Ethiopian Rebels Claim 140 Killings – AP

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – Ethiopian rebels claimed Sunday they have killed 140 Ethiopian soldiers in the country’s southeast. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – Ethiopian rebels claimed Sunday they have killed 140 Ethiopian soldiers in the country’s southeast.

About 1,000 fighters of the Ogaden National Liberation Front attacked Ethiopian troops on Saturday in a southeastern area of Wardher, about 485 miles southeast of the capital, Addis Ababa, the group said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press.

Government officials were not immediately available for comment and it was not immediately possible to independently verify the rebel claims because the area involved is remote.

On Saturday, “a major ONLF military operation involving nearly 1,000 ONLF troops … resulted in over 140 (Ethiopian government soldiers) killed with many more wounded,” the statement said.

“This operation was a direct response to the burning of Caado village recently and the continuing abuses against the people of Ogaden by (government) forces in the Wardher area.”

The Ogaden National Liberation Front has been fighting for greater autonomy for eastern Ethiopia.

The group dramatically escalated its decade-long insurgency when in April it attacked a Chinese-owned oil exploration field, killing 74 workers. Until then, it only made occasional hit-and-run attacks on government troops.

Since the rebels’ April attack, the army has intensified its counterinsurgency operations, which aid and human rights groups say has seen the military burn villages, block aid and trade into the region. The government denies its forces have committed any violations.

  1. fish
    | #1

    The woyane primitive soldures deserve it.I am an ethiopian but this animals should what they deserve. they killed the inocents in addis who didn’t have any kind of protection. If they think they are brave they suposed to fight there with the reale heros of Ethiopian ppls the ONLF. we love you because you are fighting the tyrant and the barbarians. For now it is not our priority to question your policy or aim but you are fighting this barbarian so our support goes to you.

  2. | #2

    more than 140 (MELES SLAVE) meles solidger (NOT ETHIOPIA )died BY OGADEN
    what GOOD NEWS !!!!

  3. nahome
    | #3

    I am totally against the war.Who would benefit? nobdy. Next time we’ll hear that many ONLF people’s death.The people who are fighting in both sides are Ethiopians that are hungry and poor.They don’t live comfotrable life like you and me.I wish not even a single person died from both sides.People,please don’t be happy with other people missery. We should learn from Isayas,Melesse and Mengistu’s mistake.It’s better to get together and discuss our problem than killing each other.It’s 2000 not 1800.Wake up Ethiopians!

  4. Laamalooshe
    | #4

    Dear nahome,
    No body likes killings and violence. We are all children of God. But sometimes it becomes imperative to protect your children and women. When a group of bandits claiming to be a governemnt send forced conscripts to rape, kill and deny the basic necessities to your familiies, just because you ask your god given rights, you have no alternative except to take up arms. If Meles gang had allowed the people in Ethiopia the minimumn of democratic rights, instead of forcefully suppressing all those who demand their rights, there will be no bloodshed on the streets of Addis or the Ogaden, Gambella or kaliti prison. The ogaden National Liberation Front which represents the OGADEN PEOPLE participated in the elections in 1992 but when Meles governemnt decided to take the government elected by the Ogaden people and put in place their own henchmen, ONLF refused. Meles regime retaliated by killing any body it thought supported ONLF. Once the killing started it never stopped. Some people say the Somalis are seccesionist and must be killed. HOW CAN ETHIOPIANS CLAIM THAT THE SOMALI TERRITORY IS THEIRS AND AT THE SAME TIME ALLOW THEIR GOVERNEMET TO KILL THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THAT TERRITORY. You have either to accept the Ogaden Somalis as your equals and brothers or leave them and their territory alone. It is true that both ethiopians and Somalis are living in missery because of the Ogaden problem. Face the reality Ethiopia and accept a better deal for the Ogaden Somalis or this hell will continue. ONLY GOD CAN MAKE A NATION INSTINCT- You get help from all the major powers in the world in order to keep poor nomads in shackles but still you cannot control them . God created the gaden Somalis and they have a right to live like all other human beings. weapons and loads of aid from misguided donors to the EPRDF criminals will never subdue the human spirit in Ethiopia. WAKE UP.

  5. Gud
    | #5

    From where did you get; the source? ER? Hahaha.

    What is your objective to achieve by posting this baseless propaganda fiction story comes from little people? You mean those you mentioned 140 individuals are like nothing. They are Ethiopians not woyanes. You are playing games here with the lives of innocent Ethiopians suffering by woynae and weak and irresponsible so called oppositions too. Give some respect to those in the middle suffering while the lion share is taken away by woynae and those you call them heroes in US feeling as if they are on honeymoon n paradise with marriage in contra to the backward Muslims one man to four young women. But I see here one woman to four old men.

  6. Damitew
    | #6

    from you banda agame mam. She is mourning with empty stomach.

  7. Damitew
    | #7

    Those who died fighting for meles and sheik are not ethiopians they mercinaries who are killing for money.

  8. j.p.h
    | #8

    I read in the news that some gangs of Meles were there before the battle started and has been said that they escaped death by running to fly by helicopter. It was known they were there to resume with their atrocious and cursed devilish deeds, which is to advice the poor soldiers(not all are criminal Agazis, but are forced to commit crime).It was good if the real criminals suffered alone. But the saddest thing is, the poor and the helpless soldiers spilled blood and gave their lives from both sides,
    (this doesn’t include the criminal “Agazis”) while the real criminals escaped to perpetrate their deed of genocide some where else in the country.

    Death to tyranny!

    Ethiopia shall prevail

  9. ezar
    | #9

    hi i am not happy about people death from any one from rebbele or woyane gang milita so who die poor, who want help his family or parentes let us think and respond, let us avoid bad one who like stay on the thron chire and see the innocent blood shead, i love any human bing even animal so let us avoid the difference between us let have nice life c you ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzra (help)

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