Zenawi has eyes on next victim: Inside his own “Kangaroo Parliament” this time – BBC

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Ethiopia’s Prime MinisterSelf-Proclaimed Prime Minster Meles Zenawi has accused the official opposition of collaborating with armed insurgents. (more…)

Ethiopia’s Prime MinisterSelf-Proclaimed Prime Minster Meles Zenawi has accused the official opposition of collaborating with armed insurgents.

His comments came after an opposition leader complained in parliament about harassment in the Oromia region.

Mr Meles also mocked foreign press coverage of events in the south-east Ogaden region where rebels claim to have battled the army over the weekend.

Some groups have taken up arms in the Oromia and Somali-speaking Ogaden regions in pursuit of greater autonomy.

Arrests threat

In the parliamentary session, broadcast live on Ethiopian television, the prime minister said the opposition were acting as a Trojan horse for armed insurgent movements.

The accusations came after opposition leader Bulcha Demeksa complained about widespread arrests and harassment in the Oromia region in the southern central part of the country.

Mr Meles said the government was aware that some senior leaders of opposition organisations were members of the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

He said once the government had enough evidence the culprits would be arrested and put on trial.

Another opposition leader accused the government of ignoring issues in the Ogaden region despite allegations of human rights abuses in the international media.

In response, Mr Meles poked fun at media coverage of recent Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) claims that the rebels had besieged his political adviser.

As he had been with the adviser at the time, Mr Meles inquired why he had not been surrounded too.

However, he said nothing about rebel claims of heavy fighting in the past few days.

The ONLF says up to 250 government troops died in a battle on Sunday.

On Monday, a government spokesman said any skirmishes may have involved local, pro-government militias, not the army.

  1. Bati
    | #1

    Amazing how this man deed resemble his facial feature. I must say this is the unglies human being i have ever seen. Well i take it back he is half TPLF & Shabia (his mother side)


  2. Tigist
    | #2

    The news confirm the fact that all the Ethiopian opposition parties need to work together to get rid of TPLF. Otherwise, TPLF keep attacking all of them one at a time. As long as we don’t come together objectively, united and strong. TPLF will keep attacking us one by one and prolong its life. When the Kinijit leaders were in jail, the other thought they were safe in Meles’s Kangaro parlama. The fact of the matter is Meles and his TPLF gangs are mad dogs and nobody is safe around them. The mad dogs just take one bit at a time.

  3. kemsu
    | #3

    What happened to his eyes ? are they such big

  4. Hagos
    | #4

    Tigst it is a good idea Pleas tell EPRP in stead of creating a division in side CUD work together.

  5. Birhanu
    | #5

    How can we unite with ONLF? Is it going to be just like Shaebiya and weyane? ONLF will claim Ogaden if we win the war against TPLF. People have purpose when they go out on a fight. They fight to separate Ogaden away from Ethiopia and that’s what they’re going to demand if we side with them and win war against TPLF. The purpose of the struggle should never be to get rid of TPLF. It should be to work with them just like any other political party. We don’t want CUD to be the only political party in the country. We wanna have multi party politics in the country. Not like the one TPLF claims to have now in our country.

    Did you wanna get rid of TPLF and be without government like Somalia?

    ONLF is more trait to Ethiopia than is TPLF. It can be a lesser trait to the opposition parties but it is the worst enemy that Ethiopia can have.

    The best thing to do now is to push EPRDF against the wall to take Article 39 out of the constitution. As of right now, ONLF is legal if we go by our “constitution” because it gives them a right to separate away from Ethiopia.

  6. one ethiopia
    | #6

    the last of the vipor is coming up

  7. adigrat
    | #7

    Aye Amaroch!!!!!! Gena yesltan dejaf lay satedersu, leseltan shkucha!!!!

  8. AGERE
    | #8

    Tigist, i am definitely agree with your comment. Tplf(hizbawi woyane arenet tigray) will get out of the way, if the opposition will come together and work, otherwise division between the ethiopian party will bring the agazi regime to reinforce his power and attack most of the opposition one by one to long lasting their power. So, i hope kinijit knew the benefit of unity to bring democracy in Ethiopia, otherwise it would bring dismay for most of the supporters and the hopless people of country folks, because the hopes encircling only in kinijit. So, the leaders should have to solve this problem for the sake of their poor people with no any individualistic thinking.

  9. Allen 15
    | #9

    I have never seen this kind of big BULGY EYE’S in my hole life.
    The “BULGY EYE’S” MAN will decease.
    Long live Ethiopia

  10. Gedeon
    | #10

    Uniting for what Gaol? After getting rid off TPLF what are we going to do? to give Ogaden to ONLF, oromia to OLF, Tigray to TPLF?

    What Meles is doing in Ogaden is a must to do! He should defend the country called Ethiopia! The international media is blowing the news car the Chainese are there!I am sure that Meles can’t let burn villages! He never did that during their own 17 years of struggle!

  11. haileyesus
    | #11

    If he has enough detention centers and can afford it let him lock us all in and see if he can ever survive without us.He should not take us for granted.There is a saying that let the sleeping dog lay.He should stop harassing our people(OROMOS).Ato Bulcha said the reality on ground.Long live the Oromos,Long live ETHIOPIA.,

  12. The Truth
    | #12

    The cause to all these is the unwise and childish woyane Ethnic and kilil policy in the 21-century.

    What is their justification when they allowed having a terrorist organization (OLF) the so called Oromia taken others legal and natural territory? The Ogaden Issue is also the same. Woynae was/is still ignorant knows nothing about the Ethiopian history. If they know, they would dismantle the so called ormomia and Ogaden with the rest of the kilil today/now and allow the rest of the Ethiopian people to live and work anywhere in the country as free society.

    A little about history.

    After the Lalibela era, the great shewa Kingdom was ruling the whole of shewa, Arusi, Harar, wollo and other part of the country. Wellega was called then Damot and was part of Gojjam. In the south the Sidamas, the three kingdoms of the keffa, ilubabour, gomugofa, and the rest of the territories were ruled by southern nations and nationalities.

    But all these changed after 1529-1543(the Ahmed Gragn invasion supported by the Ottoman and the Arabs reached as far as axsum all the way chasing, killing and burning churches). The Nomadic and always on the move Gallas from far away the southeast (the corner of balie) used this opportunity and started to occupy the territory abandoned because of the war. The Galla invasion to those territories continued until 1569 with low level and little resistance.

    But since 1570-1870 the gallas savagely and brutally invaded deep the Ethiopian territory before they got resistance from Theodros. When you see the map the galas are living today, you can see it easily that they were just invaders/immigrants the way we see modern immigrants all over the western world. Yet the invasion continued until 1950/60 until it ended in western wellega massacring the people of Damot and the survivors forced to cross the Nile to gojjam. That is why you have a region called damot in Gojjam referring to those people and keeping the Damot name alive.

    This is just a tiny fraction of the Gallas history in Ethiopia. Yet, our Woynaes with little brain allowed the Galla Immigrants to take the land it is not belong to them. Read the Gall history written by eyewitnesses not by foreign elements that are writing fiction stories motivated by money and other issues. Start reading “yegala Tarik” before continuing with other books written by local people that were eyewitnesses and the owner of the History. Watch out, the Gallas are on campaigning all over the places to buy fiction history for them from foreign elements that have nothing to do about Ethiopia. A traveller cannot write an Ethnic/ the nation history he/she is visiting.

    What woyane has to do is dismantling kilil and allow all the citizens to live and work anywhere in the country they like. Except few Oromos with Galla mentality the rest of the Ethiopian people will love and accept it. Because of one or two Ethnic immigrant groups, the rest of the Ethiopian people must not /will not/cannot suffer in own country. Woyane also will be accepted as leaders if they do that. Other than that, the rest of the Ethiopian people have to take the country matters. Because the Islamic gallas are putting our nation in danger supported by foreign enemies and collaborators inside the woyane parliament, too.

    Woyane is too slow for something good and to quick for something bad. Why is it took them so long to realise about the Islamic terrorist OLF sympathisers and supporters being in the parliament? It is well known among the people long a go.

  13. Hadere Sefer
    | #13

    Woyane is coming to its end sooner than we have expected.

  14. | #14

    Mr. Meles sometimes is correct , we should not oppose his ideas blindly,what he said was correct ( on ONLF and OLF , both are anti-ethiopia ), they should be dead.

  15. bonjamen
    | #15

    look at this fuckn up gay still he do know noting.

  16. | #16

    Why is the average Ethiopian can’t figure this butt face thug out? if this half-baked poodle is to enjoy another day in Addis he must continue inciting people against each other; he can’t make a peace with Eritrea because the Tigry Einesteins going after him for favoring his uncles, he can’t make peace with Somalians because he might not earn as much dollars from his new found lover: Dr. Freezer, he can’t make peace with Amara because he still have to spill some more blood; the only solution to the region is to weed out the thugs in Addis and may be we can have JUST BUSINESS INSTEAD KILL-KILL-HATE-HATE AND SO ON

  17. Damitew
    | #17

    what is Adigrat mean i think it is a place where ppls are eating each other and speak funny language. Also being ignorant may get you some prise and nobelity can you coment on this.

  18. Emebet
    | #18

    Zenawi is a just leader of Ethiopia in the 21st century. I can proudly call him Nejashi the second(Dagmawi Nejashi). However, we need change naturally. But the sad thing again is that there is nobody who can even be comparable to him amongst the opposition parties’ prominent figures. Therefore, Zenawi should continue leading this land of justice till another just figure raises. To conclude, Zenawi is the best for Ethiopia. He has brought a gigantic change that we are now considering for granted thereby tamper with.

  19. Noname4me1
    | #19

    Can you see his eyes. Oh my god he is a Devil.

  20. michael
    | #20

    Meles is the a cruel dictator the country had ever seen.He is sick person who thinks he is smart to lie and live longer.He is now turned against Bulcha for the fact that he let the people know what is going on in Oromia region.I had never support a death sentence before but ,if he is judged to be on electric chair ,i’d say not only once rather i support the sentencing but again and again,if there’d be life again- he deserve million times.

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