Toronto raises more than $20K. Over 700 Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia attended the Event – By Mulugeta Dilnesahu

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totonto_small.jpgToronto raises more than $20K. Over 700 Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia attended the Event (more…)

totonto_small.jpgToronto raises more than $20K. Over 700 Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia attended the Event

Kinijit Canada on the move

The Town hall meeting in Toronto addressed by the high level Kinijit for Democracy and Unity Party leaders wrap up with great success. The delegation lead by W/t Birtkuan Mideksa, Kinijit first vice president and Artist Debebe Eshetu, member and public relations of Kinijit party arrives at the Saint Marry Church meeting hall at 4:00 pm. The guests filled the meeting hall to its capacity, raised from their seat to give a jovial welcome to the leaders.

Ato Yousuf Oumer, Chairman of Kinjit Canada support chapters’ council made an opening speech welcoming the guests and expresses his appreciation to all Ethiopians who attended the meeting. A report by Kinijit Toronto for Human Rights and Democracy was also presented.

The guest at the meeting, Hon. Maria Mina, MP for Beaches-East York constituency has stated that ‘human right violation any where in the world is an act of violation to all humanity’. She added that “the concern you have in Ethiopia is our concern too, and we shall stand by your side in your fight for democracy, and for a system of representative government elected by the people in a free and fair election”. W/t Birtukan presented a gift of hand bag, made in Kaliti prison during her unlawful detention, to Hon Mina.

Artist Debebe took to the platform with a speech that moved the guests with great emotion and enthusiastic response. Ato Debebe reaffirms the determination of Kinijit to struggle for a democratic rule in Ethiopia. He also indicated that the current confusion within the party shall be resolved according to the rules and regulations of the party. Kinijit, he said, is capable of overcoming the situation. He also indicated that those who are not willing to be governed by the principles of Kinijit should no more claim to be supporters or members of the party. This is so because any political party necessitates the unequivocal admittance of democratically discussed and passed decisions by its members.

A fundraising event was conducted by At Abebe Gelaw and over $20,000.00 was raised before 8:00pm. The details about the fundraising will be released shortly. Time was also allocated for question and answer. Guests were given two minutes to present their questions and it was a free exchange of views, audio and video clips will be available shortly.

The closing speech was delivered by W/t Birtukan Mideksa. She stated that there is a need to firmly and consistently stand together to successfully carry out the visions of Kinijt. “We are party of the people, and there is no returning back till we reach our goal” she said.

Dinner was served during brake time. At the end there was cultural music and guests invited the two top leaders of Kinijt to the dancing floor. It took nearly an hour to separate the guests from the wholehearted supporters and take them to their hotel. It was a great success and an unforgettable event in the hearts of Torontonians.

Here is one of the attendees, who sent us some of these pictures, had to say about the event.

“I drove 2 hours to home and still couldn’t sleep before sending the pics. Toronto was a success, despite all the counter propaganda.”

Thank you for the pictures. – Abugida

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Report On Debebe Eshetu’s Arrival in Toronto

Debebe Eshetu’s Arrival in Pictures

Debebe Eshetu's Toronto Arrival

Debebe Eshetu's Toronto Arrival

Debebe Eshetu's Toronto Arrival

Debebe Eshetu's Toronto Arrival

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  2. alem
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  3. satenaw
    | #3

    if debebe eshetu is your hero what is woyane
    going be to you? Ofcourse your master and also
    liberator.Yeguaro jegnoch ! Going back to
    Kaliti, their ultimate niche.

  4. | #4

    You know, politics aside, I am a great fan of Debebe’s role in “Shaft in Africa” in which he plays Wassa. His character is an interesting one and watching an Ethiopian on major film production like Shaft in Africa is priceless.

  5. Arefe
    | #5

    Look at the fools- shame,aren’t they sweet?poor but wonderful ethiopia many idiot abandonded.
    even they are not civilized in modern world those who cannot write their names
    properliy they disgrace well talented artist.
    “Canada is just a society”govern yourself accordingly.
    welcome dear Debebe Eshetu enjoy a free country!!!

  6. selam
    | #6

    Hi everybody,
    Demese,satenaw what kind of are people are u? Are you out of ur mind? Hoq can you say this kind of shameful word? Anyways before you talk think twice. Go Kinjit,Debebe Eshetu and all kinjit suppoter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. | #7

    DEBEBE ESHETU, please do your way as yestrday unite and truste to our history.And i ask all Ethiopian in great Canada.THANK YOU,GOD WITH YOU.

  8. kififil
    | #8

    i bet every one here on this blogsphere if we see satenaw and demese in person, they may have klashinkov in one hand and a radio transmitter on their hand who are ready to pull the trigger to kill peace loving ethiopians for the sake of making their woyanne bosses happy.
    Hodam Hulu

  9. Eskinder Degene.
    | #9

    Great Hero Debeba Eshetu.

    It isa a great for all of us to see at you are well wellcome Debaba Eshetu Ethiopian Hero in Democrcy Struggel and Known artist.

    Agian it is great for all Ethiopian people for the further struggel fo real democracy.

    Great to All Kinjet!!!

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  12. Senga Tera
    | #12

    Artist Debebe
    This is the real place to play the real character. This time, not like National Theater

  13. sis
    | #13

    I admire your artistic goal sentence as “to make Meles a free person”. You are a free Ethiopian. But, what do you feel now since Meles is not a free Ethiopian still now? He makes his time to be free, as you are today in this world, long by him self.

    This idea might be history for next generation.

    Long leave for the idea of KINJIT, not for the personnel of KINIJIT since they will pass shortly since they are humans.


  14. me
    | #14

    you are esteel help as .god give you hilth
    and esperit.

  15. Takele
    | #15

    To Senga Tera
    It is the same as National Theater. The same artists, the same audience, except the stage.

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