If only we remain united… – By Abebe Gelaw

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I tried to scribble an article on the necessity of standing in unison to keep the momentum of the struggle to bring about a radical socio-economic and political change in Ethiopia. (more…)

I tried to scribble an article on the necessity of standing in unison to keep the momentum of the struggle to bring about a radical socio-economic and political change in Ethiopia. However, it was similar in content to an article entitled unity before victory that I published in October 2005. As I have found it still relevant to reflect the current reality, I shredded the new piece into pieces and decided to resurrect the old one with a little amendment.

According to an Asian fable, a donkey once found a skin of a lion and covered himself with it to disguise his true nature. He was treated with fear and reverence wherever he went. Other animals would not dare to approach this “lion”.

He mastered to act like the king of the jungle so well that he grew confident with his trick. He thought to himself that nobody would dare to fight with him and decided to scare off a pack of hyenas on his own. Off he went to frighten the hyenas. When the hyenas saw the scary “lion” approaching them, they ran amok. He became so elated with his victory over the hyenas that he wanted to roar like a lion. He took a deep breath and “roared” but alas… he could only manage to bray like a donkey. Realizing that they were tricked, the hyenas regrouped quickly and surrounded the “lion donkey” and made good lunch out of him.

There are a few individuals among the opposition, in and outside of Ethiopia, who play the donkey’s disastrous trick not realizing that at this momentous time of change, miscalculation is fatal.

The greatest political capital for the opposition is the people’s desire for freedom. Political squabbling and wrangling that can lead to serious divisions is like squandering the opportune political capital that needs to be managed with greater care and foresight. The emergence of a strong and unwavering leadership in galvanizing the popular demand for change is critically important. Ethiopia needs real lions and lionesses that can truly roar into action to throw off Legesse Zenawi’s despotic yokes, which have been prolonging the suffering of the masses.

There is nothing wrong with disagreement. One of our time’s great heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, once said: Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. One can logically deduce that destructive disagreement is an obstacle for progress. Declaring disagreement in a way that can cause a serious rift among the masses without seeking solution through dialogue and compromise is a sign of weakness. A lot of negative energy is wasted on matters that are trivial. The resultant effect of that is nothing but undermining the long and arduous march to freedom.

The most essential role of leadership at the threshold of political change is unifying the multitude for the desired goals. The Ethiopian people have proved more than ever before that they set their heart on freeing themselves from the shackles of tyranny. The people wish to live in a country where they will all be treated with equality and dignity. They wish to live in a free land where the rulers become servants and the people masters of their destiny. They wish to live in a land where food in not a luxury but an ordinary necessity. They wish to live in a land where the tax they pay from their meagre incomes is not squandered to promote and protect the interests of the few who barricade themselves in opulent palaces and luxurious villas with high fences where they cannot see or hear when their fellow citizens die of hunger, diseases and abject poverty. There is nothing more dignifying than fighting for the emancipation of our wretched land from a regime, which has continued to obstruct a poor nation’s struggle for real democracy and development.

“Unity to be real”, said Gandhi, “must stand the severest strain without breaking.” The current discord among opposition leaders can only be positive if it solidifies their unity. They should always be mindful that the ruling party is also an angel of discord that capitalizes on division and disunity. The leaders of the popular cause should continue their efforts to unify themselves and the people to attain the ultimate goals.

There is no doubt that Ethiopians, from South to North, are desirous to see not only the leaders of Kinijit, but also all patriotic leaders of the opposition, who have dedicated a great deal of courage, time and energy to stand in unison and work in tandem to take the popular call for democracy to a greater height. Those of us in the Diasopra and the private press back home should desist from, deliberately or otherwise, undermining the real fight for liberty by condemning those who are still paying a great deal of sacrifice. The Diaspora should continue lobbying, demonstrating, expressing strong views and fighting the cyber war. All the good efforts cannot be discounted as worthless. And yet, we should acknowledge the onerous and tough challenges facing those at the frontline of fighting the real war against tyranny. Political miscalculations based on unrealistic estimates can only bring fatal bankruptcy like the donkey that wanted to fight a pack of hyenas armed with a mask.

The culture of intolerance to divergence of opinions is harmful not only to the opposition but also to the struggle for democracy. The importance of unity before victory is far greater than the distasteful debate on strategic issues, which need to be thrashed out by the leaders of each and every party behind closed doors. We should accept the fact that strategic issues and decisions are sole prerogatives of leaders. Decisive leadership sometimes requires taking unpopular measures. No matter what, it seems unhelpful to try to set the agenda for the opposition on cyber forums as some are trying to do.

Leaders of the opposition should be fully focused on the greater task ahead and be mindful of the unifying causes. They need to remember the words of Mandela, who said at a testing time: “We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination. Never, never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another… The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement.”

Remember the day the nation stood still to vote for freedom. Remember the poor martyred fellow citizens who committed no crimes other than yearning to see the lights of freedom. Remember their blood crying out for justice. Remember the poor mums whose tears have not yet been wiped off their grief-stricken and bony cheeks. Remember those who are being tortured and languishing in the harsh jails of injustice. Remember the poor peasants displaced and dispossessed for voting against the slave masters. Remember the cause that millions have
joined across the nation and across the oceans.

We should also remember our tragic past and draw some invaluable lessons from it. As the philosopher and literary critic George Santayana aptly puts it: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The cost of disunity is far greater than we can easily estimate. If only we remain united, victory is inevitable. If not, it remains nothing but a far cry and impossible dream that is not worth dying for.

If Kinijit’s leaders are smart political animals that can outwit the tricky tyrant, they will, at any cost, pain and humiliation, forget the past, forgive each other and keep the unity of their party and people intact to hasten the demise of the despotic regime whose greatest hope for survival hinges upon the weaknesses of its enemies.

  1. Robele Ababya
    | #1

    An excellent article indeed! Opposition forces who say it is “My way or no way” must genuinely change their stance for the sake of quicker victory over tyranny.

  2. Addis
    | #2

    “If only we remain united, victory is inevitable. If not, it remains nothing but a far cry and impossible dream that is not worth dying for.”

    Abebe Gelaw
    is it not a bit late to cry for unity now??? After humiliating the leader of the party for more than 2 months, crying for unity now is nothing but crocodiles tear!

  3. Serke
    | #3

    Well done! It is an excellent article. No one but regidity has caused Mr Hailu humiliation. Finding the right pitch is not too late at all for the good of the nation.

  4. Chaltu D. U.
    | #4

    Ato Abebe,

    Your article is very disingenuous for a person talking about unity after the fact is quite interesting. You were one who was beating the drum of discord.

    Well it seems that whatever you would like to call it truth has a funny way of showing up. It may not be immediately, and it may be quite awhile later but you can bet it will show up

    Yes, Ethiopia is ready for a change but not from the likes of people who profess one thing but do another.

    Here is a man who underwent rejection and lies while trusting in faith in his collegues. The betrayal, didn’t dawn on him because he is a man of character. You know the old breed of men where your word is your bond. Where the characteristics of honor, integrity, truth, loyalty, courage, family, friendship and one could go on and on are looked at as a sign of weakness and of being a fool in todays world yet he relied on it and has based his life on it.

    A simple question of anyone who knows this man and the answer comes loud and clear exactly the same. In fact you don’t have to know him personally you know his character by what others profess about him and his deeds, thoughts and works. In other words his record and not just what he says speaks for himself. A very significant aspect. A friend told of an event that took place during his assignment as the head of Ethiopias Highway authority just after the Derge came to power some cadre got up at a meeting and was trying to point fingers on his associates and discredit them, his response was a simple saying, our job is to build and move forward and not to go backward, there are many other events and actions that people who have worked with him would tell you about his nature of his presence he overwhelmed them with his humbleness, caring and considerate ways.

    So your pointing fingers really misses the point of call for unity

  5. Serke
    | #5

    Dear “Chaltu”, You seem to be obsessed with personality. When anyone starts claiming he is the only patriot and the one with the truth, conceit brings shame. Humility is much important than being th only one on the right path.

  6. gud new
    | #6

    Addis ,I agree with you 100%.
    Ato Abebe Gelaw who is a donky I wish I know I think you are talking about our leader Eng Hailu Shaul.
    We do not need to reconcile at all. The best thing to save Kinjit is to get rid of all The Dr Berhanu gang and replaced them with real ethiopian. Go to ethioline and see the picture of Berhanu with his boss Melese. Do you realy want this man is for Kinjit? To little to late.
    We have to move forward with our leader Hailu with out the gang of 5. They sold us out to weyane. I am done with them when they said there are only 100 political prisnores in Ethiopia.

  7. hagerenAleresam
    | #7


    Thank you for phenomenal article, a message for unity. Lib yalewu lib yibel!!

    So far I haven’t say a word on both sides, except fighting for both sides to work together. I think it is time to take side since division seems inevitable. I think it is time to take gloves off. If they stay intact, I would gladly eat my words. Let them stay intact, and let me be a liar.

    Chaltu, who is that guy you are referring to? Are you referring to the guy who chooses to lead certain friends of his own? A guy who refuses to meet us, but his old buddies? A guy who refuses to be interviewed by media, but by few whose job is based on dividing the people? A guy who makes mistakes the more he speaks? A guy who runs away from his supporters just because his pal tells him to do so? A guy who believes Ethiopia belongs only to his old pals? A guy who refused to work with Professor Asrat, but capitalized on the great Professor’s hard work? Oh! I forgot, is that the guy who said they didn’t come to the airport to greet him?

    Let me tell you friend, ShiBire didn’t give her precious life for someone to be greeted at the airport or not; she gave her life for someone who would work towards freedom of her beloved motherland, Ethiopia!! She didn’t die for “kurfiya poletics”

  8. Tariku Alemayehu
    | #8

    Gud, I have found you to be a real donkey. You said we do not need reconciliation. Your kind of moronic mentality is responsible for all the mess. Why don’t you live in the 21st century. The story of the donkey in lion’s maksk is about you and your likes. Wake up Gudu?

  9. weynedo
    | #9

    All those people worship individuals go and relax this struggle is about 77 million Ethiopians it is not about Eng Hailu or Birhanu So please discusess idea not personality.

  10. Shumet Menywab
    | #10

    Try to paint your ideas bellow the lion of struggle for the masses freedom. Too little too many disagreements will lead to one day too many people being confused by them and lead to disasters. Complaining about not being greeted at the Airport, in Eng. Hailu’s point of one case is too little in saying but too big for judgement of others to tell, hoops, there is a division, here we go again! Why are we failing to see all tinny things leading us to disasters!

  11. Anon…
    | #11

    Abebe Gelaw,

    I do admit that you are self motivated, talented with spontaneous talk, your value for regard for the law and your activism in the community. This article might be well written, but there is some hypocracy as to how you (as Adis Demitse radio host), and these other media, EMF.com, ethiomedia.com and Ethiopianreview.com/Elias handled the option for unity the two months the G-5 were here. The hype is understandable, but from a group of pro democracy personalities mentioned here, a well intended and creative plat form for unity could have taken place. Abugida.com at times was not any less guilty.

    It is not neccessarily a matter of trival issues or a clash of personalities. Members of the media like your self have a right to choose a party line, but to appear as cheerleaders to one of the factions and be a convenient stage to criticise the other faction in the name of free speech was less than nobel. Some Ethiopians will never look at the mentioned sources of media the same way as well as the G-5. Some great opportunity for unity has been lost.

  12. Solomon
    | #12

    Dear Anon, The writer is Abebe Gelaw of Addisvoice.com not Abebe Belew of Addis Dimiste Radio host. They are two different people.

  13. Girum
    | #13

    Ato Abebe,

    This is a great article and very well argued. As usual, it seems, it is being ambushed by factional interests.

    The message is clear. Those who respect the sacrifice paid by the Ethiopian people for unity and democracy should ignore the forces bent on ensuring a split and continue to work for accomplishing the common agenda. However, if this common agenda has changed, they should go their separate ways. With their amazing simplicity, the Ethiopian people will render their judgement as to who has remained true to the unity and democracy agenda.

    Emotional supporters of the so called G5 may have expressed their views on different media but I don’t ever recall any bad-mouthing or petty accusations from the leaders themselves. The same goes for the European delegates. I wish everyone acted the same way but that is not something we can change now. Regardless, if leaders pay attention to unity calls such as yours, the pro-unity and democracy forces in Ethiopia will be better off. Let’s focus on the issues instead of factional interests for the sake of the innocent victims, who had no other agenda except the betterment of their country and compatriots!

  14. | #14

    Many thanks to Abebe Gelaw for such an excellent piece of writing.
    Yes, Kinijit leaders need to rise to the challenge of leading Ethiopians remembering H.E. President Nelson Manedela’s call to duty that Abebe has referred to:

    ‘Leaders of the opposition should be fully focused on the greater task ahead and be mindful of the unifying causes. They need to remember the words of Mandela, who said at a testing time: “We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination. Never, never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another… The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement.”


  15. Anon…
    | #15

    Dear Solomon,

    Thank you so much for pointing out an error that could cause discomfort and comment directed to the wrong identity and vice versa.

    -I have been more familiar with addisvoice.com since it was launched in May 2006.
    - Addis voice radio, although I knew it existed, I started listening to it a few weeks before Kinijit’s North America delegation arrived. I found out that the DC/ EOTC vs.EDIR story was to be discussed, and kept up listening to Addis demitse radio, however sporadicaly.
    —-For some reason, Abebe Gelaw/addisvoice.com and Abebe Belew/Addis demitse radio in my understanding, have existed as one person and the same running both the web site and Addis Demitse radio.

    -In that case, I apologize to both and rephrase my comment to belong to Abebe Belew of Addis Demitse radio.

    - Abebe Gelaw, the editor of addisvoice.com does take credit to the editorial in discussion, and I support the idea of unity. I don’t want to sound pessimistic about the future, but the truth is the opportunity for unity in North America was lost.

    I assume other people may have been confused like my self. May be the editor of the web site might have to post a permenant picture of himself on the web site. As of lately atleast we are familiar with who Abebe Belew is. My ears have betrayed me when ever he announced his name on his broadast intro. strange? I remember thinking is he saying Abebe Gelaw or did he really say Abebe Belew.

    With respectful regards

    | #16

    Now, the euphoria is gone for good. I think this individuals are really pathetic and they are too emotionalist. These idiots and their media sounds like the Rose Perot campaigners and his media (Here are I am suckers! Remember that slogan?). one more question to Abugida website owners- “why do you choose the “Red and Yellow” TPLF flag color by omitting the Green color on your cartoon urging to hold hand to hand posting on your friend the pathetic Abebe Gelaw (the sicko!) ? Could you tell us the key code for it- I mean “the gap”? Abugida Hewuzo…. mystery to it? Ethiopia will prevail!!

  17. Maru
    | #17

    Detachew Reda, As far as we know you through the Debteraw website, which is more like an EPRP cemetry than a serious media, you are an idiot who think there was no one better than you murderous EPRP. People like you never have any positive thought in your bone. Please confine your ghost in your Debteraw cemetry than defiling a decent discussion over here.

    | #18

    1. Maru, you said
    2. “Getachew Reda, As far as we know you through the Debteraw website, which is more like an EPRP cemetery than a serious media,
    First of all, this showed to me you are a new comer that needs to cool down and study the politics of Ethiopia and restrict your emotion. You only know me through Debteraw? How long was Debteraw.com website came to exist? It was only a year. Was that all you know me?
    Why did you want to Debteraw.com to label it as EPRP’s cemetery? You know one thing, the patriots and the martyrs pictures that you see them posted on Debteraw.com were the victims of TPLF. Why would you want to make fun on Ethiopian patriots who were been murdered and made disappeared? Were you a collaborator? When are you going to stop making fun of heroes and Ethiopians who simply were perished by mercenary swords? Your mom didn’t chat with you that it is forbidden in our culture to make fun on martyrs?

  19. Maru
    | #19

    Ato Getachew, It was my response to the insult you posted. It was you who lacked the decency. As far as Debtraw.com is concerned, I respect the martyrs that it claims to represent. But the insulting articles that you guys are posting are terible. There is one theme on Debteraw. Unless one gets approved by the ghost of EPRP, they can’t be patriots. Contrary to what you claimed, Abebe has been positively contributing for positive political discourse in the the freedom camp. Dead EPRP is only making matters worse by sending its ghosts to haunt us. Period!

  20. Demese
    | #20

    Guys why don’t you give peace and reconcilation a chance to work.

    I read Lulit Mesfin & Abebe Gelaw’s article which clearly calls for unity. That, I would say is an excellent point of view. Yes, we all have reservation about these two individuals and the pro Tsigie media out lets like Ethiomedia, ER, EMF, Addis Voice and sometimes Abugida. They have been in a relentless campaign of black mailing & name calling the Honorable Eng. Hailu Shawel for the last couple of months. Well! by teaming up with Tsige and Nega. To say the least this is a shameful act – specially for these websites who are calling a free and fair press in Ethiopia. They would have stayed neutral and do their job by calming down the situation. Instead they were inflaming the situation by adding fuel on fire. Elias of ER and Dawit of EMF have been the worst offendor of freedom of press.

    Having said the above – I applaud Lulit and Abebe for their courage and humility to figure out the wrong and come out in a new intiative for the opposition to work together. Unity is a good thing but first we have to create peace and strenght among ourselves. In my humble view – we should look at the other option of peacful divorce among CUD memebers. Work independently, mature and come back to the union.

    Also, I read Getachew Reda’s article about Lulit and Abebe. What he is basically saying is that what happened in the US the last couple of months is disgusting. The Honorable Hailu Shawel was name called and chacter assainated unfairly. I agree with him. I don’t think any reasonable person will disagree with him. But I don’t think Getachew is against unity.

    Getachew’s article lacks one thing. He should have thanked and applaud the courage of Lulit and Abebe. We need these kind of people to act now othewise it will be late for the whole movement.

  21. up side down
    | #21

    I don’t know I can cry, laugh or both about the Abebe Gelaw’s action.

    Is that the same Abebe gelaw who was preaching the B. Mekdesas Biography comparing her with saints while calling others dictator, chauvinism, old, backward, extremists and countless bad names? That time the rest didn’t matter to him but the B. group? Read his writing from this site posted I believe in September and October too.

    Yes the sick can be healed. But is really he is healed and talking from his heart? Although he matters nothing to Ethiopia, this is a big question needs to be answered. He was one of among the few such as EMF and the notorious and very sick number one Ethiopian enemy ER creating and inflaming hostilities based on les and Gossip among kinijit thinking they will cook their life time food this way illegally at the expense of the good and innocent Ethiopian people.

    Guys, we have to stop and ask about our conduct and act maturely with whom we trust and follow. Who forgets the A.Gelaw action since the B group arrived in US? He was the one used bad words that are not appropriate at all to humiliate the Ing, keeping in mind to destroy the people struggle. Individuals like him need to be identified, isolated and they can go to hell. These dumb Liabilities to our country think they are all that while in reality they are only the troublemakers.
    Be sure, Ethiopia has many, many very respected, trusted, brave, wise and well educated children ready to work for her on time and the right way. Individuals like him has no right to say about unity/reconciliation while they are/were the reason inflaming the disunity and disagreements thinking their group will win and they will get some leftover reward from it. Bad choice, evil work.

    Of course, unity and reconciliation are the only ways we have to follow to achieve something to our country. We have to support that. But not because of individuals like A. gelaw who acts as the newly born youngest brother to the little Satan (EMF) and the king to all Satans (ER) are saying so. These three individuals are the visible enemies Ethiopians in Diaspora and Ethiopia back home facing today. I really don’t like what these guys doing since 2005 election. I hope the innocent Ethiopians God is watching them and will do the appropriate thing for them.

  22. Shumet Menywab
    | #22

    up side down, has a point about these media people, especially ER and EMF’s hand deep in the matter of party leadership. Imagine, if these media’s effort of agravation of the Kinijit Leadership’s little problems as both sides in the differing leadership groups are saying in nature, put it into the hands of the whole leadership to correct problems insteade of fanning with disrespecting personalities, it would have played a positive out come with out even coming the issues this far. I believe, though these medias are playing another effort on teaching the problem into the public, they did not use it wisely and positively. They are being part of the problems instead of solutions for creating a more united and strong Kinijit leadership. One being democrat and the other not democrat issues are the matter of the people around the leadership to identify and rid of the problem, until then, these medias should remain medias not sided players before the leadership has taken its own action!

  23. Askale Dama
    | #23

    It is amazing how some of us view politics or policy. Those of us who are exposed to political process know that people change their views and positions all the time. In fact the whole purpose of political debate is to convince or pressure the other change his views and positions. Can the writer change his views? Can he hold different and opposed views at two different times? I will not even try to answer it !

    On the issue of unity- (Kinijit leadership). There is no need to go into game theory, decision science or rational thinking here, but in my view leaders have goals and they will do the necessary things to achieve their goals. I still have to see one good argument in favor of division as the means of achieving the political goals stated by Kinijit. If there is a rational (useful) function for division, let us learn about it. Short, leaders may choose to divide and fight for narrow or wrong reasons, in that case the people will decide upon it. They simply deny any support to such self-seekers and remove them from leadership.

  24. Anon…
    | #24

    In politics, crisis is an opportunity
    By Abebe Gelaw / September 25, 2007

    “Nonetheless, she has to make herself ready to fend off attacks from left and right especially from the ambush of extremist elements who are still living in the times of the Byzantines. These elements are good at spreading rumours, innuendos, conspiracy theories and accusations of treason. Hidden in every corner of the world, the cowards will accuse and counter-accuse every leader of Kinijit of being Woyanne. For these myopic preachers of hate and intolerance, anyone who does not accept their orders and edicts is an enemy that must be destroyed. Such is the challenge of being a political leader in Ethiopia, one has to have a unique quality to lead without faltering at every frustrating moment.”
    There were some posts on abugida.com in response to the above title and opinion, mistaking the identity of Abebe Gelaw for Abebe Belew.

    Abebe Belew of ADDIS …RADIO, from the sporadic listenership of my experience, might be more diplomatic,less harsh but subtle. It has obviously been one of the cheerleading media of one of the fanctions. Well, it a decisive choice with a full support and some courge that stood its ground well. If it has combined the authorship of the above article, it would have been awful.

    The above article obviously belongs to ABEBE GELAW and NOT Abebe Belew. Any comment addressed to the mistaken identity should be disregarded.
    Dear Abebe Gelaw,
    In consideration of your current opinion, it will be nice if you make your self be more understood who the “extremists” are with all the adjectives you described.

  25. Chewa
    | #25

    I can answer he last question. Obviously, extremists are those who are not ready to compromise, who only preach good about Ethiopia without little actions….EPRP led by Iyasu Alemayehu, Debreraw, Ethiolion… etc fall under this category. ….

  26. Anon…
    | #26

    Dear Chewa,

    In your response, atleast you know precisely who you identify the “extremists” are. Abebe Gelaw without being specific poured out not neccessarily adjectives but too many labels. He is not an exception in using the label extremists with out associating it with specific group or person. As far as EPRP, now divided as DEMOCRATIC AND REACTIONARY, they might have done themselves a favour. You have your own sense of clarity and thank you for responding with what YOU BELIEVE to be “extremists”.


    -Dr. Birhanu Nega has used that label to mean with in Kinijit in his first speech in Virginia.

    -Seminaworq’s ethio Zagol, “What she said should have been said by the Kinijit leaders long time ago. But it takes courage to take on some Kinijit people who have no idea what the U in the CUD stands for. Kinijit will strengthen not weaken if it is inclusive and if it is not beholden to some of its extremist elements”.

    -Some continuous and consistent forum participants on ethiopianreview.com who are pro OLF also label the BB5 as moderate and that they will be able to work with them as opposed to the “extremists”.

    -Woyanne and pro regime participants have also remarked that they will be able to work with the BB5 (also called G-5) as they are the moderate faction. By default again and again, it remains to label the chairman’s group as “extremists”.

    -IN POLITICS, CRISIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY was posted with in the same month the kinigt delegates led by K-Vice chairwoman and K-Chairman arrived two weeks apart in Washington DC.

    It was a period that the division in North America’s Kinijit was also confirmed the possiblity THE two factions existed. By default, unless people specify, “extremists” IT seemed to label the CHAIRMAN’S GROUP. It is in that regard that I wanted clarity from the author him self to specify. I have asked the same question from ethio zagol.

    In my opinion, it is very important to specify the individual/s or the group/s in most cases when labels are attached specially in the midst of confusion.

  27. mekala
    | #27

    i really appericate your progeram and your vision about ethiopian people which means one people one countery one flag that becaming unity and together sothat i am sure that this is going to be 77 milion people point of view inadition, one thing we shuld know is weyannaa is the one who destroyd our countery asepact of everything. however, that we must revange the davil of weyannnaa nomatter what because those weyannaa they kiiled a lot of civilain people God bless ethiopia

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