Dr. Berhanu Nega’s Interview With VOA’s Alula Kebede – Abugidainfo

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Dr. Berhanu Nega emphasizes there is no Clique Politics within Kinijit and believes the party must practice what it preaches . He is very perplexed by prof. Mesfin’s comment regarding power struggle between Dr. Berhanu Nega and Eng. Hailu Shawel. (more…)

Dr. Berhanu Nega emphasizes there is no Clique Politics within Kinijit and believes the party must practice what it preaches . He is very perplexed by prof. Mesfin’s comment regarding power struggle between Dr. Berhanu Nega and Eng. Hailu Shawel.

Listen here to the full interview. Please forward to the 19th minutes.

The Kinijit Leadership Delegation to North America will be in Minneapolis on Saturday, October 20, 2007, and in South Dakota and Chicago on Sunday October 21st, 2007.

  1. Billal
    | #1

    After hearing Dr. Mesfin’s interview on VOA, I think Dr. Berhanu deserves a an honorary medal for saving Kinijit from woyanne, and arrogant dictators:

    His straggle with Ledetu saved Kinijit from falling in to the hands of Woyanne and his current straggle with Ato Hilue saved Kinijit from falling in to the hands of EPRP and Shleqaw-Merchaw.

    About his “book review” Dr Mesfin, too late . The People of Ethiopia made a decision, and Dr. Berhanu’s book was sold like a hot cake while Ledetu’s book used for toilet in Senga Tera public bathrooms.

    Dr. Mesfin encouraged everyone to support wzt Birtukan, and we have been doing that ever since she arrived in USA.

    Case closed.

  2. hab
    | #2

    Stop U.S. Support of Human Rights Violations in the Horn of Africa

    Ask your Senator to pass H.R.2003, the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007.

    This month the House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of H.R. 2003. Now the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations must approve it. Please ask your Senator to consider and pass H.R.2003.

    Ethiopia is among the top five recipients of U.S. aid, receiving annually over 500 million dollars, much of which is military support. Tell your Senator that your tax dollars should not fund regional destabilization, widespread human rights abuses, and mass atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government in the Ogaden that are leading to a humanitarian crisis.

    You can find out more about this issue at http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/ethiopia
    Ask your Senator to pass H.R.2003.Take 2 minutes to act . [ Just Foreign Policy ]

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    I like what I hear from Dr. Brhane’s interview. There will be half of the interview tomorrow. I just hope that he will answer all the questions the way he answered half of them today. That would put the pressure on Ing. Hailu Shawel to obey the democratic principles, and work with the rest of Kinijit leaders or left behind by the democratic process.

  4. tesfaye
    | #4

    i like i hear from DR. BRHANU on veo interview.
    one thing which is not clear to me how brhanu is eager to power? first of all, according to the rule and regulation of kinjit he have no a right to be a president of the party.having this fact how could it be he is eager to power

  5. sam
    | #5

    DR.Brehanu good job go for it. The truth will
    come soon. Do what you are doing with the deligation .

  6. Chaltu D. U.
    | #6

    By over using the word democracy over and over again one does not become a democrate.

    Respecting the rule of law of any organization begins with respecting the rights of all its members. Calling it the Mekerbet decison when no quorm was present is the first break down of democracy, a min. of 31 members should have been present for any of the decision to be viable or acceptable. This is the question, and that is why it has become a questionable situation?

    Dr. Berhanu you talk of democracy fast and loose, yet you seem to practice it when it fits your agenda. The Mekerbet is the 60 member council so to make any decsion without at least 31 members present can not be considered that of the Mekerbet as you like to remind us. You and your group have stated only members who were in prison are the only ones to decide on what should be done is in correct in any shape and form.

    We all feel that all of you where unjustly imprisoned, but once you were released we expected you to join arms with your friends who stayed strong and did not join the Parliment and continued the struggle. I heard you at a meeting stating that the problem of the Diaspora was only to be resolved by the ones in Prison so in other words the other members had no say are you not trying to create a council of the prisoners within Kinijit, and creating a rift within the organization by saying that some have paid their dues while others have not. If so then when was the other council members to join you the prisoners and have their rights reinstated. This to me does not sound very democratic. You talk about the law being respected and yet you have not respected the laws and principals of any basic organization by setting new rules of who is in and who is out. that my dear Dr. is not democratic.

    I am impressed that you have realized and are tryin to cool your agressive behavior in this interview, are we to assume that you have realize that your beligernce at the public meetings have irritated people, and your handlers have told you to chill or is it that Prof. Mesfin exposed you and now you are trying to show that you are not really this egotistical person that is so full of himself. Some of us were wondering if you were not trying to imulate Melese in your tone it is nice to hear that you can talk softly.

  7. sam
    | #7

    chaltu D.U. befor you blem DR.Brhanu you must read open letter to eng.Hailu Shawel posted on
    oct,18/07 ethioguardian and you will say sorry.

  8. Junior Y.
    | #8

    Dr. Berhanu
    I had read your book sincerely last summer which you wrote it from Kalti prison. I gain a lot of knowledege about the current situation in Ethiopia.
    Dr. Berhaunu , You are always a man of your word and May God always bless you so much.
    Our country needs a patroit like you and please keep continue working.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  9. From Addis
    | #9

    Al long as he is not admitted the reason why he used the controversial and very sensitive the enemy created Ethiopian map on the book cover he says he wrote it in kality which is unrealistic, I will not stop asking him the same question over and over again because it is the fundamental one. The 600 pages book story says about himself like everyone can say “I was/am here or there yesterday or today participating in some events.” Why the landlocked Ethiopian map that the vast majority of the Ethiopian people don’t accept, is accepted and used by him as an advertisement to advice, force or convince the people to accept it. This is a criminal propaganda dirty job done by someone elected by the people working against the very interest of the country.
    His intention must be to be loved both sides by shabia as the book was published there and by woyane, as they are the one allowed to landlocked the oldest country that had always the seacoast lines
    Before talking about to implement his meaningless US style democracy in a country that needs first and foremost basic needs, he has to answer the question
    Why he used that illegal map on him book cover to make advertisement and convince others to accept Ethiopia with landlocked forever difficult and humiliated existence? His position with Ethiopia must be clear before anything else.
    He must think and act free in the name of Ethiopia rather that doing what others demanding him to do as we are expecting foreign elements are behind all these knowing Ethiopia/Africa is on the way marching towards development which they don’t like it. China, which is the only country Africa has as a better partner ever, is become the headache to many that don’t like Africa to be developed and ruled by itself. What they do, they use those pretending doing the right thing while conducting their secret agenda given to them by foreign forces. But the cold war era style destabilizing AFRICA is over. And this time will not work

    We know the west don’t like woyane anymore. Their love affair is over. The Ethnic and kilil policy used by as a research the first time in Ethiopia was given to them by foreign elements. Foreign elements are financing and motivating including the smallest Ethnic groups to get education in their own language in order Ethiopians couldn’t communicate and unite as a nation in the future. There are more Ethnic groups in each nation in the west than in Ethiopia today. Yet, they are working hard in order all citizens to speak and get education with the same language. While doing otherwise in other nations using the NGOs and embassies to finance it and calling it as assistances while working to destroy the country in the long run.

    The reason why they don’t like woyane anymore couldn’t be one as they are saying democracy. Democracy is becoming like a tool to implement own agenda including against the interest of any particular nation. They also know hailue shawel position towards Ethiopia and the people. Nothing will come between him and his country and they can not buy or frightened him to play dirty games against his own people as other can have nerves to do so. That is why they are using many tools including VOA to spread false and wrong propaganda message in order the hailue shawel side could be damaged back home, which is impossible to happen. The Ethiopian people know who is who. Remember, The Iraqis so called oppositions and those in Diaspora are the main sources to the false information about Sadam’s military positions and they assisted foreign elements with fabricated sources in order Iraq become the way we see her today.

    Back to B. Nega.

    He also must know Ethiopia needs reliable, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, loving and caring individuals with enough education to do the right job rather than those seem have education but have no clue how to use it in the right way. Ethiopia also has many well-educated individuals and he is one on the many. He must be free from his education ego thinking he is the only educated one. There are many thousands with Dr. education level and he is one of the many thousands.
    He was/is and will be a liability to Ethiopia as long as he is in politics the way he is conducting. Because he has no Ethiopianism feeling. If he has, he wouldn’t use the illegally landlocked Ethiopian map for advertisement with evil messages behind it which is the rest of the Ethiopian people must accept Ethiopia created by shabia and woyane with closed door to the world.

  10. Allen 15
    | #10

    From Addis
    I think you just finished your English 101 class last week and display your final paper to your professor and someone.
    We don’t need your bullshit stuff to tell us about who Dr. Berhanu Nega is .
    He beleives and still fight for truth and justice. Dr. Berhanu don’t mention anything about the land locked Ethiopia but he displayed and prisoned for more than two years in Kalti for peace and justice.
    He is always my mayor and my dear president just live him alone.
    Long live Dr. Berhanu

  11. Emebet
    | #11

    Some of you including Chaltu are embaressing. What are you talking about.You don’t even know the guy.I really don’t know wha’s wrong with our people. You are so negative.It’s not healthy.Dr Berhanu is well educated individual who is trying to help his country.Why do you have to cririsize him.If your critics ia constructive that’s fine. Some of you are so immature.this is the problem of internet,Since you have the right to write what you want you are waisting our time by writing your hate full ideas.Dr. Berhanu Let God be with you!Amen

  12. From Addis
    | #12

    Allen= you are not only a lonely little and badly developed human thing but also a troublemaker. Everything comes out of you stinks.

    What does it mean using the shabia and woyane created landlocked Ethiopian map in his book cover? If you are not a backward, blind supporter and with little head, by now you would know what he wanted to achieve to do so and what does it mean. It means he accepts the landlocked Ethiopia to stay this way forever.

    You have no idea when an elected individual like him using this illegal map on a book cover that would reach all over including with translation and will live long carrying that fake map as evidence.

    It is a very historical and irreversible mistake he made as an elected leader using the map this way. To be clear I have no any personal problem with him, But our country and people that is equal to all citizens. Ethiopia doesn’t need so called educated with no willingness to use their education the right way but less educated with high interest to use their ability the right way.

    Don’t worry about me. I think you have lots to worry about yourself and be that way, boy. those stupd like you knows nothing more but nothing which is insulting that no one would notice about because of it is coming from them that are nobody.

  13. Gemeda
    | #13

    CUD is dead ! Let’s focus on HR 2003!

    My compatriots

    CUD is beyond repair! It has gone forever! Logically no one will have the right to claim the peoples vote in the name of “kinijit”! UDEP- Medhin has gone out of the coalition, AEUP & Rainbow are to follow, hence no one will have any mandate to claim the 2005 election result!

    Choose among these factions/parties and move on!

    What is important is HR-2003! All of us should work hard for the passage of this law in the senate!

    “Ethiopia raises its hands towards America”

    “Ethiopian Diaspora should turn from its evil deeds and raise its hands towards God”

  14. KKKKKK
    | #14


    are the quotes taken from the bible you wrote.

    Kinjit will never die. and HR 2003 will be approved and help bring democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law in ethiopia.

    I advice you to listen “Ewunetina nigat” Hibest Tiruneh from the perspective of love for mother ethiopia.

  15. geda
    | #15

    Dr Birhanu once again proofed that he is indeed a man of principle. No hatred !
    I don’t know why Prof Mesfin likes to use harsh words every time he critizes. Prof Mesfin book “yekehdet qulqulet” is just a collection of words like “Donqorowech”, “Kehajiwoch”, and such staff.
    Thank God that “Yenestanet Goh” is written in Amharic and well received by millions. For me it is the best political book I have ever read. The others are so busy of “Hamet” that they don’t have time to write.
    The issue is not about Hailu vs Birhanu, rather it is about to practice what one preaches to others.
    KIC is dissolved by full agreement of all the released prisoners so with what mandate Ato Hailu shawel, who was also minister of Coloner Mengistu’s Cabinet for solid two years after the red terror, nullify that decision.
    Dear Dr Birhanu Nega please keep on the good fight for democracy and we stand with you. Surely History will remeber you as visionary,a committed democrat with out hatred !!

    Emama Ethiopia desrves to be lead by convinced democrats like Dr Birhanu Nega, Dr Yacob, Judge Birtukan and many more….


  16. | #16

    I just heard all interviews of Prof.Mesfin’s,Dr Birhanus and others…I understand one thing is true here what ever peoples there is no conflict of power in Kinijit ,in my understanding it is clear the problem is as Dr Birhanu said in his interview ‘obeying or not-obeying for the inner democratic rules’..so as we all are following all the Eng.Hailus drama & acussations are baseles,b/s in the first place they have no matured reason to accuse the delegation(he signed on the desicion)and why he is telling peoples as if they came to USA with out consulting others and..with-out visiting the victimed families and other gossips..really Eng.Hailu is on the wrong way,even he was not wel-prepared(trained)for the accusation drama.And I was very ashamed even on their drama of the 14th Oct in Washington DC,in which the two persons who came from Addis are deliberately prepared to desgrade and discuring their non-sense gossips against their own party members which is a very great shame first for Eng.Hailu b/s he should not permit them to tell the audience such an ordinary (alubalta),second place Eng.hailu him self & the two kangaro wittness were insulting the delegation members(specally to Birtukan & Berhanu)and this two persons are to me not politians(Eng.Hailu didn’t know even with whom to stand to work in order to defend his cases)rather such persons will push him to the more worst crisis.Any way many peoples are convinced now for the current crisis & problem the architectures & Engineers behind are Dr.Taye ,Shaleka Yosef & Eng.Hailu)and I would like to assure them that they will never succssed,and our peoples are very sad by their inhuman & widish political act.
    And finally I would like to appreciate Dr.Birhanu and his rest members of the delegation for their perfection and good job they are doing day to day basis,and we all are very proud on you,we will stand & be with till the end of the struggle.Never give up for these those who are day to day pumping their poisened propaganda & alubalta.
    God bless you!
    God bless kinijit!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  17. WOYANE
    | #17

    Dear friends,

    Birhanu wrote a book about Birhanu…Thanks professor Mesfin.so,what`s new?Lidetu is like a Nebiye.he predicted the power struggle in CUD before.Let`s bring him and save cud.


  18. Gedeon
    | #18

    Ethiopian Diaspora should refrain from name calling & insult, and try to tolerate each other’s opinion!!

    Birhanu’s group alone can’t mobilise beyond gurage zone and merkato! The same can be said to Ato Hailu’s group!! Make a compromise and work together!

    “Ethiopia raises its hands towards America” excellent:
    America=GOD to Ethiopians kkkkk

  19. KKKKKK
    | #19

    Dear Gedion and others who share his belief

    if you think Berhanu is being supported by only Gurage, you are really missing the point of Kinjit. I am a typical Gojame and many more friends of mine who ethincally belong to the amhara support this brave man, Dr. Berhanu Nega. We do not care about his ethnic origin. What matters these days is the feeling of Ethiopianism. we need a man/woman who stands for democratic principles. That is why every body is eager to see Kinjit’s success.

    Ende engineer Hailu yalew ambagenen amharawun kemasazenina kemasedeb wuchi minim ayitekimenim. It is the “tos” of such kinds of elites who is disturbing the life of the innocent yagere gebere.

    Let’s work for democratization and support democratic leaders.

  20. gorgora
    | #20


    You are sick; on one side you said “stop calling names while on the other side you are referring Ethiopians with Ethnic affiliation which is a woyane doctrine. Nobody talks about Ethnic here. We all are Ethiopians. Where are you? In US or Europe? Or elsewhere? How many Ethnic groups are living there? Thousands? But all of them are identified as US or European citizens.
    For this reason, clean your mind. You are struggling here with the failed woyane doctrine to rule the greatest nation to decadence that will never happen. They will reach there by themselves accompanied by sick individuals like you. Stop identifying Ethiopians with Ethnic while we all look the same naturally.

  21. when
    | #21

    Addis: you seem missing the fast travelling boat. It will take no little time to get the second boat. There is always a saying that works all the time; the Said easier than done!! Try to write your book and make a complete map of ethiopia on the cover page

  22. gigi
    | #22


  23. Samuel
    | #23

    DR.BIRHANU ..the man with great VISION for his COUNTRY

  24. Yetenbi
    | #24

    Dr.Berhanu Nega you are bright for us.at the end of the day truth will win.i thought you could lead Ethiopia,i follow your interview in VOA realy you are better and gentil than other.
    God Bless you what you are doing.hopefully we all follow your foot step.

    Be Blessed more and more

    God Bless Ethiopia

  25. Gedeon
    | #25


    What is your problem? Ethiopia is a country of 83 tribes divided to 14 regions based on their ethnic affilation! Dr. Birhanu has no problem with ethnic federalism!

  26. Geremew
    | #26

    Well done Dr Berhanu. I followed your VOA interview. I think everybody can see what it means being a democrat. I also believe that criticism should be based on facts or principles. Please please we need genuine criticism not assumption. Dr Berhanu your word speaks itself. Do not give up! You are doing what millions of Ethiopians want CUD to do.

  27. ZERMA
    | #27

    Dear Ethiopians,
    Think globally.do not be in a hurry.let us tolerate the time and idea differences between our leaders for the time being. plz let us talk and dream the future than past. the past has gone. we have hope that CUD will realize the ethiopian democracy soon. if there is no difference in ideas, then that kind of leadership is authoritarian. difference is also novel for strengh. let us not talk in ethnic line. this is 21c. obsolete to talk about ethnic category in globalizing era.we should not also take side soon emotionally.Let us be careful of what we are writing and judging carefully.

    Good luck for CUD

  28. Hadere Sefer
    | #28

    the conflict is clear:

    old versus young
    proud versus democracy.

    Anyway: wOYANE IS GOING!!

  29. | #29

    To: from Addis,

    Hey you mother f****n brother/sister,
    do you know any one from Eritrea that who works or go to school with you? ask them a question about their Ethiopianity. I am telling you 95% of them do not accept their Ethiopianity and said they are Eritreans even they were born and grow in Addis. So, we don’t want fighting to bring back Eritrea as a part of Ethiopia unless they beggin’us(ethiopians). So, what makes you upset that Dr. Birhanu put the map of land locked Ethiopia (as you said)on his book cover?
    Hey man listen;
    Eritreans are the loosers, not us. For that stony land, we don’t need fight back again. If you want, go by yourself and don’t try to aggitate us for another war. we need peace. Now no body dies for Eritreans Ethiopianity okey!!! minor fault finder???????

  30. | #30

    God bless our country! Guys! let us expect better.We should always be optimistic. All are heroes.

  31. MebrateM
    | #31

    It was with some anxiety that I was waiting to hear Dr Berhanu’s reactions to earlier radio interviews by Eng Hailu and the recent one given by Prof.Mesfin to the VOA and Deutche Welle.

    On the one hand,I was eager to hear Berhanu speak ‘for’ himself.Others have spoken ‘about’ him.
    I wanted Berhanu to do his own representation.
    There are always two sides to a story.I recognise this to be the linchpin of a democratic practice.I also know that this is how conflicts have always been correctly diagnosed and resolutions offered in our age old traditional mediation and judicial systems.So,why not hear it from the horse’s mouth,too?!Right,it was o.k for Berhanu to speak,one more time,on Berhanu.It is not necessarily narcissistic.Even if it were,we can still profit by learning a good deal about Berhanu, one of our leaders,from such a psychoanalytically revealing expression.

    On the other hand,I feared that Berhanu might simply be defensive and merely reactive in telling his side of the story.In my mind, I shunned the prospect of him going down that slippery slop of recrimination and again spoiling it for kinjit.

    Thankfully,his VOA interview did not disappoint
    me. As a result, my picture of Dr.Berhanu has gained more dimension and greater resolution than before.

    I agree with the observation that the characters of individuals,like their national equivalents,are better gleaned particularly during times of crisis.consequently,this season of internal conflict and stress in the youthful life of Kinijit was a time that enabled me to see Berhanu,among others,in better light.

    Mine is a snapshot of a man with a good deal of self-control,tact and intelligence.He comes to me as politician who is self-assured,pursuasively expressive and ripe.It seems to me that there is consistency and veracity in what he utters not just in this interview but also when these utterances are tested in the light of what he writes in his book “Yenetsanet Goh Siked”.

    I was therefore relieved to hear him address issues not personalities.I was happy to hear him unhesitatingly heaping accolades on “Gashe.Mesfin”despite the latter’s rather severe rebuke.
    I was gratified to note that there was no pretension,presumption,irritation or distraction in the tone of his expression.

    Rather,I listened to a straight talking guy more like Prof. Mesfin.I listened to some one happily tenacious not unlike Eng.Hailu.
    I also listened to a modest chap similar to Dr.Hailu.

    But Berhanu,above all these amalgam,I have to admit,is his own man.He has his own destiny.
    In this destiny,his passion,I suppose,is a double edged sword.

    His passion can be a force of enormous good for the pro-demcracy movement.The energy and single-mindedness alligned to such passion are such vital elements to the movement.
    But it can also be argued that,unless it is bridled and tempered by the consistent accommodation of the other view,such passion may lead to an authoritarian behaviour and conduct thus defeating the very purpose of kinjit.

    It is therefore o.k for Berhanu to be passionate in what he believes.But, it is also extremely important for Berhanu to guard against the passionate Berhanu from possible temerity or impatience towards other views or even lurking authoritarianism through deligent inner-dialogue and constant self-criticism.

    I wish him good luck!

  32. | #32

    Every CUD supporters and Ethiopian lovers should check out this interesting web-page

  33. Aha!
    | #33

    I think Dr. Berhanu Nega put himself in trouble by publishing his ideas, and speaking out here to a discerning public both at home and abroad, where in his 1 1/2 hour speech on democracy along with some general remarks on the current regime, has made a number of mistatements that do not jive with party agenda, not to mention his testimony in congress of averting the question of how many people are in prison.

    He testimony seem to incline on appealing to State Department to put pressure on the current regime, to start negotiating with the opposition, sooner than later because of the impending crisis from the liberation movement from all the major ethnic groups, possibly lumping the EPPF as one of them.

    That type of negotiation had failed, when he himself was the representative for Kinijit and Dr. Petros for Hibret, I suppose. Following they have been sent to prison after revoking their immunity, what negotiating power does kinjit has now, when even the party is not yet recognized, offices not open, thousands and thousands of prisoners are still in concentration camps.

    I was impressed at the lady testifying to the atrocities in the Ogaden region, than either one of you Kinijit delegates.
    So these the major aspects of his stand I noted on Dr. Berhanu that put him into trouble, and his etourage of KIL-six of Andargachew-berhanu Mewa faction, so the saying goes “kaf keweta afaf”.

  34. Sefefe Belay
    | #34


    You are a confused eritrean have no identity at all.

    Ethiopia doesn’t care about Eritrea. Ethiopia cares about her seacoast line that she has had for thousands years. Ethiopia also cares about the Afars, Sahos (irob) and Kunnamas that are forced to be part of internationally unrecognised Eritrea because of there is no boarder demarcation. Even if the badme side of the boarder is solved, the Kunama and the saho and mainly the Afar boarder side will never ever solved. The Afars from both sides will fight until nobody lefts rather than the internationally recognition line is drawn between them. Afar without the red seacoast is unthinkable. About the seacoast line, things are just boiling inside every ones mind that will explode like volcano when the time comes

    You have to go back to UN during Atse era the federal issue and the woyane era so called Independent. Woyane and shabia were in UN to represent Eritrea against the very interest of Ethiopia that nobody was there to represent her legally. The vote finished after US, UK and France voted pro, china against and Russia abstained. The Ethiopian people had no a single word to say about while the nation was under the woyane, shabia and Islamic terrorist OLF gun point, looting the whole nation and ruling with Ethnic and kilil policy dividing the country by themselves according to their benefit.

    So, as Eritrea has no internationally recognised boarder, our Ethiopian boarder is the red seacoast where the Afars and the sahos live, period. What I want to aware you that the day Issayas is gone, that would be the end of Eritrea. Eritrea will be the worst version of another Somalia. He is keeping Eritrea with very hostile and dislike each other people together the same way Sadam did in Iraq. The day isayas thinks to fight Ethiopia will be the end of his time. Ethiopian will not stop until the entire shabia dogs disappeared from the surface. Then, the Afars from Eritrea will be part of Afars in Ethiopia. The Sahos in Eritrea will be part of Irob in Ethiopia and the kunamms in Eritrea will be part of kunnamas in Ethiopia.

    What are you going to do?

  35. Mussa Ghedi
    | #35

    Why is it that all of you commentators interested in personalities. To me the measure of excellence and genuinity of a political organisation/movement should be its strength to resolve internal fuede amicably and democratically. The current acusation of one group of CUD leaders against the other is so self centred and self disructing that none of the leaders seem to care any more what the aims and the objectives of the coalition were at the begining.

    I do not believe that the Ethiopian electorate casted their votes for CUD during the 2005 election only because they believed any one else but Woyane would do. Ethiopians have learned during the derg downfall how costly such stand could be.I think their reasons why the electorate they supported CUD were deeper and they had visualised a democratic CUD that would make a real difference for all Ethiopians at large.

    The unfortunate digression of CUD leaders which is heading towards an unknown abis is an insult to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs and a big blow to those who are dreaming for a democratic Ethiopia where its citizens can dewel in harmony. But the leaders on both sides of the argument are doing the opposit because they have strangled harmony at the micro level that some of us have started to wonder how they would have coped to resolve issues at the national level if they were to assume a majority government.

    They have taken their in-house differences so seriously that it is denying them the will to see the greater picture of their country’s demis and its peoples’ woes. This reminds one of the erronious views my generation took during the Ethiopian students movement erra, when we thought every one that boycotted class and evacuated faculties were considered the heroes and those that did not heretics. History has thought us that such views have costed the Ethiopian democratic movement arms and legs, stunted our political maturity and cultivated a culture of striving to win arguemnts rather than resoving pertinent problems. Be it Hailu, Bertukan or Brehanu should be judged on their ability to resove problems that acrue within their organisation not with their manuverable skill to outshine one another with elloquent speechs and interviews inorder to make their colleagues politically reduntant. I do not beleive Ethiopians have the leisure for such infantile quarel. The current CUD situation is a sorry state for all Ethiopians who are working in one way or the other for democratic Ethiopia. I only hope that all Ethiopians that do not support or symphatise with woyane policies would work harder to bring this fueding to an end and help us concentrate on the major probles that require even more sacrifice and hard work. To me this task stands more than worrying for any individual leader or group but we have to remember each time we say Ethiopia we mean the people that live within its boundries,from Gambella to Ferfer and from Geleb to Kunama that might not even know who these people are or care less what they say aginest each other. They want leaders that demonstrate their political maturity in practice and feel their every day pain and help them seek the remedy through empowerment.

    Allah bless

  36. Belew Fikre
    | #36

    I just Dr. Birhanu,
    He is absoulutly right! A party must make democratic way of working its culture first and formost. This is the point of difference between the CUD and other Ethiopian parties.
    Many of the parties which strive to bring democracy in Ethiopia, lack the culture of democraticaly handling issues internaly. That’s what makes CUD special. We don’t want that process to be hampered. We want it to grow and florish. We want this culture to be a working process from the parlament down to kebele level.

  37. Chala
    | #37

    Mingizem Woyane.

    Wela Dr. Birhanu, Welah Engineer Hailu wela Mesfin

    Keweyane Ga Wedefit

    Woyane is the best for Ethiopia, believe it or not,like it or not,It will continue to rule for ever, Ethiopia then will prosper….

  38. Demesie
    | #39

    I listened to Dr. Berhanu’s interview with interest.

    Politely he rejected Prof. Mesfin’s advice in two fronts:

    #1) While the Prof. said a PRISON LAELAY MEKERBET is a bad idea for Kinijit’s unity – Dr. Berhanu said it is a legitmate one and a test of Democracy.

    #2) While the Prof. said the KIC vc KIL issue is irrelevant for the existence of the party – Dr. Berhanu still talks about the issue of dismantling the KIC based on the PRISON LAELAY MEKERBET decision as a test of Democracy.

    In conclusion, I believe the the Prof. is right and the high caliber Dr. is wrong. What is the point of a world tour, fund raising in Diaspora, dealing with the KIC vs KIL etc—in the absence of a strong CUD. In other words, all the issues the Dr. and his delegates now are working very hard are secondary issues. They should deal first with the primary issue of securing the CUD and the rest will be dealt with one by one.

    As the KIC is concerned, it is absolutely irreleveant to the existence of the party. And at some point in the future it has to be dismantled because so many are against it. Even Eng. Hailu Shawl is reciptive of the idea of getting rid off the KIC – but that will be dealt with in due coarse in Ethiopia. Folks, concentrate on the big issue of saving the CUD.

  39. Belew Fikre
    | #40

    I just heard Dr. Birhanu, he is absoulutly right.

  40. Shumet Menywab
    | #41

    The root cause of today’s Kinijit problem is the Shaleqa Yeseph’s corruption, as the likes of Elias Kifle and co. tries to tell us, I don’t believe it for a bit because the money corruption matter came up after a complaint of leadership ability by the Elias Kifle and the co had been campaigning against the Shaleqa and his co. The corruption case came up by following the personality defamation of one group against another group.

    When every Kinijit leadership members are telling us the root cause of today’s Kinijit problem is something else, some support groups are telling different otherwise.

    Professor Mesfin, as his contribution for Kinijit and for his country is a paramount in this struggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia, he is telling a different story from Dr. Birhanu’s and Engineer Hailu’s or from Birtukan and other members of the leadership individuals so far.

    If the problem is not a power competition or a groupies competition effort to dominate in the leadership, why is it not solved in the leadership discipline manner before each group is trying to show us they are more democratic than the other group? How do we know who is democratic who is not if the full committee of leadership did not work on the problem and came up with a resolution to ask one of the other to comply with the resolution or else leave the way to others to take the leadership position?

    Why is it necessary to come to us, the Diaspora, before the problem is solved in the first place, if each group is really taking Kinijit as a primary over the individual differences but as we see the problem is between one who is for individual leadership and the other for collective leadership as widely has been told by many?

    Who is telling the truth? Only God knows!
    Why Professor Mesfin decided to say what he had to say? Could he be at fault because of his timely or untimely statements about Kinijit?

    My own follow up of daily activities and controversial issues about Kinijit and its supporters for the past two years gave me the impression more to the Professor Mesfin’s concern than the other probabilities in the above for this problem to happen.

    I am not supporting one or defending another but I am blaming more on the Kinijit leadership’s slow or ignorant stand for searching a resolution for this problem to be stopped from going to far.

    Any reasonable person in the Kinijit leadership or support groups should not have a reason to blame Professor Mesfin for his say. I remember him saying about an individual or group competition in the name of Kinijit on Ethiopian peoples struggle way before he decided to openly exposing it on the public radios.

    Why the leadership did not take this matter so closely and tried to stop it from being exploded? I think every one was wishing the problem to vanish by itself or it was a complex issue in the whole leadership and the leadership did not know how to handle it!

    I can only wish some in the leadership can come out and tell the truth and the only truth for this problem and tell the Ethiopian people you decide whom to blame now! I am a committed supporter of Kinijit and I want the truth to come out and clear the way to a passage from this mess!

    May God help Ethiopians to help other Ethiopians who are in the worst living condition in Ethiopia day by day!!

  41. Nice
    | #42


    Nice comment!

  42. abraham
    | #43

    Dr Berhanu proved time and again that he is a born leader. Prof Mesfin was totally off mark with his suggestive comments about Dr Berhanu. In any case, leaders are tested when they are challenged, not when when they are worshiped. Dr berhanu will come out of this as a stronger and decisive leader than he ever was. While the source of the whole crisis is Hailu Shawel’s dictatorial and totalitarian tendencies, blaming others was not helpful by Prof Mesfin. As to his endorsement of Birtukan Mideksa, well, it is appreciated. However, she already earned the position. And we are supporting her. I do not agree with the prof that she is in the midst of a mess she would be having difficulty to get out of. This is not a rocket science. All she had to do is enforce kinijit’s rules. Hailu Shawel does not transcend Kinijit. The biggest job they are facing is making him understand this fact. I have full confidence that she will make it clear to him. Hop on or you will be left behind.

  43. Sefefe Belay
    | #44

    To those hopeless Diasporas. They act as if they are somebody but they are nobody. They ahev no place here and there. They are nowhere.

    Your behaviour proofs that you are becoming valueless everyday. Your chachachacha is nothing. You have no right to vote. You have no full citizenship right as you abandoned the country when she faces woyane. What do you want from her now? She doesn’t want you. She is happy without you. You are sick that will be healed after death.

    Dr. B. Dr. B bla bla. Keep him as long as he turns on you. Nobody wants him to take away from you. Take also his 4 member followers. The southern representatives Mr. Tadyos, Mr. Ejigue, and others. The north representatives Mr. Abayneh and others are already have talked the people. They are opening offices there. They are making preparation for the laylay mekerbet meeting as soon as the respected hailue is back home with his delegation. Here will be all solved without your five fingers number B group. And you will be officially good bye forever by the Ethiopian people.

    Only the Ethiopian people back home have the 100% right what to do with the country situation. You fool Diaspora living like nothing to end up in vain because of you are here but not here, you are here to cause crimes there. Nobody gives you any emotional attention. You are already known all over Ethiopia with your nothing attitude.

    Again, keep your B. Ethiopia doesn’t need him. Keep crying. Only Ethiopians in Ethiopia have the power and right to decide about the country matters. Of course those working the right way for her sake including Dr Taye who was in prison for six years because of his position towards the country will be always appreciated and welcomed.

    Keep your heroes after 20 months in prison and signed a guilty paper to run away from the principles he promised the Ethiopian people. You stupid Diaspora knows nothing about the word hero means when you call the heroes to your weak and selfish B group signed the guilty paper abandoning the Ethiopian people to keep their ass. You and their supporters are all fool. Ethiopia is better off without you. B. Era is over. Stay away.

    Thank you.

  44. Aster
    | #45

    Dearest Sefefe Belay,

    Why such anger,outburst and outrage,my beloved?

  45. david
    | #46

    I heard a lot about the Brave person Dr. Brehanu Nega. He is just the RIGHT person for our struggle to attain a democratic Ethiopia. NO MORE NO LESS.

    Even these days, the contestant of the so called “ Ethiopian Idol”, who represents Addis Ababa and being the 2nd, didn’t get any reward from the city, while the 1st and 3rd, who are from Dessie got a plot of land for building a house. This shows that Dr. Brehanu’s office is still closed (unless some bullshit is running the office, who doesn’t care about the name of the city)!!! Check Reporter for interview of the victim (I hate Reported, though!!!!!!!)

    I Love Ethiopia!!!

  46. abera
    | #47

    You know what some of Diaspora people problem they are not educated in other words they are illiterate they don’t even know how to comment like chala, cahltu probably his sister and gedion, please be civilized, read books you may be working in one of gas station in America for years may be you spent half of your life time there, its not easy to criticize people like Dr brahnu, I personally appreciate this man because he is wise , intelligent, logical and true speaker he is in jail for our own sake dealing with a very complicate issue so please be civilized go to school update yourself other wise people will go on laughing at you .
    Long live Dr. Brahnu and thank u for what you have done may god bless you and Ethiopia.

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