News, Entertainment, and Special Reports about “Ethiopia Eritrea border conflict” and “Kinijit for Youths and Youths for Kinijit” – November 12, 2007

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Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. kassyy
    | #1

    bertuu wetatoch g

  2. weynedo
    | #2

    kinijit youth league is the only solution for the current quagmire inside Kinijit.

  3. | #3

    there is no any classification in CUDP, i think the problem is all about being work for Ethiopian people instad of thier own. as proff,Mesfen saied “Ethiopian people need a poltician whom would ready secrifay his/her life” that it. Dr. Berhanu, best of the best for Ethiopian poletics. we are with you all the time. good job

  4. And Le Ethiopia
    | #4

    Zendrooo every age group doing productive work, starting from the youth league and the abugida azegajoch to Dr. Hailu Araya and Engineer Gizachew!! That’s a good collaboration!! We’ll win eventually!!!

  5. woyo
    | #5

    malebabes yiqir,, nice tune ! abugedawoch bertu!!!

  6. | #6

    ??? ?? ??? ?? ??????

  7. | #7

    bertu abugida

  8. | #8


    If and only if we,Ethiopianse, are able to organaize ourselves in different forms under the guidance of CUDP and other strong peace loving parties regardles of their differences.Kinijit youth
    league is the one which can bring the youngsters to one common and clear understanding about Ethiopia.
    This group can fight against poverty,famine and peace,and can bring the intended change in the land of Ethiopia after overthrowing the
    brutal woyanie regime.

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