HG (Mr. Ying-Yang ) is back with another blackmail – Tefera Muchie

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HG (Mr. Ying-Yang ) is back with another blackmail

HG (Mr. Ying-Yang ) is back with another blackmail

HG (otherwise lately known as Ying-Yang), the most rigid man who does not have any room for any idea outside his skull is coming back with another black mail. This time Dr. Birhanu is his victim.

Look at the usual black mail site.
I think as usual HG still thinks that he is smart and we need to accept his blackmailing at a face value. Mr. HG; whatever you wrote speaks against you. You don’t have to tell us about Dr. Birhanu nor interpret whatever he says to us. We are seeing him in person and we are hearing what he saying. We are neither deaf nor stupid; therefore we don’t need “Tirjuman”, ok? I consider this kind of your act as insult to thousands of Ethiopians who have access to the internet. What HG does not want to swallow is that there are millions of Ethiopians out there whom he can learn from as long as he pulls himself out of feudal mentality he was born with.

HG tries to manipulate Professor Mesfin’s interview in his best interest. The distinguished professor’s comment focused on the two individuals, in fact, more on the chairman’s failure to lead the organization. But the merciless HG twisted the interview towards his interest and used it to blackmail one of the most progressive individuals of our time. This writer still believes the two individuals can work together if HG and his company stop their endless meddling. Mr. HG; Not only Ethiopia but the whole world is no more favorable for a king or Emperor. You should have been born more than 100 years ago if you are thinking about it. This is 21st century. As you are one of the “God chosen” individuals who used the feudal system to get your education, I understand that it is painful for you to compete equal with ordinary Ethiopians at this time. Blackmailing is not a good alternative, either. Try something else, sir!

Many blame Shaleqa for the chaos we are in; but the source of all these problems as usual are HG and his company. HG and his company hijacked the Kinijit. Org website two years ago. They appointed themselves as editors. The website remained dead since then. It is like Addis Zemen coming to America. Whatever they write is brutal and tasteless (ej ej yemil). All these chaos and misfortunes originate from this underground organization. Finally after funneling wrong information, they hijacked the chairman and put us once more in bad situation. I don’t thinking they will stop dreaming and trying to rule the country in their best interest.

Mr. HG instead of blackmailing, Dr. Birhanu, the man we adore, please leave Ato Hailu alone and do his work with his colleagues. Please try to understand that Ethiopia is for every Ethiopians not for few individuals who insert their fingers everywhere including appointing one’s own self as editor for a website that represents millions of people and play with it as he wants. If you don’t mind please call your website. HG-GH.com instead of kinijit.com.

Thank you!

Tefera Muche (teferamuche@yahoo.com)

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