Anuak Justice Council Fundraising in Washington, DC – November 17, 2007

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Annuak Justice Council Fundraising in Washington, DC – November 17, 2007


Annuak Justice Council Fundraising in Washington, DC – November 17, 2007

Human Rights for Ethiopians in the Next Millennium

The AJC started as an ethnically focused organization to protect the needs of the Anuak following the massacre of 424 Anuak in December of 2003. Since that time, the AJC has broadened its vision to include other Ethiopians, believing that justice will never come to the Anuak unless justice comes to all Ethiopians.

It is time for the AJC to further expand its mission by actively partnering with others in a new effort to advance human rights in Ethiopia. Come and hear the New Grand Strategy for a New Ethiopia where the God-given human rights of the people are respected and upheld in this new millennium.

Mr. Obang Metho, Director of International Advocacy for the AJC, and other invited human rights activists from many of the diverse backgrounds within our country, will speak about how to break down ethnic divisions and how to replace them with new relationships built on trust and respect in order to further common goals.

This discussion will not be about politics or about who should lead Ethiopia, but instead it will be about accepting one another as equals, all created in God’s image. It is about how to work together and how to live justly as God-fearing citizens in a society where humanity is put before ethnicity and where no one is above the law. This is about showing compassion with actions, not only words, when we see the suffering of others around us.

It is about doing so before we first ask them their ethnicity, religion, sex or background. This is about creating a foundation of inclusiveness where everyone is welcome at the table. This is about reviving the soul of Ethiopia as we people have forgotten our own common humanity. No longer can Anuak advocate for only Anuak or Oromo for only Oromo or Ogadenis for only Ogadenis and so forth. Instead, we invite all Ethiopians to come to give your support to the formation of this new united human rights movement.

Invited guests include representatives from: Afar, Oromo, Beninshangul, Tigray, Amhara, Ogaden, Southern Nations and certainly our women.

We especially want those from other ethnic groups from which we have not heard from, to contact us.
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Date- November 17, 2007
Place- 1610 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
Time- 4:00 pm
Donation $ 20.00
Proceeds will support the Anuak Justice Council. For more information, call
(703) 462-1694 or (306) 933-4346

Even if you can’t come to the event, please help out by buying the ticket.

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