eritrea and Ethiopia. I don’t know in Eritrea but in Ethiopia he will never get friends as a result. Even in the woyane camp, there are only few individuals talking openly as pro while deep inside they don’t accept it. Meaning, all Ethiopians including all woyane will never accept Ethiopia without a seacoast line that she had always and the sea was the centre of the Axumite civilization. For many reasons, the book cover message is failed and backfired.

  3. gigi
    | #3

    who is this facked up senator?how much the pay him?

  4. And Le Ethiopia
    | #4

    This guy must have been paid a lot of money, he talks just like EPRDF’s dumb diplomats!!! HR2003 is simply a human rights bill!!! We’ll encounter so many immoral people trying to kill it who are paid by Meles, therefore, we must work as Hard!!!

    PS. Leave kinijit alone, let them resolve their own issues!!

  5. | #5

    this gay he do know neting.
    he is mis hazebe meles waife.

  6. Damitew
    | #6

    he the most retarded old man. With artifcial face, brain and hip too i guess. He is dumber than our primitive leader and bush. Please tell him to shut up.

  7. dinka
    | #7

    All respectful and concerned citzens of Ethiopian/Americans who are using this forum please mellow down with your choice of words for a while, instead let us give a chance to Honourable D.Payne&Chris and our own Prof.Al to explain to us from proffessional point of view believe me I am mad as hell too, but when I look around at present kinijit situation and everybody is insulting everyone…it is very depressing it is making us forget the real enemy while giving a big chance to a hostile media coverage to delete the truth while brutal Meles is regaining momentum for more blood.So let us use smart words.
    God bless

  8. | #8

    It’s clear that this old fart is paid lots of money by woyane. Everything he talks is about the intersts of his goverment on the woyane goverment not on what the Ethiopian people need. This is a struggle of an entire nation and of course the voice of a nation is louder than some crazy old fart and the people will win!!

  9. one ethiopia
    | #9

    The guy is a moron! Obviously, the senator from Oklahoma doesn’t know what he is talking about. Look at the video; Witness for yourselves. Here is the

    He is reading a script that’s written by someone else (possibly, by the Ethiopian embassy). He doesn’t even do a good job of properly reading the material written for him. And the comments he makes to make it look like the ideas were his are absurd. The story about the adopted grand daughter, is nothing short of an outright demeaning insult to Ethiopian and African decency. How dare he say, that “In Africa, … they throw away baby girls. After about three days when they (the babies) die, the dogs get ‘em. We were there before the dogs got her.”

    What a shame! Shame on you Mr. Meles! Shame on you Mr. Ambassador! Do you have to stoop this low and prostitute the pride and decency of our people to save your skin?
    The moron Senator is gloating in his self-serving deed of ‘righteousness’ portraying himself as a savior from the ‘savagery’ of Ethiopian parents. What a shame!

    The guy in his ramblings also says that “In 2006, they (Ethiopia) sent roughly a hundred thousand troops with us down into Somalia, down into Mogadishu. … They did it for us.”

    So, who is lying? The ever deceitful & cunning Meles, or the moron Senator? What about the numbers?

    For God’s sake, do not waste the meager resources of the people on idiots – like this guy. No one is under illusion that he is doing this to make a buck.

  10. Borenticha
    | #10

    Thank you sr. James Inhofe for exposing the real fact why Ethiopian soliders has been in Somalia. He clearly mentioned and even emphasized that our troops are there simly to protect the interest of America. Also he said Woyane has send more than 100,000 inocent soliders to sacrify their life for reason that don’t bebefit their country. The only reason he oppose HR 2003 is simply safuguared the America interest only.you can prove this by lisining his interview with VOA. otherwise HR 2003 means democracy and justice for Ethiopia. Those of you who are crying a corocodile tear to misinform the Ethiopian people through misrepresenting the real objective of the bill,I personally advice you to come to your mind. HR 2003 is not aganist any humaniterian support and economic assistant that are aimed to help the poors. Generally it is aganist dictatores.

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