The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations and kinijit Leadership Delegation

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The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations and kinijit Leadership Delegation was held on October 27th, 2007 at Marriott Hotel, 1221 22nd St., Washington DC. (more…)

The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations and kinijit Leadership Delegation was held on October 27th, 2007 at Marriott Hotel, 1221 22nd St., Washington DC. Ato Aklog Limeneh opened the meeting welcoming the assembly and gave report on kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations (KNAASO). Then, Vice Chairman of Kinijit, Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa and Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw addressed the general assembly and a report on the performance of kinijit support groups was presented by the Inspector General, Dr. Abraham Bekele. The afternoon session was mostly focused on the relationship between Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations and coalition for unity democracy party.

Photo By Tewodros Mekebeb

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  1. Abera
    | #1

    What I have to say here? Emmmm.

    It reminds like a fish out of water, when a kind of political party feels popular and comfortable out of the country.

    Remember, those who assisted US, UK and any force against Iraq to level the country becomes as she is today are the Diaspora Iraqis that had no any link inside Iraq. They taught as long as Sadam is gone, the problem would be solved in a matter of days. Yes, may be their problem is solved as almost all of them are benefiting in Iraq today while the whole nation is disappearing like melting ice.
    Don’t be short sited. Stop the hoho and belew belew political activates. You have to understand the whole issue in the country. The primary issue must not be how to topple woyane but what would be after that. Don’t think there will be always the sun if woyane is gone and the looting and developing only Tigry policy is stopped as long as there is no a strong, visionary, united and respected political force.

    Division leads to fraction. A Fraction will never become one (full) but always a fraction.

    I think I have to say, “God save Ethiopia” until I’m sure she is saved.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Hi Abera, two things can be said about your idea. Your first statement indicates how out of touch you are. Everyone knows how Kinijit is popular both in and out side of Ethiopia. Meles himself knows that very well. If you really don’t know that, your out of touch and you don’t know what you are talking about. Your second thought about why “we shouldn’t focus about how to get ride of Weyanne” seems irrelevant under the news that you are commenting on. Did u read the news right above the pictures? You need to read that before you comment on it. Otherwise you would sound irrelevant. Over all as far as what the Kinijit leaders have been saying their primarily objection is to help build the democratic institutions in Ethiopia. That includes independent judicial system, independent military and election commission, free press and electronics Medias. To make it easy for you I recommend that you should visit one of the Kinijit’s web sites and see the 8 preconditions that Kinijit put forward two year ago to enter the Meles Zenawi’s parliament. Then you have something important to say.

  3. Abera
    | #3

    Tigist=my dear Sista.

    You have idea no whom you are talking with. Lets forget the rest for now and make it clear the 8 points you said. These points are the reason why they have been in prison and why so many lives and material loss and crimes committed against the citizens including in the capital city in a day light in front of the world. I know those points word by word and I like them.
    But how you can achieve them? The way we heard how they were lobbying against each other while they were in prison and we see them today? No. It is a disaster no one expects to happen inside Kinijit. I think you didn’t give attention when I said about friction created fraction inside them?

    We know what is inside the group? Are you telling me kinijit is one and members are trusting and respecting each other? Do they respect the leader? Kinijit is like a bee colony has lost the queen (leader) and it will disappear like a hyena clan that did lost the leader as many of them are acting like hyenas (for their personal interest)

    Before responding saying this or that for nothing which is eseth egeba, tell me about the unity inside kinijit with Hailue shawel leadership. If not, your kinijit will be like a fish out of the water. Hailue shawel base is at home not with hopeless Diaspora belew belew politics.

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    How come Elias Kifle is not reporting on this good news? Whenever their is a good news about Kinijit Elias Kifle is no where to report it, but when some negative staff happens, he would multiply it and make it look real bad and he will keep write about it. I think from now on we should call Elias Kifle’s web site ER Merdo Negari Media. That makes ER to be equivalent of MNM. He has every right to try making Kinijit weaker, and we have every right to defend the Ethiopian Sprite “Kinijit”

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    Dear Abera, I wouldn’t call it friction, but it is for every one to see that there is a very minor problem among Kinijit leaders. Base on what I heard from the interviews that Ato Hailu Shawel, Dr. Brahanu. W/zt Birtukan and Dr. Hailu gave, the kinijit leaders’ problems around two major decisions that they made before the came to US and Europe. The two major decisions are to visit the Diaspora Ethiopians and to dissolve both KIL and KIC. The memo that details both decisions were signed by Engineer Hailu Shawel. After signing the memos Ato Hailu Shawel complains about only about 20 CUDP council members were in the meeting to make those decisions. I think many ask the question why Ato Hailu signed the memos to begin with, if he had problem with the number of council members that made the decisions. Second, Ato Hailu sounds like he is okay with KIL being dissolved base on the 20 council members’ decisions, but not KIC. To many of Kinijit’s supporters what Ato. Hailu Shawel did doesn’t give that much of a sense in this case.
    Once again I would like to believe that the minor problems that are surfaced among Kinijit leaders are just administrative. If we agree on that, it is logical that the chairman takes most of the responsibility whenever there is an administrative failure. Now, if Ato Hailu Shawel needs to continue to lead Kinijit, he needs to know what most of the Kinijit supports think of the current issues, do something that is consistent with what most of the supporters would like to see and have some sort of command and acceptance. He also has to play by the party’s procedure and principles. That way Kinijit will keep getting the strength that needs to be an engine of change in Ethiopia. I just hope that will happen sooner rather than latter.

  6. Demesie
    | #6

    Kinijit is and will remain in trouble as long as the Diaspor continue to put their finger in the CUD affair.

    OH MY! Elias Kiflie is the defacto CUD leader, Abebe Gelaw is top advisor, Ethiomedia is public relation manager,Andy Tsigie is the owner, Shaleqa Yoseph is top poltical adviser,Mewa is a defactor secretary, EMF the spokes person— Can you see it folks?

    Dr. Nega and Eng. Shawel allowed all this to happen.

    All of a sudden the people of Ethiopia who is the owner of the CUD is left out by Dr. Nega and Madame Medkissa.

    Diaspora, MESKIA HULU – tell the leaders to sit down for a Dialogue and work together and you concentrate on HR 2003 and fund raising.

  7. | #7

    I was realy sorry for all CUD deligates who came this countery to visit the diaspora before they didn’t solve their problem inside in ethiopia.We Ethiopians still we are in diliema to choose among you guys.I thought you all running to get power in Ethiopia parliement.You all were in prison due to your so called names, i am still sorry if you had succeed your 1997 parliement won how could you lead the people of Ethiopia .

  8. desta Dagne
    | #8

    As one who has participted in many support groups meetings ( extraordinary or otherwise),I cannot but laugh at the trickery being perpetrated by Aklog Limeneh and cousins and friends. He would like us believe that Kinjit Support groups came in droves to attend his meeting! Nonsense.Some of them who came do not represent more than half a dozen individuals/friends with no mandate. Others were splinter groups who have been presurred and lobbied by the MEWA/Andargachew Tsige, and who will probably forget about Aklog’s shenanigans once they go back home.
    The meetings that count will be held in Ethiopia, not fanciful hotels, limousines, and plush restaurants.

  9. desta Dagne
    | #9

    This is an addition to my earlier mail a few minutes ago.
    Aklog Limeneh had offically let the cat out! He declared that the aim of the opposition is not to remove the government in power but to promote democracy. EPRDF claims it is promoting democracy. The logical conlusion is then MIDEKSA and all would work with EPRDF. Thoug the public suspects the NEGA and Mideksa gropu had already put in place the necessay arrangements to work with EPRDF, it is now publicly declared. If it is not their position, they have to disscociate themselves fromAKLOG. I further wonder what
    the Support Group representatives said when all their efforts to remove Meles peacefully are now debunked.

  10. me
    | #10

    Ato Desta
    Assuming that EMF reported his speech verbatim, Ato Aklog was reported to have said “bringing about a regime change is not the ultimate goal of Kinijit. Rather it is instituting durable democratic governance and a lasting reign of justice Kinijit value most as its cherished goals.”
    In my view this means that this organization is not hungry for power. Rather, the organization believes lasting freedom in Ethiopia can only be underpinned by the establishment of democratic institutions that empower all Ethiopians to freely elect their leaders and serve justice equally to all citizens. This does not necessarily mean that CUDP will be in power but will have a fair chance to compete with others of differing visions, win or loose. You know what; these guys are okay with that. Ask yourself if the powers that you support or represent are willing to make this promise and keep it.

    I ask you just one question : Who do you think will benefit from free and democratic institutions of governance

  11. me
    | #11

    My apologies, I meant to say EthioMedia (not EMF)

  12. | #12

    I am so sorry for your translation.Time has gone for for such type of translation.Lets think of ethiopian poeple desta.

  13. | #13

    Hello folks,
    One thing you must remember is that the freedom train in Ethiopia has started and some of you are still talking about individuals, what their intentions are a lot of mistrust and no clarity. The issue of speculating ones intention should not be the focal point. The issue should be what are we going to do to help our country and how? who do you think has your agenda at heart that you could support? We all have ideas, dreams and aspirations let us listen to each other and agree to disagree and live with each other. Pesonaly, I am more a humanitarian than a politician I am very much drawn to individuals’ liberty and freedom in every aspect.I have listened to the delegates several times, they are speaking for me. They are speaking for all the voiceless Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia. They represent the poor and the mass. I hope, for the sake of the majority of Ethiopians, the dignified delegates survive the obstacles. The obstacles are more than what we can imagine!!More power to them! God bless Ethiopia!!

  14. isak
    | #14

    Mr. Abera… when you answered Tigst you said dont know with whom you are talking it relevant here? I dont.
    I am sure you dont know either the 8 points kinijit proposed.Other wise if you read them you read them from right to left. you are pompus and I think you are one of those who suffered mental stagnation..senility. Remember Tesfa said the freedom train has not only started but it is gathering momentum. Backoff

  15. Tazabie
    | #15

    Mr. Abera.
    I am sorry to say that you dont know about the situation in Ethiopia. Do you think Hailu Shawl has a high support(I am talking about the people and the paerty itself)… . No, nobody has that much of a support they just want to see things get better, and believe me when say they can relly judge a person or a party.
    And if u really want to know,or rather if you ask me, I will say Hailu was never popular and now I think his actions are accelerating his downfall. But thats my opinion. As I told you the people can juge and can judge good. You wouldnt believe of the peoples ability to see beyond yenante ‘ye wucc hager bado poletica’.
    Please lets meet after a certain time and talk bout how things are going. Cause time will tell man.

  16. abera
    | #16

    Thank u isak,I wish his name is dureye,mokse please think twice wondem “aseb” use your head gobez.

  17. fox
    | #17

    desta dagne you seem unnerved by the idea of working with eprdf. the purpose of peaceful struggle is to win the majority vote and take power not eliminate eprdf from the face of the earth. if you are dreaming that i say you are in the wrong direction and i recommend to you to join the liberation fronts.again the decision on how to work with the system should be decided democratically via majority vote within the framework of the party and not by some disgruntled groups and partys in the diaspora who want to use cud as a trojan horse.

  18. kundi
    | #18

    You said it well Fox … ewinetim “kebero”.
    thank you.

  19. Askale Dama
    | #19

    Very soon, Ethiopia will become a nation of 100 million people – a huge nation with diversity of every type – regional, liguistic, ethnic, economic, beleif, etc. Ethiopia will needs hundreds of thousdands of leaders, if not millions -leaders of all types and levels. When I see local leaders, regional leaders, national leaders, or leaders of other fields -economic, technology, scientific, legal… my heart is filled with joy. To me, Ethiopians are not in a zero sum game. When I saw Bertukan showing her true leading ability, her competence that is sitting underneath her politeness and humility, I could only feel joy for Ethiopia because we need many, many, many leaders – top leaders, famous leaders. Only a poor and future-less nation relies on a handful of leader. This is how I see the picture of the Support Association leaders – we need chapter, state, global and all kinds of leader. The only requirement is that we need to respect each other, be civil to each other, we must love our nation and people, we must be worthy of a nation that is beautiful and historic. We need the same attitude from any and all party followers – it is not what party we belong but each must seek excellence and each must pursue a purpose that is good for our nation and people. Bertu, Let Ethiopia Amelak bless you with wisdom and purpose that is larger than yourselves.

  20. | #20

    I believe that numerous political group should coexist in Ethiopia and the winner will be decided by the people. folks! Folks! It is simple civic study 101 “For the people” “By the people” “To the people” You remember? that is the base of democratic government . Ato Hailu should simply state his stand, policy and specifically what political group he is aligned with. He must be fearless and confident for what he believes and speak out. for god sake speak out or let his representatives speak on his behalf.That way we know where you stand and we will cast our vote. Just hiding behind the name Kinjit and speaking only to blame your x-padres does help you. Come out and speak what you want to do for Mother Ethiopia! how are you going to make life better for the mass, for the voiceless, for the minority, for education, for health, for agriculture….Having these plans or at least talking about them with the people is what will help you, if siltan is what you are mad about!! Let Birtukan, Berhanu, Araya, Berooke, Eyoel, Gezachew,Yakob and all the rest lay the foundation for your free speech work for you. Do not despise them or put them down they have many tough jobs ahead of them. They are determined to take the forefront of establishing fair and equal system so you and whoever want to lead will present their dreams and be elected. You will be satisfied with the transparency of elections because elections will not be tarnished. You will not be in your present confused and incoherent condition!!
    So stand up! liberate yourself! name your political group! a name that reflect your ideology!! whatever it is. People will respect Your clarity and will begin to entertain your platform. What do you think??

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