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Kinijit leadership delegation to North America’s statement in regards to kinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel and more. (more…)

Kinijit leadership delegation to North America’s statement in regards to kinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel and more.

  1. | #1

    When are we going to hear from Dr. Brehanu Nega??????????
    Can this guy talk? Can he take questions?
    So far his focus is only on money. Wey Gurague!!

  2. Mikerut
    | #2


    I don’t think you understand anything about Ethiopia, my beloved country. You still think your idiocy will help to develop a diversified country. Hey, do not even try to open your arrogant mouth!!!!

  3. Selam
    | #3

    To Tazabis(liers),The stand of Kinijit delegation is very Corecct.You guys either you are the one who want to dismantel Kinijit oder your are one of Ideat Rightwing Amhara Group.
    I am sure Gash Hailu is ill.He should speak with his children what the hell is he doing.
    He is doing Not better than Lidetu.I am sorry to say.”Abat gebeya new”what would happen if he were with Kinijit Leadres together and “ayzochehu Lijoche”Let us have stregth ,His problem ,he can do it Inside the party.
    I think he is afraid to do It because he has no reasen otherthan this Feudal Arrogant Idea.

  4. GAS
    | #4

    Dear tazabi

    First antem bilo tazabi,
    Are you living in 21 century? I do not think so still you are living in n15 century where your grand father meseri politics. Please wake up and think for the second before you speak about Dr. Birhanu Nega. We got finally a good leader and without any dirty politicks game as In Hail does. OKOKOKO

  5. Gerchi
    | #5


    Your politics will not moblize the whole wolkite let alone Ethiopia!The same can be said to Hailu’s group! Make a compromis and work together!

  6. robell
    | #6

    let us stand together .Eres beras kemetelalef yegara telatachen lay enatekur.ONE ETHIOPIA ONE PPL FOR EVER!!!!!

  7. Daniel
    | #7

    Dear all: Dr Berhanu has his own perfect season to speak out the final truth. He should not speak out because Tazaebi wants him to speak. The statment above given by the other five delgates sounds clear. They do not want to play stupied game like what Hailu and his gange + jalous friends have been playing. This is really wise and cleaver way to exhustively see if things could be averted. Rushing to media is not a means to solve a problem rather than adding fuel on the fire,that is actually why Berhanu keeps silent until things get a clear and final picture. Hailu is making a terrible mistake at historic time. Why a leaft over banda, Bedru is talking on behalf of cudp? Hailu is really a big piggg

  8. Kidane
    | #8

    Dear All, People like Tazabi want to propagate their divicive agenda by approaching as if they are worried about Kinjit. If Tazabi really worries about kinjit, he should express in his wordings in the Kinjit programme. Kinjit doesn’t divide people with their Ethnicity and Religion.

    Dear all, please don’t give time and respond to people like Tazabi.

  9. girna
    | #9

    Please for the sake of ethiopian people try to resolve this minor problem and work together.Do not give achance for woyane to rule the country for the next decades,unity is power for us ,otherwise we will be slave again in our country.

  10. | #10

    Did you all notice that we are resonsible for flaminng the fire of gossip and make things worse and worst. Please let us sit quite and encourage both sides for a talk and reslove our nations of 70 Million. It is not about this group or the other one: Itis all about Ethiopia. Ethiopia needs to get saved from tyranycal rule of Meles and his advocates. If we all agree at this point, I don’t think it would be that much difficult to come to a conclusion. May the God of our fathers’ bring shiny days to our beloved nation: Ethiopia. Amen.

  11. Kebena
    | #11

    Berhanu will not take question because he does not have an answer. He is a trouble maker. Listen to Prof. Mesfen interview. We have to get rid of him fro Kinjit.
    Tazabi you are right about Berhanu except calling him Gurague.There are lots of good Gurague who loves their country like you.

  12. Dila
    | #12

    let us drive ABAY and forget cud !!

  13. What
    | #13

    Selam and Tazabi
    Go back to school and improve your english.

  14. | #14

    yeshermuta lij TAZABI

  15. Tazabi
    | #15

    Hello everyone,

    Please let’s stop insulting our Behere-Zer. This is just like Meles insulting the Ethiopian-Zer. It seems to me you are not better than him. Why don’t we ask questions like civilized without mentioning Behere-Zer. When are going to learn? I think we should learn from our ancistors how to respect. Democracy does not mean to insult someone, or to get stupid. I think some of us getting really pathetic

  16. Dinka
    | #16

    Abugida when you see such a remark like “Tazabi”
    do not give him/her a chance because this kind of people do not match your and our standard!it is cheap&low.

  17. | #17

    Hi Dinka,
    I agree with you 100% on what you said. I don’t really know what is in it on this ignorant “tazabi’s” mind. He is a real “Nift Angol”.
    Think before you open your number 43 mouth to blow the wind on these days minor problems inside kinijit. it will be OK very soon by true and real ETHIOPIANS.

  18. Shegute
    | #18

    Dear All, I fear Hailu is on wrong way,Please tell him taht Taye is his killer.

  19. lideteab
    | #19

    I am afire the way ato Hailu is going. I think he don’t want to listen the only thing he pursue to be listened as our former and present leader of our country but my advise to him is it is late don’t try to take as back ward.

  20. gotegnochin enwaga
    | #20

    Dr. Biranu gave his responses in VOA. eski demo yesun nigigir abiteltilu gotegnoch. In the 21 century, no one can fool us. We all know who he/she is. Thanks to kinjits visit to America. Even professor Mesfin’s words were interpreted in a way every one likes. I felt shame for we ethiopians. of ocurse there were some BOLD comments that he could have not put in public but he must have reasons to do that. any way, each group took some element from it and argue for its sake. and pente guadegna neberegn ena lisebikegn yifeligna and kal yiwesidal ke bible, then we discuss explanations before and after that word. I make him convinced. Ena semonun ye professor mesfin interview indih neber yetetenetenew. Betam asafari new.

    Please dear ethiopians, lets think twice before we open our mouth, lets collect as much information as we can before we stare our fingure to some body. I can tell you, i learned 100% to understand what kind of person Ato Hailu is, he portrayed his inner personality by giving explanantions here ans there and i listened his DC discourse. To me e gave us enoug information about him, enamesginewalen.

    Lelochun degimo entebik, then we can decide, siltan yehizib new eyalun silehone hulu bejachin new, But we do not have to rush.

    Dear Abugida please delete comments that focus on one’s ethnicity. That is the serious virous meles has injected to ethiopians, we have to fight it. One should not be insulted because of his ethnic group.

  21. | #21

    I am finally convinced that those few delegates who came to my city has the capacity to teach and lay the ground of democratic society. I have learned so much from their speech. their explanations were clear and easy to understand, their answers were direct to the questions. They did not talk about their harsh treatment while in prison rather they talked about what they want to build, what their struggle is going to be and that they are not going to give up what they stood for. Lots of people came to criticize and scrutinize them about the Kinijit conditons at present but once they answered and clarified what they stood for. People gave them undivided attention and full support. we sat over 7 hours. There were 400 to 500 people who attended the entire sessions. This can tell you the message of the Kinjit doctrine is what the majority of the people want. Not specfic type of ethnicity! the doctrine of freedom to elect, the freedom to write, the freedom to organize the freedom to move around, the freedom to express the freedom to support whoever one likes … if one wants want to be a leader try preaching the doctrine of free choice, work hard and convince people what freedom and individual right is all about. Talk to the people how freedom and economics goes hand in hand. One can not be a leader if you do not have people to lead. If you are not able to lead by working, you are not going to lead by money!or by ethnicity. It did not work before it is not going to work today. wake up and smell the Buna and join the people. Not the money!!!!. To sum it up I WOULD LIKE THE 5 DELEGATES WHO CAME TO OUR CITY. I WAS TOTALLY ENLIGHTENED! MIND YOU I AM NOT SAYING I WORSHIP THEM. BUT THEIR SPEECH WAS SWEET TO MY EARS!!!

  22. Adem
    | #22

    Long Live collective leadership

    We need the doctorine of collective ledership than one man “democracy”

    Go Go GO Kinijit

    I see hope in you

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