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WASHINGTON DC – A 50-day political odyssey Ethiopia’s most popular opposition party carried out across the United States came to a grand finale on Sunday at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel here in downtown Washington, DC. (more…)

WASHINGTON DC – A 50-day political odyssey Ethiopia’s most popular opposition party carried out across the United States came to a grand finale on Sunday at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel here in downtown Washington, DC.

By the time the six-hour meeting had ended, a band was joined by a chorus of over a thousand souls who filled the air with national songs (Tarik Yefareden by Shambel Belaineh and Ethiopia Hagere by female vocalist Alem Kebede), songs that moved even the sober Kinijit leaders who graciously stood on the podium, wore broad smiles, waved hands and flags, flashed Vs, and gently swayed sideways to touch base with the sea of fans making waves in front of them.

Despite the glamour of the closing session, the delegation has also been – in the course of meeting with members of the US Congress, Senate or other local officials –the target of a coordinated attack that saw its future lies in destroying Kinijit.

The Kinijit delegation to United States encountered but successfully overcome several hurdles, one of which is the consistent and toxic campaign waged by individuals and groups who say are affiliated to Mr. Hailu Shawel, the president of Kinijit, who is also in the US but has distanced himself from the delegation headed by the brilliant 33-year-old Bertukan Mideksa.

Once respected as the charismatic leader of the opposition party, Hailu Shawel fell from grace when he turned down frequent invitations from the Bertukan-headed delegation to join them, and instead aligned himself with Kinijit International Council (KIC), a group he single-handedly created while he was in prison but lacks recognition by the rest of the Kinijit leadership, and from bad to worse, is largely seen as a corrupt group alleged to have squandered Kinijit funds.

Given that the powerful Kinijit North America Support Chapters and the Youth League of Ethiopian Americans for Kinijit are firmly behind the Bertukan-led delegation, KIC’s negative campaign had no or little effect on the visit of the delegation which includes such notables as Dr. Berhanu Nega, Dr. Hailu Araya, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw and Mr. Brook Kebede. Ethiopia is once again at the crossroads: democracy versus dictatorship.

The opposition leadership that endured nearly two years of imprisonment at very appalling conditions in Kaliti has – during its itinerary in the US – moved swiftly past any resentment in the hands of its jailers, displayed an unshakeable faith in democracy, rallied a sizable part of the Ethiopian Diaspora behind it, and is on the verge of going home to test whether Meles Zenawi’s ruling party would be a genuine partner in re-starting the engine of a functional democracy that briefly roared off in the run-up to the ill-fated May 2005 elections.

“We know violence has been the modus operandi of resolving conflicts for generations in the past,” said Brook Kebede, one of the Kinijit delegates who addressed the audience yesterday. “Our hope is to bring about what they call a paradigm shift, the attitude to try to resolve conflicts not the old way – by violence – but through new means, and that is peacefully, through dialogue.”

The delegates time and again stressed that they don’t take regime change as an end in itself. They said their ultimate goal is to lay down the foundations for a democratic governance so that future generations of Ethiopia would be spared of the violence and concomitants that has been the hallmark of Ethiopian survival in the past.

How do they go about it? Engineer Gizachew says before moving into any elections, they need an independent electoral board, an independent judiciary and an independent press, among others things. “In other words,” Gizachew said, “Kinijit’s eight-point resolution is still on the table.”

May be the violent nature of the ruling party was very clear in the minds of some of the Kinijit supporters that one asked bluntly how would Kinijit react if the TPLF regime throws them into prison again?

“We will take that gracefully,” came the quiet voice of Dr. Hailu Araya, who was joined by Brook, who said: “We don’t see EPRDF as our enemy. As Kinijit we oppose dictatorship. We oppose dictatorial ideas and practices. We are opposed to any form of repression. When we say we are going to work with EPRDF, it doesn’t mean we will be a coalition partner.”

But to work with EPRDF, Kinijit or any other opposition party needs a political turf that also accommodates their needs. “There should be a space where Kinijit would also play its part,” Bertukan said, adding that EPRDF may delay but cannot deter the “Ethiopian people’s drive for the rule of law, the reign of democracy and juistce.”

Spicing his ideas with humor, Dr. Berhanu also reminded the audience that the key to pulling Ethiopia out of sordid poverty into an economic prosperity is by establishing democratic governance.”

The speakers said the issue of building democracy is not limited to securing economic growth. “Building democracy avoids conflicts now raging in the Ogaden, Mogadishu and threatening to erupt along the border with Eritrea,” Dr. Hailu Araya said. “If the governments in the region were democracies, there would have been no war, no bloodshed as two democracies don’t go to war.”

While how EPRDF would react to Kinijit’s legitimate demand is a matter of wait-and-see, there is no doubt Kinijit has done its homework in the Diaspora as evidenced by the huge support it enjoyed from members of the powerful Kinijit Support Chapters in North America and the budding Kinijit Youth League in United States.

The meeting hall was packed to the maximum capacity.

  1. Muleta A.
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  2. Melkamu
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    Indeed I am proud of you people in DC, Go DC, GO DC, you proved what it means to stand by democracy.

  3. wellega was Damot
    | #3

    This is a photograph.

    What for reason is all about? What is the outcome? Ethiopia has 80 million citizens and no one is impressed with the propaganda intended picture. We need to know the outcome of it. Is it discussed, agreed and decided to become the very Ethiopian interest?

  4. Gedeon
    | #4

    A simple estimate

    12 rows multiplied by 40 columns = 480 persons

  5. somal
    | #5

    Somali prime minister steps down

    Mr Yusuf (l) and his prime minister (r) have failed to secure peace
    The prime minister of Somalia’s transitional government, Ali Mohamed Ghedi, has resigned.
    Mr Ghedi is set to address MPs after handing in his resignation to President Abdullahi Ahmed Yusuf.

    Mr Ghedi has been blamed for failing to quell the Islamist insurgency in Somalia and for bringing Ethiopian troops onto Somali soil.

    On Sunday, thousands fled the capital, Mogadishu, after Ethiopian troops opened fire on protestors.

    The BBC’s East Africa correspondent Karen Allen says that the prime minister’s political future has for some time hung in the balance.

    She says that despite efforts to salvage his job during talks at the weekend in Ethiopia, he has agreed to step down after pressure from within Somalia and the international community, in particular from the US.

    Clan rivalries

    Mr Ghedi’s resignation was swiftly accepted by President Abdullahi Yusuf.

    The pair have had a fractured relationship fuelled by clan rivalries during the three years they have worked together in Somalia’s transitional government.
    Thousands have been fleeing violence in Mogadishu
    Mr Ghedi is from the Hawiye clan, which is dominant in Mogadishu and is the largest in the country.

    President Yusuf is from the breakaway northern state of Puntland and comes from the Darod clan, the country’s second largest.

    Observers say the fear is that with Mr Ghedi gone, the Hawiye will now be even more united in their opposition to Mr Yusuf’s transitional government.

    Aides close to the president said that the resignation was part of a deal to end what he called the political confusion in Somalia.

    The Ethiopians, seen as rivals by many Somalis, have been fighting alongside Somali troops to try and restore order to the fractured country, but many see them as inflaming tensions.

    Somalia has been without an effective government since civil war began in 1991, but has seen a surge in violence since Ethiopian-backed government troops ousted Islamists last December.

    The UN says some 400,000 people have fled the violence in Mogadishu in the past four months.

  6. Not funny
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    How did you come up with those small number of raws and columns?

    Next time you want to count first see eye Doctor, Ok?

    Do you have driving license Gedeon?

  7. | #7

    I was in that meeting,but as you said it was not like by 12*40= 480. the truth was 15 row 12 coulomn and each row has 30 chairs so that gives you=….

  8. bonjamen
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    wher is the texet?

  9. Assefa Jara
    | #9

    If things go better, all Ethioians will be benefited, why people deny the truth? Think the coutry is poor, we all are poor, shame, begging, disease, etc.

    If we do not like and deal with the truth, we have a very serious problem and it will be there always, then we will stay where are.

    Nothing is more important than loving the truth. All starts here.

    Good luck, all Ethiopians.

  10. | #10


  11. I am…
    | #11

    The News says “Shabia expelled more than 800 Ethiopians on foot.”

    Here we go again.

    In 1991, 30.000 Ethiopians from Asab humiliated by shabia taking all their posses including their Gold teeth and forced them to leave on foot on the Afar desert. In 1991 more than 150.000 Ethiopians humiliated by shabia from Asmara and other places in Eritrea, they chased them to leave Eritrea walking on bare foot. All property they had including their home left behind. Woyane also was part of this assisting shabia to commit crimes against Ethiopians I mean all Ethiopians including those from Tigry mainly from Tembya.

    We know what happened in 1998-2000.

    Again shabia is now on ethnic cleansing. After all, the latest figure says there are only 29.000 Ethiopians living in Eritrea while 941.000 Tigres (other than Tigrigna-the shabia group) living in Ethiopia. If this figure is right, it is easy to assume there could be up to 2 million Ethiopians or Eritreans with Eritrean Origin living in Ethiopia. For this reason I assume the Ethiopian govt would response the way shabia is doing (against the very tiny Ethiopians) targeting mainly those the Issayas group.

    This time the Eth. Govt need to be smart. There is no other option to deal with Issayas who is sheltering, training and assisting with anything the anti Ethiopia elements such as Islamic OLF, ONLF and IUC. Issayas also doing the same job with other elements against Sudan numbering 15 groups. The Darfur elements have base in Eritrea. Easter (Beja) Sudan elements and 7 other anti Sudan Govt, too are in Eritrea for years.

    Sudan also must be free from the so called Arab Syndrome by accepting that they are not Arabs but the Ethiopians look. Speaking English is not making any one English man/woman. Being Muslims also is not automatically making to become Arab. The Ethiopian look like Sudan must accept that naturally they are not Arabs the same as the Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Saudis and the like do. For these reasons they must stop cooperating with Arabic nations that are against Ethiopia for many many years despite Ethiopia (Abyssinia) was sheltering the prophet Mohammed families including his wife and children. Sudan must co operate with Ethiopia in order to wipe out all shabia elements from Eritrea that will guarantee all anti Sudan and Ethiopian elements also will be wiped out the same time.

    I hate war, but Ethiopia is already at war attacking by shabia elements all sides. If there is no other choice, the worst one need to be an option or else it will be disaster to Ethiopia. By any means shabia must be eliminated from the horn of Africa. As long as they are there, there will be no peace and development in the area.

    The Eth. govt need to be smart doing decisive action before the 25 km wide and 1000 km long Eritrea territory with the Ethiopian boarder is militarised by shabia. Right now, the mighty Ethiopia has a 25 km wide and 1000km long advantage inside the shabia territory. This territory must not occupy by shabia forces by giving them time. The war against shabia becomes an eminent or else we are giving time to the disintegrated and weak Ethiopian enemies to unite and get strength.

    Diplomacy is very important this time more than ever. Among the other, The Ethiopian govt has to make clear to the Arabs in order to keep their ass out of the issue. We know, the Egyptians solder was captured during the 2000 war. This time it will not be different. I expected it would be even worst as alqida has bases in Eritrea.

  12. Theodro II
    | #12

    I am appreciative for all ppl who were at the conference for showing that we are intelligent ppl and who do not get manipulated by KIC false propaganda. We (Ethiopians) deserve much better than misinformation. For KIC, EPRP, Woyane, and OLF, respect ppls good judgment and be honest for a change; only then you will get ppl’s heart.

    I love you all.

  13. Gedeon
    | #13

    Not funny,

    Unless you have a sight problem, it is not that much difficult to count the number of rows and columns on the photo! + FYI, I work on image analysis! kkk

  14. totaw100_2
    | #14

    That was a great meeting!!!
    Now all Ethiopians please continue to fax and email for your Senators and ask them to Vote “Yes” for HR2003.

    God Bless Ethiopia!!

  15. totaw100_2
    | #15


    Why you worry about the number……listen carefully the message….don’t waste your time for alubalta ..bila bila.
    Now everyone should concentrate, fax and email your Senators to say, “Yes” on HR 2003.
    God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  16. Aba Kuncho
    | #16

    I was not able to get in because there was no chair available to sit. Again , great job! for DC PPL..We are proud of you!

  17. Gaszh Tesfa
    | #17

    All these reasonable people turn up!!!

    very good time for all Ethiopians. Moral is high in the Ethiopian camp!!! Smart

  18. gedeon
    | #18


    What message? There is no any message attached with the photo! The photo is simply for propoganda campain!

  19. | #19

    Dear gedeon

    I read your retarded comment by the way how your uncle EPRP party doing. Ayee EPRP yeken jib hula anten belo be KINIJIT ashuafi

    gedeon-Gedel Geba

  20. Tigist
    | #20

    Hi everyone, I would like to advise you to go to and subscribe 24/7 television for only 9.99. I was watching yesterday’s Kinijit meeting in DC live through ETN. It was electrifying. If you love Ethiopia and if you support Kinijit, you would feel something spiritual just watching the whole thing. The abugida guys have not detail report on it yet, but that is way better than Elias Kifles ER twisted and half report. This morning I was just carious about what the web sites would report about yesterdays meeting and surf on the net. As I said I watch the whole thing yesterday on ETN. This morning I read Elias Kifle’s sticky report about it. On the meeting I like what all of the speakers said. Birutkan Medeksa spoke about Kinijit’s vision in a very compassionate way. I love her way of addressing points. Fikade Shewakena mostly speaks about how we Ethiopian should be knowledgeable so we will not be deceived by tultula medias. Just because if we know, tultula medias don’t get our attention at all. It was very nice speach with wise words, but Elias Kifle didn’t even mention it. Tamagne Beyene also took the stage for about five minutes and appeal to KIC guys to stop whatever they are doing. Because whatever they do, it is not working. It is just hurting our struggle. Abebe Belew plays an important roll in the meeting by entertaining the audience and encourages them to buy the lotto ticket. Speaking of entertainment Shabel Belay and Alem Endale was there singing Tekebresh Yenorshew Be Abatochin dem and Ethiopia Hagere. The Kinijit leaders even danced from the stage with the audience. The Ethiopian sprite that we know very well was in the meeting hole. I am glad I have access to ETN web streaming television so I can watch this kind of up lifting events. If I didn’t have ETN, I would have been left dry by Elias Kifles sutle report that shows you what Elias want you to see. That is the dead sprite of Kinijit and Ethiopiawinet. He also uses every opportunity to divide Kinijit. We all Kinijit supporters should be smart enough not to trust Elias Kifle and his ER.

  21. Mimi
    | #21

    I agree with Tigist, don’t trust Elias Kifle at all. Sometimes he looks decent to deceive us, but I am sure if it was up to him Kinijit was gone by know and we would be hopeless. He has some evil intentions. He needs (tebel) to cure himself before he trying to struggle for somebody else. Elias Kifle, cure your demons first before everything else. By the way, the abugidainfo people, why don’t you go a head and like the ETN yesterday news with your web site. The news shows a little bite what was going on in DC yesterday. The EMF guys did a good job on that…

  22. | #22

    I am really very proud of this day’s meeting ,which showed to all (even for the anti kinijit viruses & keysis)that kinijit is love ,really is Democratic sprit for Ethiopia,and even showed it’s stength.We are sure and we believe that kinijit will continou being the only party which can lead our peoples towards democracy.
    we don’t have to forget also this day is a day of sadness for the anti-Ethiopian elements & keysis. God bless kinijit!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  23. Not funny
    | #23

    Tigist and Mimi stay away from Elias. He should be rather thanked for every thing he did in infoming Ethiopians in the world through out the delegates tour.

    What did you you guys do? Just commenting on those who are working?

    Commenting is one thing doing something is an another. Do you know how much time it takes to do webmastering?

    Usually you guys are good. But you don’t look funy today. Be nice to the hard working guy ladies!

  24. jo
  25. Tigist
    | #25

    Hi “Not funny” first of all you should know that there are millions and millions of Ethiopians that are strong supports of Kinijit and work hard every day to support the democratic movement. We don’t need to run a tultula web site to be known. Second, every reasonable Ethiopian and reader knows that Elias Kifle and ER is very controversial. I happen to believe that Elias Kifle and his ER is not just controversial, but Elias has agenda. He clearly and subtly has been working his butt off to undermine Kinijit. His half and twisted report on yesterday’s Kinijit grand meeting is one strong evidence of that fact. I think there are couples of things that Elias Kifle should know: First, for whatever reason, he is fighting the Ethiopian sprite to just loose the fight. Weyanne with full of its power couldn’t defeat the Ethiopian unity sprite. Elisa your ER is nothing compare to the Weyanne full force, so set yourself for failure. Second, if we care for Ethiopia enough and managed to read and analyze whatever is posted in any web site, we don’t fail easily for the trap that any hate monger like Elias put out there. I notice that Elias trying not to just inform us but to influence our way of thinking. That is just funny. One thing that I want Elias to know is that as long as he keeps screwing with Kinijit and Ethiopians unity, I will keep exposing him and use his own stinky ideas as evidence. Today’s evidence; I ask every one to watch the whole meeting through today. I am sure they will repeat it, and read what Elias wrote about is on his fucked up web site.
    If you watch closely, soon you will find that Elias Kifle has a pattern of distorting the truth. I just happen to believe that he is doing that because he got a funny agenda that will never go any where.

    I also want to take this opportunity to tank jo for posting the ETN news on abugida. Let us all be vigilant and protect our movement. All the web masters also should now that they need to be responsible when they report the news. They just can’t post whatever they want us to read and expect us to just trust them. They need to be judged every day by what they report and how balanced their reporting is.

  26. Not funny
    | #26

    Slow down, TG

    You know how much time we spent on uncessary topic. You look very innocent girl. If you have to write long, it should be aganist the killers, Woyane. In one or another way Elias is fighting woyanes.

    If he has influential ideas and influence us so be it. That is his right and not accepting his ideas is also your right. Don’t you agree? But exchanging unpleasant words among us while the killers are doing their job is not really funny. You don’t think so TG?

  27. Tigist
    | #27

    Not funny you said “If he (Elias) has influential ideas and influence us so be it. That is his right and not accepting his ideas is also your right. Don’t you agree? But exchanging unpleasant words among us while the killers are doing their job is not really funny.” I agree with u that Elias has every right to say whatever he wants to say. The rest of us also have every right to analyze and scrutinize what Elias and others post on their sites. That seems logical to me. Don’t u agree? About “exchanging unpleasant words among us while the killers are doing their job” Well I think you should pay attention and try to understand what Elias Kifle has been posting about individuals in the last two and half years. By the way I remember, as he usually does, he attacked Dr. Brhanue a couple years ago just before the leaders went to jail. Dr. Brahanu wrote about that in his book. Go a head and read it for yourself.
    The other two important things that you should know are: Not everyone that opposes Weyanne is necessary for Ethiopia unity and democracy. And, just because we want to have a vibrant democracy a reality in Ethiopia, we are not up for sale for some twisted crazy guys like Elias Kifle.

    By the way, I would like to ask all the Kinijit web sites once again not to use Elias Kifles ER as a news source. He is very controversial and he only makes things complicated rather than helping the cause in our movement. Well, that is if you really care and smart about keeping Kinijit supporters intact.

  28. Mimi
    | #28

    Hi Mr. Not funny you said that if we have to write long, it has to be against the killers weyannes. If you heard what the Kinijit leaders clearly said yesterday, our movement is not necessarily against Weyanne. Our movement is to see one and democratic Ethiopia. Weyannes happen to be a big chunk of obstacle on the way. That is true, but we should deal with every obstacle that we face on our ways. Isn’t that why we disagree with KIC guys and the Medias that they use? We should have one and the same standard to check all the medias. Criticizing for miss presentation and support Ethiopian Review just because he appears to be in our side is not a fair and balanced way of looking at things. The fact of the matter is Ethiopian Review is worst than in terms of miss presentation and assaulting personalities in the name of struggling for democracy. Come on guys have some common sense here!

  29. Not funny
    | #29

    Every one makes mistakes. Elias might have made mistakes in critizizing Dr. Birhanu or doing something else. But he has corrected himslef and he will continue to do so.

    Don’t be kimegna especially to your fellow Ethiopian who did no crime. We all make mistakes. We ignore and we forgive mistakes. That is the only way we can live together, don’t you think so my Ethiopian sisters?

    Mimi; we utilize common sense most of the time. The problem is certain things that give sense to one may be sensless to some others and it is quite ok and normal.

    Did I read “Not necessarily against Woyane”. You look so innocent and plain girl. Although the well educated politicians may understand what it means, Woyane understands, for example, talking about independent election board as waging war against woayne.

    Mimi; talking on the street of Addis is not like writing on the wide pages of Abugeda!
    God bless abugeda for giving us this opportunity.

  30. Tigist
    | #30

    Not funny, you are one decent abesha guy that I don’t mind to talk to for the whole day. You stated that “Every one makes mistakes. Elias might have made mistakes in criticizing Dr. Birhanu or doing something else. But he has corrected himself and he will continue to do so.”
    Look, I mentioned what Elias said about Dr.Brahanu some two years ago to demonstrate his pattern. That led us to conclude that Elias is not just making mistakes. He knows what he is doing, and he is doing it intentionally. He is just working very hard for the cause that he believes in. His believes and convictions are not consistent with Kinijit’s spirit. If we condemn any media that is out there for miss informing the general public and attack individuals with baseless facts, Elias Kifle and his ER should be in the list. Actually, I was a little bit surprised yesterday that when Ato Aklog Limenih asked Tensaye and Andenet radios and to stop fueling the turmoil and calling individual names, he didn’t include Elias Kifle and ER. That, in my opinion is a pure double standard. Those Medias that Ato Aklong listed are known for their lies and all the terrible things that they have been doing, but the same thing can be said about ER. Just because he is doing the dirty job for us, it doesn’t mean either we should sleep in with a crazy guy or the crazy guy is right.

  31. Gelmo Kura
    | #31

    Some of you guys unreasonably hate the OLF. Once we have a peoples government we will bring in the OLF to play a constructive roll in the unity and development of Ethiopia.

    Trust me OLF is not the enemy.


  32. | #32

    I read all your “enka selamta”,and it is not educational”yedebral.” Why,if you don’t know how to comment,don’t you guy’s stop attacking people using very offensive words that dicrease your credibility.It is wise if you leave the comment to a carrier poletitian who can give good analysis about any journalist.Do’nt bring the confilict to the internet.

  33. Suha Muga
    | #33

    The news says “Egypt to build a nuclear power plant.”

    what about Ethiopia…?


    Why a nuclear plant in Ethiopia?

    If Ethiopia got a true govt that would functions to benefit the people, it would build a hydroelectric plant on the Blue Nile Gorge, which is naturally created for this purpose long a go. If Ethiopians are good enough to be for themselves, they can produce up to 50, 000 mw only from the Blue Nile.

    What they do? Run to the boarder, In Tekeze where between November and mid June the water level reaches to the dry out level. What they do? Go away from Abay as far as possible to Gibe and other small rivers intending to build H.power with big efforts and additional costs while the blue Nile gorge is waiting anyone ready for this purpose. Here you need to worry only about the front side where the water is pouring. The other three sides are naturally build they need just some adjustment to make it work. But none is doing it. All this is because to keep the Egyptian interest well at our high expense in order to give them our fresh water without a slight disrupt.

    I remember when Egypt blatantly and proudly announced that she would export the Nile water to Israel while between 86-95%(dry-flood season) the Nile water in Egypt comes from Ethiopia. Egypt uses the Nile issue with her relationship with Israel. They are silently in deep fear because of Israel and Ethiopia Historical relationship and if the Middle East situation escalates, Israel and the west could actively participate to divert the Blue Nile River to the eastern part of Ethiopia with less effort and cost thanks to the landscape. Yet, what they do now, nuclear plant to get Electricity and on the other hand opposing any development activities with our God given river on our soil. We Ethiopians also are too foolish and we accept everything they say so. We are less human comparing with anyone regarding this issue. Water is life. Yet we are giving our fresh water for free and we are suffering and died as a result with malnutrition and hunger. Shame, shame,

    If Ethiopia uses the Nile along side with mass irrigation purposes to produces electricity, it could be enough to electrify the whole east Africa including Egypt and cross the sea too. But they don’t want that. Because this will benefit Ethiopia. What they want is as usual which is to get our Nile water, that is 97% of the Egypt total water consumption (Human, plant, animal and Agriculture.)

    The Ethiopian govt need to build hydro.elec. Plant on the Blue Nile gorges cutting it at many places on the 1080 km long route in the country. The landscape is very suitable to make it easily and with less cost.
    There are global environment institutions to protect the earth from pollution and getting warm. These institutions have many outstanding experts and billions of fund motivating to use environment friendly energy sources. Hydro. Elec. is the only option they are looking while they are against any nuclear plant even for civilian purpose as it is dangerous for environment. The Ethiopian govt/people need to approach those organization to get political supports, experts and fund.

  34. Kasu
    | #34

    Dear brother Suha, first our beloved country should get to democratic arena then everyone think about Abay benefit.We in thirsty of true democracy not only water!

  35. Not funny
    | #35


    Thank you for the complement although I am still not funny.

    You know TG my problem is not about criticizing Elias or any body else. Every one including you and me is subjected to criticism. However, the way we criticise people should be to correct them not to alinate or punish them. Therefore some general words like “controversial”, “he has an agenda” and so forth bother me. Unless we consider ourselves as Gods we cannot reach to that type of conclusion with certainity. And of course uncertaininty always causes pain.

    It does not sound funny, does it? well, that is may name.

  36. daniel
    | #36

    Selam for all Ethiopians,
    It doesn’t matter what number were at the meeting, but main point is the message from our hero to our people.Go Kinjit. The truth will set you free. Kinjit is the turth for our beloved country. Let me see Meles come to usa talk the Ethiopians, he can’t. shame. we are proud of our kinjit leadrs.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  37. Benberu
    | #37

    Gideon & those of U lairs:

    Stop Ur Alubalta and big lies & I refer you to one of the category that was mentioned by the speech of Ato Akiloge Lemmneh or Ato Fekade Shoakena on that very day which describes well who U R .

    So! we won’t waste time for Ur ill statement that we now know better than U can imagine.

  38. kinijit is like a diamond so clean and strong!!!
  39. Moges
    | #39

    Well, that is true, the enemy of Ethiopians is evil idea not evil Ethipians. But what about the evils are not Ethiopians? What about the evils are here to destroy, Ethipia, Ethiopians and Ethiopianism. Had there been a feeling of Ethiopiansim, he would not order his Agazie junks to mow inocent protestors. What do we call these?

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