Ethiopian Muslims in the DC Metro Area Host Working Dinner for Kinijit Delegation

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Ethiopian Muslims in the DC Metro Area Host Working Dinner for Kinijit Delegation

October 25, 2007

Every single moment and indeed every single encounter whether it was with their countrymen, senators, think-thanks or journalists proved as exciting as it was overly rewarding. Kinijit delegation’s meeting with the Ethiopian Muslim community tonight was no exception.

Issues raised at the working dinner were refreshingly insightful. There was common understanding on the thesis that respect for individual right will form the basis for respect of group rights. The importance of interim intervention aimed at thwarting real and perceived inequalities also received strong support. Several commentaries pointed to the need for Ethiopian Muslims to participate more actively in Ethiopia’s political life and to be represented in leadership positions commensurate with the size of the Muslim population. A as a dynamic multi-ethnic, multi-religious party, Kinijit leaders declared, it is their party’s policy to redouble efforts aimed at mirroring the cross section of society in its membership and leadership ranks. There was also solid consensus on the urgent need to safeguard the centuries old enviable track record that Ethiopia enjoys in terms of maintaining religious harmony. The exemplary role played by Muslim and Christian leaders in resolving minor tensions of recent past was applauded.

The question and answer session availed rare opportunity for Ethiopian Muslims to find out first hand from Kinijit leaders on the vision of the party and its stand on several issues near and dear to the Muslim community. The discussion was so lively and heart-warming it continued into the closing hours of the restaurant.

Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter Report

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