Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa’s Speech in Minnesota And More

October 20th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

minnesota_small.jpgWzrt. Birtukan Mideksa’s Speech in Minnesota And Moreminnesota_small.jpg (more…)

minnesota_small.jpgWzrt. Birtukan Mideksa’s Speech in Minnesota And Moreminnesota_small.jpg

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  1. kassyy
    | #1

    minnapolisoch anbesochhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Adem
    | #2

    I couldnt watch it
    It stops often

    what shall I do
    I’m hungry of her message with that humble voice

    Help me out pleaseeeeee

    | #3

    What a gace!!!
    “Abo Yesitesh”

  4. Berehanu
    | #4

    Bertukan appologizes for Tigrayans? this mad woman is getting sick day by day. Tigrayans need to appologize the rest of Ethiopia since they are benefiting from the regime much better than the rest of Ethiopia. What is wrong with this generation …appologizing the killers and advocates of the brutal regime.

    Bertukan, you are full of garbage and day by day you are going down

  5. dinka
    | #5

    She is not full of garbage infact you are the real stinking garbage .I do not think you got the message.

  6. Ewenetu
    | #6


    I do not think you heard what she said. If heard it and couldn’t understand it ask your friends what she said. She put it clear and it very easy to underand it unless you yourself garbage. Sorry to say that but I was there and you can count me as a witness for what she said.

  7. Dagem Tewodros
    | #7

    Sorry Birtukan do you know what you talking about are you losing your mind i am looking at you when you senk day to day.

  8. solomon
    | #8

    Hi Birhanu
    what is wrong with you?? why you spending you time thinking about past. We are living for today and tomorrow not for yesterday. It is better bringing people together when we are together we are always strong. The othrer thing is be polite and say what ever you want, you can pass your massage with out insulting people. Grow up my little brother!!!!
    By the way her spitch was wonderful. I hope they listen what she said. God bless you Birtukan I proud of you.

  9. Eskinder Degene.
    | #9

    Hello Gobez.

    EPRDEF Still in power it is good becase which one talke a responisble to led Ethiopian people now i think EPRDEF is better before EPREDEF defted you are fighting for postion you are bleming each other even you can not discuss you problem as a democrate leader i am shure that if EPRDEF resining from his power i hope majority of Kinjit leaders kill each other for poletical power not for Democray of Ethiopian people. Now in evry direction Ethiopian people knows which will benift for the country no one kan cheat one person twice.

    We pray att GOD give a good leaders for the honest people of Ethiopia.

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