Somali Government officers obtain weapons and ammunitions from Dolow Ethiopia

October 3rd, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Mogadishu 03 Oct.06 ( Sh.M.Network) – Somalia’s interim shaky government military officers are reported to have been receiving ammunitions from Ethiopian government to Abdulahi Yusuf’s governmentSomali officers accompanied by Ethiopian high-ranking officers had left for Dolow Ethiopia to fetch the ammunitions as reliable sources in Baidoa confirmed to Shabelle.

Ethiopian government previously vowed it would do whatever it takes to cement the interim government based in Baidoa, southern Somalia.

Ethiopia also finds the rise of Islamic Courts in Somalia as a looming hazard to the largely powerless Somali government.
Witnesses in Gedo region, southern Somalia, who asked to remain anonymously in fear of reprisal, told Shabelle they had seen two big military pickup trucks, which carried chests of ammunitions and weapons. They said the trucks were heading towards Baidoa.

Residents in Godey region, under Addis Ababa administration, said they saw helicopters landing at the airstrip in the region unloading weapons possibly being transferred to Somalia.

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