Open Letter to Senator James M. Inhofe – Hagos

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Allow me to express my gratitude for your interest on the current crisis in the Horn of Africa specially, the call for a transparent democracy in Ethiopia. (more…)

Allow me to express my gratitude for your interest on the current crisis in the Horn of Africa specially, the call for a transparent democracy in Ethiopia.

  1. j.p.h
    | #1

    Mr. Hagos
    You have don a Great and noble deed in the struggle to save our common motherland Ethiopia Thank you for being a very laud voice for the million voiceless people!I think all of us have to do the same in every country wherever we might be.

  2. | #2

    Mr. Hagos we Ethiopian need like you that concern to his people. Mr.Hagos I admire you that you express your openion for our people freedom and their voice to be heard ,that chocked by one man rules state. your concern is very important.the Ethiopians need you to stand firm when some thing is going wrong to their right.

  3. Tesfaye
    | #3

    Dear Ato Hagos,
    Thank you very much for your concern, and your respond to the evil machination of Sen. Inhofe.

  4. hailu
    | #4

    Hagos! you did a good job , if this senator reads this awesome and matured letter he automaticly gave up and ask an appolgy immediatly he wiil be neel down.God bless you my beloved home boy and thank you.

  5. Akalu
    | #5

    Ato Hagos god bless you,we all have to follow your way and do something for our beloved nation
    thanks again sir

  6. GET
    | #6

    Thank you very much for your concern.

  7. MebrateM
    | #7

    My big thanks,brother Hagos, for your respectful,sincere and appealing open letter to Senator James M.Inhofe.
    In my opinion,your letter rightly defends the truth.No doubt, the attack directed against HR2003 is based solely on falshood.Your letter,unlike the deceitful petitions and lobbying letters of TPLF propagandists,(see AIGA FORUM)I believe,tells the truth and the whole truth.
    Now particularly in the twilight of its despotic rule,TPLF’s camouflaged lie,I observe,glaringly persist.This,I feel,is the last gasp of the dying beast of tyranny.But,no matter how the beast’s death bed struggle looks ferocious and no matter how this lie masquerading as truth persist,I know that no lie can mutate into truth,’no lie can live forever’ and the beast of despotism will surely die.
    It is indeed a lie to present this beast as a blameless lamb given to the salvation of the people.It is a lie to christen this long standing (now 16 years long, just a year less than its predecesor,the cruel Dergue)one man show,one party minority rule,a democracy.It is a lie to call this cynical and brutal regime a sincere and worthy ally in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

    The truth which however is crying out to be heared is that the ruthless Zenawi,like Mengistu the former dictator,has much blood on his hands.He has, save the recent release prompted by mounting international pressure incarcerated the highest number of people in the continent.
    He and his corrupt cronies have stashed away millions of dollars in foreign banks taken away,without any pang of conscience,from the starving and dying millions.
    In its bid to stay in power and under the guise of boldly championing nationality rights,Zenawi’s regime has incessantly tried its utmost to alienate one group from the other by sawing seeds of suspicion among the various groups and priming them for strife.It is again this regime’s ploy to cling to power that it has and still does engage in costly (recall the tens of thousands of lives tragically lost in the Meles-Isayas war) wars on multiple fronts against its former’comrades-in-arms’ and its newly discovered enemies.

    Sadly,Senator James.M Inhofe and a few other people aroud him don’t see this plain truth.
    They appear to see a ‘lamb’ instead of a predator beast of tyranny preying upon its own people.When their false perception is confronted with the truth and found wanting,however,they sadly invoke the protection of their sacrosanct ‘national interest’ as the basis for their ‘friendship’ with the beast.That may be fine.It is their right.But,the issue is we too have a ‘national interest’ and a right to guard.And that
    ‘national interest’is nothing else but the lofty desire and noble aspirations of our Ethiopian people not be denied of their democratic rights,their dignity not be trampled underfoot and their humanity not to be degraded under a bloody dictatorship propped up only by those for whom the end justfies the means.For such people like Senator James M. Inhofe, political expediency,not the dictates of their conscience,is their guide.The sermons of their avowed commitment to democracy,their high
    sounding and grand pronouncements in favor
    of the cause of the oppressed,their rhetoric about human rights and liberty stand in sharp
    contradiction to their callous,short-sighted and unjust support for dictatorships like Zenawi’s.

    But I always say why? Why this contradiction between one’s noble words and one’s unjust actions? Why?
    I sincerely fail to see why one can not animated by common humanity be sensitive to the suffering of others,be able to demonstrate one’s nobility and wisdom in fighting against tyranny while simultaneously upholding one’s ‘national interest’.

    Dear Senator J.M.Inhofe,this was infact what your noble colleagues at Congress recently attempted to do when they introduced and unanimously voted for the bill H.R 2003 which aimes at assisting the Ethiopian people in their quest for human rights and the rule of law.
    But you, Senator Inhofe, we have learnt that you want to crush this bill at the behest of Zenawi’s Regime and your ostensible protection of your country’s ‘national interest’.
    This, I believe, is absolutely wrong and morally reprehensible.I hope and I pray that you do not succeed in your unsavoury mission.

    If,however,you do,let me hasten to tell you this.I BELIEVE,I know and I have that ABIDING
    FAITH that enables me to KNOW,your victory in this is nothing but a pyrrhic one,indeed.
    ‘Truth,crushed to earth,will rise gain’
    And the God of history still faithfully judges!
    In the words of James Russel LOwell,


    Thank you once again,brother Hagos.May you stay blessed!!

  8. | #8

    Awesome view discussing Open Letter to Senator James M. Inhofe. Thoroughly enjoy your view!

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